Moon in Aries

In Aries, the Moon stresses independence, drive - a need for self-assertion. The Moon in this, the first zodiacal sign, tells us the native's personality is colored by a desire to get at the truth, which can be abstract. It can be a symbol, something to aim for rather than to attain. Maybe the truth is constantly out of reach. The Moon in Aries is not discouraged, but continues the quest. In a way, this makes for idealism and high principles, but not necessarily for concrete results. The Moon here may cause others to lose patience with the native - because he is forever concerned with what should be, instead of 'making do' with what exists.

The astrologer, of course, must combine the indications for the Moon in Aries with the House position occupied by the Moon. Such a combination means using the art of synthesis. And this, as we continue to repeat, is the backbone of the art of astrology.

So the Moon here stresses a seeking of the truth as the native sees it. What kind of 'truth' does he see? It could be that he sees the truth only as it is convenient for him to see it. This, of course, depends upon other factors in the chart, including aspects and House positions. But, taken alone, the Moon here makes for one who can fight for the truth as long as the 'truth' is of practical value - concerning his home, his future, his security. 'Truth' here can be narrow and limited. The native inclines toward a headstrong attitude, one which can bring about conflicts, resentment, envy and actual physical battles if the temper is not controlled.

The native must learn to develop his abilities through study, experience, perhaps travel. Then he must stress an enlargement of his horizon, a wider point of view - and self-improvement. This is not a crusading kind of drive to improve others - it could merely be a negative expression of the Moon in Aries. Let the native first improve himself and his own life; then, perhaps, he can inspire others to greater accomplishments. There is a tendency here to be selfish, headstrong, so sure of being right that the vision is narrowed down and only limited pictures are observed.

These people have plenty of push, drive and energy. They can fight for what they believe to be right - and they refuse to be pushed around. They have great potential, especially in inventiveness and originality.

Moon in Aries: When you habitually seek to be in control of situations relating to personal independence, you can be competitive to the point of 'winning' by withdrawing from interaction with others. You may avoid asserting your needs and then working it out with the other person, due to not wanting to risk losing the Aries independence. This nonassertion leads to repressing your independent impulses and creating situations where others dominate you. If you unconsciously need others' permission before leading and initiating, you may experience insecurity and loss of personal power. This leads to a resentment of others because you feel they are responsible for your inability to act. You may react to their outbursts by withdrawing and feeling violated when they are insensitive to your repressed emotions. This situation adds to your own state of angry, unexpressed, and tightly controlled feelings.

When you hide your emotional needs in order to maintain distance and control the circumstances, you lose touch with the power of your own independent, inner core. If you are unwilling to assert your needs and feelings and work it out with others, you may find you are not able to work it out at all. As a result you may withdraw from participation. Such an action leads to frustration and anger, at feeling unable to express and accept recognition for your natural executive abilities.

When you take responsibility for creating the independence you need, you may notice that repressing your feelings and letting others have their way does not lead to your feeling in control. The truth is that others cannot provide sensitivity to your emotional states. You are the one with the gift of sensitivity to underlying foundational feelings. Your lesson is to acknowledge the need to feel close by initiating a mutual awareness of basic human feelings and needs. You can accomplish this by moving your attention away from yourself and toward perceiving the human insecurities and feelings of others.

Avoiding judgmental thoughts about another's lack of sensitivity enables you to recognize the true nature of one's own feelings behind the outward expression. This knowledge leads the lunar Arian to become sensitive to others as individuals rather than taking their expression personally. Thus, the basic insecurities of others can put you in touch with your own underlying feelings in an objective, balanced way. You then possess the clarity you need to work constructively in relationships.

You can show your sensitivity and vulnerability to others' insecurities. When you reveal your feelings and needs, your innate power is acknowledged, and you win the emotional support of others. You can then express feelings successfully, since you are sharing yourself with diplomacy borne of awareness of another's sensitivities. Consequently, you are able to feel close by having your true feelings accepted and shared. Then you can work out situations with others. When you support the authority of other people to handle situations, you reinforce their self-confidence.

Thus, your own independence and initiative are spontaneously recognized, respected and appreciated.

Unconscious fears of battlegrounds, direct physical combat and competition for the attainment of your personal needs have made issues of personal survival strong for you. You are always on the alert, but camouflaged so that you can spot the enemy without showing your own strength. In order to maintain this disguise, you must suppress your strength, which actually invites provocations and attacks from the outside. By suppressing your spirit, you invite others to walk all over you.

Due to these unconscious fears and the tendency to view everything in terms of personal survival, you interpret any opposition in life as a direct threat to your own goals. Thus, you may respond either with vehement resistance or by 'cutting off' the other person entirely and going your own, independent way.

The lesson you are learning is to incorporate the resistance of others into your plan, to see it as a means of actualizing your goals more efficiently. You are learning to be objective enough to welcome the input of others. By taking into consideration their objections, needs, and feelings relative to your own plans, you can expand your objectives to ensure genuine partnership and harmony in working together toward a mutual goal.

As you learn to stop projecting your identity (either positive or negative) onto other people, you can begin to see them objectively and take them into account. Then you can 'be first' in a way that allows other persons' needs to be met as well. Your own identity is strongly-developed, and you are not accustomed to easy co-operation with others in the context of joint projects and team efforts. Rather than feeling that you need to compete with others to get your own way, you are learning to include others' desires and fears in working out solutions that are fair to both parties.

