Mercury in Aries

Intuitive, expressive and fast-thinking, you display a quick wit, often peppered with a bit of sarcasm here and there for interest. Your thought processes are sharp, making it a snap for you to grasp new information. You can display a good deal of self-interest and you're not afraid of a verbal conflict when the need arises. Though you often love a good debate, you do want approval and it's usually all in good fun as far as you're concerned.

Mercury in Aries: When you fear losing the visible impact of direct and authoritative communication, you cease to communicate successfully with others. You may have a tendency to speak in ways that appear aggressive, overbearing, and almost militant in expression. This challenging, intimidating attitude toward the audience can result in alienation and misunderstanding.

When your attention is on communicating in a way that inspires others to act, your natural sense of combat is turned into a creative, stimulating interaction. By focusing on inspiring others, you are able to express yourself in ways that awaken them to new perceptions of their immediate circumstances. By becoming aware of their reactions, you can know in advance the impact your communication will have. This awareness of the other person leads to gaining the Aries sense of freedom for assertive expression.

Mercury in Aries: Your reaction to sense impressions is keen and alert. You detect smells, sounds, sights and tastes acutely and are very much alive to what you do or don't like in the world of sense impressions. Your sense of touch is not as alert as the others senses, though you are capable of training this sense if one of the others is served by it. Thus you can develop the sensitive fingers of a musician (violinist or pianist), making your touch serve hearing; or the robust hands of a sculptor, to make touch serve sight. Your reaction to sense impressions is personal; you interpret what you sense in the light of your ego, and are a scientific observer only if your total ego development is along those lines.

Generally you will be impressed by, and remember, what serves your purposes; let the chips fall where they may. Sound is very important to you, and you should strive to live only amid harmonious and agreeable sounds. Cultivate the habit of listening to music, for sound penetrates directly to your ego centers, and, if it is harmonious, serves to harmonize your whole nature.

Mercury in Aries: In Aries, Mercury tells of one who reacts quickly, is sensitive, perceives artistic values; appreciates originality; is delighted by skill, talent and creativity; and is capable of offering criticism on the highest level. The astrologer must help the native to become something more than merely clever. He needs to learn the value of being thorough, determined - creative rather than merely headstrong.

Indications are that the native is fluent in speech. Grant Lewi makes that point that sound is very important to the native, and he should strive to live amid 'agreeable' sounds. The native, thus, would be attracted to music and should be encouraged to develop his sense of music appreciation. He reacts to first impressions and must avoid acting completely on impulse. He has an active imagination but requires direction, discipline and realization of his own potential.

Mercury in Aries: Your mind is quick and active, and you tend to grasp concepts with lightning speed. If an idea or subject interests you, you pursue it with fervor and enthusiasm. However, you have trouble sticking with anything for long, and your memory isn't very good. Your mind is always racing from one thought to another, and you find it difficult to concentrate. Consequently, you probably weren't an 'A' student even if you are quite bright. Mentally restless and easily bored, you need to be continually challenged intellectually in order to keep you interested.

You especially enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts. You don't believe something just because everyone else does, and you can be something of a renegade thinker. Conventional wisdom and accepted truths don't have much value for you, and you are eager to contest them with original ideas of your own. This is the position of the inventor and the adventurer. Because you aren't blinded by religious attitudes and beliefs, you sometimes come up with brilliant insights and epiphanies. But in your headlong rush to discover the new you sometimes overlook important bits of information or are careless in your research.

You have a powerful voice and tend to speak loudly and forcefully. This planetary position often signifies the dynamic orator or the irritating loud-mouth. You love to argue, and will debate almost any issue heatedly, even if your purpose is only to exercise your mental muscles. Verbally assertive, even provocative, you get yourself into trouble regularly because you don’t know when to hold your tongue or use a bit of tact. You have a real knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Even when you aren't angry, your tone of voice can be so abrasive that it antagonizes others immediately; and you can be difficult to get along with. Your bark, however, is much worse than your bite, and if your Sun is in Taurus or Pisces you are probably a pussycat who roars like a lion.

You often espouse unconventional beliefs, and aren't afraid to champion an unpopular cause. Direct and honest (sometimes brutally so), you say what you think. Not deceitful, you believe in laying all your cards on the table so that everyone knows where you stand and what your intentions are. Your purity of intent at times is so innocent and naive, though, that people who are more conniving or cunning can easily take advantage of you.

Mercury in Aries focuses energy into your hands, giving you great manual strength and / or speed.

Saturn aspects to your Mercury will help discipline your mind and focus your attention so that you can direct your mental energy into productive channels. They also improve your memory so that you are more likely to retain what you learn.

Mercury in Aries: You are imaginative, and you have good foresight and a desire to be first in everything. You can express yourself easily, and you can improvise beautifully. At times you use your nervous energies cuttingly or even sarcastically. Impetuous and impulsive, you may tend to sudden shifts and changes of viewpoint. This placement is not well adapted for sustained mental effort; therefore you need to cultivate patience and learn not to be impatient with delays. Witty, inventive and quick on the trigger, you have original ideas. Combative, you love a good debate. Sometimes you can be too headstrong or too self-centered. If there are challenging aspects from Mercury to Jupiter in your chart, you are prone to exaggeration. You tend to look at the world as you wish it to be, not as it really is. Many fixed planets in your chart will help to stabilize this placement of Mercury.

Mercury in Aries: Mercury placed in the sign Aries indicates a way of thinking that is inclined to be decisive and competitive. The natives are fond of debate and argument. They often have the ability to think rapidly, and may produce many original ideas. However, they can be impulsive when making decisions and see things from too personal a point of view. If carried too far, this tendency can result in intellectual egotism and headstrong attitudes.

These people are impatient with opposition and delays; consequently, they will often act just to make a decision, to avoid being subjected to lengthy, frustrating decision-making processes. But their impulsiveness means they do not always follow through on ideas they initiate, unless a fixed sign emphasized in the horoscope indicates otherwise.

If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, there can be irritability and a quick temper.

Mercury in Aries: This gives decisiveness, quick thinking, and the ability to assess problems in a straightforward way. If Mercury is in negative aspect to Mars there may be impulsive thinking and hasty actions. Usually, however, the natural decisiveness works well, with the individual making the right choice and taking positive, assertive action. There is a love of argument and debate, with a tendency towards stimulating and provocative remarks. Generally fools are not suffered gladly; the individual comes straight to the point, and his or her outlook is both positive and optimistic. The overall grasp is excellent; but help is advisable when making plans, for he is bored by detail and prefers the broad sweep of a project. It can be difficult to concentrate for long, so study may be erratic. Here is someone who will stay up all night before an exam - and often this is no bad thing, since he is more concerned with the here and now than with facts he tried months before to memorize.

Mercury in Aries, Sun in Pisces: If the Sun sign is Pisces, Mercury in Aries adds necessary decisiveness, a more positive outlook, and to a certain extent more self-assurance. The imagination will be ignited, and as a result the creative potential will be expressed positively when in other cases it can lie dormant due to lack of self-confidence. The high emotional level of Pisces will be expressed; and the ability to communicate feelings enhanced, although if Mercury is negatively aspected by the Moon or Uranus there can be an above-average amount of tension, and excitable, positive moods can alternate with periods of uncertainty. Piscean strength of will is increased.

Mercury in Aries and Sun in Pisces: Albert Einstein

Mercury in Aries, Sun in Aries: If the Sun sign is Aries, the Arian need for action, and to be out in front, is spiced with extremely quick thinking processes. There is a general hastiness, with patience almost non-existent, unless the Moon or Ascendant suggests otherwise. Directness of approach, decisiveness and positive, uncomplicated thinking are splendidly in tune with Arian characteristics; and if they can be tempered (look for positive help from Saturn) the individual will certainly make his or her mark on the world. Impulsive, hasty actions with unnecessary risk-taking, and selfishness due to a lack of thought, must be controlled.

Mercury in Aries and Sun in Aries: Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Robert Downey, Jr., Hugh Hefner, Willie Nelson, Vincent van Gogh, Abbe, Jason, Lori, Mark, Nirvesh, Olof, Robert, RoyO, ScottS, Suzanne, Zeno

Mercury in Aries, Sun in Taurus: If the Sun sign is Taurus, speed and vivacity are added to the stable Taurean type, making him or her less cautious but more assertively decisive. However, the individual will also be less patient and may even show some irritation when others do not greet his ideas or suggestions in the right way. Problems and projects are approached with realism and enthusiasm; and the Taurean need for careful planning will be enhanced by the ability to grasp a situation quickly and concisely. A spirit of enterprise blends with the Taurus business ability.

Mercury in Aries and Sun in Taurus: Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple Black, Queen Elizabeth II, Adolf Hitler, Donovan Leitch, Shirley McLaine, Al Pacino, Mark Zuckerberg

See also: Mercury in Aries;

Mercury in Aries: Fred Astaire, Warren Beatty, Shirley Temple Black, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Robert Downey, Jr., Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth II, Hugh Hefner, Adolf Hitler, Donovan Leitch, Shirley McLaine, Willie Nelson, Al Pacino, Vincent van Gogh, Mark Zuckerberg, Abbe, Jason, Lori, Mark, Nirvesh, Olof, Robert, RoyO, ScottS, Suzanne, Zeno

Mercury in Taurus

You are eye-minded; that is, you get your maximum sense-contact with the world through sight rather than through sound. You get more from reading a book than from hearing a lecture. The old silent movies are almost as good for you as talkies. Since what you see is important, you will always strive to make your surroundings as attractive as possible; and for this reason your home, or your office, will have some beauty about it even when it gets disorderly. Touch is well developed, and you visualize through your fingers - get an image in the dark of something touched, know how a fabric will look by feeling it - and conversely, how it will feel by looking at it. Taste and smell are fairly well-marked. You can shut out sound from your life and live calmly through a hurricane or the squawking of children that would drive others to distraction. You don't hear the sound of your voice accurately; and sometimes for this reason you sound other than how you feel. Study elocution, and learn to pay attention to what meets your ears.

Mercury in Taurus: If you indulge in the Taurus fear of losing tangible support, from a rational point of view this may lead into your repeating ideas and plans. The result can be an over structured mind that gets tied up in a material or literal level of thought and stifles your creativity. Indulging in the tendency to resist ideas that are not your own can result in excluding others from assisting you in bringing your own values into material transformation.

When you are willing to communicate openly and to acknowledge that the ideas of others can be as valuable as yours, you can discover that these ideas may actually transform and enhance your own. You can decide to use other people's ideas as resources; thus, your own concepts gain acceptance through the resultant transformation. When you listen to others and communicate those Taurus perceptions of how their ideas can produce tangible results, your sense of self-worth can be increased.

Mercury in Taurus: In Taurus, Mercury tells of one who gains more from sight than sound: he gains much from reading, from visual demonstrations, from watching, observing, absorbing knowledge. He may appear slow to learn; but once his lessons are learned, they stick. He can be obstinate, but also loyal. He has strong likes and dislikes - but generally the native is diplomatic. He can smile at you - but it is not easy to know what he is thinking. He appears to be slow in speech, but this is because he measures his words.

Mercury in Taurus: You are the type who never speaks unless you have something to say. Not one to waste words or engage in frivolous small talk, you appear to be hoarding words as a miser hoards gold. Others sometimes assume (incorrectly) that you are unsociable or dull-witted. In truth, you aren't glib or articulate, and your vocabulary isn't extensive. Unless you also have several planets in more loquacious signs like Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius, it's not likely that you'll write the next great American novel. You prefer to communicate in other ways - physically, or through art or music - than with language skills.

This does not mean, however, that you aren't as intelligent as your more verbally adroit friends; only that you don't demonstrate your intelligence with words. Instead, you might be a brilliant painter, dancer or musician. You may not have been a very good student, and learning new subjects might have come more slowly to you than to others. Perhaps you never had an opportunity to develop your intelligence fully or to get a good education. As a result, you might feel somewhat inadequate or inferior about your mental capabilities even as an adult. When speaking before a crowd, you may become tongue-tied or feel awkward; and when you have to write a report, paper, even a letter, you often find yourself at a loss for words. Expressing what you really think and feel can be a struggle for you.

Your memory is good, however; and even though you may not grasp ideas quickly, you retain what you learn. You demonstrate common sense, and are able to apply your knowledge in practical ways. In particular, you may have a good head for business and finance. You are also known for your determination, steadiness and reliability.

You rarely take chances, and usually plan carefully before undertaking any venture. You like things to be clearly defined, down-to-earth and useful; and it is difficult for you to grasp abstractions or theoretical constructs. Not an 'idea person', you are a doer rather than a thinker - the one who brings the dreamer's visions to fruition. As far as you're concerned, an idea is useless unless it can be applied in some tangible, physical way. Although you aren't going to set the world on fire with an exciting or revolutionary concept, without your persistence and common sense all those 'brainstorms' would never become realities.

Philosophically conservative, you hold onto traditional ideas and beliefs firmly, and are not easily swayed or influenced by popular opinion or the attitudes of others. There is a sense of security in concepts that have been around for a while; and you don't see why things can't remain the same forever. You want everything to be simple and clear-cut; ambiguity, complexity and 'gray areas' baffle you. Once you've made up your mind, you aren't likely to change it, and can be extremely stubborn. Taurus's symbol is the bull; and the term 'bull-headed' certainly applies to you.

If your chart contains aspects between Mercury and Jupiter or Uranus, you'll be more talkative and intellectually expansive, and more eager to pursue knowledge for its own sake.

Mercury in Taurus: You are stubborn and have definite likes and dislikes. Acquisitive and fond of money and material goods, you are interested in both the arts and the opposite sex. Your mind does not react readily to new ideas; and once you start a project you rarely give up. You never jump to conclusions; you like to hear all the evidence first. Mentally you are conservative, cautious and constructive. You depend more on life experience than on book learning. Your memory is good, and your approach is traditional. Your mind is practical; and this is an excellent position for business and management. If this placement has difficult aspects, you can tend towards mental inertia, but trying to push yourself into action will not help; you need to work at your own rate of speed.

Mercury in Taurus: Mercury placed in the sign Taurus indicates natives whose thinking and decision-making are determined by whatever has a practical, material and financial application. Although perhaps lacking in brilliance or originality, they possess much in the way of practical common sense. Hence they have shrewd business minds and a natural bent for management. They are slow to form opinions, but once they do they are reluctant to change. Similarly, they dislike argument and disharmony, and will fight only to protect their security and financial interests.

The ability of these natives to consider only things that are of practical concern to them gives them great powers of concentration, such that they can ignore extraneous disturbances as if they did not exist. They do not perceive that with which they do not want to be bothered. If carried too far, this attitude makes them blind to important matters that they should recognize for their own good, and explains much of their stubbornness.

This position of Mercury can give mental ability in the arts. If Mercury is strongly aspected, there can be talent in mathematics and physical science, because of the Taurean - Venusian sense of form and structure which is translated into mental understanding through Mercury. If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, there can be intellectual obstinacy, opinionated views, materialism, and avarice.

Mercury in Taurus: Thinking is steady, but the subject may be rather slow to learn. Parents of children with this placing must not worry if they think the child is not responding to teaching, for if gradual progress is maintained, what is learned will be remembered and form a good foundation for the future. Stubbornness (to a greater or lesser degree) is almost inevitable, and flexibility must be cultivated, otherwise opinions can become so entrenched that the individual may become proud of them, perhaps saying 'Once my mind's made up that's it'. Conversely, we find others who pretend to be very fixed in their opinions, and go all out to shock people in the way they express them! However, caution and much practical common sense are always present, sometimes coupled with a conservative and conventional outlook. The ability to plan constructively is considerable, with a methodical and disciplined approach to problems and to work. Obsessional tendencies are possible, and perhaps an inclination to get in a rut because it offers security. She will usually express herself with considerable charm.

Mercury in Taurus: You have a steady, though potentially stubborn, mind.

You see life in terms of having to be practical and make sense, and so you approach matters concerning Other equipped with the ability to create and maintain material or physical stability; in terms of patiently and consistently considering what you see as all the relevant factors until a realistic and enduring solution is reached; and in terms of nothing worth getting too upset by. You tend not to see deep emotional issues that require a more psychologically or spiritually informed awareness, giving rise to Other feeling blocked or misunderstood. You tend not to see what is bothering Other; or that some issues need dealing with spontaneously or swiftly, because otherwise matters are in danger of deteriorating.

Mercury in Taurus: For you, love is not a highly technical affair, as it is for some others, but a direct encounter of feelings between two people. Rather than choreographing a sexual encounter ahead of time, you prefer to let it happen spontaneously.

On the other hand, you really enjoy making love in rich and sensuous surroundings, either natural or man-made, and the lusher the better. Indeed, making love in a steaming tropical jungle could be most pleasing, but be sure the vegetation is not poison ivy. A velvet and brocade bower is a more readily available setting that can satisfy the same sensuous taste. The richer the setting, the more intense are your feelings.

You shouldn't spend too much time preparing the mood or setting for love, however. Too long a delay without actual sexual expression tends to bottle up your feelings, making it difficult to express them naturally when the time comes. Like food, sex needs to be partaken of regularly, even if it is simple fare. Too great a hunger can spoil an elegantly prepared meal. Whereas some people can sublimate their sexuality in other areas, you are at your best if you express it directly and often enough to avoid frustration or tension. A lover who has similar tastes and needs will keep you happiest and on a sexually even keel.

