Moon in Aquarius

Our Aquarian Moon indicates that we need to experience and express our individuality, to be free to interact with a wide range of people, and to use our intuitive, inventive and abstract mental capacities, as well as to contribute meaningfully to society. The energies of Aquarius do not mesh easily with the Cancerian Moon principle. We may have difficulty acknowledging and validating our needs and feelings, and fear closeness and intimacy. When threatened by emerging emotions or needs, we may rationalize or intellectualize, may rebel or loudly proclaim our self-sufficiency, or may become overly preoccupied with stimulating activities. Sometimes, Moon in Aquarius may lead us to make sudden abrupt changes in our lives in order to overcome the internal suffocation of too much closeness or feeling experience. Cultivating a network of friends, and / or dedicating ourselves to a cause in which we believe, may fulfill us, but may also be a compensation for unmet personal needs.

It is most likely that a parent encouraged our Aquarian qualities. He or she may have been intellectual, humanitarian and individualistic, and supported these traits in ourselves. We learned to take pride in our uniqueness and originality, and in our social and mental skills. However, such a parent may also have been emotionally detached or cold, and unable to nurture us physically or emotionally, while nonetheless remaining responsive to large groups of people and social involvements which were less restrictive and emotionally demanding than ties to family. One or both or our parents may have been unpredictable or erratic when relating to us, so that we were unable to develop trust in secure and stable relationships, and learned at an early age to defend against intimacy.

We who have Aquarian Moons need to experience and value our own uniqueness, while at the same time creating for ourselves our own society of intimates, one in which our emotional needs are respected and met rather than suppressed. We need to develop and trust our intuition, and to use our minds to help us understand our feelings and discover how to meet our needs, rather than escape from them. Other tasks of our Aquarian Moon involve cultivating the internal freedom which results from full openness to our emotional natures, and learning to be our own friend rather than submerging ourselves in social interactions because of our discomfort with ourselves.

Moon in Aquarius: When you habitually seek the feedback of others to supply your need for feelings of self-worth in your personal and emotional situations, you can inadvertently relinquish power and self-control. You are attuned to the hidden motives and desires of other people. If you use this knowledge to manipulate your worth and value in their eyes, you may find yourself unable to maintain your integrity and identity. Consequently, your self-worth can be at the precarious mercy of the outside world and the success of your manipulations of it.

When you look to others for feedback, you may be left feeling uncertain about what action to take. Needing validation leaves you uneasy about your material and sexual connections with other people. Thus, you may feel afraid that any intimate relationship might put you in a vulnerable position where unexpected emotional rejection could be experienced.

To avoid this, you may create emotional drama that ensures others will stay at a distance. This game results in a negative self-image and emotional isolation.

When you take responsibility for creating loving relationships, you may notice that past methods have brought about a consistent feeling of being worthwhile to others. Others cannot provide you with idealism in relationships because in seeking their approval you may not be aware of what they offer to bring about your ideal. Your lesson is to release the need for others' approval in order to determine what is valuable to you in other people.

Having a sense of your own worth puts you in touch with your value systems. At the same time, doing what you feel is worthwhile and needs to be done automatically enhances self-worth. Then you have something to offer other people, and the relationship with them automatically begins to meet the idealism you want. As a by-product, others give unexpected approval without your consciously seeking it.

Getting in touch with the spontaneity of your own inner child enables you to express yourself in ways that invite others to play with you. Performing those values that keep you feeling a sense of fun about life keeps you in touch with your own vitality and worth.

As you inspire confidence in others and encourage them to express their talents and abilities, you see them furthering your ideals of brotherhood whether or not they are aware of it. In this process, you can create the many loving friendships you want, and experience the fulfillment of seeing your own humanitarian ideals and values being actualized.

You have self-awareness in the context of group situations, so your emotional stability tends to be dependent upon maintaining mental accord and harmony with those around you. You may compromise your own individuality in order to keep the peace with others, since you fear that you may need to count on these friendships at a later date for survival. You are too dependent on your peers for support, to the extent that you may concentrate on friendships to the exclusion of more intimate involvements.

One lesson you are learning is to make yourself strong. By becoming more aware of what it is that you want and then exercising your creative power to bring about the fulfillment of these wants, you revitalize your attachment to disassociation and get involved in life in a healthy way. You are learning to take hold and enjoy the creative process by using the tools of excitement, romance and playfulness to enlist others to follow your lead in creating mutual goals that are for the common good.

Since you have fears of a lack of wholehearted personal love, and a sense of impersonalness, you naturally feel insecure about entering into deeply personal relatedness. You are learning to infuse your more personal, intense relationships with humane treatment of the other person to create closeness while working for the common good.

You have an inborn sense of what is for the good of the whole, and a natural predisposition for doing what is best for others. Yours can be the highest form of friendship. You are learning to combine this awareness with a realization of what you want to create in the relationship, and then to joyously go about creating a structure that encompasses the needs of both people.

You are learning to create what you want, giving attention to those relationships that are important to you, and carefully monitoring the situation to see that it is still headed in the direction of your goals. Having a goal in your relationships is important; its creation and attainment validates your effective participation. You need to learn that giving attention to a relationship makes it thrive, while withdrawing attention allows it to wither. Then the other person will go somewhere else, looking for involvement that is more constant.

Your natural humor allows you to take the more selfish foibles and perspectives of others in stride; and this serves as a safety valve in the event that your experimentation with close personal involvement occasionally goes awry.

Moon in Aquarius: With the Moon in Aquarius, the native is generous, broadminded, attractive to members of the opposite sex, and popular in general, but he often lacks the strength to be practical enough to fulfill his hopes and wishes. He loves applause and praise, but secretly doubts that he is really as capable as others might imagine him to be. He needs to be determined, but should avoid being stubborn. He must learn to accept criticism and not constantly seek the company of those who flatter him.