You are naturally inclined to high-speed activity, without time for tact and diplomacy, leading to a certain naiveté and directness in fulfilling your personal needs. This makes your intentions clear for all to see; thus, those who feel threatened by your goals may try to block or manipulate you in some way. When this happens, you feel you have to fight to survive and get what you want, in direct opposition to the other person. The only other alternative you see is allowing the other person to be the conqueror and to totally suppress your own needs. You don't realize that your impatience and carelessness are creating the very opposition you fear.

As you learn to be less naive and direct in your speech, and more diplomatic in communicating your wants and needs, others will not feel threatened and so will have no need to oppose you. Through this new tactfulness, you will encourage others to feel that they are also winning by going along with your plan. You are learning to enlist the support of others in going toward the goals that fulfill your own personal needs.

Moon in Aries: Those of us with Moon in Aries need to express ourselves honestly and openly, to assert our individuality, and to be enthusiastically involved in new projects and activities. Aries is not an easy position for the Moon; we are likely to have counter-dependent tendencies, often denying our needs for closeness and intimacy and attempting to be emotionally self-sufficient. When deep feelings and needs emerge, we may unconsciously fend them off with anger, with impulsive action, and sometimes with sexual expression.

Most likely, an Arian parent was quick to respond to our wants and desires, and allowed us the freedom to pursue our own interests. Such a parent encouraged our independent nature, possibly because he or she was independent and / or self-absorbed and did not wish to be burdened with responsibility for our welfare. He or she may have imparted attitudes of 'be strong' and 'be tough', but such attitudes may have had less to do with an urge to further our development than they had to do with defenses against closeness and the expression of need and vulnerable feelings. Our parent may have encouraged our individuality while simultaneously failing to really affirm and support who we were. Sometimes an Arian Moon indicates a submissive parent who catered to our whims and impulses, but never really acknowledged or met our true needs, or helped us to develop the frustration tolerance we needed in order to mature and adapt effectively.

One of our tasks may therefore be to learn how to differentiate impulse from deeper wants and needs, and to come to know what we really want beyond the thrill of momentary satisfactions. This may also involve learning how to value and fulfill our deeper needs, maintaining our basic independence while also allowing ourselves to experience and come to terms with our own dependence as human beings. Having Moon in Aries also suggests that we need to become rooted in our physical and instinctive natures, experiencing profoundly 'I exist' and 'I am' in a manner which gives us reality and substance, so that we are not continually in search of excitement and stimulation in order to experience our vitality and aliveness.

Moon in Aries: The Moon is not especially comfortable placed in the active sign of Aries; and you will discover that a tranquil life is not to your taste; nor can you settle into mundane complacency and routine behavior patterns. You prefer to follow spontaneous impulses to action, and hope they will lead to exciting experiences and make you feel more alive. You will be ambitious, seeking challenges where you can assert your uniqueness before other people; your aim is to become number one, standing out from the crowd.

You have an independent spirit; and, while you may disguise feelings of personal insecurity, you are determined to follow your chosen path of action, irrespective of whether your decisions are proven to be correct or incorrect. You may react against well-intentioned advice from others, trusting your own light and often deliberately acting in a contrary manner as a form of self-assertion. Eventually, close friends and family will realize that this is your way, and will just let you get on doing whatever you intend to do anyway, right or wrong!

There are contradictory personality tendencies; and most of these relate to a probably denial of the Moon nature, favoring the Aries qualities. One example of this is changeability of moods, emotions, and feelings, resulting in a lack of consistency on that level, which can erupt as emotional volatility and impulsive ill-considered actions. As inner pressures accumulate, you tend simply to act as a way out of a 'decision logjam', hoping that action will resolve matters. It is unusual for you to display regular forethought and planning, so the consequences of these actions often surprise you. This can be due to the Aries-influenced self-centered naivety or innocence, although it still doesn't enable you to evade any negative repercussions or wrong moves in the game plan of life.

You can be overly sensitive to others' reactions, yet this does not dissuade you from your way; it only irritates and slows the forward movement for a few moments of self-doubt, which are then ignored because entertaining such thoughts may open an area of your nature (the Moon realm) which you prefer to forget. If really pushed, you try to dominate through assertion and fixed attitudes; and there may be occasional outbursts of temper if someone is effectively presenting a viable argument against your decisions.

Adjustments may be required to meet inner needs. Feelings and emotions have to be accepted; evasion only forces them into the unconscious mind to agitate and fester. As an integral part of your assertive needs, you have to learn that these feelings also require expression, release, and acceptance; and any attempt at emotional self-sufficiency will only impoverish your wellspring of emotional vitality and feeling responses. Due to this uneasiness with your deeper lunar needs, you may display resistance to relationship intimacy - not necessarily toward physical or mental intimacy, but toward the powerful emotional exchange that can occur through the affinity of mutual love.

Yet it is dealing with your complex emotional nature which will open the door to greater fulfillment and satisfaction once you become less insistent and defensive about your needs for independence and freedom. Self-expression is very important, but feelings and emotional needs must be respected, and steps taken to satisfy them instead of choosing to respond first to those impulses for action and novelty. Deeper integration into your individual foundations and physical reality is needed; once the connection is established to the Moon roots and a flow of fulfilling experiences develops through relationships and self-nurturing, the need for compulsive activity will diminish and be replaced by a feeling of wholeness and balance.