Mercury in Taurus: You think very slowly and carefully, and arrive at conclusions only after much thought. People may think that you are not too bright, but that is not true. It is just that you want to take enough time to be sure that your thinking is solidly based. You like to have ideas presented correctly, with drawings or other visual aids if possible, It is easier for you to think about an idea if you can see it. Many people with Mercury in Taurus have trouble with mathematics, because it is so abstract and hard to bring into your everyday world. You demand to know the practical use of every subject. You are less concerned with whether something is true than with how useful it is.

You think with your feelings a lot, and you will reject a logically correct statement if it doesn't fit with your feelings. Common sense and experience are very important to you in making decisions. However, you hate to have someone try to talk you into something that you don't agree with. You are very stubborn and slow to change your thinking, but this prevents you from making rash decisions. You are likely to work well with your hands, because you take the trouble to do everything correctly.

Mercury in Taurus: Where Mercury is in Taurus, there may be much common sense and many practical ways of thinking. People's minds are likely to be fixed on a materially secure and worry-free environment, and they can be stubborn and inflexible in achieving this goal. Aphrodite herself always knew what she wanted, and frequently got it. When this tendency is carried to extremes, others may see these people as grasping and narrowly focused, unable easily to let go of ideas they have taken so long to formulate. We know that throughout the exchange between Hermes and Apollo and Zeus over the stolen cattle, Hermes never let go of the fundamental idea that he wanted divine status on Olympus. Bargaining about the ownership of Apollo's cattle is a significant symbol for Mercury in Taurus people.

They often have an appreciation of well-structured and harmonious patterns of thinking; and the placement can indicate an ability in written and verbal forms of expression. Once their minds are made up, their powers of concentration are great, but they may need to be aware of a tendency towards intellectual obstinacy and fixed patterns of mental expression. Flexibility of thought and a continuing curiosity about the world may help to offset these inclinations, as it did Hermes when he made concessions to Apollo and bartered some of his own possessions after the theft. He was able to let go of some of what he most valued in order to have the one thing he really desired - divinity and recognition from his father.

Mercury in Taurus: Keynote: Thoughts are communicated with deliberation. Symbol: A banker explains a financial statement.

Since Taurus is slow and Mercury is the mind, the individual with Mercury in Taurus will be slow to make up his mind. Once it is set, however, he stands by his word. His ideas coagulate like a pudding that has jelled. It may not be possible to mix in new concepts without mental disruption, but his thoughts can be turned out in a literary or artistic mold.

This individual may delay in deciding what he wants out of life; but when he does embark upon an enterprise, he follows through. Once an idea has been implanted in his mind, it is solidly rooted, and he will amass great quantities of information on the subjects which capture his interest. As a scholar, he refrains from jumping to conclusions. In fact, it is beneath the dignity of most Taureans to jump at anything. They prefer to reach their goals by pacing steadily along a well-marked highway and consciously avoiding the distractions of enticing bypaths.

The typical Taurus is stubborn and persevering, and will struggle mightily to gain the satisfactions he craves. Since Mercury can be flighty and abstract, the persistence of the sign enhances the planet's material effectiveness, especially with regard to making more money. The financial acumen of Mercury-Taurus people proves that it takes more than mental brilliance to produce wealth. Often the plodding, utilitarian thinker can magnetize money, while the more scintillating intellects, whose vision is attenuated by abstract ideas, cannot make ends meet.

The danger of this position is mental inertia. The efforts of Taurus to incorporate the elusive qualities of Mercury can be like harnessing a bull to a butterfly in order to combine strength and lightness. The volatility of this airy planet is so incompatible with the massive solidarity of the sign that they may have difficulty in co-operating. Generally, it is easier for the person with Mercury in Taurus to absorb knowledge from practical experience than from teachers in school. He is less interested in theories than in workable techniques which can be applied to the problems of everyday living.

Mercury in Taurus: Mercury in Taurus is particularly favorable for occupations pertaining to the earth sciences and the transportation industry. From this position alone, it is not possible to say what vocation a person will follow. However, one can surmise that in all undertakings he will apply his mind in down-to-earth ways and find pragmatic ways of linking supply and demand, and manipulating the resources at his disposal with determined intelligence.

Mercury in Taurus: Here is a slow plodding, conservative type of mind. Learns more from travel and experience than from textbooks. A strong inertia that can become stubbornness. Pushing facts at this type of mind will not help. They are 'eye-minded', and touch is more developed than hearing. There is a cautiousness here that is based on an inner security; and because of that insecurity, what they possess - whether things or people - are clung to with a tenaciousness that is very grasping. There is an artistic side to this position, for Venus is involved through its rulership of Taurus.

Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Aries: If the Sun sign is Aries, Mercury in Taurus acts as an excellent stabilizer to the impetuous Arian. The ability to think slowly and constructively is an asset, and the chances of impulsive or reckless decision-making are very much mitigated. There is plenty of common sense, and the individual will have no difficulty in pacing him- or herself when making plans or preparing for any kind of examination or test. Sometimes Arian selfishness can be exacerbated by stubbornness, and there will be an inclination to reject both faults when they are mentioned.

Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Aries: If the Sun is in Aries and Mercury is in Taurus, Arian inventiveness can be applied to the production of objects of a practical nature. Such an individual may be both a trail¬blazer and a road-builder. He knows how to promote ideas and make them materially effective.

Mercury in Taurus and Sun in Aries: Nisargadatta, GaryCl

Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Taurus: If the Sun sign is Taurus, here is a 'salt of the earth' type - what is said is meant, so the individual is reliable. However, quick responses and the ability to get moving, both physically and mentally, must be developed. Taurean stubbornness and dislike of change will certainly be present. Every opinion will be cautiously and carefully considered, as this is the strong, silent type, only speaking when he or she has something really worthwhile to say. The grasp of situations and acquisition of knowledge will be slow, but comments will be deliberate; thoughts are charmingly expressed. Time is needed to assimilate new ideas.

Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Taurus: The Sun and Mercury in Taurus encourage the desire to bring about concrete achievement and visible results. The mind is concerned with problems of relative values and with originating methods for accomplishing work with maximum ease and efficiency.

Mercury in Taurus and Sun in Taurus: George Carlin, Cher, George Clooney, Milton William Cooper, Salvadore Dali, Sigmund Freud, William Randolph Hearst, J. Krishnamurti, Jack Nicholson, Bertrand Russell, Orson Welles, Stevie Wonder, Malcolm X, Arine, Cate, Doug, Jamie, JonathanG, Jude, Judi, Patrice, VinG

Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Gemini: If the Sun sign is Gemini, considerable stability is added to the lively, quick, versatile Sun-in-Gemini type, and will greatly assist her to think more carefully and constructively, even adding a little patience at times. Practical common sense is usual, and the individual will assimilate facts well; brightness of personality is not diminished. Geminian restlessness is less likely to be a problem, and the need to communicate will remain strong. This is an excellent anchorage for Sun sign Geminis.

Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Gemini: If the Sun has moved into the sign Gemini, a basic urge to communicate will be expedited by a graphic sense of form and design. This combination can make a compelling writer with a talent for producing memorable images. Special interest will be taken in the reproduction and transmission of the spoken word.

Mercury in Taurus and Sun in Gemini: George Bush, Sr., Johnny Depp, Isadora Duncan, Clint Eastwood, John F. Kennedy, BarryKl, BobG, Dunja, Flickinger, Jack

See also: Mercury in Taurus;

Mercury in Taurus: George Bush, Sr., George Carlin, Cher, George Clooney, Salvadore Dali, Johnny Depp, Isadora Duncan, Clint Eastwood, Sigmund Freud, William Randolph Hearst, John F. Kennedy, J. Krishnamurti, Jack Nicholson, Nisargadatta, Bertrand Russell, Orson Welles, Stevie Wonder, Malcolm X, Arine, BarryKl, BobG, Cate, Doug, Dunja, Flickinger, GaryCl, Jack, Jamie, JonathanG, Jude, Judi, Patrice, VinG

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury placed in the sign Gemini is in the sign of its rulership. If it is well aspected and strongly placed by house, pure, logical reasoning can be carried to its highest expression. The Gemini Mercury is versatile, unbiased, and impersonal in its ability to perceive the truth because Mercury in Gemini is more concerned with facts than with attitudes and personal preferences. People with a well-developed Mercury in Gemini are capable of deep scientific thought. They are generally well-educated, knowledgeable on many subjects, and able to communicate easily, rapidly and accurately in speech and writing. They usually have an excellent vocabulary, which is one of the secrets of their eloquence and clarity of expression.

People with Mercury in Gemini have a highly sensitive nervous system which makes it difficult for them to shut out external stimuli; all speech and activity in their environment is registered with intensity and vividness in their awareness; and they are forced to deal with many thoughts and impressions at once. This is the basis of their agile minds, which have the capacity to register two impressions or think two thoughts almost simultaneously. However, if these people are subjected to complex, busy environments for too long a time, their nerves become frazzled; fatigue, confusion, and sometimes irritability will follow. Therefore, they need periods of solitude to become quiet, meditate, and refocus their minds.

People with this position of Mercury possess an intense curiosity; they want to know about everything. But they run the risk of spreading themselves too thin and dividing their attention too often; they may lack the continuity of purpose to complete the projects they undertake. When this tendency is carried to extremes, it produces the typical 'Jack of all trades and master of none'. Because it is possible for these people to see any situation from many points of view, they can experience difficulty in making up their minds, and may change their minds often, thereby confusing others. In extreme cases they earn the reputation for being fickle.

Only Mercury in Aquarius can equal this position for mental originality. The inventive minds of the natives are adept at finding new and surprising solutions for problems and emergency situations. These people need to be well educated in order to make the best use of their mental capacities. This position is common among scientists, mathematicians, computer experts, secretaries, writers, reporters, teachers, and lecturers.

If Mercury is heavily afflicted in Gemini, there can be incessant talk about trivial matters which is an annoyance to others. The horoscope of an undeveloped person may reveal a tendency to get sidetracked and miss the main issue.

Mercury in Gemini: Your mind is always active, always seeking. You want to know something about everything, and eagerly pursue each new idea that comes along - for a little while, at least. Like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, you enjoy sampling a bit of everything but rarely stick to anything for very long. There's always something more interesting just over the next hill. One day your passion might be archaeology, the next day stock car racing, and the next gourmet cooking. You're the sort who'll try anything once, but you haven't the determination or focus to develop any of your many interests and hobbies into a serious avocation or career. In short, you're a dabbler.

You skim the surface, picking up odd bits and pieces of information about a wide variety of subjects, but rarely probe deeply enough into any of them to become truly knowledgeable. Your concern is collecting not evaluating, and you have trouble discriminating or deciding what information is useful and what is drivel. With such a storehouse of random figures and facts, you could be a whiz and crossword puzzles and games like Trivial Pursuit. You collect things in the same way, purchasing 'bargains' whether you need them or not; and you can be something of a pack rat.

Mentally agile and clever, you learn quickly and joyously; as a child you were probably a favorite with your teachers. In particular, you excelled at languages and all subjects that involve communication skills: typing, computers, literature, creative writing. A lifelong student, you not only want to gather as much information as possible, but also wish to share it with others. Thus, you might enjoy being a teacher, especially at elementary levels where you'd have a chance to teach a variety of subjects.

A voracious reader, you enjoy the classics, trashy paperbacks, and magazines, and even may peruse the encyclopedia or dictionary on occasion. It is most likely that you read the great works of literature at some time or other, but missed the deeper significances; and dark, brooding emotional dramas - by Racine, Dostoyevsky or Joyce, for instance - seem to you much ado about nothing. Philosophy, psychology and metaphysics don't interest you much either, for you have difficulty grasping abstract or theoretical concepts and holistic views. Your worldview is almost childlike in its naiveté, and you simply can't comprehend the complexities of human nature in the cosmos.

Your love of the written word may led you to become a writer yourself. Unless you have strong Saturn aspects or other stabilizing influences in your chart, however, you'd be better at composing short pieces - newspaper articles, advertising copy or short stories - than full-length books. So many ideas vie for your attention that you are easily distracted from the project at hand, and generally lose interest almost as soon as you start.

Communication in all its myriad forms is central to your existence. You maintain a large circle of friends, associates and acquaintances with whom you speak frequently, and you stay in touch with the ones who live far away via 'phone or letters. You love to talk (even though you aren't always the best listener) and are never at a loss for words. Because you possess at least a smattering of knowledge in many areas, you can find something to say to everyone you meet. You enjoy meeting new people and sharing ideas with them - each individual you encounter teaches you something. Friendly, cheerful and outgoing, you're a good person to have at social gatherings and parties for you keep the guests interacting with each other and the conversation flowing.

Word games, crossword puzzles and card playing are favorite forms of amusement for you. You also enjoy taking classes, attending lectures, visiting museums and historic sites, making short trips, shopping (especially at flea markets and bargain centers), and talking with friends - anything that teaches you something new and / or engages your facile mind briefly without taxing it, allowing you to display your cleverness.

Mercury and Gemini rule the hands; therefore this planetary position signifies a high level of manual dexterity and agility. Perhaps you are skillful at playing a musical instrument, draw well, enjoy handcrafts such as quilting, weaving or basketry, or are accomplished in a sport that requires good hand-eye co-ordination, like baseball or tennis.

Saturn or Pluto aspects to your Mercury will help you to focus your restless and flighty mind, and improve your memory.

Mercury in Gemini: Here Mercury is placed in one of the signs it rules, strengthening its influence. It gives a considerable need to exchange ideas and opinions; and generally the subject likes to be heard and really needs to communicate with others - from talking to the next person in a line to participating in public debates. He or she is able to think very quickly and be involved in more than one task at a time, perhaps talking on the telephone while making notes on a quite different matter! Quick decisions will be made, but not necessarily adhered to, for the mind is often changed - sometimes with the individual denying that this has happened. Facts will be a bore; so in an exam., for instance, there is a tendency to show off opinions at great length without the support of real knowledge or long, hard study. Often, too, there is a flair for selling. Impatience - especially with people of a slower turn of mind - is common, and the individual will easily be able to talk his way out of tricky situations. Adaptability is a great asset, but at all times superficiality of thought and action must be guarded against. Look for other elements in the chart to counter such traits. Cunning and craftiness may also be present.

Mercury in Gemini: Here the senses are keen and alert, almost too much so. This is a very restless mind, and there is apt to be an overdevelopment of the 'think box' at the expense of the vital forces. Restless anxiety and overwork can lead to a breakdown. Anyone with this position of Mercury needs a quiet time every day in order to get away from themselves and the world of appearance. Mind is clear but intellectual rather than instinctual or intuitive. Apt to jump to conclusions and miss the necessary facts. Can be silly but never stupid. Great versatility, but lacking in steadiness. With planets in Taurus, there is more stability for this position of Mercury.

Mercury in Gemini: If you are afraid of losing the ability to connect on a surface level with a variety of people and ideas, your rational mind might become submerged in superficial thinking. This master of trivia can collect bits and pieces of information that may or may not be of any practical value. Indulging in the Gemini tendency to flit from thought to thought may result in a great deal of talking and no true communication.

When your attention is concentrated on any one of your many interests, your quick mind, adaptability, and pure logic can bring about clear communication with a variety of people. By focusing, communicating clearly, and reaching a conclusion before moving on, you can cease to be the perpetual student and are able to teach and direct others to various sources of knowledge.

Mercury in Gemini: All the senses are keen and alert. The ability to react to shades of difference of light, color and sound makes you sensitive to beauty and needful of gratifying your senses with art (visual) and music (auditory). Too great awareness of everything that goes on around you tires your nerves, and you need solitude and dim lights once in a while to give your sense a vacation. You frequently give the impression of a hound sniffing the air to catch some scent in it - of having all your 'feelers' out for whatever is going on. Your sense reactions are impersonal, detached and critical; you have likes and dislikes, but they don't elate or depress you. To you it is joyous to live in a world that continuously gives exercise to your senses; you know that a sight, sound or smell that you don't like isn't going to plague you forever - another that you like better will replace it; and even this, too will go its way and should not be mourned, because something else is tripping over its heels to get into the limelight.

Mercury in Gemini: In Gemini, Mercury keynotes versatility, and a tendency toward scattering forces. The native is inventive, has wit and humor, and is capable of acquiring knowledge through travel and reading. He tends to be nervous because he 'takes on' the problems and foibles of those around him. It is important for the astrologer to make the native realize the importance of his surroundings. If they are not orderly, the native's thoughts wander - he becomes discouraged and depressed. If, on the other hand, his surroundings spell out discipline and orderliness, then the native begins to think clearly and his work reflects this state of mind. Often he is in love with life, but can find it difficult to remain faithful to one person. It is possible for the native to love more than one individual at the same time. He can break with convention and announce he is willing to let the chips fall where they may. But inwardly, there is apt to be confusion, for that sense of the orderly cannot be denied. The astrologer must help the native realize this apparent contradiction and come to terms with it.