The native is interested in social mores; he wants to improve world conditions, but often neglects his own neighborhood or family.

There are numerous contradictions in his nature. He recognizes these, and they cause him more than a little concern. The road to Hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions. Perhaps this very well fits the Moon in Aquarius. No doubt he wants to do good. But in trying, he steps on toes, and is often harsh in his efforts to get in a position where his influence will be felt. He needs to feel he is helping others - and in trying to do so often convinces people that they are not really as happy as they think.

He is attracted to 'far out' subjects, including astrology, magnetism, dream interpretation, psychology, sociology, social theories, hypnotism, television, space flights, etc.. He is given to fantasy, fascinated by science fiction (even though he may profess to be 'above it all'). He is very sensitive - and if the Moon is in poor aspect to the Sun, may have an eye defect.

He is considered unconventional - and he is proud of it! His public image is that of a humanitarian who often makes himself appear ridiculous by going the long way around.

The astrologer's task is to make him realize that his first duty is to make himself happy. He must help himself before he can really earn the respect of others.

Moon in Aquarius: The Moon in Aquarius indicates that a powerful social awareness influences you, and that many of your personal needs will be connected to social groups or organizations. Involvement with socially active groups will attract, although these may be more modern, radical pressure groups rather than established social organizations, because of your rebellious natures. The idealistic vision and values of such groups are especially appealing to you, both intellectually and emotionally; and as Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness, you will, at least mentally, align yourself with such progressive groups. Yet as you perceive yourself to be highly individual, actually working within groups may not be so suitable, since you are determined to pursue an iconoclastic approach. You can enjoy the freedom of remaining on the fringes as an observer rather than becoming involved in real participation.

Socially, you like to build a wide network of friends and acquaintances in which there is a breadth of various relationships based on a commonality of social and creative interests. You enjoy variety and constant mental stimulation; and your home life is often turned into a meeting place for like-minded individuals. The revolution may occur only in your mind, but you do like to reflect the changing world and to express the new perceptions, if only to see the effect they have on people. Yet you may become dedicated to a cause or belief; and your attitudes are genuinely held, even if the eventual application may sometimes be lacking.

Relating to humanity as an impersonal whole is easier for you than relating on a one-to-one basis, especially in intimate contacts. Emotions are not particularly well-integrated; and sometimes your social whirl serves as an excuse to evade fears of emotional closeness. You intellectualize emotions rather than directly experiencing their power and intensity; feelings are diverted into a mental examination, otherwise you may feel threatened by their wildness. By demanding emotional freedom in relationships, you are just trying to keep emotions at a distance. This can manifest in fears of commitment, even though you may actually need that commitment for growth.

The Moon is not at ease in Aquarius, where the combined energies may confine and conflict. Lunar emotions, instincts, and feelings try to break free of Aquarian impersonality and mental focus, searching for greater emotional closeness and seeking to fulfill often unacknowledged needs. Aquarian energies may stimulate sudden, radical life-style changes as an escape from family responsibilities or emotional suffocation.

Moon and Aquarius may be brought into deeper harmony if you begin to honor emotional and instinctual needs. Your sympathy with the needs of humanity is genuine, engaging a heartfelt response; but these feelings also need to be liberated throughout your life. Releasing your potential also means working with your whole nature, recognizing emotions and feelings as a vital part of your individuality; cutting them off makes as much sense as chopping off a leg. Let your natural emotions flow more easily. Follow their messages, instead of just paying attention to your intellect, logic, or philosophical belief systems. Otherwise you pollute and damage the ecological system of your being; and like all stagnant water, it will grow poisoned and fetid, distorting your advanced social perceptions and destroying your own humanity.

Allowing emotional vitality to flow will also awaken intuitive perception and release your natural inventiveness; this may enable you to make a greater social contribution and vitalize inner realms through improving the quality of your intimate relationships.

Moon in Aquarius: Emotionally, you can be quite unpredictable, excitable, even explosive. Given to temper tantrums and sudden outbursts, you express your feelings with uncensored candor. You are most upset by social injustices and inequities, and might be more passionate about causes than people. Although your anger is easily aroused, it doesn't last long; once you've vented it, you see no reason to hold a grudge, and may behave as if nothing had happened. You can't understand why others might be hurt by your harsh words.

In truth, you enjoy a good confrontation now and again, and don't really want things to go too smoothly. Tense and high-strung, you like to keep the emotional pot boiling and don't want your home life or relationships to become routine or predictable. For you, boredom is the deathblow to a relationship. If you are involved with someone who has Moon in Aries or Aquarius, you might fight a lot but still get along famously. However, you are likely to trample or bully people whose Moons are in more gentle or emotional signs. Stubborn, brusque and willful, you can be insensitive to the feelings of others.

Though your emotions are easily engaged and displayed with great force, they aren't very deep. With those who love you, you sometimes seem detached and aloof, and it's difficult to be truly intimate with you. Intimacy and emotional closeness smack of possessiveness to you. You demand freedom to come and go as you please, and to associate with whomever you choose; and anyone who doesn't like it isn't worth your time anyway.

Although you may change lovers frequently or have several simultaneously, you are intensely loyal to your friends. Friendship, in fact, is far more important to you than romantic live; and you probably have many friends and associates. Casual companions and relationships that don't make too many demands on your emotions are more comfortable for you. Above all, you expect honesty, equality and fairness in all your relationships.