Moon in Aries: Regardless of your age, you're still a child at heart - playful, fun-loving, enthusiastic and rather naive. Each day is new to you, and full of adventures. You have an irrepressible joie de vivre; and people like you in spite of themselves, and might describe you as a bit of a scoundrel.

However, you also can behave like a spoiled brat at times. Argumentative and assertive, you are known for your emotional outbursts and your quick temper. Your anger is usually short-lived, though; and once you've aired it you're ready to get on with the business at hand. You could engage in a no-holds-barred fist fight then go out for a drink with your opponent when it's all over.

Fiercely competitive, you like nothing better than a good challenge with a worthy opponent. Most probably, you have natural athletic ability and are happiest when on the playing field. You probably possess boundless energy and vitality, enjoy a game of backyard softball with your 'jock' friends and wouldn't miss the Superbowl to have dinner with the President.

However, you tend to see everyone as a potential opponent, and every interpersonal interaction as a contest. Your relationships sometimes resemble boxing matches ¬figuratively or literally.

Intensely individualistic, you find it almost impossible to see another's point of view. Nor are you willing to compromise on most issues; and diplomacy is a foreign word to you. Brusque, abrasive and often tactless, you rarely hold your tongue and can hurt other people's feelings without realizing it. If you're involved with someone who also relishes an occasional shouting match (an Arian or Aquarian, for example), you'll probably be best buddies, though you'll never convince your neighbors of it. You aren't likely to stay with a partner who won't stand up to you, however. Strongly sexual but not sensual, you approach love and relationships with gusto, but fall short when it comes to romance and affection.

You live in the here-and-now; you never look back and rarely more than a few weeks ahead. As a result, you don't learn from your mistakes. You also have a great deal of trouble making plans or laying the groundwork for future projects. In truth, you don't want things to be too carefully worked out in advance; it's the unexpected that makes life exciting.

You never learned to play by the rules, and might be considered something of a renegade. Your successes in life come from taking chances, or as Tom Wolfe put it in his book The Right Stuff, 'pushing the outside of the envelop'. You are both courageous and reckless. As a result, you tend to be accident-prone, for you never look before you leap.

There may have been lots of turmoil, competition or aggressiveness, even violence, in your family when you were young; and heated arguments were frequent. Or, perhaps you were raised in an athletic or military family. Because Aries represents one of the archetypal male energies, your parents probably encouraged traditional male values and behavior rather than female ones. Your mother may have been the dominant parent and somewhat masculine; at least she was strong, independent, feisty and assertive.

You adore children, partially because you've never entirely grown up yourself. You especially enjoy playing with them, but can be a bit rough at times. When it comes to discipline, however, you are a little lax. (You're not very good at disciplining yourself, either.) You also tend to be irresponsible, and may not be very good about such things as making child support payments, helping with homework or being there when your kids need you.

Moon in Aries: You respond to life as if it were an adventure, and you are open to new ideas. You relate to experience as a means for self-realization. You have much natural and sincere enthusiasm, but you must consciously work to develop patience. Your temper is uneven; you flare up quickly but soon forget the cause of your outburst.

You often assert your 'me first' tendencies. Your quick but changeable mind is brilliant and acute, but you also have a susceptibility to a hot temper, nervousness and even headaches.

You seem to be emotionally detached from the people around you. Your feelings are acute and sharp, and you often use them as a conscious instrument for your own benefit. You hide a sense of insecurity behind an aggressive exterior; you should develop the ability to ask for help when you need it. Your independent nature can make you courageous to the point of foolhardiness.

When you are interested, you are very warm; when you are not inwardly stirred, you are impersonal. You feel with your ego.

Your mental impressions and reactions are very quick. You trust your sense perceptions, and you are apt to act immediately without reflection; you jump into action from your quick feelings rather than from reason. You are not methodical; you resent authority, and you don't like advice.

You excel in positions where quick decisions are vital. You are changeable in your enthusiasms (even more than a person with the Sun in Aries). You have great originality, inventiveness and restlessness, but you do not have much persistence. You take the initiative in many activities, and you show excessive confidence as well as insufficient forethought. You try to dominate others emotionally and usually gain authority because you make a better leader than follower.

Ambitious and pioneering, you live and gain by fits and starts. You dislike detail. You do not listen to advice, and you find discipline hard to accept. You need to cultivate perseverance. Your senses are well developed, especially your sight.

Others are impressed by your dynamic, self-reliant attitude.

Moon in Aries: Both sexes have an inner power pack of energy, forcefulness and courage; the cardinality of this sign means that you rarely allow the grass to grow beneath your feet. If faced with a problem, you would rather sort it out immediately. You may actually get others to do this for you, but help is appreciated when it is given. Your mind is highly original; and, given other encouraging factors on your birth chart, you may be able to turn your ideas into money-making projects which could give you the means to get yourself up the ladder of success; however, you may be so idealistic and enthusiastic as to be unrealistic. You have a tendency to do thing on too large a scale sometimes; over-optimism can cloud your brain and make you unrealistic in your expectations. You need to have an element of risk in your life which may be reflected in the job you do or in your personal life.