Mercury in Gemini: You have a clever, though potentially crafty, mind. You see life in terms of contrasts such as interesting or boring, bright or dull, relevant or inapplicable - and you do so quickly. And so you get to the point, or dismiss it, easily and swiftly. You see life as being only as good as what is mentally assimilated, then imparted to or shared with Other - you communicate with ease and enthusiasm, in fact.

You tend not to see subtle or grey areas, and issues that you have rationalized as insignificant - but really it is because they are the ones that you cannot deal with emotionally, and which inevitably give rise to difficulties with Other that your quick mind cannot simply cast aside. You tend not to see Other's point, because it does not form part of the reality that interests you.

Mercury in Gemini: You have a distinct ability to express your sexual needs and desires verbally; and you are happiest with a lover who can express love on a mental as well as a physical plane. You can learn to use words with great erotic impact; and the better your love vocabulary, the more expressive your lovemaking will be.

This ability can be useful in simple courting as well as in making love, for your verbal expressiveness greatly enhances the experience. Indeed, you and your partner will derive much pleasure from erotic conversations or discussions. Even a 'phone call at the appropriate time can be turned into a love affair.

You may also enjoy discussing lovemaking with your lover both before and afterward, affectionately going over every detail and exchanging ideas about what each of you enjoys most. Fantasies are also a fertile topic, and your prolific imagination can dream up many scenarios that are impractical in reality but that are great fun to talk about.

Reading about sex will further enrich your fantasy life and give you new paths to explore. By developing and trying out a variety of sexual techniques, you can have a fuller love life and greater communication with your lover.

Mercury in Gemini: Your mind is very active, restless and fond of change. You may get bored easily, unless something stimulating comes along. Your desire for constant activity may make you appear extremely nervous and unstable, but what is happening is that you mentally process the world around you faster than most people. This should make you a better-than-average student in school, as long as you receive intellectual stimulation from your parents. No-one wants to learn unless encouraged early in life.

One problem stemming from your desire for new knowledge and experience is that you may never really finish anything. Try to be disciplined enough to stay with one train of thought long enough to learn something from it.

You are fond of communicating with others; and in fact, you may be more talkative in childhood than grown-ups want you to be. You should learn to speak only when you have something to say instead of chattering merely to keep the airwaves moving, as you often do. On the plus side, you should become a fairly articulate speaker and good at expressing your ideas clearly in writing as well. Again, this talent will develop only in a supportive home environment. You should read a lot while you are young, because your mind can absorb a great deal of information in this way.

You may also be fond of travelling; and certainly you do not like to be tied to one place for very long. Even if you don't travel very far from your immediate circle, you always want to move around, even if it's just getting out of your chair and pacing around.

Mercury in Gemini: Keynote: Ideas are communicated clearly and rationally. Symbol: A technician feeds data into a computer.

The person with Mercury in Gemini has the type of purely logical mind that cannot see why human beings insist upon making so much trouble for themselves. He is convinced that if they would only behave reasonably and look at their problems realistically, most of their sufferings might be avoided. It frustrates him that they do not run their lives more intelligently. In defense, he periodically retreats into a world of abstract studies where he can indulge his proclivity to arrange items systematically.

As ruler of Gemini, Mercury can vent its volatile nature in this sign without being continually impeded by practical considerations. It is plain to see why this light-footed lord of the mind, nerves, and of all tubes, wires, and channels of communication should have suzerainty over the sign of connections. Mercury carries the messages which link the diverse elements within a given system and enables the system as a whole to adjust to the environment. Thus, it bifurcates into the awareness of the inner and outer realms, which enables the conscious ego to look two ways at once and to relate the objective world of physical existence to the subjective world of ideas.

The Mercurial Geminian can use his mind lucidly and effectively in order to convey his own and other people's opinions. His thinking is neither instinctive in the manner of the Moon, Mars and Venus, nor intuitive in the manner of Uranus and Neptune, but is as strictly rational as he can make it. By clarifying issues and stringing ideas together in logical sequences, he endeavors to make facts speak for themselves. He has a compulsion to find out why things behave as they do, and is convinced that there must be a causal explanation for everything that occurs. Mystery-mongering irritates him. He has little patience with sentimentalists who allow emotion to befog their thinking. He likes to keep his ideas neatly sorted and defined, and makes it a point to void people whose intellects fail to grasp concepts that to him seem patently obvious.

People with Mercury in Gemini long to be as free as the air. They need not travel far to feel refreshed, but they must circulate and exchange ideas with compatible thinkers. They have an adroit sense of humor, and can often make a point by the clever couching of their phrases. This is an excellent position for a writer, speaker, or journalist. It also gives scientific acumen. Such people should enter professions which exploit their versatility and do not demand unremitting concentration on a single task.

Mercury in Gemini is often brilliant. For enduring accomplishment, however, this individual is better off collaborating with someone who can bring his ideas down to earth and turn them to material advantage. His facile mind lacks stability unless the Sun is in Taurus, in which case his thoughts may dwell on business and more practical concerns. Even so, he will generally keep one step ahead of his competitor through the use of his wits. With the Sun in Cancer, there will be a deeper, more sympathetic interest in the problems of other people, and a desire to speak out on their behalf. When the Sun and Mercury are both in Gemini, the mind prefers to function on the plane of pure reason, unimpeded by mundane considerations. The Sun in Gemini shows the intellect to be an uncommonly ingenious instrument. To discover how this tool is employed, however, it is necessary to consider the natal chart in its entirety.

Mercury in Gemini: Mercury rules Gemini, and people with the planet placed in this sign can be good communicators, eloquent and with quick, versatile minds. They may place much value on the power of logic and be unaware that emotions and intuition also constitute part of mental expression. We have seen this reflected in the many myths of Hermes's treatment of women. Logic and great curiosity may lead them to an awareness of many facts, but they don't necessarily help to discern the truth, be decisive, or become aware of other people's emotional needs. Some people with this placement may become confused because their minds are over stimulated by too many options. Attempting to keep all the balls in the air is as much an issue of control as one of fear.

Living with much nervous tension can cause them to be irritable and intense, and to tire easily. Their need for original intellectual expression in many areas of involvement may indicate much superficial knowledge, but with little depth of understanding. They may benefit from a commitment to developing their understanding of the interconnectedness of human nature and quietening their minds by focusing on fewer, carefully selected areas of interest and activity.

Mercury in Gemini, Sun in Taurus: If the Sun sign is Taurus: This is really a very fantastic combination. The Mercury mind is flexible, acquiring much knowledge, and coupled with the practical, realistic, materially-oriented Taurus can give the native advantage in the business world. It indicates people who realize which idea will work and which one will not work. These people are very sharp and very willing to allow the Taurus ego to stabilize all ideas. It is similar to two people talking things over. The Mercury presents ideas, and the Taurus determines which is productive and which is not. In the final accounting, this represents people who can be way ahead of others because time is not wasted on trial and error.

If there is a rather conflicting attitude or influence, it is that the Taurus Sun may get into a rut or into stubborn determination, and will not listen to new and current ideas either from his / her own mind or from others. If this happens, there can be a stalemate in growth.

In one sense, these people know how to communicate with the populace; and, because of this talent, people begin to think they are easy and flexible, but just let some situation or a person touch a stubborn spot, and the old bull starts to snort, much to the surprise of those at hand.

This combination can represent the people who can become very successful executives, for their ideas can be very favorably centered on money-making deals and high finance. Whatever ideas come from Gemini Mercury, they can be made solid by Taurus, and usually turned into money or resources of some kind. If an idea strikes these people and the idea is really accepted, and if at first the idea doesn't work, they will try, try again varying the idea until finally it works. This can be very good for the Gemini Mercury, for there is much more stability, giving ultimate success with any given project. Not only does the Gemini Mercury makes this Taurus more flexible, but it gives more determination to the Gemini.

These are the people who can be one step ahead of all the others in their field of endeavor. This is true because of their ability to quickly judge an idea's practicality and workability, and also their ability at communicative repartee.

Here, too, is humor, which makes them much adored within their circle of relationships. But look out for the angry and mad bull, for he shows up at the oddest unexpected moments.

Mercury in Gemini, Sun in Taurus: If the Sun sign is Taurus, the slow, steady Taurean type will be less aided by quick thinking and be far less stubborn than those with Mercury in other signs. While still liking routine, there is less chance of getting into a rut, since the strong influence of Mercury will add some versatility without sacrificing the excellent Taurean sense of purpose and determination. The subject will take a less conventional, more up-to-date outlook on life, and be able to reassess his or her opinions with the passing of time. Any Mercurial superficiality is unlikely.

Mercury in Gemini and Sun in Taurus: Karl Marx, Flossie, Geoff, LaurieSw, Tammy

Mercury in Gemini, Sun in Gemini: Sun and Mercury in Gemini has the talent for conveying not only what they have in their own minds, but also what other people think. These people are like telegraph wires in a lot of ways, and are capable of putting all the facts together, making a total point that speaks for itself to all concerned. Sun and Mercury in Gemini does not analyze or try to interpret for others. The facts are given in sequence, and the ideas are transmitted for you to interpret for yourself. This combination is not analytical or critical. They dislike experiences and facts that are fogged up. If these people have a fault or a lack, it is their inability to bring the ideas down to the practical, workable level. They leave this up to others to make the ideas workable, unless this Sun / Mercury in Gemini is trined or sextiled by Saturn.

With this Sun and Mercury both being in Gemini, the mind works well with and for the purposes of the (ego) Sun. There are no distortions, no dilutions. What you hear is what you get, right down to the full extent of the ego purpose. This is a position where the people possessing it do not like to take the trouble to see how an idea works or, as they put it, 'who wants to bother with the details of it'.

This influence allows those having it to take a lot of short little trips here and there. Sun / Mercury in Gemini likes travelling within short distances, as it may not appeal to them to travel to faraway places.

They completely communicate all the purposes, desires and values of their Sun, and they fully understand the environment around them. They are aware of everything from the tiny bird singing in the yard to the smile of the child next door. From young on, they are aware of what they have to do in life. Their consciousness is fully alert at almost 100%. The Mercury door is fully open, and allows full awareness and approval of the Gemini way.

This subjectivity means freedom, freedom to relate to each person they meet on an individual basis, relating to others in a very human, person-to-person fashion. The subjectivity of Gemini/Gemini means seeing his piece of the human puzzle, whereas objective people see the whole puzzle. It is knowing 'no strangers'.

Being subjective is being able to relate to all those around you. It is being a part of the community, not being apart from it. Sun / Mercury in Gemini is the most subjective combination in the whole set of Sun / Mercury combinations. To express themselves by speaking, by writing, or in whatever form of concrete expression of life appeals to them, is breath itself to them.

All other things considered, this combination causes the people to think faster and move faster. The Mars sign is conditional to the speed of the movement. If they have an Earth Mars there may be considerably more stability and much slower action. With an Earth Mars, they may be less likely to be compulsive with activating ideas and thoughts, but may take time to plan. If they have a Fire Mars, the action is as good as accomplished immediately after the ideas hit their consciousness.

The people born with this Mercury / Sun are expression itself. Famous people born with this combination possess a variety of talent.

Mercury in Gemini, Sun in Gemini: If the Sun sign is Gemini, the subject has many Geminian characteristics, especially those strongly relating to Mercury - i.e. the need to communicate, quick thinking, changeability of mind, versatility, and the ability to talk his or her way out of difficult situations. Geminian faults (superficiality and restlessness) must be guarded against. Very often there is a tendency to question the self when the emotions are aroused, since they can be mistrusted; he must justify these reactions to his own satisfaction. If the speedy thought patterns can be controlled there is more than a touch of brilliance. Inquisitiveness is common.

Mercury in Gemini and Sun in Gemini: John Dillinger, Bob Dylan, Angelina Jolie, Henry Kissinger, Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, Brian Wilson, BenSt, DJenkins, Elroy, George, JerryP, Komala, Molly, Paulo, SFor, TonyC

Mercury in Gemini, Sun in Cancer: If the Sun sign is Cancer: This is a position where the conditions within the family and with the home are the main purpose for ego satisfactions, so the Mercury in Gemini talent will have the means of speaking out and communicating easily with family members and / or with conditions in the home. The urge is to communicate either emotional satisfactions or emotional problems. The need is to communicate with others and to sympathize on an emotional level and to understand. This emotional understanding and the expression of that understanding does much to alleviate the problems of others with whom they come in contact. These people do much to comfort others with words.

However, this could take a negative influence also. There can be a possibility this can lead to gossip, needless chattering about others resulting in tearing them down. A very positive influence with this combination is the ability to bring mental logic to the emotional side of their natures. When there is an emotional difficulty, the Mercury in Gemini mind can take over and bring reasoning back to the situation. In other words, Mercury in Gemini says 'let's talk about it'. This influence also gives the talent for expressing very deep emotions and bringing these emotions to the surface, which could not be done by the Cancer Sun all by itself.

Through their thinking process and their sensitive heart, they can take the whole community into their world like one big, happy family. They have the ability to pick up moods of others around them. This influence gives them the ability to combine the subjective approach in a caring fashion so that they can soon gain a reputation as problem solvers to a lesser or greater degree. The end-result would be 'the neighborhood listener' or emotional buff for others either in their personal little world or on a larger scale as a professional counselor.

They should definitely have some artistic expression, even if only for their own satisfaction and as an outlet for their feelings. It would be emotionally healthy for them to get involved with painting, writing, poetry, dancing, or crafts as part of their daily therapy.

Mercury is a door or a mirror by which the ego (Sun) can reflect that which it has to do in this lifetime. Mercury can either work fully with the Sun or display some distortion. It is well to realize what elements are involved in this association and whether the Mercury will or will not work fully toward the destiny or goal. Never discount the fact that the combination of Mercury and the Sun is a kind of marriage, a marriage that individualizes the purpose for each person in this life. For example, a person who has a Cancer Sun, which indicates a certain purpose, but it depends upon which of the three Mercury combinations this Cancer Sun has, as to how more distinctive the purpose becomes. A Cancer Sun/ Mercury Cancer destiny will be decidedly different from a Cancer Sun / Mercury Gemini or Mercury in Leo.

There is either going to be a conflict between the Sun and Mercury or an understanding of what each individual has to work with to achieve a grand and glorious distinctive destiny that can only be fulfilled by this combination of Sun / Mercury. In other words, don't fight it, join it; understand the combination. Let tolerance rule between the Sun and Mercury. I might mention that the solstice point for Gemini is Cancer, and as I see it the solstice point can indicate a potential solution to a personal problem.

Used at its best, this Cancer Sun and Mercury Gemini can be a problem solver either with the individual destiny or for others. But the solstice points are for another book, another time.

Mercury in Gemini, Sun in Cancer: If the Sun sign is Cancer, Cancerian changes of mood will be exacerbated by Mercurial changes of mind, but this placing will counter the Cancerian tendency to over-sentimentality, endowing the individual with more forward-looking thinking and planning ability. The high emotional content always present in Cancerians will be spiced with an element of skepticism, so that the out-and-out romanticism and sometimes over-colorful imagination is less likely to get out of hand. The Cancerian memory, which is usually excellent, should not be impaired; and this Gemini / Mercury influence will speed up decision-making; and, most importantly, help mitigate the overwhelmingly powerful Cancerian tendency to worry.

Mercury in Gemini and Sun in Cancer: Tom Cruise, George Orwell, Meryl Streep, Nikola Tesla, Michelle

See also: Mercury in Gemini;

Mercury in Gemini: Milton William Cooper, Tom Cruise, John Dillinger, Bob Dylan, Angelina Jolie, Henry Kissinger, Karl Marx, Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, George Orwell, Meryl Streep, Nikola Tesla, Brian Wilson, BenSt, DJenkins, Elroy, Flossie, Geoff, George, JerryP, Komala, LaurieSw, Michelle, Molly, Paulo, SFor, Tammy, TonyC

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer is described by a major keyword: adaptability. The native adapts himself to his surroundings - but he can tend to fall into a rut instead of trying to change anything. He may know what he should do, but is simply too adaptable. He is discreet and realizes that others are loyal to their beliefs, their families, their countries - without this necessarily making them right in their feelings. Mercury in Cancer shrugs off combat; his attitude is one of 'live and let live'. But when conditions demand change or action, he is perturbed, often at a loss; he begins to brood, whine and complain.

Mercury here has a tendency to personalize his surroundings; the people he meets; and the things he sees, hears, smells and tastes. The astrologer's task, obviously, is to help the native draw his mental forces together, make them work for him, and refuse to take second best merely because it is convenient. His family is important to him, and so is a feeling that his loved ones are happy, even if they are far away. His mind is retentive; he loves the old and established. He is fond of antiques and fine old classics in literature, and has what might be termed an intellectual interest in food.

Mercury in Cancer: Your mind is focused on internal or personal issues, rather than on the outer world. You are something of an introvert, whose mental stimulation comes from within, from your emotional core. Thus it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to separate your emotions from your rational thinking processes. Your heart rules your head; and your decisions, opinions and ideas are colored by your feelings and your emotional attachments. You simply cannot step outside your own needs and desires to be objective. You take most things personally and see issues within the context of how they will affect you and / or your family; and you have trouble comprehending the larger picture. Because the source of your beliefs is emotional not rational, you cannot be swayed by a logical argument, and no-one can change your mind with reason or facts.