Your childhood home was probably chaotic, constantly changing and / or unstable in some way. Perhaps you moved frequently. Your parents may have fought a great deal, or split up when you were still young. Most probably, there was something unusual about your upbringing and / or your parents. Your mother (or nurturing parent) might have been avant-garde, unconventional, or in some way different from her contemporaries. Though she probably encouraged you to develop your intellect and become independent as soon as possible, she wasn't very nurturing or supportive of you. Possibly she found parenting too restrictive, and resented being tied down with children when there were so many other exciting things to do. She may not have been there when you needed her, and had trouble showing affection, sympathy and compassion.

You want to be a friend to your own children rather than an authority figure. When they are very young, you can be quite impatient with them. You don't like their dependency, and want them to hurry and grow up so they won't make so many demands on you and you can have more freedom. As a result, you may 'push them out of the nest' too soon. Unless you have several planets in Taurus, Leo, Cancer or Pisces, you aren't very affectionate with them and prefer reading them bedtime stories to rocking them to sleep. Unless Capricorn or Scorpio is prominent in your chart, you probably aren't much of a disciplinarian and your kids might be a bit rebellious and wild.

Because of your deep concern for humankind, you might want to initiate programs to protect and feed the world's homeless orphans and take care of all who are in need. Even if you have no biological children, you may feel as though you are 'mother' to many.

Your physical home isn't very important to you (unless you have Cancer or Taurus prominent in your chart). You may change residences frequently or have an unconventional living arrangement, such as sharing a home with an odd assortment of other people. Some might describe your lifestyle as 'bohemian'. At the very least, your house is probably decorated in an eclectic, ultra-modern or off-beat fashion; and housekeeping isn't your most obvious talent.

Both men and women with this Moon placement revel in being 'different' and will go out of their way to shock the more conventional members of their families. Men with Moon in Aquarius enjoy women who are strong-willed, independent, unusual and intelligent. Women are not particularly maternal and usually aren't happy in traditional roles or relationships that aren't 'equal'.

Moon in Aquarius: You consider experience a proving ground for yourself. You react to everything on a utilitarian and, at the same time, idealistic level. Release is very necessary for you, as you tend to overload yourself emotionally. You need a cause or project to release tension, or you become frustrated. This can lead to restless wandering and search or to spiritual enlightenment.

Your sense impressions are quick, and your mind and emotions react together; thus you have mental clarity and involvement. Your blending of religious, humanitarian, sexual and scientific instincts is good.

You have a universal quality and are ahead of your time. You are a charming friend and companion and an interesting conversationalist. Women with the Moon in Aquarius can become too eccentric and experimental, and both sexes must avoid being too impersonal or detached. A man with the Moon in Aquarius seeks a rather liberated mate, especially in sexual matters.

You may be inclined toward politics or education or unusual subjects such as astrology and the occult. You are likely to show originality, ingenuity, inventiveness and scientific ability. Your imagination is fertile, and you have a lot of creative energy; if you are not careful, your abundance of emotional energy can cause your nervous system to suffer. You are a born mixer and joiner, especially for a cause.

You prefer the unconventional, and you value your personal independence. You are idealistic and broad-minded; but behind your friendly, outgoing manner you hide a good bit of selfishness. You must consciously control erratic behavior, aloofness and unpredictability. Your early training in ethics and moral standards will bring good results.

This placement of the Moon overemphasizes friendliness, humanitarianism and kindliness. Your need for emotional independence can lead to loneliness and difficulty with emotional relationships; you may brush these off with seeming indifference. Your feeling nature can be cold because you do not understand the emotional needs of someone else. You act warm and friendly but not especially intimate, suggestive or penetrating.

You see your mother as a friend and companion. She raised you to stand on your own feet; she is a humanitarian and is not a run-of-the-mill mother in her general behavior.

The power of the Moon is rather muted in this sign, the greatest effect being to reduce the feeling element from the emotions. Inwardly you are detached, independent and rather cool. Although controlled and possibly a little bottled up at times, you like others around you to show that they need and want you. When meeting people for the first time socially, you are pleasant and affable if a little shy; meanwhile, you are weighing them up in a slightly watchful manner. You have a strong inner sense of self which would lead you to take a calculated risk in a career or even in a relationship. Although sensible, you are not over-cautious; therefore, you would accept most of life's challenges whether they put your finances or your feelings at risk. This ability to inwardly weigh and measure could be confusing to those who fall in love with you because, although you can discuss feelings in an articulate manner, one wonders just how much you are actually able to feel yourself!

Your inner nature is off-beat. You could find yourself travelling in a different direction from everyone else. Like your solar Aquarian cousins, you are educationally-minded and will choose a career where you can stretch your mind and also broaden the minds of others. You are kind, helpful and humanitarian, but this may be directed more towards the world in general than to those who are closest to you. Although you are helpful in practical ways, there could be an element of embarrassment and helplessness when you are faced by the sight of other people's emotional pain. You are afraid that if you allow weak people to latch themselves on to you they will drain your energies or, worse still, bore the daylights out of you! Your general outlook is balanced, optimistic and cheerful. To all except the most neurotic you would be a good friend.

Your mind is excellent, and it doesn't matter whether you are educated and academic or shrewd and streetwise: either way, your thinking processes are fast, and your intuition is strong. You possess a dry and intelligent sense of humor. Your ideas are often excellent, and you have the ability to put them into practice.

Being strongly independent, you prefer to cope alone with your own problems, however harrowing they may be. One Moon in Aquarius friend of mine wouldn't allow anyone to go with him when he went into hospital for a major heart operation. You could reject outside help in case accepting it makes you appear weak and incapable. You may even view help as a form of interference. You're not at all keen on people who try to own you or to manipulate you, although you can be adept at manipulating others. Another pet dislike is of being falsely accused - you are willing to admit to your own errors, but will not carry the can for others. Your attitudes can sometimes cause others to stay at a distance from you, which can consequently cause misunderstandings both at work and at home.