Being quickly responsive to any situation, you can be relied on in a crisis; you're not embarrassed by the sight of people who are in trouble; indeed, you will do what you can to help them. Your emotional reactions are fast and instinctive; and your behavior can be over-impulsive, but time and experience of life may soften some of the rough edges. Care should be taken not to be critical and impatient with those who see and do things differently from you, as this can lead you into a narrow-minded and bigoted stance. You quickly become irritated, and may have difficulty in keeping your temper due to the combined blanketing effect of the watery Moon and the fiery impulsiveness of the sign Aries. This tension may be released in sudden outbursts of temper and biting sarcastic remarks. Your energy, if there are some Aquarian traits on your chart, could make you an energetic social reformer. You prefer other people to be forthright and honest in their dealings with you; and unless there is a very good reason for secrecy, you prefer to be direct and honest yourself. Your excellent sense of humor gets you out of a lot of trouble, and you have the ability to take a joke against yourself.

Your ability to put ideas into action can be an inspiration to others; also, you can motivate people by your optimistic outlook and your faith in the future. You know instinctively how to raise the spirits of others. However, you can go 'over the top' on occasion and plunge into action without weighing the consequences; and therefore, you need to cultivate a sense of proportion. When being carried away on a cloud of enthusiasm, be careful not to override the feelings of others; however, it is never your intention to hurt anyone. You have little patience with people who withdraw into their shell, sulk, and won't tell you what's the matter with them. Your own hot temper can make you insensitive at times, but you don't hold a grudge. The lunar Arian heart is warm, and you are the first to help and comfort those who are in trouble. You respect the beliefs of others, and are happy to preserve their independence; your broad mind make you able to relate to people of all classes and colors. You really cannot stand neurotic people who whine for nothing. You will help anyone who has practical problems but have little patience with emotional doubts and worries, and you tend to avoid having them yourself.

You are more of a city person than a country type, but you like to get away into the fresh air, and love being in the sun. It is a fact that many lunar Arians are excellent sportsmen and sportswomen. The fiery quality of Aries indicates a need for excitement and change; a monotonous job may pay the bills, but won't satisfy you for long. This need for excitement can also make steady relationships appear unappealing; and this may even lead you to choose unreliable partners. Some of you, on the other hand, seek to steady your own inner nature by marrying a much more placid and reliable personality than yourself; a few of you may possibly destroy a relationship simply because it has become boring. I have a theory that Moon in Aries subjects of both sexes prefer a younger partner; this suggests that you would enjoy molding them to your own design. Many of you choose a partner who is careful with money because you don't seem to be able to trust yourself not to overspend. You enjoy the pursuit of love, and fall in love fairly easily; but the flame can burn out quickly. A relationship based on friendship is more likely to be enduring than a swift passion, but there must be excitement, sex and warmth or it will not work at all. Women with the Moon in Aries have a touch of masculinity at their core; that is not to say that they are all budding lesbians, just that there is dissatisfaction with the traditional feminine role. Whatever your gender, if you have this Moon placement, you may be hard to live with at times, because you can fall into the habit of being picky and fault-finding due to unreasonable fears based on imagined threats to your independence.

You can be quite a good homemaker as long as you have time and money to spare; but if you are short of both, you will ignore your surroundings. You enjoy buying gadgets for the home, and you can put up with noisy or messy environment better than most people can.

You are a caring parent, but unfortunately you could belittle any child whom you considered weak and silly. You do your best to see that your children have all that they require, and will move Heaven and Earth to get them a good education. You may not actually wish to spend too much time with your children; the relationship works better if you have a fulfilling job and can, therefore, direct most of your energies away from the home situation. You will never hesitate to spend money on your family's appearance, as you consider that good clothes give a good impression.

Sexually, your attitude should be straightforward, but you may wish to dominate your partner and control him or her. Talk of sex excites you, but background music during love-making may put you off! You enjoy fun and laughter while making love; but, above all, you need friendship with your partner as much as you need sex.

Many of you love the arts, especially music and dancing; some of you will find your way into an artistic career; certainly you need a measure of creativity in your work. Many subjects with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Aries have a lifelong desire to study music or art, but somehow never quite get around to it; perhaps the fear of failure is too great.

The position of the Moon on a birth chart rarely determines one's actual career, but can show inner motivations. You are happiest in a job where you can make your own decisions, and may prefer to be self-employed. If not too impatient, you can rise to an executive position in a large and well-structured organization. You enjoy wielding power, and should make a sensible and benevolent manager or employer. You have the ability to delegate tasks to others and then leave them to get on with the job. Taking orders from someone you don't respect is impossible for you, and you would respond very angrily to anyone who tried to bully you; however, you, in turn, must try not to bully or to laugh at others.

You need to be able to use your initiative. You would find it impossible to work for a 'wet blanket' type. Work in the military or paramilitary field might appeal to you, as might engineering, electronics, or work which influences the public. You may enjoy working in the media and being in the public eye so that you can receive open adulation. Marketing, promoting, and thinking up new ideas come easily to you. Your Achilles' heel may be that you are susceptible to flattery. If there are other good indications on your birth chart, you could make quite a good teacher. Your love of mechanics and vehicles makes you a good driver, and even a good pilot. The modern technologies of computers and telecommunications would come fairly easily to you. You could make a living from sport or dancing, possibly as a teacher.