Your thoughts are often centered around your home and family. You're the type who monopolizes the conversation with stories about your children's latest accomplishments and talks about your grandchildren to total strangers. Your interest in the home and family also could lead you to pursue a career in an area such as interior design, real estate, family counseling or pediatrics.

Though you may not be adept with language or the written word, your ability to communicate non-verbally is keen. You seem to 'know' what others are thinking and feeling; and with your loved ones and close friends you may have an unspoken rapport that makes you appear psychic. Perhaps you are able to communicate best through a non-verbal medium such as art or music. When you attempt to express yourself in words, however, you often sound confused or nonsensical. No matter how good your ideas are, you have a hard time explaining them to others in a logical, orderly way. As a result, other people sometimes think you are less intelligent than you really are, which can cause you to feel insecure about your own mental abilities.

You are inclined to think a great deal about security issues and attempt to find ways to make yourself feel secure. Sometimes this can translate into seeking wealth and financial stability. You might involve yourself in money matters professionally - as a financial consultant, stockbroker, banker or estate planner - or simply put a lot of mental energy into money issues, investments, real estate, etc.. Your concern with financial security can make you miserly and tight-fisted at times, though you are likely to be quite generous with your children and family members.

A traditionalist, you hold on tightly to conservative opinions and attitudes. The 'old ways' make you feel more secure, and any new or different ideas can seem threatening to you. You want to surround yourself with others who think the way you do, who reinforce your beliefs and give you confidence that you are right in your convictions. People whose opinions conflict with yours are often viewed as subversives or enemies; and ideas that appear to threaten your security are deemed dangerous. Because you take everything so personally, you are likely to interpret differing opinions as attacks or criticisms of you. And because your thinking tends to be insular and narrowly focused on yourself and your immediate environment, you have a great deal of trouble understanding that others simply may march to a different drummer from yours.

Uranus aspects to your Mercury will make you more intellectually progressive, unconventional and fair-minded. Jupiter aspects will increase your sociability and expand your interest in people and cultures beyond your own family / community.

Mercury in Cancer: If you are afraid of losing your emotional connections with other people, your rational mind can become dominated almost entirely by Cancerian feelings and emotions. This might result in your communicating with other people in a way that inadvertently forces them to respond with either sympathetic indulgence or overt rejection. Indulging in communications that demand the sympathy of others may expose you to unnecessary rejection.

When your attention focuses on perceiving the sensitivities of others as well as your own, your ability to communicate goes beyond words. You are then able to reach out emotionally, sensitively, and empathetically in ways that are a true reflection of your caring for others.

Mercury in Cancer: What you hear, smell, taste, feel and see are of intimate and close concern to you. You are sensitive to every breath of air; you take it to your heart and cherish your reaction to it. The smell of the garbage truck is a personal affront to your nostrils, while the rose was created exclusively to delight the same. Loud noises persecute you, and you tend to think they were made for that purpose; while music is art's personal gift to you alone. You adopt the beauty of the landscape as if no-one ever looked on it with true worship before. This personalizing of sense impressions can make you an awful fuss-budget, and also a bore if you insist on telling everyone how much you love, or hate, everything. On the other hand, the sensitiveness of your reactions and the intimacy with which you regard them make you capable of great power, for art is only the personalized sense impressions of the artist, absorbed into the total personality and given forth in form. Add a point of view to your tendency to gush; develop a philosophy of beauty to give weight to your natural appreciation; learn to make sense impressions your own, and then release then into a significance larger than personal; and you have all the ingredients to make you a master in one of the arts.

Mercury in Cancer: Mercury placed in the sign Cancer indicates a mind that is influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns. Unconscious desires will cause the person to look at some facts and ignore others, the results being bias and prejudice and interference with objective thinking. At times, if Mercury is badly afflicted, the natives may be untruthful without consciously realizing it.

Mercury in this sign can indicate a good memory, because of the emotional intensity that is associated with the thoughts. There is also a tendency to absorb much information subliminally or to learn by osmosis. In fact, much of the mental process occurs on an unconscious level, although it is manifested as conscious intent. Since people with this Mercury position are highly susceptible to the attitudes and opinions of those around them, their thinking can be influenced by emotional appeals, such as patriotism. They are very sensitive personally; they believe that whatever is done or spoken in their environment is especially directed toward them.

Much of the thinking centers around the home and family. There is considerable business ability in matters related to food, domestic and consumer products, and real estate.

Mercury in Cancer: An excellent memory and imagination is likely, but there is a tendency to look to the past - sometimes too nostalgically - so that forward thinking and planning can cause apprehension and worry because of having to consider and accept the unknown. It is important that the individual realizes that his or her imagination tends to work overtime, all too often negatively, so that when things go wrong (or appear to do so) they are turned from molehills into mountains. If creativity is indicated elsewhere in the chart, the imagination can be made to work in this way, perhaps through writing or telling stories. A love of the past may be seen in a fascination with history, so long historical / romantic novels or family sagas will be enjoyed - or even written. There is usually tenacity, especially when studying, but the subject may change his mind, perhaps mostly when emotional reactions clash with logical thinking and the assessment of situations. The Sun and Moon signs often show which response will dominate.

Mercury in Cancer: Although you have a fertile imagination, you share your fantasies only with your dearest and most trusted friends. This part of your life is very private, and those few who share it are privileged indeed.

Don't be too cautious about sharing your feelings, however, because even a casual lover should know something of what is going on inside you. Otherwise you will not reach a satisfactory level of love and communication in an affair.

Once you are truly involved with someone, however, your lover becomes everything to you. For you, the idea affair is one in which both partners are truly lost in each other, needing no outside contact or stimulation for happiness. Unlike more sociable types, you would enjoy being stranded with your love on a remote tropical isle with only each other for company and affection.

This may be the truest and most total form of devotion, but you should avoid being overprotective of your lover. That tends to have the opposite of the desired effect, making your partner feel cramped and in need of elbow room. As long as you both know that you are each other's firm refuge, that is enough for security and happiness.

Mercury in Cancer: You often let your emotions tell you how to think, and you find it difficult to look at things objectively. But your mind is retentive, so that once you have learned something, you aren't likely to forget it. In fact you prefer ideas that you have known and understood a long time because they have become familiar. Certainly you can learn new things, but it isn't easy if they seem threatening or challenging.

It may be hard to drop your bad habits of thinking. Often you aren't aware of how or why you think as you do. Many of your beliefs and opinions come from your family, who are very important to you. As you get older, you may have some difficulty changing any wrong ideas that you learn now; so be sure that the beliefs you adopt really work for you and are of practical use in coping with the world.

When you are emotionally upset, your whole view of the world changes. At such times, don't take your outlook too seriously, because it will change again when you calm down.

Because you are naturally cautious in your views, you are not likely to get carried away by some new enthusiasm that later proves to have no real value. You are bored by fads and much more concerned with proven ideas.

Mercury in Cancer: Much emotional intensity is given to the thoughts when Mercury is placed in Cancer. People with the placement have highly sensitive minds and are likely to be protective and defensive of the way in which they think, rarely showing how they arrive at the conclusions they reach. While they have the ability to register information at an emotional level, they can also use this characteristic to withdraw into hurt and moody silence if they have been wounded by words. This happens because their thought patterns are influenced at an unconscious level by the impressions and people they become attached to; they can become cranky and stubborn if these are unharmonious or unsettled in any way.

Often others see them as difficult to know and hard to understand, liable to bias and prejudice if upset. Bias towards her son was evident in Maia's protection of Hermes in the face of Apollo's anger - even though she knew that her son was concealing the truth. To help themselves balance such tendencies, people with Mercury in Cancer may benefit from cultivating some objectivity and detachment concerning their deeply emotional thinking patterns. If this does not happen, then they may, at an early stage of life, develop ways of defending their real thoughts from the people closest to them, much as Hermes did when he deceived his mother by hiding under the bedclothes, pretending to be asleep, after stealing the cattle.

Mercury in Cancer: Keynote: Perceptions are communicated sensitively and imaginatively. Symbol: A poetic recitation stirs the emotions of a crowd.

People with Mercury in Cancer can sway the public with their oratory, but they need to guard against being so eager to make an impression that they gloss over their own convictions. They may be tempted to say what they think their listeners want to hear or are willing to accept. Thus, they gain a reputation for being opportunistic when they are really only anxious to please. They need to turn to their powers of introspection and be completely honest with themselves. Otherwise, their persuasions can too easily be altered by circumstances as they drift like rudderless sailboats blown hither and thither by every breath of opinion.

The mind is retentive, especially in matters pertaining to family history and bygone times. An instinctive feeling for the archaic gives them an aptitude for dealing with antiquities and an interest in museums. The ability to turn back to the past makes many Mercurial Cancerians natural psychologists. The works of Carl Jung, who popularized the idea of the collective unconscious and who write extensively on the symbolism of fantasies and dreams, typify this associative mode of thought. The shadow side of Jung's over-accommodating Mercury loomed up in his early willingness to co-operate with the Nazis, even though he soon repudiated their racist philosophy.

When Mercury is in Cancer, the mind may not be especially original, but a compensating psychic permeability permits the absorption of ideas without labored explanations.

Mercury in Cancer: Mercury in Cancer often gives deep sympathies and a vivid imagination. If such a person hears of a flood or earthquake in some part of the world, he can visualize the havoc created by the disaster and commiserate with the unfortunate victims. In extreme cases, the tendency to dwell upon melancholy images dissipates time and energy through worry about the vicissitudes of others and fear that similar troubles might befall one's own loved ones. No matter how dauntless a Cancerian may be, he is vulnerable where his family, especially his children, are concerned. He needs to avoid brooding over calamities, past, present, or potential, and to cultivate faith in his own reason and intelligence.

Mercury-Cancer people may not be outstandingly intellectual, but they are usually kind and well-meaning. They have a tolerance of human frailty based on an ability to sense the mental state of others and to sympathize with their problems and anxieties. They respond to feelings as much as to facts, realizing that if an individual feels something intensely, then this is a legitimate part of his world of reality.

Cancer brings out the passive side of Mercury, making the mind receptive but not always capable of discrimination. There is a liability to be swayed by appeals to the emotions, even against the dictates of common sense. If, however, mental stability and depth of purpose reinforce the innate sensitivity of the Cancerian, he may become the psychologist who studies the art of healing as well as the science of suppressing disease. This integrative kind of psychology does not require degrees or diplomas, but may be practiced by anyone who genuinely wants to help others.

Mercury in Cancer: Here is an extremely emotional and receptive mind that can be drowned in its own emotions if the person is not careful. Cancer rules the instinctual consciousness; and while there is sympathy and feeling strong, this sign is too receptive, and can be swayed by the senses too readily. Argument with this type of mind arouses stubborn resistance, but an appeal to its sympathy is the way to help it grow in understanding. Makes the mind passive, but not a stable position for the mind. They are extremely psychic people, and find it difficult to learn by study, but absorb knowledge by listening to others.

Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Gemini: If the Sun sign is Gemini, considerable intuition and a powerful instinct are added to the Gemini traits. The imagination is likely to be expressed through writing or perhaps some form of handicraft. The placing adds a measure of sensitivity ¬especially when the individual is assessing other people's reactions - making him or her more sympathetic than critical. It can cause even the most rational Geminis to worry, but nevertheless logic should eventually rule the day. The individual should recognize that a changeable mind can cause problems to loved ones as well as herself.

Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Gemini: The Sun in Gemini indicates a literary bent and gives logic and precision to a style which verges toward the fanciful.

Mercury in Cancer and Sun in Gemini: Judy Garland, Nicole Kidman, OmNi, David Rockefeller, Donald Trump, DonW, JerryH, PaulS

Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Cancer: If the Sun sign is Cancer, the Cancerian imagination is increased and must be given positive or creative expression. Undue worry is extremely likely; and if pessimism or depression are hinted at elsewhere this placing will increase such possibilities. Intuition and love of the past will be enormously enhanced, as will moodiness. The thinking process is almost totally intuitive; and ideas, thoughts and decisions will be made quite instinctively, which is right for this combination.

Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Cancer: If the Sun is also in Cancer, the intuitive powers are intensified, but they may be denied recognition because of the reticence of the sign.

Mercury in Cancer and Sun in Cancer: Princess Diana, U.G. Krishnamurti, Carl Lewis, John D. Rockefeller, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, O.J. Simpson, AndyF, Arrow, Clark, Kyle, Marie, Michael, Nicole, Tyler

Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Leo: If the Sun sign is Leo, intuition and sentimentality are heightened, with the imagination put to excellent use. Leo optimism will help to overcome the Cancerian tendency to worry, but Mercury adds kindness, consideration and sympathy, making the subject less dogmatic and bossy. Mental flexibility will also be an asset; and caution and shrewdness act as a good counter to Leo's fire. The high emotional level of Leo is increased by the more sensitive, emotional element of Mercury in Cancer, increasing, for instance, Leonine appreciation of splendid theatrical or musical performances, and allowing a full expression of feeling toward loved ones. You have a sympathetic, though potentially moody, mind.

You see life in terms of comfortable and uncomfortable situations and ideas; and so you discuss matters with a view to creating a feeling of safety and avoiding confrontation. Other feels reassured by this, and so consequently is receptive to your point of view. You try to be receptive to Other and thereby develop mutual understanding.

You tend not to see what you do not want to see, because certain issues remind you of feelings of insecurity that have more to do with the past (childhood) than the present. As Other tries to push his or her point home, disagreement and argument ensue, which is ironic, seeing as unpleasantness was what you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Leo: The Sun in Leo imparts a cheerful, whimsical approach to life which may be reflected in a picturesque style of verbal and literary expression.

Mercury in Cancer and Sun in Leo: John Dee, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elijah

See also: Mercury in Cancer;

Mercury in Cancer: John Dee, Princess Diana, Judy Garland, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Nicole Kidman, U.G. Krishnamurti, Carl Lewis, OmNi, David Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J. Simpson, Donald Trump, AndyF, Arrow, Clark, DonW, Elijah, JerryH, Kyle, Marie, Michael, Nicole, PaulS, Tyler

Mercury in Leo

In Leo, Mercury gives us a native who is apt to be subjective - he takes a known fact and applies it to his own life, thoughts, feelings, personal symbols. He takes the large view, doesn't like to think in bits and pieces, wants to see the project as a whole. He sees persons in relation to their lives, their abilities, their accomplishments. This native sometimes is overwhelmed with the difference in what he thinks he desires and what he actually surrounds himself with - including the people he loves and is loved by. He constantly criticizes himself, quietly, for not having the very best: he never doubts he is capable, but blames this minor mistake, that lack of appreciation, and so on down the line, until the series of links appears endless. Grass usually appears greener to Mercury in Leo, but he feels, somehow, that his ship is coming in, and that in the not too distant future he will be playing the tune and others will be dancing to his rhythms. Takes only time and determination, he feels. He is often arrogant, making others feel he thinks he is superior. He thus pushes people from him and then, so often, wonders why others don't recognize his great charms. It never occurs to him that perhaps he hasn't really been so charming after all!

He often is bored, and doesn't really make too much of a show of trying to appear interested. He feels he has a little extra to offer - and maybe he has. But the astrologer must make him realize that just thinking, feeling, believing are not enough - he must get down to the work of living, of being happy, of creating, of displaying the talents, charms and powers he knows he possesses. This is a very significant Mercury position, and the astrologer's job here is an enormous one.

Mercury in Leo: If you are afraid of losing your dramatic impact and the loyalty of others, you might express yourself in ways that appear dictatorial, arrogant, and egotistical. This can result in one-sided communication that inadvertently implies everything you have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say. This unbalanced communication can unintentionally alienate those closest.

By being conscious of the effects you have on others, you may notice that the Leo dramatic ability to communicate can enhance or destroy what you are saying. This talent for communicating with a theatrical impact leaves a lasting impression, for good or ill. When the focus is on conversing with an awareness of shared humanity, you are able to energize the ideas of others with creativity and inspiration. By being aware of your love for others, you can instinctively express yourself in a way that inspires loyalty.

Mercury in Leo: Your reaction to sense impressions from the outer world is less important than the way you react to the sound of your own voice, the figure you are cutting in the world. You see yourself in everything you see. You're hard to impress, for though you are detached enough in some ways, you haven't got your antennae tuned outward and just don't take in a lot that goes on. Your viewpoint is pretty fixed, and what comes to the senses is related to it. For this reason you aren't a very good observer. The outer world of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch has to fight its way through a sort of steel plate before it reaches the brain centers and causes a reaction. Your reactions are slow, not because you are stupid, but because you aren't interested. You must cultivate attention, become consciously aware of the world around you, and develop your faculties, which are sound enough but need more exercise than you give them.

Mercury in Leo: Self-expression is one of your major concerns. It is very important for you to express yourself in a dramatic, colorful way and to be recognized for this. You probably have some creative / artistic talent and enjoy expressing yourself through art forms such as painting, design, music, theatre or dance. You may not be especially good with words, but are able to communicate loudly and clearly through visual media.