Your friendliness is universal, and you would not reject anyone due to color, age, race or religion. Many lunar Aquarians belong to clubs and societies of one kind or another. You enjoy committing yourself to group activities. Most of your hobbies involve people and ideas which are sociable and charitable, such as youth work. There is one hobby which many of you enjoy entirely alone, although the results of this involve other people, and that is cooking. I have met some truly inspired solar and lunar Aquarian amateur chefs.

You can take any amount of chaos going on around you at work, but you need peace in your home, where you can be in control of your own environment (creating a little bit of chaos for others maybe). You enjoy visitors but don't appreciate people who dump themselves upon you. Many of you are clever handymen (and women), enjoying the challenge of working on your home and garden, and often finding imaginative and original ways of solving practical do-it-yourself problems.

Your memory is also rather original, and may be strangely selective, easily recalling things you find interesting but 'tuning out' from irrelevant details. However, you don't duck really important issues, as you have high standards of honesty and integrity. You don't as a rule go in for petty jealousies, and nor do you make mountains out of molehills. If your pride is hurt, you can be quite spiteful and very sarcastic. You really do need a creative or useful outlet, or you can become bored, gossip or aloof. Some of you are lazy and too easygoing, especially if there are planets in the sign of Libra on your birth chart; yet others can be truly very eccentric, especially if there are other planets in the sign of Aquarius. For the most part, criticism brushes off you. You have a strong ego, and you feel that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, even opinions of you. You are not likely to change your ways in the face of criticism anyway.

In close personal relationships, you are kind, pleasant, thoughtful and passionate; you could even be rather romantic. Aquarius being a fixed sign suggests that you don't easily walk away from situations. You may stay in the same house, the same job or the same relationship long after the time when you should move on. However, if the day comes when you do move on, you seem to be able to do so in a decisive manner, looking mentally forward rather than backward. If necessary, you can wait years for the right person to come along. If this paragon does not appear, you spend years of your life alone. If you become bored with your permanent partner, you may look outside the relationship for change and excitement. If you fall in love with someone while you are still married, and especially if you have children, then you will be terribly torn between the need to be loyal and the need to be with the one you want. However, your famous Aquarian detachment may come to your aid here and allow you to work out logically what would be for the best. There is no doubt that you need an interesting and stimulating partner. Another very important ingredient would be shared interests and mutual respect. Without shared interests, you would gravitate towards interests of your own, and this would begin the process of allowing the marriage to drift into failure and loss. There is just a suspicion that lunar Aquarian males might find a very successful career-girl type of wife too much of a good thing. There could be just a tinge of jealousy creeping in here. You can be strangely blind to both the needs and the feelings of those you love. You may never really get to know them on a deep level.

Women of this lunation must have some kind of interesting work outside the home. Neither sex seems keen to have a large family, but the relationship between lunar Aquarian parents and their children is usually very good. There is a natural sensitivity to the needs of children and young people, and you would offer help without making undue demands upon your children or smothering them. It is just possible that you could expect too much of a very timid child, but for the most part you make a successful parent. You are always ready to stump up cash for education or hobbies, but you might be a little absent-minded about some of the practical details, such as making sure that they have a clean shirt for school.

Both sexes with this Moon sign are attractive rather than beautiful. In fact, your features are more likely to be rugged and bony than soft and sweet. None of this matters much because your friendliness, charm, sex-appeal and humor are far more effective with the opposite sex than any amount of sterile beauty would be. Being rather shy, you might have a little difficulty in breaking the ice; but your interest in people soon helps you to overcome this. Anyway, you always have the option of meeting people through mutual interests such as your work or social activities rather than, for instance, at a disco. People with fixed Moon signs can cope with a lot. It would take a great deal for you to break up a relationship; but when you do, there isn't a backward glance. In relationships, as in all things, you need freedom and independence, and may demonstrate this by being deliberately forgetful, erratic and hard to pin down with regard to mutual arrangements. You seek an intelligent and independent partner, and often are happiest with one who is much younger than yourself, so that to some extent you can advise or mould him / her. Be careful that when your good advice is taken and your pupil begins to blossom you don't then become resentful. If your partner started laying the law down to you and restricting your movements, your first impulse would be to get out of the relationship.

Sex for you is a by-product of love. You can indulge in sex for its own sake, but are much happier when love is the main motivating force. This may surprise many readers, but this lunation produces amazingly sexy people! Your special combination of action, imagination and stamina seems to bring something special to the act of love. Friends who are married to lunar Aquarians have told me... well, let's draw a veil over that! It's strange how the supposedly non-tactile air sign people seem to become so good at touching and cuddling when there's the chance of a bit of sexual activity.

Your temper can be a problem when you are young; but later you learn to sit back and control it. However, if hurt, you retain the ability to wound verbally. There may be a lack of adaptability in your attitude to others. You will only go as far in order to fit in with their wishes. You are inclined to consider that other people ought to take or leave you just as you are. Your partners are chosen to some extent because they have the right appearance. Fatness turns you right off, as does dirt and mess. A lively person who has many outside interests would attract you; if he / she has a sense of humor and also looks nice, better still. Lunar Aquarians of both sexes prefer an equal partnership, and will do all they can to promote the interests and job of the other, even trying to help the partner to enjoy his or her hobbies. There is evidence that you wouldn't be so happy if the hobby was particularly noisy one, because you hate loud, discordant noises.

Needing a pleasant home and a nice garden, you have no special preference for the town or the country. I think you would make the best of it wherever you were, as long as you are not isolated from people or fenced into a very small space.