This Moon position shows a difficult relationship with the father. You may have loved him and hated him at the same time, and also tried to emulate him. Whilst growing up, you probably found yourself in a number of nose-to-nose shouting matches with him. There is a fight for emotional supremacy in this relationship, with the father seeing the child as being unrealistic, and the child seeing the parent as being overly restrictive or unhelpful. Sometimes the father actually shows contempt towards the child. Your mother may have been cold towards you, or just too busy to take much notice of you. The family itself may be attached to a large and very structured organization such as the armed forces or the civil service. The Aries Moon child may follow his parents into the same organization, but would only be happy in that environment if he quickly gained a position of rank and decision-making.

Your parents encouraged you to stand on your own feet at an early age. They would have applauded and encouraged any physical activity (sports, swimming, dancing) and wanted you to do well at school. You don't have much attachment to the past or even to your own family; this is especially true if you feel that they don't appreciate you.

Your mother might have had to face some kind of circumstances where she was forced to leave you to cope alone. This was probably due to problems at that time; however, it is possible that she was vain, selfish, and all too easily bored by the tasks of motherhood. The Moon sign sometimes jumps back a generation; therefore, some of the circumstances given here for your childhood could actually apply to your mother's experience when young. There may even have been jealousy and bitterness between you and your brothers and sisters.

Insofar as the Moon sometimes reflects continuous or chronic health conditions, any trouble in this case would be in the area of the head, eyes, nose, ears, (upper) teeth, and throat. Your impetuosity may lead you to have silly accidents such as cuts, burns, and possibly bruises as a result of dropping things on your feet.

Moon in Aries: Reactions are extremely quick, and the individual will usually respond emotionally (and sometimes rather too drastically) to issues that arouse passionate feelings. There is much that is positive in this placing, and very little chance that the subject will allow any grass to grow under his or her feet. He or she also has a strongly instinctive need for action, that sometimes results in too much haste. A very quick temper can be a problem if the Moon receives negative aspects from Mars or Uranus. In this case, the emotional energy level is very strong and needs to be channeled in positive directions.

The subject may be accident-prone, because in dangerous situations, or at times when brave, sudden action is required, he may respond by risking life and limb. It is a good thing, therefore, for him to learn lifesaving, rescue and first aid techniques. An advanced driving course is another good idea, as those with this placing like to drive very fast; and while their reactions to danger are excellent, their driving can become rather aggressive when they are angry.

If impulsive tendencies can be controlled, the subject will be marvelously decisive, and have an excellent broad grasp of most situations. The placing bestows a need for independence and the ability to encourage others to do things for themselves.

Sexually, these people are excellent partners, but, as in other spheres of their lives, they can easily become bored, so need to experiment with the adventurous. There is a need for patience, especially when dealing with those who are slower than themselves.

Selfishness, the worst Arian fault, will emerge when subjects are challenged in personal matters: they will instinctively put themselves first. However, once other levels of their personality take over, they may regret what they have said or done, and make amends in the manner of their Sun or rising sign.

Moon in Aries: The Moon in the sign Aries inclines natives toward volatile, emotionally impulsive natures. People with this Moon position often behave in precipitous ways without due consideration to the consequences of their actions. They can have sudden flare-ups of temper, but these are temporary and soon forgotten.

People with this Moon position are very independent, insisting on following their own chosen paths of action, right or wrong; and they will not tolerate interference from others. They have a tendency to dominate others emotionally. They are prone to take the reaction other others personally.

Moon in Aries: You are very high-spirited and quite courageous, although other people may not realize this until they have made you angry. Even if you are ordinarily quite shy and retiring, when your feelings are aroused, you are a fighter for what you think is right for others as well as yourself. The force and energy you display may sometimes come as a surprise to people. You are quite independent, and you don't follow along with what others do unless you have concluded that they are right. And you do not care if anyone agrees with you.

However, there is another side to this. When your feelings are aroused, you are impulsive and careless. You may act before you think and regret it later when you have calmed down a bit. You may have quite a temper; and when you are provoked, your anger takes over and makes you say things that you don't really mean. However, when you settle down, you forget your anger very quickly and don't hold a grudge. As you grow older, you must learn to be more in control of yourself. You may hurt the feelings of those who are very sensitive to the anger you display when aroused. Others may not understand that you aren't as angry as you seem and that your mood will pass quickly.

Moon in Aries: You are a brave and impatient soul. You need to be emotionally independent - without being emotionally insensitive. You have an instinct to confront Other and break new ground, but to avoid prolonged strife. Your mother is seen or expressed as one who is strong and independent, and / or insular and inflexible.

You naturally respond towards Other with directness and childlike simplicity, thereby precipitating and clarifying emotional situations. You respond spontaneously to complex or pressuresome predicaments in order to resolve them. You respond to danger by pushing on through it.

Your inner child reacts with brief but frightening displays of temper when frustrated by what seem to be Other's blocking or evading tactics. It responds impulsively to situations that really require some waiting and consideration of Other. It responds to conflicts in a manner that actually exacerbates them.

You gravitate towards Others who need to be led out of their apathy or victimhood; to Others who try to tame, control or 'civilize' you, forcing you to assert and defend your own emotional space; and to wild, argumentative Others who reflect your own, possibly unconscious, need to fight for your right to be your own person.