You enjoy being in the limelight, speaking to crowds of people, sharing your thoughts and visions with the multitudes. Even though your ideas and dreams may be grandiose and unrealistic, you believe they are possible, and your self-confidence and charisma are sometimes great enough to enable you to make your ideas realities.

You can be quite charming, even something of a flatterer when it suits your purposes. You especially love the idea of being in love, of being the lover. The drama of romance appeals to your sense of theatre; and at times your 'lines' sound as if they were taken from an Italian opera. Though your message might be corny, over-blown and heavy-handed, you deliver it with such flair that it usually hits home. For you, love is a game to be enacted on the stage of life, and you relish playing the leading role.

You can be extremely self-centered, and your thoughts are usually focused on yourself and your ideas. It is hard for you to see another's point of view, because in your mind your own opinion is all that counts. That others might not agree with you never even enters your mind. Conversations with you often revolve around your latest accomplishments, projects or activities; and many of your sentences begin with 'I'. You want very much to appear important in the eyes of others. You may try to impress friends and acquaintances with all the famous people you know, and you can be quite a name-dropper.

Even if you are very intelligent, you might not have been a good student, partially because you don't value book-learning and partly because you don't really believe that anyone else knows more than you do. Perhaps you attempted to tell your teachers how to teach their subjects and insisted on doing things your own way. You rely solely on your own natural abilities and won't take advice or instruction from others; consequently, you sometimes shortchange yourself and don't develop your skills to their maximum.

Mercury in Leo: Mercury in the Fire sign Leo indicates a mind that has a strong will and a fixed purpose. Natives with this position are capable of focused concentration, because here Mercury is disposited by the Sun, which bestows willpower and strength. They like to be regarded as authorities in their chosen fields, and they are aided by a dramatic and forceful manner of speech; but if carried too far, this inclination can produce excessive mental pride and arrogance.

The mental self-confidence indicated by Mercury in Leo makes for positivity in tackling and solving problems. However, there can be a tendency to deal with things in large, general terms, thereby ignoring details. There can also be a tendency to overlook things that do not relate to the immediate focus of interest. Because Leo is a fixed sign, opinions are formed slowly and changed with reluctance.

People with Mercury in Leo do possess continuity of planning and purpose, which gives them executive ability. There is also ability in teaching and working with the mental development of children.

The theater, investments, the stock market, education, and artistic pursuits are likely to be areas of special interest. This Mercury position may well combine travel for pleasure with travel for work.

Mercury in Leo: Mercury in Leo contributes excellent planning and organizational ability. Tasks of all kinds are approached in a practical and rather conventional way; and while there is often considerable ability to think creatively, there is a tendency to be stubborn and inflexible, which often emerges in the young. The subject has plenty of determination, and considerable mental and nervous energy. Usually there are good powers of concentration, especially when studying. Speech can be dramatic, sometimes with a tendency to exaggerate. There is no lack of enthusiasm; and unless a pessimistic outlook strongly emerges from other areas of the chart (negative aspects between the Moon and Saturn, for instance), the individual will be very optimistic. Powers of communication are good, but can at times be marred by a rather condescending manner, which should be mentioned to the individual since usually he or she is totally unaware of it. This placing, because it assists the organizational ability, encourages helpfulness to others, giving much flair in assessing and helping to solve their problems. However, dogmatic tendencies and bossiness can also be present.

Mercury in Leo: You have a creative, though potentially vain, mind. You see life in terms of having a strong, informed opinion that enables you to plan ahead and in a big way. And so Other is impressed and reassured by what you have to say. You also see life in terms of being respected for what you think, say and do, and giving due respect to Other for the same - so mutual respect is important for listening and being listened to.

You tend not to see the finer but important details that are Other's concern, which when taken for granted could be used against you. You also tend not to see the point that Other is making unless it flatters your ego. This can include the objective facts of a critical situation which you could choose to ignore at your peril.

Mercury in Leo: This position is ideal for an easygoing relationship. You don't bother with the kind of highly detailed self-analysis that can get in the way of a natural love affair. Too much thinking spoils the spontaneity for you.

On the other hand, in a more involved or complex relationship, you may overlook or ignore the real problems that have to be dealt with in detail to keep the affair on an even keel. It is wise for you to avoid tangled relationships in which you have to unravel many problems. If you do get into a complicated affair, rely on your partner or a close friend to help straighten it out.

Your idea of a good time with your lover is simple and direct - you prefer spontaneous pleasures to complex plans and arrangements, which tend to get in the way of a happy outing or celebration. The only caution here is that your mind may outdistance your body in capacity for enjoyment, which can lead to exhaustion.

Mercury in Leo: You are very sure that your ideas are right, and you like to make others think the way you do. You can think about new ideas and make them part of your own thinking, as long as no-one is pressuring you to do so. You are quite stubborn, and your pride is involved in everything you think or believe. If someone challenges your beliefs, you feel he / she is challenging you. But at the same time, your pride in your opinions makes you want to get at the truth. You aren't likely to believe something simply because it is pleasant or because everyone else agrees. You consider it very important to be right, which is fine as long as you make sure that you are.

You like to organize and direct others. You put a lot of energy into planning, so your plans usually work out well. You like to have people come to you for advice, which you are happy to give. Be sure that they really want your opinion, however, and try not to get a reputation for being a 'know-it-all', because then nobody will take your ideas seriously. Above all, when you are talking to someone, try not to act arrogant. If you do, the other person will resist your argument, even if you are right.

Whenever you have to solve a problem, you put a great deal of energy into it, and the more important the problem, the more energy you invest. However, you may ignore problems that don't seem important enough, when actually they are quite important.

Mercury in Leo: Those people who have Mercury placed in the sign of Leo are likely to have a strong-willed and authoritative form of mental expression. Like Apollo, they may be frank and outspoken, assertive when solving problems, wanting others to think well of their efforts. Sometimes they overstep limits when displaying these traits, becoming obstinate and impatient, and are then seen as arrogant and overly dramatic in speech and action. Usually self-confident and intuitively aware of the generosity of their thoughts, these people can sometimes overlook the need for detailed planning, content to concentrate on broad, general issues. They can become self-involved with their own mental processes , and excessively proud of their achievements in the world of ideas. Humility and tact are qualities which would help to balance some of the negative traits of this placement.

We see something of this, yet again, in Hermes's relationship with the leonine hero of Greek mythology, Herakles. He was renowned for putting himself through adventures which required all the personal resources he could muster. Sometimes, though, his foresight failed him. When he descended into Tartaros to capture the dog, Cerberos, his nerves were shattered by the ghosts of Meleager and Medusa; he aimed an arrow at Meleager and drew his sword on Medusa. It was Hermes who had to reassure him that they were only ghosts. Heroes find it very difficult to deal with the world of shadows with anything but their usual blunt self-confidence. In the lands of the dead, Hermes's rationality usefully came to Herakles's aid; the laws there are different from the ones above ground, and neither Meleager nor Medusa could die a second time. It meant that Herakles had to accept the underworld reality of their ghosts and had to find other ways past the terrors of the dark places. He fairly quickly let Hermes take the lead for the next part of the journey, learning, it seems, some humility in the process.

Mercury in Leo: Keynote: Bold ideas are cogently and enthusiastically presented. Symbol: A statesman makes a speech into a battery of microphones.

The Mercurial Leo is articulate because he really wants to impart his ideas and to elucidate the concepts behind these ideas. He impresses his audience with the warmth of his personality as well as with the pertinacity of the information he conveys. As an executive, he can make broad statements and summarize facts in such a way as to convince others that his is the only admissible point of view. He identifies with his beliefs so wholeheartedly that he may regard disagreement as a form of personal disloyalty. Consequently, he needs to be careful not to surround himself with 'yes men' merely to satisfy his ego.

This is an intellectually dynamic placement, since versatile Mercury distributes the Sun's light and makes it widely known. The effect is that of power from a central source flowing through many channels out into the world. The vitality of the sign combined with the verbal virtuosity of the planet of the mind to communicate concepts cogently. If restraint is lacking, there may be conceit and an inclination to propound dogmatic statements of opinion. However, since Leo is a Fire sign and Mercury is an Air planet, the two can blend compatibility, providing they do not produce a lot of hot air.

Mercury in Leo: Mercury is the perpetual adolescent; and her the solar force makes a man out of him. Adds heart to brain; and brain without heart is the essence of all devilishness. A great deal of ambition; and, if afflicted, can be rigid and opinionated in viewpoint. Apt to be lazy in mental activity; and there is a need to cultivate more attention and exercise the mind. Gives a dignity and a sense of innate refinement. This nature, when purified, can be of very great worth when taken away from the personal levels, and given in service for Love's sake.

Mercury in Leo: The Mercurial Leo is usually so persuasive that he can sell his ideas, his handiwork, or himself, any time he really puts his heart into it. He has a distinctive style, yet there is seldom any desire on his part to be so different as to court obscurity. He wants to be understood and approved, and will go to great lengths to make his ideas presentable. The person with this combination feels that he has too much to say to hide his light under a bushel, and he likes to be reminded of that fact by the cheers of an appreciative audience.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Cancer: Fire and Water. What a combination. What a difference Mercury makes. These people have basic retiring natures, but because of their great enthusiasm for community welfare and their foresighted and enthusiastic thinking, they will overcome their shy natures much more easily than Sun Cancer/ Mercury Cancer.

The Sun in Cancer influence gives these people a talent for knowing what the public wants and needs at any given moment; and as a result, with the persuasiveness of the Mercury in Leo they can sell the public anything whether material objects, ideas or causes. When the ego is down, as the Cancer Sun is given to be at times, or when hurt, it can put a damper on the Mercury enthusiasm, putting the fire out temporarily. The Mercury in Leo fire cannot stay down or out for very long, for it is the nature of Leo to flare and excite, and when that happens Sun in Cancer egos go full speed ahead in a heat of steam.

Water has a way of winning out most of the time, but not with this combination of Mercury in Leo. The fixed proud Fire sign will not give in easily. We are referring to their ideas, foresight, and sense of drama; and coupled with Leo's ability for fun and games, life is mostly enjoyable for these people. With their Cancer perception and instinctive knowledge of public desires, and the Leo's ability to easily describe trends and popular concepts, they end up becoming very popular in any field with which they get enthused. They may communicate a sense of freedom, but behind this outward expression of freedom there is a strong sense of attachment and possessiveness.

Where their emotional life is concerned, they may be inclined to be overly enthusiastic, and then at another given moment swing to the other extreme. At times they are highly unpredictable. Once they believe in someone or something, they can be extremely dedicated and loyal. Life with them is never dull or unexciting.

They can have very dramatic appeal, can be humorous with the intent of being entertaining to the nth degree. However, behind this rather entertaining demeanor is a very sensitive emotional nature. The mind is full of fire and forges forward, and in many instances drags the ego Sun behind. The mind is fast, and sees way ahead; but there is a period of passive indifference cause by the Cancer Sun's emotional need to stay put in a given situation. Much will depend upon other planetary positions, as to how this will come out in the final accounting. Either this gives either steam, full speed ahead, or the Water Sun puts out the Mercury Fire. If the Fire is put out (ideas), then Mercury Leo has to start all over again with new ideas. However, do not discount Mercury in Leo's ability to transform an idea. These people have a lot of experiences with life, and so many starts and stops.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Cancer: When the Sun is in Cancer and Mercury is in Leo, there will be a lively interest in programs for the common welfare, despite a basically retiring temperament. An individual with this combination will be drawn out of himself because of his desire to nurture the ideals with which he identifies, and to see them popularly accepted.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Cancer: If the Sun sign is Cancer, the outlook is positive and organizational ability is increased. There will be less tendency to worry irrationally, but the subject can be surprisingly bossy. Tenacity is enhanced, with the individual able to make long-term plans and stick to them. The thinking processes will be less purely intuitive, with ideas formulated constructively and then acted upon when the time is right. The Cancerian tendency to look to the past is kept under control - there will be no nostalgia longing for 'the good old days' - but there will be sentimentality. Enthusiasm will help the subject to overcome apprehension.

Mercury in Leo and Sun in Cancer: G.W. Bush, Ernest Hemingway, Helen Keller, Jesse Ventura, Robin Williams, JulieD, Mikael

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Leo: This influence makes for very dramatic people. It gives quite a flair for words and expressions. They have a strong drive for achieving attention wherever they go. Whether they actually become actresses and actors on a stage or whether they just become recognized as social kings and queens, their mark will be made. You can bet on it. They love a good time and have a way of making each person they contact feel important. Despite how Leo has been interpreted in the past as egocentric, this combination of Sun Leo/ Mercury Leo when on the positive wave length cares for others, can get close to people, and can make others feel wanted and needed.

They are magnificent and magnanimous when operating at their best. The talent they have for educating young people is par excellence. When they deal with people they care about, they prefer the physical presence of the person so they can experience firsthand this physical, expressional exchange. Above all, they like center stage for it is instinctive with them to please and enjoy not only for self but for as many others as possible. As a result, there are many facets to their personalities, for they can easily sense an atmosphere and play the right part. If there is any difficulty with this placing, it is that they must be sure they are performing and expressing for the comfort and well-being of those they are relating to, and not for their own ego satisfaction alone. In other words, 'look; I am pleasing you', but, above all, 'look how great I am'. In many ways they can lord it over others, but not always are they doing this consciously. A man with this combination may be doing it consciously, but a woman may not be projecting ego consciously.

Unlike Aquarius, they do not want to present ideas that are too individualistic, or ideas that can be equated with the masses. They want their ideas to be thoroughly accepted by others, but feel competitive if someone else tries to present the same ideas. Do not assume, however, that they will be humble, because they will not be. If they need applause from the crowd, it is so they can be further encouraged rather than just for ego satisfaction. Ego satisfaction is just an outward stance. Underneath this ego is the need for encouragement. This combination is full of fire and can never be completely humble, unless playing the part of humility can win a point. It is their nature to try to get to the top of the heap.

You will always know they are around. They love a good time with laughter and games of all kinds. They are anything but dull. If you see someone who is the life of the party, that person no doubt has this combination.

Also, never discount their need for power. It is always a question of degree as to how much power toward which they direct their energy. All depends upon other aspects from other planets to this Sun and Mercury. This is Fire, undiluted so they are very forward in their drive, never looking back once they have left. They cannot easily be delayed, for their sights are on going forward with gusto conquering new grounds.

It is surprising to find how many famous people have Sun Leo/ Mercury Leo. It is a rather fearless combination with much daring. Other configurations that have as much fearless daring are Sun Aries/ Mercury Aries, Sun Sagittarius/ Mercury Sagittarius. It is the undiluted Fire signs that progress and hew out new territories with mind, spirit, and physical lands.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Leo: If the Sun and Mercury are both in Leo, a desire for prominence is coupled with a flair for conveying thoughts vividly and imaginatively. This combination favors artistic accomplishment as well as social success and recognition as a unique personality. Many short journeys may be undertaken out of a desire to work closely with others rather than to rely on the telephone or mail.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Leo: If the Sun sign is Leo, Leo fiery enthusiasm and optimism will be enhanced by positive thinking and increase organizational ability. However, the individual must be aware that bossiness and a dogmatic attitude can mar many of his or her positive qualities. The powers of leadership and ability to get things done are strong points; and dramatic flair when communicating ideas, expressing opinions and describing events will be very colorful and often exaggerated. Flexibility must be developed since stubbornness can be quite a problem.

Mercury in Leo and Sun in Leo: Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Barack Obama, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, AbbieJ, Cheri, Dipesh, Erika, Johanna, JT, Jyothi, Ralph

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Virgo: This influence can produce fine craftsmen, those skilled in perfecting an object that both is artistic and also has practical utility. The Virgo Sun can be rather humble and not so inclined to be egotistical. The expression of Leo represents the ability to express and perfect a method, or a technique that can also work for others. This combination indicates a mutual reception which adds to a fine integration of detail, utilitarian purpose and enthusiasm and foresight. They are much more fearless because their thinking will not allow them to take a back seat. Granted they are still not going to be overly egotistical, but they will move forward faster in life than other combinations of Mercury to the Virgo Sun. Leo rules this position's mind and thinking, and Virgo represents the purpose of service and workmanship which will be expressed in an enthusiastic manner, making them much more capable of instilling in others an interest in their techniques. Another thing, they will enjoy what they are doing for it may be work to others but to them it is also entertaining.

They may have a sense of service to children and young people. This influence also gives a talent for teaching, but teaching in the context of expertise on a given principle or method. They would be more likely to be giving a class on how to become an expert in a given vocational sense (developing technique). They are experts in combining fun and games with practical utilitarian teaching or study. Perhaps, also, they find fun in service, or any place they can help.

This is Earth and Fire. The mind may come up with some very enthusiastic ideas at times, but the practical Earth ego will extinguish the Fire either as being unpractical or as being premature. In a positive fashion, Virgo will force the thinking to become much more thorough. Much will depend upon what the third house sign is in the person's chart. The third house sign will indicate what experiences the person will have to face.