You take work seriously, and don't like chopping and changing jobs, preferring to find a career into which you can settle. You are interested in ideas and willing to learn; therefore, you do well at school and continue to learn later on. Certainly your parents encouraged you to progress; but like all lunar masculine signs you are inwardly quite goal-orientated. You enjoy work which is useful to the community, and you also like making things which are needed. You can pursue a goal persistently; therefore, you can close a deal if someone else will open the door for you.

Working with children might appeal to you, either directly in education, or in something tough such as the probation service, because you have patience even for the awkward ones. You take well to challenges, and can ride out most problems without falling apart; therefore, the armed forces or police may appeal. Your incisive mind may lead you into the legal sphere, medicine, psychiatry or even astrology. Being impatient with fools, you could find delegating difficult. You usually learn from your own mistakes, and are fairly forgiving towards others for theirs, as long as the mistakes do not occur too frequently and are not too obviously stupid. You solve problems in an original way, but must learn to keep lists and use your memory rather than your forgettery.

You seem to be happiest when working in large enterprises; you may wind up in the civil service, a large commercial firm, the teaching profession or the government. You have, in common with the other fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus, the determination to finish what you start. You don't like being pressurized by others, preferring to work things out in your own way and to do things slowly and thoroughly. Some of you enjoy being attached to some kind of glamorous or powerful enterprise where your own dynamism can come to the fore. There is a reverse side to this coin, in that you can run a small enterprise on your own as long as you have total control. Although ambitious while young, you are prepared to settle for something comfortable later in life.

You are clever with electronics, computers, radar and other modernistic ideas, and may even dream of being a spaceman. You are capable and inventive, and will give the whole of your attention to the task in hand; therefore, you can create some highly original and very workable methods of production.

Most solar and lunar Aquarians have a need to do something worthwhile, to put something back into life. One lunar Aquarian friend of mine raises money for handicapped children. He does this very quietly despite being one of the most prominent members of this country's civil service. Another is in the scouting movement. There is an inner desire to bring a sense of love to all people.

One occasionally runs across the type of Moon in Aquarius subject who is languid and arty, unambitious and lacking in self-discipline. There are a few others who may be theorizers, never quite able to put their theories into action, and too eccentric to fulfill any ordinary kind of role. Most of you, however, enjoy a challenge and will get a kick from making something succeed. Some of you are drawn to the arts or the world of drama; and, if there are other encouraging factors on your birth chart, writing may come naturally to you.

On the face of it, you have a good childhood. Certainly your practical needs were attended to. If you came from a background where there was little money to spare, your parents would have made sure that you had enough to eat and were dressed and equipped in a clean and decent manner.

Your mother may have been a busy career woman or may have poured her energies into some personal interest. One lunar Aquarian friend of mine had parents who were actively involved in the Salvation Army. Some of you will have had the kind of mother who did very little outside the home, the results of which had the reverse effect of making you feel that families are definitely better off when the mother has outside interests. Another Moon in Aquarius peculiarity is that you may have had religion rammed down your throat in childhood, which put you completely off the idea of formal religion later in life.

It is possible that you loved your father but inwardly considered him to be weak. He may have had poor health. Oddly enough, many Moon in Aquarius subjects seem to have fathers who suffered from stomach ulcers. Mother would have been the more organized and capable parent, especially as far as money is concerned. You probably come from an average family of two or three children, and would have been the older and / or more capable one of the group or of a different sex from the other children. You were taught not to make scenes or allow your emotions to become a nuisance to others. It is possible that you were never really able to feel very close to your parents. It is even possible that this is a circumstance of your own making. People who have the Moon in Air signs do tend to be rather emotionally self-contained, and you may just have been born that way.

Your parents took a reasonable view of your educational needs. They encouraged you to learn, but didn't push you unduly. They may not have been so accommodating in respect of any hobbies you wished to pursue, which may have been due to shortage of money or conflict with their moral or religious views, for instance if the activity involved participation on the Sabbath.

Health wise, you are basically very strong. Blood-pressure could be a problem, especially for women during pregnancy. Allergies such as hay fever, asthma, eczema, psoriasis and hives can occur; also migraine, menstrual problems in women, rheumatism and diabetes are possibilities. The weakest part of the body is the lower legs and ankles, which could involve problems with veins, phlebitis and thrombosis; also leg ulcers later in life.

Moon in Aquarius: Those with this placing are magnetically attractive, yet send out signals suggesting they are cool and distant, and don't want the rest of us to come too close. That is there immediate reaction, and it is only when we break through this brittle, bright but somewhat frosty barrier that we actually experience the characteristics of the Sun; and, eventually, the Ascendant. It is as if, in some ways, the subject is on the defensive, and wants to appear enigmatic and mysterious.

The flow of emotion is very controlled, although if anyone needs help the subject will immediately respond and want to do as much as possible, just like his or her Aquarius Sun sign cousins. The subject's reasons for helping will be severely practical, and he will at once see a way through any difficulties that may cloud the issue for the person in trouble.

The unpredictability of Aquarius will be seen when the subject is confronted with any aspects of life that could be considered controversial. His reaction may be totally unexpected, and quite different from what was anticipated. Similarly, the subject may take an unexpected line of action, on the spur of the moment, that is completely out of character with other areas of his personality. In retrospect, he may well have problems attempting to justify this to himself.

Anything glamorous will strongly appeal to the subject, who, interestingly, also has a romantic streak. However, this is detached; and the way the emotions are expressed, especially in love (as opposed to strong feelings relating to worldly issues) must be assessed from the positions of Venus and Mars, and their strength in the chart as a whole.

Originality and often a spark of genius are present. Sudden bright ideas should be acted upon and carried through to completion. If stubbornness is shown in the positions and aspects of the other planets, it could become a serious problem, for it will not blend happily with a tendency to unpredictability. Nervous tension can also cause problems, the likelihood of which will be affected by the influence of Uranus in the birth chart.