You can get caught up in relationships with Others who, having been shown their teeth, bite you first; in relationships where you are compromised and torn by the need to be emotionally recognized (having not been as a child); and in battles between 'worthy opponents' where the winners are those who define and defend their own and Others' 'soul-fields'.

When alone, it is rather as if you are stuck or cast out into the wilderness, rather like an emotional scout behind the 'enemy's lines' (still in Other's emotional range but without the security of him / her being on your side). This means that your instinctual search for your own 'soul-field' - that is, where you have inner independence - has taken you to a place where by necessity you must have only yourself for company. How else could you win such a prize? Looked at from Other's standpoint - something which you may also have to learn in the process of determining and establishing your own - your apparent self-centeredness has probably antagonized him / her to the point of him / her leaving or neglecting you. Or his / her subsequent possessiveness has made you leave or distance yourself from him / her. If you have been alone like this for quite some time - or have even always been so - then that search for inner independence must have reached critical status. Being a loner tends to go with the territory, i.e. your own and nobody else's territory, for that is what you are after.

Moon in Aries: You are best satisfied by a picture of yourself as an independent thinker, a mental force, a picture of intellectual or physical daring and courage. The truth is important to you - the truth, that is, as you see it individualistically, which may or may not bear a relation to proved facts. Your message to yourself is: 'be strong, be forceful, be independent, be brave'; and so powerful is this lunar position that you are likely to become these things in some degree even if your Sun sign tries to make you a Caspar Milquetoast. The meek and mild gentleman with the bar of steel inside him is very likely to have Moon in Aries; likewise the sweet lady who looks as if bitter wouldn't melt in her mouth and nevertheless rules the roost unequivocally. This is one of the positions in which the Moon can be strong enough to take dominance from the Sun and cause you actually to become in the outer world what you imagine yourself to be. You may do this slowly, with quiet firmness, or swiftly, with bluster and braggadocio. You think well of yourself; and any trend to inferiority-feeling indicated elsewhere in the Vitasphere is more than likely to meet its match here. This is a weak position only if the Sun is in Libra, in which case the dictates of the Sun must be followed and the lunar instincts ignored. In any case, the studious development of mental powers, through formal education, and a willingness to use your mind power to rule yourself rather than to rule others, is essential to your success and happiness.

Moon in Aries: You are a highly responsive person who tends to make lightning decisions in matters of the heart. You aren't likely to lose a lover through making up your mind too slowly, but you may on occasion rush into an affair that you should have avoided. It doesn't hurt to look before you leap.

With you, an affair does not usually build up gradually; it begins full-force and continues with high-keyed intensity. You enjoy nonstop emotional involvement, but you may do well to learn to pace yourself. Your lover may not have as much energy as you, and may find your pace wearing after a time. Also, a relationship that is too intense may become obsessive or burn out prematurely. Remember, you have the rest of your life to enjoy it.

You have a strong appetite for anything new and exciting in a relationship, and you have a special talent for keeping the spirit of an affair fresh. You try anything for the fun of it, not necessarily because it is far-out, but simply because it's new, and why not give it a try? This can lead to endless adventures, but take care not to leave your lover behind, still trying to catch up with your last experiment.

A natural leader in love, you always have fresh and interesting ways to express yourself and your affections. Just be sure that your partner can keep up with your stride.

Moon in Aries: Keynote: Emotional responses are energetically expressed. Symbol: Water heated in a kettle boils vigorously.

A person whose Moon is in Aries is like an explorer navigating dangerous rapids in a small canoe. He must keep moving in order to maintain equilibrium, but the effort may require so much attention that he hardly notices where he is headed. This is a vibrantly emotional, instinctive, and restless individual who is easily converted to new enthusiasms. Overtly, he may conform to convention, but subconsciously he longs to be a leader and to strike out on his own, even if it means paddling a flimsy vessel through dangerous waters without assistance.

It is hard for 'lunarians' to remain calm, for everything stimulates them. Nervousness and excitability are the price they pay for accomplishment. Yet with the passive Moon in this vigorous Mars-ruled sign, they can generate power through a dynamic linking of opposite polarities.

The sharp contrast between the Moon and Mars indicates the special abilities which derive from a keenly honed temperament, but it also causes a certain edginess. The capacity for working up a head of creative steam is often accompanied by a low boiling point, so that the energy engendered may be dissipated through fussing over trifles. Pressure aroused by the effort to relate antithetical elements can induce either a breakdown or a breakthrough. The problem facing the astrologer in any such meeting of opposites is to ascertain whether the individual can summon the inner strength required to resolve the conflict he faces. Since free will is always a factor, it can be very difficult to judge whether the contending forces will pull the person apart, or whether he will have the strength of character to pull them together into a new and more dynamic synthesis.

People having the Moon in Aries can project their desires with sufficient force to impress others, regardless of the rights and wrongs involved. As a result, they often get their way and then regret it when they find themselves speeding off the track. They are fast reactors who thrive in a heady atmosphere where quick decisions are required. For them, to feel is to act; and they waste little time weighing alternatives.

Moon-Aries people are often impelled by a crusading zeal, but they need to learn to persist at one thing long enough to achieve concrete results. Otherwise, the fitful Moon and impetuous Mars expend emotional energy as inconclusively as the tides surging back and forth each day. They should cultivate equanimity and pause to contemplate the implications of their acts, lest enthusiasm turn to rashness and idealism to fanaticism. With care and consideration they can channel their high spirits into real spiritual power.