Look at what the Virgo Sun represents. Virgo represents service to their fellowman, becoming the best kind of technician in their craft. They are the trouble shooters, those who easily get things back into a system after an upheaval. Virgo represents dealing with the everyday world of work, duty, and achievement. They build brick by brick until the structure is finished. It is the sign that causes the person to seek being a technician in some area. It is their destiny to take something and make it as good as humanly possible. When we deal with Leo, Leo always wants to make his presence known; but Virgo is rather a back seat person most of the time, so how does this go together? It represents a person who has a fine balance between humility and ego-status. This Leo Mercury helps give much more enthusiasm to a Virgo Sun that is exceptionally critical and sometimes too realistic. There is much more constructive vision that ultimately leads to a great deal of success.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Virgo: If the Sun sign is Virgo, the strong Virgoan tendency to worry will be countered here; and because Mercury rules Virgo it will work very powerfully for the individual, in many cases also helping to temper the Virgoan lack of self-confidence and giving him or her a more positive and optimistic outlook. The Virgoan preoccupation with detail is les dominant; and there is usually a better grasp of an overall situation. Critical carping - a common Virgoan fault - can be colored by bossiness, but there is the ability to think creatively, and often considerable potential for creative craftwork. Literary flair can be present.

Mercury in Leo, Sun in Virgo: If the Sun has gone ahead of Mercury into Virgo, an ability for fine craftsmanship is enhanced by skill in formulating useful techniques. This individual is not so eager for renown as he is to make his methods known. Believing that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, he wants to see the system with which he identifies given its rightful due. There may be a special interest in the healing arts and in the power of prayer to alleviate distressing physical conditions. In this case, the Sun and Mercury are in mutual reception, which is the equivalent of a conjunction. Mind and heart co-operate to produce objects whose beauty lies in their utility.

Mercury in Leo and Sun in Virgo: Michael Jackson, Peter Sellers, Eva

See also: Mercury in Leo;

Mercury in Leo: G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Helen Keller, Mikael, Barack Obama, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Peter Sellers, Jesse Ventura, Robin Williams, AbbieJ, Cheri, Dipesh, Erika, Eva, Johanna, JT, JulieD, Jyothi, Ralph

Mercury in Virgo

In Virgo, Mercury tells of a native who can be sharp but brittle. He can be aware, sensitive and alert, but subject to quick or mercurial changes and to an early breaking point. He needs to be made 'softer'. The astrologer must teach him to develop a greater attitude of acceptance. Perhaps the native analyzes too often, too much - and by the time he finishes, the flavor, the joy of whatever activity he is engaged in has gone. Because of self-criticism, he breaks down his own confidence, yet is surprised when others express a lack of confidence. He pushes too hard; he wants results, yet is skeptical when they finally materialize. He is cautious, prudent and versatile, and has good intuition, but he has to be so sure before taking a step that, in numerous instances, the step simply is not taken.

He can be methodical, so much so that subjects and persons take on a 'dry' flavor. The astrologer must encourage a greater degree of relaxation and confidence.

The native is fond of work which enables him to digest facts thoroughly and come up with conclusions. This is an excellent indication for an accountant, mathematician or individual in charge of seeing that others receive the best for their money. He can also be found teaching; and in photography, reporting, radio and television. This native is sincere, but tends to find himself with too many irons in the fire - and not enough fire. He is neat, careful about food, and often afraid to let himself go in relations with members of the opposite sex.

Mercury in Virgo: Sense impressions never reach you till they have been interpreted. What you see, hear, smell, taste and feel is swiftly given significance before it arrives at the reacting center of the brain. You never see just a chair; you see a beautiful chair, an old chair, a charming chair, a chair that looks comfortable or uncomfortable. You never hear just a noise; before you have heard it, it has been labeled pleasant or raucous or sweet or whatever. Your senses take the impression, hold it for ransom, and say to the brain, 'Name it and you can have it'. Thus you tend to card-index and catalogue every sense experience that comes to you. This leads to boredom, because pretty soon everything drops into its own niche and there is nothing new under the sun. Your pleasure in the physical world thus tends to diminish as life wears on; and through too much intellectualizing you can lose the zest for life. To get it back, try to regard things for their own sake. Remember that 'a rose by any other name would smell as sweet' and that you get more fun out of a kiss if you don't think of it as a deception of nature to encourage reproduction. Exorcise the demon of words from the temple of nature, and in the name of simple animal enjoyment throw away the dictionary!

Mercury in Virgo: Your mind works in an orderly and organized fashion. Each step of your thinking process is carefully calibrated and predictable; your thoughts work together systematically and logically like the gears of a machine. Though you may not be the most creative of thinkers, you are certainly one of the most practical and efficient. You are the person who operates behind the scenes, figuring out how to make someone else's brainstorm work - the film editor who cuts and splices the director's 'masterpiece' until it makes sense, the tailor who takes the designer's sketches and turns them into whole cloth. However, unless you have your Sun in Leo, you probably don't get much credit for your contributions. Shy and timid, you often hold your tongue when you should speak up for yourself, then later complain profusely to friends and co-workers.

You have a good memory and can retain volumes of facts, figures and words. For example, many actors and actresses who must memorize hundreds of lines of dialogue have Mercury in Virgo. You learn best through repetition, and by applying what you've learned in some practical way.

Like people who have Mercury in Gemini, you love language and the written word and may have talent as a writer. You are more disciplined, organized and work-oriented than your Mercury-in-Gemini counterparts, however, and thus more capable of completing long projects.

You probably were a dedicated and conscientious student. You enjoy learning, and usually prefer to study subjects that can be applied in useful ways - especially ones that will benefit you professionally - rather than art, music or philosophy. Your interest in health may lead you to give medical advice to everyone you know; and you invest much mental energy in thinking, talking and worrying about your health.

It's hard for you just to take something at face value - you immediately start dissecting it to see what makes if function. In school, you probably loved diagramming sentences and labeling the organs of a frog. As an adult, you might use your keen analytical ability in such fields as accounting, computer programming, medical research, auto repair or book editing. You enjoy trouble-shooting, discovering errors and correcting them; and derive satisfaction from setting things right. You have the patience to search column after column of numbers to find where the books are off, or to examine hundreds of laboratory samples to determine which bacteria are causing the problem.

A perfectionist, you can be a stickler for detail and exactitude. Your checkbook always balances, you have your car tuned every six months, and the letters you write to your mother never have any spelling errors. Since Mercury rules the hands, your perfectionism may be expressed as great manual dexterity, control and precision. Your perfectionism can also lead to negativism, pessimism and irritability, however, since nothing can ever meet up to your expectations. You tend to be overly critical and fault-finding with others and yourself.

Cautious and conservative in your ideas and opinions, you are a follower rather than an intellectual leader, and rarely initiate any unique or progressive ideas of your own. You are most comfortable with 'tried and true' concepts. Philosophy, metaphysics and theology probably don't interest you much - they're a bit too undefined and disorderly. Unless you can 'prove' something, you don't believe it, and you can be something of a skeptic. Because you refuse to open yourself up to knowledge that defies quantification in physical terms, you also are inclined to be self-limiting and narrow-minded.

If you have Uranus aspecting your Mercury, you'll be more unconventional and inventive in your thinking. If Neptune aspects Mercury in your chart, you'll be less analytical and methodical and more idealistic and creative. Mars aspects will make you more verbally aggressive and outspoken. Jupiter aspects will encourage you to be more optimistic and expansive mentally.

Mercury in Virgo: Mercury in Virgo is in the sign of its rulership, a position indicating an analytical mind with great practical reasoning ability. These natives insist on minute precision and accuracy to a level that can appear trivial to other people. They require orderly surroundings and efficient methods and procedures, especially in their area of work. This is the best position of Mercury for detailed scientific work and research.

These people achieve professional and financial success by acquiring a good education and specialized skills. Interest and ability in grammar can make them eloquent in speech and writing and proficient in languages. As a rule, they will insist on proper grammatical usage, spelling, and punctuation; and for this reason make excellent secretaries and correspondents. Unlike Mercury in Gemini, which is concerned with ideas for their own sake, Mercury in Virgo is interested primarily in ideas having a practical application for financial success and status. The person with this position is work-oriented, and consequently may be shy and retiring, preferring not to waste time in idle conversation.

Medicine, diet, hygiene, mathematics, and precise, detailed work of all types attract the attention of these people. In contrast to Mercury in Leo, however, they can lose sight of the main issues through over concern with details that assume undue importance.

Mercury in Virgo: This is the second sign that Mercury rules, so its influence is increased. The ability to analyze and critically assess every aspect of a situation or problem is a dominant feature of this placing, which also gives much common sense and a very practical approach - yet this does not usually prevent the individual suffering to a certain extent from worry. Learning to think for oneself is important, as sometimes the organizational ability is undermined, and there is a tendency only to feel totally safe and at one's best when knowing precisely what to do and what is expected, Preoccupation with detail can sometimes mean the overall grasp of a situation is poor, so this trait should be countered. (Often the placing of Jupiter and its aspects will be helpful.) The subject can think practically and constructively, and is very able to cope with demanding intellectual work. There is a great deal of highly-charged nervous energy which must be burned off if stomach upsets, bowel problems or even migraines are to be avoided.

Mercury in Virgo: If you indulge in the Virgo tendency to analyze and judge what is right and wrong in yourself and others, you could create endless categories in your mind. Thus, it may become difficult to communicate in an orderly or confident way. This compartmental analysis of right or wrong might appear harsh and inadvertently alienate those close to you. Concurrently, in judging others you can pave the way for heavy self-criticism if you distort perfectionism in any way.

When you put trust in the universal, unseen order of things, you can cease to be so defensive about the way actions reflect imperfection. Through developing self tolerance, you can accomplish a job with a sense of perfection but without applying the same high standards of performance to your personal life. By your detaching from perfectionism, relationships and communications with others can be transformed to a new level. You will not have to be defensive with others since you no longer need to justify your humanness to yourself.

Mercury in Virgo: You have an analytical, though potentially worrisome, mind. You see life in terms of being right or wrong; and so you take great pains to ensure that you are in possession of the facts and can be trusted as a straight talker with an intelligent mind. You also see life in terms of being accurate and precise; so you look into the details of your own and Other's issues, separate the salient from the irrelevant, and deliver clearly your findings.

You tend not to see the wood for the trees, and so have to spend a lonely night in the forest. This means that, correct though you may be, Other is only going to hear you when he or she feels valued by you for more than just being able to appreciate your fine sense of logic. You tend also not to see that Other sometimes just wants to hang loose or be silly or downright emotional.

Mercury in Virgo: You have the power to develop very elaborate and detailed fantasies. The more specific and varied each love scenario is, the richer your sexual expression becomes.

The only word of caution is that few real situations can fulfill your fantasies in every respect; and therefore you should not be too demanding of your lover. But at the same time, let your partner know exactly what you like and how you like it. Together you can derive great pleasure from acting out a shared fantasy, with every move discussed and choreographed ahead of time, as if it were a play performance.

You may enjoy using love objects and articles associated with sex. Many different garments and bodily adornments can have powerful sexual connotations and can be used to enrich both foreplay and lovemaking.

Considerable pleasure may be obtained from elaborate kissing and other forms of oral gratification, because you have a very strong desire to devour and be devoured by your lover. Indeed, when lovemaking is inconvenient because of circumstances, a prolonged and sensuous kiss can be a sufficiently deep expression that satisfies the appetite temporarily while promising more for the future.

Mercury in Virgo: You have a good, thorough mind, and you pay attention to details, so you can learn about subjects that require careful thinking and learning complicated techniques. The more intricate the techniques, the better you like them. Also you are likely to be good with your hands, because you work very carefully to reach a high standard of craftsmanship. If you cannot do something well, you are not likely to do it at all. Whatever you learn, you want to put it to practical use, for you feel that everything you do should serve as a useful tool to get a job done.

You have a very critical view of the world, but you must be careful to criticize others and yourself in a helpful manner, not merely to tear them and yourself down. You will have to learn not to say anything at all at times.

You should be good at your studies, because you approach all of your work so carefully. The only possible problem is that if you don't see the usefulness of a subject that you are studying, you may not be interested in it. But stay with it anyway, because its use will become clear later in your life.

As you get older, you will become very skillful at working with ideas and information. This is a very useful ability in library work, scholarship or any field that requires organizing and classifying ideas and data. Even while you are young, you may be fond of collecting and classifying things, such as stamps, shells, coins or the like.

Mercury in Virgo: Mercury rules Virgo, and a placement of the planet in this sign indicates a form of mental operation which is practical, precise and analytical. These people have meticulous minds, paying great attention to ordering their thinking, speech and writing, logically and efficiently, much as Thoth is required to do when recording the actions of the dead in the Halls of Judgment. Requiring purity in all forms of intelligence and mental expression, they may become carping and critical towards others if their standards are not met; and we know that Thoth in his early form could be a destructive god if his standards were not attained. The placement may ensure good practices of discrimination, and there is often a feeling of satisfaction about the control of thought processes. Where people feel that they are not in control, they may become overly worried and fretful. Though they can express themselves eloquently and clearly, too many anxieties can impede their work. To offset the stress caused by a sometimes exacting mind, relaxation and less nervous attention to detail are a requirement and a necessity for these people; otherwise, the essential meaning of the routines may be lost.

Mercury in Virgo: Keynote: The mind functions in a detailed, systematic manner. Symbol: A mailman delivers letters to various offices in a large building.

In Virgo, the duality of Gemini subdivides into a multiplicity. The Mercurial Virgoan can skillfully cope with a vast assortment of details. This is an exemplary sign position for Mercury, which both rules and is exalted in Virgo. The pragmatism of the sign effectively grounds the airy diffusiveness of the planet, and directs its force into suitable channels of expression. While Mercury in its positive sign Gemini flits like a butterfly from one intriguing idea to the next, Mercury in Virgo is pinned down to a solid surface of facts which can be microscopically studied, labeled, and preserved for posterity. Such precision may be hard on the butterfly, but the cause of human knowledge is advanced.

Since Virgo rules the digestive system, Mercury therein imparts the ability to digest information. The intellect is less innovative than adaptive, endeavoring to find out where everything fits, glorifying physical fitness, and wanting people to behave fittingly. This compartmentalization of functions is fine from a utilitarian point of view, but the compulsion to be correct can inhibit the mind from reaching higher intuitive realms where differences fade and opposites blend.

If, however, the Sun is in Leo, its creative fire may irradiate the intricate patterns laid out by the logical mind with glowing colors. A Libran Sun will also interfuse the productions of this wingless Mercury with lightness, poise, and grace. When the Sun and Mercury are both in Virgo, however, the mind is inclined toward business, educational, and scientific pursuits.

The old saying 'the mind is a good servant but a poor master' is confirmed by the assignation of Mercury to the sign of service. The Virgoan Mercury is useful to the extent that it is disciplined, controlled, and kept 'in its place'. While propitious for scholarly research, it is less well-suited to the inductive process of reasoning on which the broader application of knowledge depends. Writers with Mercury in Virgo often produce books replete with voluminous data, formidably buttressed with footnotes and erudite references. Yet they are reluctant to integrate their mosaic bits of facts into the larger picture. A debilitating lack of confidence, to which most Virgoans are prone because of their strongly self-critical faculty, can lead to an unwillingness to take a strong stand on any fundamental issue. Someone else -probably a Fire-sign person - generally ahs to be the one to assert, 'This I believe'.

Mercury in Virgo can dissect with precision or desiccate with unending revisions. If the vital juices have been sapped by excessive ratiocination, scholarship degenerates into dull pedantry.

On the positive side, the mental faculties may be so keenly honed that almost any problem can be solved - if it has a solution. If it does not, it may not be recognized to exist. This placement is ingeniously adept at devising specific techniques for accomplishing work. It indicates a person who adjusts easily to the academic world and who can profit through the continued development of his intellectual skills.

The Virgoan needs to remember that there is no cut and dried formula for living ¬only the fluid process that is life itself and which, while it may be measured on its surface, can never be fathomed to its primordial depths. Mercury's clever map¬making mind wants to outline the contour of every continent and land-mass. However, he must also realize that there are profundities of experience beyond his ken which are no less significant in the development of man and the cosmos.

Mercury in Virgo: Mercury is at home in this sign, and gives a strong stability to the mind. There is a practical and logical trend of thought. This is a card index type of mind, and is quick to learn, but doesn't concentrate enough to retain knowledge. Good speaker. Essentially honest. Can be critical and intolerant toward stupidity. Apt to forget that the world is ruled not by reason, but by prejudice, emotion and self-interest. Because the mind is analytical, it is very necessary to polarize this position of Mercury with its opposite, Venus. Notice position of Venus in regard to repolarizing a negative or afflicted Mercury. They have to balance each other for equilibrium of mind and feeling.

Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Leo: These individuals may be very interested in perfecting their craft, whatever their craft is. They are also interested in broadcasting, to anyone who will listen, about their very special techniques. Mercury in Virgo may give them a passionate interest in health foods and all things that make one a healthier person. If they have leanings toward art, they will produce art objects that have a practical use as well as artistic display. They may project a dynamic flair due to the influence of their Leo Sun, but the dramatic flair will have a very serious Virgo message. This message may be 'look at my service record', or, in a negative sense, 'why can't you improve yourself?'

If they perfect a system, they do not only want to use this system for themselves, but feel intensely flattered when others adopt what they have developed. They want a system, a perfection, a practical purpose for existing; and the ego Sun will dramatize the facts of this system.