The humanitarian qualities of Uranus, linked with kindness, will be very evident and contribute much that is positive in the subject.

Moon in Aquarius: The Moon in the sign Aquarius indicates a capacity to sympathize with the needs of humanity. Occasionally there are flashes of intuitive knowledge. Persons with this position are friendly to all, in an impersonal way. They seek freedom of emotional expression, and demand freedom to come and go as they please within the domestic situation; thus, they are likely to have unusual family relationships. Their homes are gathering places for friends and group activities. The negative aspect of this position can give a tendency to emotional perversity and stubbornness, or an irrational need for freedom at all costs. There can also be fear of personal emotional involvements because of the threat they pose to personal freedom.

Moon in Aquarius: You have a humanitarian, though potentially detached, soul. You have the need to be your own person with Other - which at times finds you feeling on your own. You have the instinct to emotionally experiment - but Other could find you emotionally disrespectful. Your Mother is seen or expressed as one who is open and friendly, and / or remote and non-maternal.

You naturally respond towards Other by initially relating on a friendly, mental level while maintaining your emotional distance. You respond to Other by using your natural psychological awareness to give him / her plenty of space to express him- / herself as he or she likes. You respond to other with great tolerance and intuitive understanding.

Your inner child reacts by being unavailable should it detect the slightest sign of being needed by Other more than your inner child ever felt needed or loved. You can antagonize other by not really responding at all - just hedging your bets as your mind plays with unreal ideas and infinite possibilities. You can also antagonize by relating with your head rather than your heart or gut, thereby giving Other a false impression of yourself and your intentions.

You are unconsciously drawn towards relationships that first appear to put a minimum of pressure upon you to deliver emotionally; towards an unusual relationship set-up that appeals because its uniqueness constantly stimulates you and Other; and towards any Other who excites you emotionally for reasons you cannot figure.

You can get caught up in relationship with an Other who fails to recognize your true emotional nature or needs - forcing you to recognize them yourself; in relationships what are unpredictable and therefore feel insecure, or are boring because they're safe; and in situations that shock you into cutting out emotionally at critical times... why?

When you are alone, it is because you have made yourself unavailable - or, more to the point, too unavailable. This probably harks back to some emotional break or trauma in childhood, and so you are quite inclined to continue to keep your emotional distance. But until you hop back into how you are really feeling - rather than how you think you are supposed to be feeling - you can perennially find yourself cut off from anyone who might really know you or get to know you. You are disposed to keeping yourself as an emotional cipher in order to prevent getting intimate enough to jog your memory back to that time in your early life when you got emotionally detached. But your unconscious keeps playing the same old records until you hear what they're saying, whether you are with someone or all alone. Either way, you have to wake up to how you truly feel.

Moon in Aquarius: Keynote: Original and unusual ideas arise out of the unconscious mind. Symbol: An intelligent woman conducts a panel discussion on television.

People having the Moon in Aquarius are endowed with the divine gift of imagination. Their capacity to visualize can cause them to fear the worst, but it also gives wings to their inventive genius. They understand the implications of the axiom 'Energy follows thought', and instinctively respect the power of ideas to produce changes in circumstances.

Many of the lunar Aquarian's most inspired insights come directly from the realm of the unconscious. As he learns to plumb the depths of his own psyche, he may release unsuspected creative forces. These images and concepts may take so powerful a grip upon the mind that the individual begins to feel more like his / her instrument than his / her originator.

In the fixed sign Aquarius, the restlessness of the ever changing Moon is stabilized, and its sympathies are broadened. Human inconsistencies can be viewed in a calmly detached manner. Although lunar Aquarians themselves usually appear to be sensible and well-adjusted, they can understand people who are not. Yet they become deeply involved in the causes they espouse, and will throw caution to the winds when the necessity arises to voice their opinions. They are original, not because they say what no-one has ever said before, but because they say exactly what they think. Occasionally, they appear more radical than they are, simply because people are not used to such plain speaking.

Since these individuals like to vent unusual ideas, they are often found in professions such as writing, filmmaking, and public relations, where they can influence people's moods. Every so often they like to surprise and shock an audience in order to shake them out of their complacency. They want to jolt others into an awareness of current happenings even though the process may prove painful.

Lunar Aquarians are as broad-minded as their solar counterparts, and can apply their scientific impersonality to the study of human problems. Men of this type tend to hold themselves aloof, and are frequently misunderstood. Women may be too intellectual and independent to seem completely feminine unless other influences compensate for the lack of softness in their nature. Both sexes are liable to suffer from physical and mental tension if they allow themselves to be over stimulated by the energies which course through their nervous system.

This combination often engenders an interest in astrology, metaphysics, parapsychology, occultism, and all manner of arcane subjects. There is a preoccupation with the strange and unusual, not for the sake of novelty-seeking, but because of a genuine desire to understand the whys and wherefores of existence. The Aquarian seldom accepts the limitations others take for granted. His fundamental faith in man and nature assures him that the human mind is capable of uncovering the most startling secrets of the universe, and that nothing is too amazing to be real.

The lunar Aquarian seldom craves to be a master over men. He wants to illumine minds, not to dominate them. He values his liberty too highly to want to interfere with the liberty of anyone else. The Aquarian Age has already demonstrated that modern scientific technology can set man free from the drudgery of menial chores and provide the leisure to explore the widening vistas of outer and inner space. It is also demonstrating that true democracy is a system which cannot be sustained by Saturnian laws alone. Each system must undergo a Uranian transformation of mind and heart which enables him, through the planetarization of his consciousness, to envision a society of freely co-operating groups and nations. Only then can the Aquarian ideal become a reality.