Moon in Aries: Aggressive spirit. Temper. Quick reactions. Spontaneous, direct, inclined to impulsive and quick temper. Feelings are keen and intense at the moment. Courage, but foolhardiness. Hides a sense of insecurity behind an independence and an aggressive exterior. Poor judgment. Jumps into action from feelings rather than from reason. Makes friends quickly, but often finds it difficult to keep them because of emotional instability. In a male chart it attracts a dominating woman as a partner.

Moon in Aries: The Moon in Aries, no matter what house it is placed in, is basically uncomfortable in the fire sign ruled by Mars. For here, with the Cancer placements always three houses behind, creating a natural square aspect, the Moon is at war with itself. It has left its comfortable home to skim over to the house of self and personal fulfillment, qualities at odds with the Cancer clutching and caring, the mother holding on to the baby.

Here, the last thing the Moon-in-Aries person wants to do is hold on to the babies, since babies demand constant care and deprive you of independence and the pursuit of happiness. You are not especially interested in nurturing others, except in the early years of your parenthood, for others are not the most important ones in your life. You are the most important one, and your emotions are all-powerful, self-motivating and sometimes self-defeating.

Paradoxically, your emotional security is invested in the recognition by others of your emotional responses. 'Don't fence me in!' you shout. 'Let me be!' In daily life you want action. 'Let's get started. Let's move. What are we waiting for?' is your constant cry. You are impulsive, make decisions quickly, and act on them immediately.

With this approach, you can accomplish a great deal if, in this rush of movement, you haven't trampled on the sensitivities or the rights of others. You are impatient with those who sit and ponder, weighing and balancing the alternatives, getting one more estimate on the bedroom carpet.

You always know exactly what you want and how to proceed; and if this hasty action occasionally backfires, you shrug it off and plunge into another activity. For all your flamboyant behavior, you constantly look for feedback from others. If they approve of what you're doing, you're delighted. If they withhold approval, you wonder out loud why they are doing so. Your emotions are like wash hung on the line, flapping in the breeze for all the world to see.

Moon in Aries: Intense, spontaneous and often impatient, there is a certain sense of urgency surrounding whatever you undertake. You can display a quick temper, but once your anger has been duly expressed, you rapidly get on with life again. Holding a grudge isn't especially appealing to you. You can be jealous if you feel threatened and will definitely fight for a cause especially, if it pertains to you personally.

Moon in Aries: Since the Moon in the chart represents the mother, your mother, in your eyes, embodies many of the Aries traits: resolute, independent, active, outspoken, and a strong influence upon you.

Moon in Aries: The sign of Aries is masculine, positive, fiery and cardinal whilst the Moon, through its association with the sign of Cancer, is feminine, negative, watery and cardinal. This Moon position gives its owner an underlying need for power and a desire for leadership. This may lead you to reach for the top in your career or to become the leader of whichever group you find yourself in.

You Moon-in-Aries people find your greatest emotional security in your dependence on self. You are seldom concerned with what the neighbors say about your impulsive, flamboyant actions. Let them talk, you say, shrugging it off. You'll do as you please. For you are well aware of the fact that you chart your own course, that you can do it better than anyone else, that when some crisis stares you in the face you are supremely capable of wrestling with it by yourself. After all, you've known from your earliest years that in life's mad adventure you are truly all alone.

Moon in Aries Woman: Action is your friend, boredom is your enemy. Spirited is the word most people use about you, and rightly so. You’ve got enough emotional enthusiasm to share and to spare. People who poke around, trying to figure it out, give you a pain. You know you can get pushy, but you're just trying to get the job done. The best way you know how, which is usually your way! You don’t fool around with game-playing. You're open and direct. Leave the subterfuge to the professionals, you say. The best way is always the fastest, and you don’t have time for baloney. Save it for the sandwich. You just lay all your cards on the table and then you deal with whatever occurs. Let the chips - and the confrontations - fall where they may.

If someone wants your input, leave you alone to do your brainstorming and then let you inspire others. If a quick decision is needed, you're the woman. A natural executive, that’s you. You don’t shirk from decision-making, whether it’s what’s for dinner or whether we should withdraw from the United Nations. It’s true that you make hasty decisions and have the time to regret them sometimes, but - win a few, lose a few. As long as there’s action and you're part of it.

You're very affectionate and you don’t mind showing it in public. Your still a bit of a tomboy at heart, always testing the limits. But you're a lady and you can dazzle you with glamour when the mood hits. You want to be appreciated for your ambition, energy, individuality, humor, and zest for life. Give you the chance, and you’ll perk up your world.

Your mom was a strong lady and you have to admit that she dominated your life. One had to catch her on the run, but she was vivid and expressive with her affections. She liked doing things with you, but the details escaped her. You want a man who plays it straight emotionally, as you do. No games. He’s got to like a direct and forceful woman, or you’ll run him over. And he has to be able to handle your speed, your passion, your immediacy of feeling. After that, you can make beautiful music together - in a hurry.

Moon in Aries Woman: Women with this placement are anything but 'feminine' in the traditional sense. Strong-willed and assertive, you rarely back down from a contest and don’t believe there's anything a man can do that you can't do better. More comfortable with men than with women, you probably have many male friends who think of you as 'one of the guys'. Some men project their Arian-Moon sides onto the women in their lives and are attracted to independent, brash, outspoken, dynamic and / or athletic women.