When in love, this Leo Sun's sense perceptions will think of service to the beloved or even a beloved cause. If there is a difficulty with this, it is that they will desire their loved ones to be perfect (as they feel they are) and may become so impassioned with this desire that they will pick apart with their words and ideas the very thing they love the most. This may also bring the tendency to keep loved ones in their place... in pigeonholes, much to the frustration of those loved.

As a critic, or as an editor of creative material, they can be at their best, for they can view an object with Leo appreciation, and the mind can pick out the flaws, resulting in a most perfect work of art or any publication. It, therefore, becomes a piece with warmth and detailed perfection.

When it comes to their children or those under their authority, they can surely teach them to get the most out of any given talent these people may have. On one hand, they can be dominating with loved ones, and at another time they may express complete flexibility, adjusting to their ideas. They must learn one thing: that their way is not the only way of solving a problem, for they may be so tuned into their own narrow detailed thinking at times that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

If the Mercury Virgo gets too much in power, it stifles the Leo Fire's go-ahead and foresightedness. Since the Mercury is Earth and the Sun is Fire, the Earth may put out the enthusiasm and creativity of the ego. The mind may wait too long for just the perfect plan where destiny is concerned, and may not accomplish as much or get out of its ruts. However, if they use their ability at practical reality in a positive way, they can put the Leo's enthusiastic creativities into concrete form. Leo is known for egocentricity at times, but with a Mercury in Virgo, there can be just the right amount of humility to keep a fine balance to their natures. It is a matter of directing and balancing.

Famous people with this configuration surely do represent a cross-section of talent.

Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Leo: If the Sun sign is Leo, Mercury acts as a brake to many of the over-exuberant, enthusiastic and optimistic qualities of Leo. Its influence will add some practical, down-to-earth common sense, preventing the Leo from over-reacting when excited, and causing him or her to think twice before bragging, or perhaps buying showy clothes. Here is an excellent blend of the ability to assess situations in detail and the broader Leonine approach. The nervous energy of Mercury will complement the fiery emotional and physical energy of Leo; and, if other planets to not inhibit, a great deal should be achieved, since creative flair (Leo) will work with the careful, critical development of potential (Mercury in Virgo).

Mercury in Virgo and Sun in Leo: Sri Aurobindo, Lucille Ball, Helena Blavatsky, Wilt Chamberlain, Madonna Ciccone, Robert De Niro, Melanie Griffith, Alfred Hitchcock, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Plant, Robert Redford, Ashira, BillH, Erika, Joze, Lina, Sky, Supr, Victoria

Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Virgo: This is solid Earth. There can be very little deviation here. Virgo represents the ability to utilize information. Here is a mind and an ego that is always seeking a workable solution to problems in life and a better way of doing things. This can be the scientist, the chemist, the one who invents new machinery, and those who can put things together with the fewest possible errors. If there is a difficulty with this combination, it is taking too much time with trying to achieve perfection, thereby negating the chance to accomplish more in volume. There is a phrase that interprets this simply and concisely, 'quality, not quantity'.

Their biggest talent but also their greatest difficulty lies in the tendency to pigeonhole everything including relationships. They create so many, many parts, so many sections, that all are separated; thus, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, for them to see the total picture. If a project has one tiny, little flaw, they feel like throwing the whole thing out. They simply cannot stand the tiniest little speck of error or flaw.

This is an excellent position for anyone who works at research, or in a scientific laboratory where microscopes and the like are used. The word 'microscope' and Virgo seem to be synonymous. Unless other aspects and conditions in the chart show otherwise, this can inhibit them from being intuitive, having blind faith, etc.. What they cannot see is not real to them. Even when it comes to research, they can dissect all the parts, but it is very difficult for them to put all the parts together again. It takes Pisces and Sagittarius for that. If they make any reports of their work or research, they do not get down to the bottom line, but have the tendency to get boring to faster, more impulsive, foresighted people. If these people are to get the best out of any given facet of their lives, they must learn that any plan, any formula can be changed, and that life at times needs to be faced with a little gambling. When Virgo's Sun and Mercury cannot do this, they get stuck in a rut and their health suffers.

On the positive side of this combination, when they get into the study of health, healing, vitamins, minerals, health foods, they can become excellent authorities. Their ability to zero in on a given health problem for themselves and others can result in a solution that can be corrected; hence the therapist. Another of their talents that can be perfected is their fantastic talent with computers. Theirs is the mind and ego that has no limit with the computer world. Despite whatever else you may have read, it is Virgo who will rule the up-and-coming computer world because of their ability to program, to be proficient to the tiniest part of computing, whether in building computers, designing them or programming them.

Every Mercury/ Sun combination has its negatives and positives. This combination especially has to watch the negatives and eliminate them, for the positive directions can become so fantastic that these people can fulfill their life on earth as authorities in whatever talent drives them. They can leave many constructive projects behind them as a memorial to their life's work. Solid Earth. You will certainly see the results, whatever they turn out to be.

Famous people with this combination include notable actors and actresses.

Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Virgo: If the Sun sign is Virgo, the individual will seem very Virgoan, with a great many of the known attributes of that sign, but must guard against being over-critical or a born worrier. This critical streak will often be turned on the self, causing a lack of self-confidence and shyness. But here is an excellent mind, capable of detailed, analytical work and research of all kinds. Nervous haste can sometimes cause surprisingly careless mistakes; and the ability to relax is almost nonexistent. Yoga is often beneficial.

Mercury in Virgo and Sun in Virgo: Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Mother Teresa, H.G. Wells, Al, Fisher, Jean, Jen, Maitreyi, MFor, Pete

Mercury in Virgo, Sun Libra: The Sun is Air, it is light, it is graceful, it has poise. Mercury is systematic, detailed, careful. This combination brings balance to an otherwise very critical mind. The Libra influence will indicate those who are capable of seeing possibilities even in those things they tend to criticize. In many ways it makes for accurate judgment when it is at its best. However, in many other ways it causes endless delays. Mercury in Virgo has the tendency to make many changes in its mercurial work, so that coupled with the Libra tendency to not make up its mind easily and the lack in taking a single track with an issue, this can cause delays and 'in a rut' experiences.

Their attitudes and their ability to reason things out in a practical and realistic way can put somewhat of a damper on romantic relationships. They may appear to be more loving than may be the case. Their conscious minds in this instance have much control over the Libra Sun's tendencies. Having a Libra Sun gives a destiny to relate to others and to consider the needs of others, but this Virgo Mercury will only go so far in this direction. Virgo is not the most unselfish position in the zodiac. It makes for a more narrow view, and lacks the ability to be tolerant and compassionate with others. The mind sees things in pigeonholes and has a tendency to dissect, so that when the chips are down, the communication with a loved one may come into criticizing much to the hurt of the person with whom they are trying to relate in a loving fashion. When everything is going all right, charm can be their middle name, but when things are not going right, fussy, detailed, narrow, critical communication takes place.

The combination of the Sun and Moon represents ego with emotions and feelings, but when the Sun is in combination with Mercury, it represents the influence our conscious mental attitude has. So that in the final accounting our conscious awareness can control everything. Libra is balanced Air, a consideration that has to weigh two sides against the middle, so to speak. Now, when an Earth Mercury enters the picture, we have to put this Sun in Libra's purposes through a practical, perfectionist earthy Mercury door. Whatever balance, whatever diplomacy, whatever refined artistic talent Libra espouses will have to be tinged with Virgo's thinking. Whenever a Sun has a different sign from Mercury, there is going to be some dilution of the Sun sign's purpose. It is like having black coffee and suddenly a bit of cream and sugar is put into the coffee. It is still coffee, but no longer black coffee, and it begins to have a different taste, a different effect upon our body.

Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Libra: If the Sun sign is Libra, Libran procrastination and indecisiveness is mitigated, with the subject able to assess problems more critically, due to an active, versatile mind. Common sense is also present; and the stimulation it brings will certainly encourage the development of all kinds of Libran potential (usually considerable). Libran laziness is not usually a problem, and there is a liking for social intercourse; sometimes, too, there is a love of gossip. This is a good combination, provided Venus is not also in Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo and Sun in Libra: Sting, J

See also: Mercury in Virgo;

Mercury in Virgo: Sri Aurobindo, Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Helena Blavatsky, Wilt Chamberlain, Madonna Ciccone, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Melanie Griffith, Alfred Hitchcock, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Plant, Robert Redford, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Sting, Mother Teresa, H.G. Wells, Al, Ashira, BillH, Fisher, J, Jean, Jen, Joze, Lina, Maitreyi, MFor, Pete, Sky, Supr, Victoria

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in the sign Libra indicates a mind that is primarily concerned with human relations and psychology. The natives have an intense curiosity about the thinking and behavior patterns of others; they gravitate, therefore, to fields such as psychology, astrology, public relations, sociology, and law. Good communication and happiness in relationships are essential to them. They prefer to work in mental partnership with others; and they are usually easy to communicate with because of their interest in what others think. Their strong sense of justice generally makes them honest in their communication. The Venus rulership of Libra seeks harmony, and Saturn's exaltation in Libra seeks justice, making the Mercury Libra honest and balanced in all mental dealings. These people like to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision; but if this desire is used in the wrong way, it can lead to indecisiveness, and the opportunity to act is lost. When decisions are reached, however, they are generally just and well-considered. If other factor in the horoscope are favorable, this Mercury position is good for the legal professions, counseling, arbitration, and other public relations work such as sales and negotiating. But unless there are some planets in fixed signs or houses, there can be impatience in these matters.

People with this Mercury position seek association with those who possess refined minds, good manners, and honest reputations. Uncouth manners and unfair motivations are distasteful and are avoided whenever possible. These people are highly sensitive to odors, personal appearance, and mannerisms of others. They regard inappropriate dress and coarse speech as social affronts. Gentle and considerate in communication, they can be stern where principles are involved. They make the mistake of expecting from others the same degree of mental discipline that they require of themselves.

Because of Saturn's exaltation in Libra, the mind can be stern and hardworking. In highly-developed types, this quality leads to profundity; but superficial people with this Mercury position may appear to lack the firmness of their convictions because they tend to agree with their companions in order to gain popularity and acceptance.

Mercury in Libra: Sense impressions reach you through a strict moral and aesthetic censor. You see, hear, taste, smell and feel with the proprieties of art and society in mind, and have few sensory reactions that do not have to submit to this type of judgment. A color is not just red to you; it is a warm red, or a cold red, or a beautiful or ugly red. Further, in addition to the artistic standard, you apply the standard of good taste; and what you see or hear will revolt you if it doesn't conform with your idea of what is 'out of the top drawer'. You are a kind of sensation snob, and the simple meaning of sense experience is likely to be lost on you if it in any way offends the standards of nicety you set up for yourself. Needless to say, you are very sensitive to odors and all kinds of physical surroundings. Your house must be spick-and-span (so that your sight will not be offended); noises if any must be subdued and quiet (not to affront your ears); the odors of cookery must not penetrate to the living room (for your nose's sake); what you eat must be seasoned just so (or your tongue and maybe your stomach by attraction will revolt); and last, but not least, your spouse must be well-groomed and presentable, so that your reaction will be pleasant when you touch. All these niceties can make you fussy, but, if turned to their best use, make you gentle, considerate of others, and gifted in one or more of the arts where your great sensitivity is translated to creations that reflect it in beauty.

Mercury in Libra: Mercury in Libra is sensitive, artistic, socially aware, politically mature, attracted to the arts, and able to transform the commonplace into the beautiful. The native is creative and attracts to him those engaged in creative activities. He thinks along lines of balance, justice, and a blending of many elements into a whole.

His mental pursuits are broad - he sees potentials better than actual details. He is sometimes accused of being absentminded. But, it is very likely, the truth of the matter is that he sees or remembers only what is necessary for him to remember, rather than allowing his mind to become cluttered with details.

He wants things in order, but is not necessarily an orderly individual. He knows how to appeal to the public in general but is often puzzled when dealing with individuals. He possesses good taste and favors quality over quantity - he does not appear attracted to bargains.

Mercury in Libra: You have the rare ability to see both sides of any issue and to remain detached, impartial and objective. You weigh the strengths and weaknesses in a matter and make judgments based on the facts without letting your feelings get in the way. This tends to make you more fair and equitable than most people; and you could be a good judge, mediator, lawyer, negotiator or umpire. Because you can see the pluses and minuses of everything, however, you have trouble making decisions or sticking with the ones you finally do make. Too often, you let others make up your mind for you or you go along with the crowd because it's easier.

This dispassionate and orderly way of thinking enables you to be an expert strategist. You also have a knack for understanding what your opponent is thinking. As a result, you could be a successful general, chess master or sports team manager. Or, you could use your logic, planning skills and good judgment in almost any segment of the business world. You are able to evaluate others' talents without feeling threatened by people who are more gifted than you are; and you are especially good at organizing individuals so that they work together as a team.

Always tactful, well-mannered and diplomatic in your speech, you rarely lose your temper and always try to avoid an argument. You may debate issues cleverly, even forcefully, but you never become emotionally involved. Always cool and rational, you can appear bloodless and unfeeling at times. It is this lack of personal involvement, this separation between the heart and the head, that allows lawyers to defend heinous criminals and generals to send men into battle knowing they'll be slaughtered.

Libra is concerned with balance and harmony, and loves beauty in all its forms. With Mercury in this sign, you might express your aesthetic appreciation as an artist or a patron of the arts.

Libra also is the sign of one-to-one partnerships; thus you tend to think and talk a great deal about relationships, especially those which involve love and romance. You are inclined to idealize romantic attachments and usually think the best of your partner(s). If you are a writer, you may write about love and relationships; if you are a therapist, you may do marriage counseling. Often, your thoughts are centered on your partner; and you are strongly influenced by him / her and his / her opinions. Since you rarely have firm convictions of your own, you may simply parrot your loved one's ideas or agree in order to avoid arguments.

Your beliefs and attitudes are usually quite traditional and conservative; and you tend to accept the party line rather than diverging in any unique, individual way. This is partially because you don't want to cause friction or seem disagreeable, but also because you are easily convinced by those who have strong opinions and express them forcefully. At best you are open-minded; at worst vacillating and weak-willed.

If Uranus or Mars aspects your Mercury, you will be more outspoken, forward-thinking and individualistic. If Neptune aspects Mercury in your chart, you'll be less orderly and rational in your thinking.

Mercury in Libra: The thinking processes tend to be slowed down here; and although there is always increased sympathy, understanding and a desire to communicate with friends and loved ones, procrastination and indecisiveness are likely. The powers of concentration are not usually very good (positive aspects between the Sun, Moon and Saturn will help); and sometimes a lackadaisical attitude is taken towards important issues. The speech can be slow and drawling, with plenty of time taken when answering questions or responding in conversation. The Libran need to keep the peace is also present, making the subject avoid discussing anything remotely controversial. Even so, there is plenty of charm and a delightful turn of phrase. Sometimes the attitude is 'Que sera sera', with the subject spurred into action by loved ones. Studying does not come easily or naturally; and a desire to achieve results without much effort is likely.

Mercury in Libra: When you indulge in fears of not saying the right thing and look to others for a reflection of immediate acceptance, communications can stop. By your withholding honest interchange for fear of rejection, your mind may bog down in a swamp of considerations that brings indecision. If you withhold disclosing what is actually on your mind, you may lose perspective, integrity, and perceptual balance.

By focusing on your point of view and sharing your independent opinion, you can discover the spontaneous awareness of your impact when communicating with others. Concentrating on what needs to be said rather than on what you think other people want to hear can contribute the justice, truth and balance required by the situation. You then may discover that you have a natural talent for diplomacy and communication that spontaneously restores harmony without compromising any sense of personal integrity.

Mercury in Libra: You have a fair, though potentially superficial, mind. You see life in terms of creating harmony and avoiding conflict; and so you are very skilful and diplomatic with Other, and aware of his / her position. Such awareness and flexibility can solve or even pre-empt relationship problems quite easily and efficiently. You also see life in terms of social and moral justice, which enables you to treat Other fairly.

You tend not to see that harmony is often created through conflict and confrontation. Consequently, you talk around the point, which can infuriate Other - and then you start all over again! You also tend not to see that maps are not the same as places themselves - meaning that you relate from a theoretical base, not an emotionally real one.

Mercury in Libra: With your lively imagination, you prefer a love affair that is constantly in motion. You don't want your role in a relationship to be static; you like to continually change your position in relation to your partner, rather as if in a game. This can be a fine way to enliven a relationship, but do not let it devolve into a competition or a series of rounds of one-upmanship, which can happen if your partner takes the game too seriously.

You envision love as an intrinsically beautiful structure that requires continual upkeep, both physical and emotional, to keep it as close as possible to perfection. You enjoy physical lovemaking, but only if you are personally involved with your partner. A one-night stand does not allow that, and is likely to be a disappointment.

Because of your appreciation of the art and technique of love, you may keep careful mental notes on your lovers, comparing them to each other in various ways. This helps you understand the variety of factors that make up an enjoyable relationship.