Moon in Aquarius: The Moon, in the most intellectual of the three Air signs, skims lightly over the surface of the water as it blows in a fixed direction. Air and water do not mix as we consider them astrologically, but the air can cool the water and the water can cool the air. What are we dealing with here? The house placement becomes most important, for when this Moon is in a natural Air house it overwhelms the watery Cancer influence and veers toward a more intellectual response of the emotional being. When in a Water house, it loses some of its dry mental quality and becomes even on the board, a combination of Air and Water, which suggests that the emotions are sometimes expressed with Aquarian fixity and sometimes with the more instinctual Cancer feelings.

Considered in its pure Aquarian state, it is possibly the most unemotional of the twelve Moon placements. You with the Moon in Aquarius do not ruffle easily, manipulate others, subtly try to get your own way, or slink off in a corner to sulk when your feelings are hurt. Frankly, your feelings seldom get hurt, and you couldn't care less about such behavior. You want to get on with the present project, engage your friends with helping out with your newest brainchild, and, if there's a difference of opinion or misunderstanding, you discuss it calmly. You simply do not understand what all the handwriting, sobbing and pouting is all about. To you, such conduct is a waste of time.

You Moon-in-Aquarius people need freedom to express your Uranian self. You are truly the maverick of the zodiac, unhampered by much of the emotional baggage clinging to other signs. You tackle daily life from a detached but fixed level of operation. Any mishaps, changes, upheavals are looked upon calmly and taken in stride. What, for heaven's sake, you are wondering, is all the fuss about?

You depend on this detachment and your ability to observe others from an impartial viewpoint to make your daily life run smoothly. When some unfortunate occurrence crashes down on your head, your solution is simply to shrug it off, walk away from the mess and expect someone else to straighten it out. You're not going to concern yourself with it. Onto your next project, which is a far more brilliant and exciting project, anyway.

Since your mind rules your emotions, your feelings are often considered somewhat shallow and superficial. Your reactions are sometimes difficult for your loved ones to live with. Usually they expect more response from you, a warm, heartfelt interest in their problems, a deep sympathy for their emotional ups and downs; and usually they are disappointed. You pat them absently on the shoulder, listen to their wails with a faraway look in your eyes, and not briskly when they come to the end of their recital. So what else is new?

Moon in Aquarius: You, the Moon in Aquarius person, find your emotional security primarily within yourself. The rest of the world is out there for you to look upon with a bemused tolerance. You know exactly what you are capable of; and no matter what horrors might befall, you can deal with them from your emotionally detached level of perception. You have great respect for yourself and your abilities; and even if the world doesn't know it, you know it - and that's what's important.

Moon in Aquarius: Progressive. Can bring difficult lessons through erratic and ill-considered actions. Good minds, but erratic and unstable. Much originality of thought if it can get out of rigid thought patterns. A very cold feeling nature because of not understanding the other fellow's needs. Aquarius is a mental sign, not emotional at all. Feelings are cramped and limited, and do not operate freely. A strong selfishness behind a friendly manner. Often has arthritic conditions in later life due to rigid will and crystallizations of emotions. In a male chart, attracts a fixed and stable partner that cannot be pushed but can be coaxed.

Moon in Aquarius: You'd like to be a force for social good, and will strive in whatever sphere you move in to live up to this ideal of yourself. Whatever errors you make are likely to be forgiven because people know you mean well. They may tire after a while of good intentions gone wrong; but you'll be given another chance where less whole-souled mortals are condemned or laughed off. You are a poet of life, rather than a philosopher: you feel instinctively the needs of human beings and that they must be satisfied. You may be a social theorist, but more probably you are just a social worker, as a humane avocation and hobby, if not as a profession. In helping others, you satisfy your deepest inner needs; and thus you don't even care if you are imposed on. That money has been misused is less important to you than that your heart was in the right place. In fulfilling this image of yourself as 'friend of all the world', you can become a great force for good; and in whatever circle you move, you will be sure to make your influence felt on behalf of a humane understanding of human needs and human relations. Outside charity itself, your understanding extends to social life, to make you charming, gracious and lively. To make the world a better and happier place is your path to satisfying your picture of yourself - and a pleasant path it is, as anyone who shares it with you knows.

Moon in Aquarius: Although your temperament is fairly even, there is potential for unlimited variety in your responses to a lover, depending on your partner and the location. You do not simply go along with whatever your partner asks, however. In every situation, you are truly creative and responsive, an equal partner in the emotional and sexual inventiveness of the relationship.

You prefer a partner who provides a challenge rather than one who presents a ready-made framework for an affair. If all the shots are predetermined, you feel too cramped. You will be happier if you can work out the problems together and come up with the specific sexual style that best suits your personalities. In a way, you are a role-player who creates the roles instead of trying to fit into those created by society or by other people.

A lover who is verbally clever would be ideal for you. If the two of you can analyze your affair in some detail, you will understand it and enjoy it more. Much of you sexual response is filtered through your mind, and if you're in the dark about what's happening you won't be up to par sexually.

You will be happiest in a relationship that has plenty of time to develop. In affairs of the heart, time is on your side.

Moon in Aquarius: You value your freedom very highly, and demand the right to do whatever you want at all times. When others try to force you to take a certain path, you can be extremely stubborn. You want to be free to try out any new idea or way of doing things that you come across. You are fond of experimenting with your life, but on your own terms.

You like to be with a group of people, especially your friends, because your own ways and desires have more meaning if you can share them with others. This doesn't mean that you are a follower, but that you take the trouble to find people with whom you fit in. You can be quite an exciting person, and you enjoy being with other people who, like you, are ready to try anything.