Moon in Aries Woman: This position of the Moon in a woman's chart may indicate jealousy and a need to dominate the partner.

Moon in Aries Woman: If you are a woman with this placement, you will handle motherhood in a sensible way. You will bestow on it all your energies and enthusiasm while the children are small, teaching them self-reliance and encouraging them to explore their limited worlds.

But your patience can wear thin with their constant demands on your time and their ever-varying needs. After all, you have other places to go and things to do. If you feel trapped in this physical bondage, you may chafe impatiently until your young ones are grown and able to fend for themselves. Then you can move along to the fulfillment of your plans and the enjoyment of your independence. You, of course, have your 'impossible dream', and you want your chance to take a whack at it.

From your husband you want most of all an understanding of your need for freedom. You don't want to be taken care of in the usual sense of sticky-handed restrictions and over possessive impositions. You need room to romp around, follow your interests and hobbies, whether it's socking a golf ball, laying bricks for a harden walk or running the local arm of ERA. You want a buddy, a pal, a lover, a partner, someone to laugh and share life's glorious moments. You do not want a mate who will treat you like a pea-brained bit of fluff, someone incapable of reading a road map, grappling with a screwdriver or filling the gas tank. Possible you can handle a screwdriver better than he can. Of all the Moon placements for a woman, you with the Moon in Aries need to play out your emotional reactions fully or run the danger of turning into a demanding, hysterical tyrant.

Moon in Aries Woman: Women with this Moon placement face emotional conflict within their personality due to their highly assertive inner nature, and they frequently resolve this by choosing weak partners so that they can reverse the traditional man / woman roles. One such woman is Bernadette.

Bernadette is a hard-working and successful businesswoman who travels far and wide to earn the money which her family needs. Her sensitive and artistic husband has a rather humdrum job in a local garage and is super-supportive and caring towards the children. 'I didn't choose this way of life', says Bernadette; 'it just seems to work out better this way. David cannot take too much hassle, and he is really much better with the children than I am.'

Some choose single life and a demanding career in preference to housework and motherhood. Carol is now in her late thirties and is running a successful public relations business of her own. She has had long-term lovers but has never married. 'Some years ago I debated whether to have a child and bring it up on my own because I knew by then that marriage was not for me. In the end, I decided to stay as I am, but I'm not always sure that I took the right decision even now.'

Moon in Aries Man: Don't fence you in! You need room to move. Patience isn't your long suit. You're touchy. Your feelings flare up quickly and are impossible for you or anyone else to ignore. Your impulses are strong and you can get really pushy if you need something. Your perceptions are quick and you form opinions immediately, right or wrong. Whatever you feel, you feel it strongly. You want what you want when you want it, and you hate to be frustrated. Some call you willful- you say independent! You don't mind kids. They are naive, charming and innocent- just like you.

You like to clear the air if there's trouble. Come out with the gloves on, fight clean, and shake hands afterward- that's your style. Adventure and action thrill you, even if it's only the ball game on TV (the closer the score the better) or reading about a safari in Africa. You thrive on challenges, and your home environment has to have built in challenges and action. Any kind of situation that tests you, even if it's dangerous, appeals. You're a natural fighter.

Number One is your preferred slot and you have no problem taking the leadership role. They will have a problem if you're not the leader. That's because you need your independence and you can't be beholden to anyone. When you're left alone to do your own thing, you can inspire others with your enthusiasm. It's very catching when you're "on." Energy surges up in you in great spurts and you operate accordingly. Rest doesn't interest you when you get going and you drive straight to the goal. You go until you drop and then you may get a cold or flu.

Mom was a lively and enthusiastic lady who was always running around like a chicken with its head cut off. And she was always fighting mad about something, big or small. Her Irish was always up. But she didn't crowd you or hem you in. She was too busy You like women with spunk, the kind who are always involved in something independent on their own. You don't care if she has a temper, even if it's hotter than Hades. Hey, you like action!

Moon in Aries Man: In a male chart it often attracts a dominant partner.

Moon in Aries Man: If you are a male with the Moon in Aries, you will better handle the basic ego drives, for they channel themselves easily into the usual male prerogatives. That pulsing energy and enthusiasm can flow into your work so that when you relax at home you can express your sense of adventure, love of outdoor activity, and outrageous fun with your wife and children. They will respond to and enjoy your natural leadership qualities.

In your childhood you may have had a strict, domineering mother who rapped out orders like a drill sergeant. As you matured, you avoided this type of female; in fact, you may be repelled by them. You are also uncomfortable with the motherly type. You probably appreciate and look for the finer Arian qualities in a mate - the enthusiasm, zest for life, eagerness to experience and explore as long as, in expressing these traits, your partner doesn't trample on your strong ego needs.

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Moon in Aries: Ingrid Bergman, Marlon Brando, Al Capone, Salvadore Dali, Isadora Duncan, Sally Field, Bill Gates, Bill Hicks, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Arnold Palmer, Albert Schweitzer, James Taylor, Mark Twain, Gore Vidal, Jon Voight, Stevie Wonder, Malcolm X, Alford, Andrew, Ashira, Beth, ChrisC, Ellen, Erin, Jack, JRosh, LouG, PapayaJ, Robert, Seligma, Silas, Tom, Travis, Zoë