You feel that you can control your own feelings, and you don't like to be around those who can't. Great displays of emotion bother you. You like to believe that you rely on your brain to solve problems, rather than on moods, feelings and impulses. This does not mean that you suppress your feelings, however. Once you get to the point of feeling at ease with your emotions, you will reveal them quite spontaneously to others, and you may even get impatient with those who try to hide their feelings. However, other people's emotions are often much more powerful than your own. They find it that much harder to control their feelings, and therefore are more reluctant to display them. You must learn to be tolerant of these and other emotional differences between yourself and other people.

Moon in Aquarius Woman: You're someone whose brain works overtime. You analyze everything. especially your emotions. You get to the point that you understand them so well that you have no feelings left. Although you know it’s important to be in touch with feelings, you’d really rather intellectualize them away. And for this reason you often appear cool or emotionless in intimate relationships. Although you’ll talk about what you feel, it’s something of a monotone that doesn’t express much. Usually you prefer just to have friends and function in groups, because the one-to-one situation gets too involved and messy.

Being different is one way you express myself, and you're prone to shock people with your individualism - not because you want to, just because that’s the way you are. You don’t compromise your ideals and that can make you a rebel. You take up far-out causes to have a place to attach your feelings, and sometimes you get into reforming your lover, which can cause trouble! You're very sincere and your idealism can make you subjugate your own feelings to the needs of others.

The flip side of your coolness is that you act immature and am emotionally erratic, using the telephone to take the worry out of being close. You like advanced telecommunications systems. They let you be in touch” without the bother of touching. With TV systems you can even see the other person without being anywhere near him! What a trip!

Your mother was an unusual person, cool rather than warm. Her idea of nurturing was to stuff you full of ideals and thought systems. Forget the oatmeal. In her own way, she was an inventor and a New Age thinker, years ahead of her time. Her causes often took her attention from the family.

You're not sure what kind of a man you need. You're a little confused about your own feminine identity. You're very aware of both your feminine and your masculine sides, but you're for sure not your standard-issue little woman. What you do know about yourself is that you don’t play coy games. You're an interested and interesting person, and you don’t like being gender identified.

Moon in Aquarius Woman: You may discover in the course of everyday life filled with a demanding job or caring for children, placating an insistent husband and shoving the chicken in the oven, that the ability to remove yourself from the uproar may be invaluable and, in highly distressing situations, save you from going to pieces. Even though you may be cool and unemotional with your loved ones, you secretly hanker after some ardent display of love for yourself. It's just that you can't be gooey over babies, adore all the kids on the block and greet your husband with a passionate embrace. You're thinking about something else all the while, like organizing the next anti-nuke demonstration.

In a mate, you look for one who will appreciate your intellectual qualities, respect your need for personal freedom, and absorb your more startling Uranian ideas without flinching.

Moon in Aquarius Man: You are a bit peculiar and a very interesting fellow. Whatever is new is your thing and you go chasing after every New Age and Space Age idea and product around, from video to cutting edge science. You are a free thinker and you have your own thought system, into which you like to fit all things, neatly. That's why you don't like messy and irrational emotions. They're too hard for you to lock into your theoretical system, which is your base for understanding human behavior and relations. You operate best within your thought frame, and that's why you so often champion causes. Working for humanitarian endeavor lets you express your feelings in a controlled and safe way.

You have many talents but your problem is that it's hard for you to settle down to one thing and you have a tendency to scatter energy. When freedom calls, you can divest yourself of all your possessions just to be unencumbered. You confess to having the Peter Pan complex and the idea of growing up repels you. You are like that guy in the movie who metamorphosed into an adult at age 12 and found himself in the toy business. You're always looking for new toys to play with, be they ideas or people.

You're idealistic. You believe in bettering humanity, in working for the welfare of all people. You live for the ideal - world, career, woman, life. But that shining star is sometimes too far away and then you get disappointed and drop whatever it is that you are experimenting with, including your current love. But you usually become friends in spite of it.

Your mom was an original, not too comfortable with being a mom. She nurtured you by exposing you to new ideas and letting you be yourself. For her time, she was progressive. You like woman like that- high minded, singular in their own right. Your ideal love would be a perfect human being, with no flaws and no messy emotions. And one day you will find her, right?

Moon in Aquarius Man: Your Moon in Aquarius will stand you in good stead in the business world. You can play poker face with the greatest of ease, outstare the next guy and sit quietly while analyzing each prospective rival down to the threads in his suit. What's more, they will think you a great chap - easygoing, relaxed, delightful sense of humor, non-threatening. But wait until they pass out the raises and the changes of command, and they may not believe you to be so harmless any more.

At home you express your affection to your wife and children by discussing many subjects, from the demographic composition of the Republican party to the possibilities of taking a ride in space. You are proud of your children, and allow them to pursue their interests and find their own way. If your daughter wants to study electrical wiring or your son takes up the study of crocodiles, you encourage them and find nothing at all unusual in these vocations. It's all fun and very low-key, so low-key that the young ones won't realize, until they are punished for some infraction of your fixed Aquarian rules, that you definitely mean what you say. Your mate understands that you show your affection in unexpected ways; by bringing her a bunch of violets in February, a load of cinnamon bread from the bakery, or a jug of raspberry wine from Portugal. She enjoys your stimulating mental companionship. One thing she knows well - you're never dull.

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Moon in Aquarius: Muhammad Ali, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, Princess Diana, Melanie Griffith, Timothy Leary, John Lennon, Carl Lewis, John Malkovich, Charles Manson, Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe, Karl Renz, Orson Welles, H.G. Wells, Joanne Woodward, Andrea, Arine, Bobbie, Bram, Clark, Eva, JerryGr, Leigh, Molly, Patrice, PaulS, Ralph, Ray, Roy?, Samp