Probably no partnership can live up to all of your ideal criteria; but don't let that get you down. Much of your pleasure in an affair comes from constant change and improvement, always reaching new levels of beauty and enjoyment.

Mercury in Libra: You make up your mind very carefully, for you don't like to jump to conclusions. You prefer to spend as much time as possible looking at each choice and weighing every point of view. This can be very useful, but sometimes you take so long that other people get impatient. Every choice looks so good that you find it difficult to choose. Whenever two points of view conflict, you prefer to compromise and combine the two, rather than reject one of them. You are moderate in everything you do, and won't every go to extremes.

You like ideas and objects to be neat and elegant. You have good taste and a sense of balance. Often this position means that you are fond of music and art, and perhaps talented in one of those areas. When you talk to people, you avoid harsh and ugly words, and you try to soothe over anyone's ruffled feelings with pleasing phrases. You are a born diplomat, but there are times when you should speak out clearly and forcefully. Then you must not hang back from using strong words just for fear of making someone angry. Sometimes in relationships with others you have to get down to unpleasant emotions. But on the positive side, you are very good at making compromises, either for yourself or for others.

Mercury in Libra: Mercury in Libra denotes a mental orientation which seeks intellectual harmony and balance with others. This placement can lead to much curiosity about the workings of the human mind and relationships; people with Mercury in Libra often show a great interest in what others think. They can be too concerned about seeing the relevance of all arguments and issues; this characteristic may lead to an inability to be decisive, particularly in crises. They may be good communicators with a wish to appear upright and just in all forms of mental expression. Sometimes, though, their wish to please others, their concern with what others think of them, can lead to prevarication in speech and thought, if not outright dishonesty. Occasionally defensive of their carefully thought-out honesty, they can be unbending if they think their principles are being challenged, though they often have trouble making up their minds about relationships. This tendency is reminiscent of Persephone's part in the judgment processes of the underworld, and of her initial reaction to Hades. People with this placement may need to cultivate the ability to act humanely and mercifully when circumstances require it.

Mercury in Libra: Keynote: Thoughts are expressed clearly and impartially. Symbol: An art museum curator discusses the merits of his acquisitions.

Mercury in Libra gives a flair for knowing what to say, the savoir faire to say it gracefully, and an easygoing air of assurance that one's words will be well-received. This individual will attend to the fine points of a literary or artistic production because he can see how each detail enhances the whole picture. He thinks in terms of balancing related groups of elements so that each one complements the rest. His mind is less concerned with particulars than with the overall patterns which endow individual forms with value and significance.

Mercury, an Air planet, blends agreeably with airy Libra. The charm bestowed by Libra's ruler, Venus, lends a soft glow to Mercury's somewhat stark intellectuality, while the exalted Saturn adds the weight of authority. As a result, head and heart co¬operated in assessing the worth of things. A person with Mercury in Libra would be likely to agree with the poet Keats, who wrote: 'Beauty is truth, truth is beauty - that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know'.

Mercury in Libra: The main problem encountered by the Mercurial-Libran is indecisiveness. He has a proclivity to depend upon accredited opinions and then to be torn between disputing factions, each one claiming to have an option on the truth. Vacillation may stem from the desire to consider all possible alternatives impartially as his divided mind is torn between the conflicting testimonies of so-called authorities. He prefers detached observation to irrevocable action; but if he delays too long, he may lose the battle while still trying to settle on a strategy.

This is a fortuitous placement for professions which require the ability to function co¬operatively. It can make a polished and persuasive speaker with considerable organizational ability but not much liking for physical work. Normally, this individual would rather advise others on the relative merits of their handicrafts, their opinions, and their pleasures, than outperform, express more cogent opinions, or enjoy more aesthetic pleasures than those discussed. His mind is facial and flexible, but the manner in which he employs it depends largely on the people with whom he chooses to associate.

Mercury in Libra: This is a masculine, positive type of mind, so it is better in a man's chart than in a female chart. In a female chart, it shows an over-masculinity that needs the building-in of a more feminine attitude. It can be a very positive type of mind and yet at the same time inwardly indecisive and vacillating. It gives judgment; and there is sensitivity and pliancy on the surface. Tendency to fussiness because aesthetic sense is highly developed. A strong perfectionism which isn't too comfortable to live with. This position does help to stabilize Mercury, for Saturn is exalted in this sign. Do not be surprised to see a strong Saturnian trend in those who have planets in Libra. Remember: Saturn is exalted in Libra.

Mercury in Libra, Sun in Virgo: If the Sun sign is Virgo, hastiness, a sense of urgency, and to a certain extent tension, are all eased; and the ability to unwind is also present. The attitude to life and its problems will be quite calm, with less Virgoan worry, although sometimes the powerful critical acumen of Virgo will cause undue carping or even nagging at loved ones. But there will be a sense of fairness, and partners should learn to appeal to it. Indecisiveness must be recognized and countered.

Mercury in Libra, Sun in Virgo: If the Sun is in Virgo, the basic outlook on life will be more practical. Then the finesse of Mercury in Libra is suited to dress depressing realities in an eye-catching garb. People with this combination may be dedicated to the service of the poor and needy, but able to present their message to the world with tact and refinement.

Mercury in Libra and Sun in Virgo: Warren Buffett, Ken Kesey, Arnold Palmer, ChrisTr, Collon, Fergus, Prabhuta, Seligma, TonyO, VinCar

Mercury in Libra, Sun in Libra: If the Sun sign is Libra, the Libran will be more indecisive and often mentally lazy ¬sometimes giving the erroneous impression of a lack of intelligence. If there is a lack of self-confidence, laziness will be feigned as a cover-up. The subject should weigh up every aspect of a situation before reaching conclusions. Gentle encouragement from parents to children with this combination, making quite sure they realize they have made progress, is important if intellectual potential is to be developed; nagging will have an adverse effect. Procrastination will be a problem - especially for loved ones.

Mercury in Libra, Sun in Libra: The Sun and Mercury conjoined in Libra encourage artistic accomplishment. A contemplative intellect modified by balanced judgment gives polished expression to abstract ideas. Music, writing, oratory, and the arts which rely upon a mastery of the traditional laws of form are usually preferred to the more unstructured modes of self-expression.

Mercury in Libra and Sun in Libra: Ammachi, Mickey Mantle, Groucho Marx, Benjamin Netanyahu, Friedrich Nietzche, Bruce Springsteen, Gore Vidal, AlexP, Beth, Duane, Sarik, Shiloh

Mercury in Libra, Sun in Scorpio: If the Sun sign is Scorpio, some of the harsh, deeply incisive edge is taken off the Scorpio Sun sign traits, and there is the ability to listen sympathetically. There is greater flexibility of thought, so stubbornness is less of a problem. Popular and charming, the subject communicates well. The tendency to brood, especially over personal problems, is not as apparent, since he or she will find it easier to talk to friends and loved ones. The mind works well but in a relaxed way.

Mercury in Libra, Sun in Scorpio: When the Sun has gone ahead of Mercury into the relentlessly probing sign of Scorpio, there may be contending stresses in the character which the judicial Libran Mercury will endeavor to resolve. The mind is inclined toward business and psychology.

Mercury in Libra and Sun in Scorpio: Art Garfunkel, Bill Gates, David, Lance, River

See also: Mercury in Libra;

Mercury in Libra: Ammachi, Warren Buffett, Art Garfunkel, Bill Gates, Ken Kesey, Mickey Mantle, Groucho Marx, Benjamin Netanyahu, Friedrich Nietzche, Arnold Palmer, Bruce Springsteen, Gore Vidal, AlexP, Beth, ChrisTr, Collon, David, Duane, Fergus, Lance, Prabhuta, River, Sarik, Seligma, Shiloh, TonyO, VinCar

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in the sign Scorpio gives an intuitive mind capable of profound insights. The natives' perceptiveness can lead to critical examination of human motivations; they see things accurately, but not necessarily charitably. They may use sharp language, since they refuse to mince words in order to spare the feelings of others. They prefer to say exactly what they feel, or else remain silent. They carry on many plans and endeavors in secret, and communicate only where communication serves a definite purpose in terms of what they are trying to accomplish. However, since they can be swayed themselves by strong emotional factors, they are more objective when not personally involved.

These people have determined minds and great resourcefulness, which enables them to surmount obstacles that many would find impossible to deal with. If Mercury is afflicted in Scorpio, there can be scheming, plotting, and ulterior motives.

People with Mercury in this sign make good detectives, investigators, and researchers. In highly developed types, there is scientific ability arising from their curiosity about the inner workings of the energy responsible for objective manifestation. This leads to insight into the fundamental processes of change.

If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, the mind can be preoccupied with sex. There also can be a mistrust of others.

Mercury in Scorpio: You see, hear and experience with the legalistic attitude of a judge. Anything that stands before the bar of your senses isn't likely to get off easily, for you interpret critically what passes before your eyes, and not always kindly. As a result, when you give expression to your judgment, you may earn the reputation for having a sharp tongue. Your powers of observation are acute; you have the eye of an eagle, and a kind of permanent awareness of what is going on around you makes it impossible for anyone to put anything over on you. You have eyes in the back of your head; and a sixth sense tells you things that the other five miss. Criticism is part of your process of taking in the world; and you never take in much of it without passing judgment in the process. You observe accurately but not always charitable; the nerve channels through which impressions reach the brain are apparently filled with acid, which eats away the superficialities that impress others, and leaves only the stark realities to be recorded on your cerebellum. You are therefore a first-class critic and debunker, seeing through phoniness, sham and pretension and, since your eyes and ears rarely deceive you, pretty generally getting to the truth of what goes on.

Mercury in Scorpio: In Scorpio, Mercury indicates one who is sensuous, able to perceive hidden meanings, shrewd and curious; he tends to be suspicious, but his suspicions usually have foundation in fact. He is capable of understanding high finance; fascinated with the stock market, he draws charts in an effort to understand various trends. This native knows how to appeal to the opposite sec - and would gain much by selling specific items such as clothing to either sex. He sees through false claims and people who make them.

The astrologer must teach the native to overcome his fear that greater security is constantly required. Often, no matter how good his financial position might be, he worries, and can make himself miserable over little things while neglecting important projects.

Mercury in Scorpio: You are not satisfied with superficial understandings, and seek to know the ultimate truths of existence. What goes on behind the scenes, what makes something work, what hidden forces are responsible for exterior conditions - these are the things you want to know. You enjoy probing beneath the surface to uncover the secrets within, whether those secrets are in the human mind, the body, business, government, the Earth or the Universe. As a result, you might be interested in psychology, science, medicine, espionage, geology or the occult.

You have an insightful and penetrating mind, and are able to focus your attention deeply, for long periods of time. Infinitely curious, you leave no stone unturned and don't give up until you've found answers to your questions. You ferret out information, analyze it until you understand its essence, then use it for your own purposes. Thus, you could be good at almost any type of research. Your love of intrigue may also manifest as a passion for mystery stories and detective novels.

Often your ideas run counter to the conventions and beliefs of your time. This is because you refuse to accept something until you've proved it for yourself. And, as you examine traditional beliefs, you frequently discover flaws or shortcomings, which leads you to formulate your own theories. Such theories may be revolutionary and have a transformative effect on those they touch.

In order to stand up against strong opposition, one must be firm and determined in one's convictions. Certainly this is true of you. Once you've decided upon something, nothing can make you give it up. You can be incredibly stubborn and emotionally attached to your ideas. And because you've come to your understandings through unique, personal and often unorthodox ways, no-one can change your mind with a logical argument. Highly intuitive, you often 'know' you're right, even if you can't back up your beliefs with facts.

You express your viewpoints vehemently and convincingly, and enjoy a good argument with a worthy opponent. There is a certain amount of charisma in your verbal delivery; and when you speak you project power, authority and intelligence. You intuitively know what others want to hear, and are clever at manipulating their emotions as well as the information, so that you can hold an audience in the palm of your hand and win them over to your way of thinking.

You also tend to be direct, blunt, even bitingly sarcastic in your speech. You get straight to the point and don't mince words - and if you step on some toes or offend some sensibilities in the process, so be it. But you also exhibit keen insight and knowledge, especially regarding the nature of the human condition. You truly understand the inner workings of the psyche and the dark side of life, and are fascinated with it. Not only do you have unusual powers of observation, but also you are very intuitive, even psychic, and can see to the core of people and situations. Not much gets by you, and you are not easily fooled. This intimate knowledge of the hidden recesses of the human mind makes you skeptical, suspicious and pessimistic; you often expect the worst from people.

Venus and/ or Jupiter aspects to your Mercury will make you more tactful, optimistic, and willing to engage in social amenities.

Mercury in Scorpio: Scorpionic intuition and intensity combine with Mercurial logic and a rational approach. Determination is a strong point, and the individual will have a sleuth-like mind, leaving no stone unturned to discover the truth of a situation and root out every aspect of it. Here is someone who perhaps could become a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or detective. While the placing usually works well, there can be obsessional tendencies, especially if Mercury makes a negative aspect to Pluto.

Mercury is not very communicative in Scorpio because the necessary outgoing qualities are not sympathetic to that sign. The subject will be more inward-looking, going in for a great deal of self-analysis, perhaps tending to hug psychological problems, and finding it very hard to open up. This must be countered, especially during stressful periods. There is much intellectual and imaginative potential, and sometimes a fascination with the occult, crime and mystery.

Mercury in Scorpio: Quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword. Intensely secretive. Hate to commit themselves to any positive statement, so don't try to pin them down. Extremely perceptive, and know the other person's weakness so well they know where to strike. Fierce acuteness of mind. Farsighted and clear-sighted, but are often overcritical. 'I' of the ego and sixth sense strongly developed. Must watch tendency to pass judgment. Can be the judge, the jury and God help you! Excellent in secret service or in police work. Have to regenerate the mind stuff where the creative functions are concerned. Too much emphasis on sex if the total chart does not show evolvement.

Mercury in Scorpio: When you indulge in Scorpio fears of losing power over others by exposing your motives and desires, your communication can become defensive, secretive, and vindictive. Constant inner turmoil may result if you withhold expressing your thoughts, fearing that hidden emotions will be exposed and you might become vulnerable. As a consequence, either anger, impatience and intimidation can be brought forth, or all communication may be withheld, thus alienating other and isolating yourself.

When you focus on manifesting what is valuable to you, your keen perception can penetrate and reveal to others the deeper meaning of their communication. You are able to unveil those powerful secrets that can transform all concerned. By your sharing the Scorpio incisive ability to perceive the heart behind the words, hidden motivations are exposed within their communications. This awareness can make a positive contribution to others and actually increase your insight and sense of self-possession.

Mercury in Scorpio: You have a penetrating, though potentially paranoid, mind. You see life in terms of underlying emotional truths and realities rather than merely how things appear on the surface. And so you are able to penetrate Other's real or hidden motivations and consequently clarify them and resolve problems issuing from them. You also champion confidentiality, which inspires Other with trust and respect for your insights.

You tend not to see that Other is more straightforward and not so convoluted in his / her thinking. Consequently, you make problems with Other which only exist in your suspicious, anguished and obsessed mind. You also tend not to see that making secrets of things creates the very difficulties they were supposed to avoid.

Mercury in Scorpio: You are probably very intrigued with the physical basis of sexual expression - the relationships between the different parts of the body in lovemaking; the advantages and disadvantages of various sizes and shapes in any sexual situation. There is much artistry in this, which you should develop. This area is often ignored but it can be a great help in getting the most out of sex.

The dark and powerful aspects of sexuality have great appeal for you, and you really enjoy sex most when it is rather secret and mysterious. Too much bright light on the workings of a relationship tends to take away the excitement, making it too mundane. Thus, a clandestine affair has a special appeal for you, and you may act secretive about an affair even if there is no reason to be so, except for the excitement it provides.

Don't let dated social taboos prevent you from trying every kind of physical sexual expression that appeals to you, even if it's labeled perverse or bizarre by the sexually fearful. Repressing such desires will only frustrate you; and expressing them with a willing partner will greatly enhance your sexual experience and understanding.

But you should avoid using sex or sexual attraction as a tool to gain power or influence over others. Sexuality can flourish only when it is free of other motivations.

Mercury in Scorpio: You like to get to the bottom of every problem, and are fascinated by mysteries and unanswered questions. To you, searching for answers is almost more interesting then the answers themselves. A born investigator, you may be interested in solving crimes and in detective work. Or you might want to study the secrets of nature through science. You are interested in what goes on in people's minds. You like to find out about everyone's secrets, but you can keep a secret if you want to.

When you are emotionally upset, your thinking gets confused by your feelings, so try not to make decisions at those times. When you're angry, you can speak very forcefully, but if you are not careful, your words may hurt someone's feelings. At least you are forthright and say what you mean.

Your sense of humor is rather sharp. When you see someone pretending to be more than he or she is, you are likely to make sarcastic and biting remarks. You may only say them quietly, but others will know what you mean.

You must learn to be more open with people. Something about you may make others uneasy, giving them a feeling that you have some deep, dark secret, which makes them fearful. You enjoy giving this impression, but it does hurt your relations with others. To prevent this, you should try to build up a reputation for honesty with adults and friends.

Mercury in Scorpio: The placement of Mercury in Scorpio can give incisive thinking and a penetrating mind capable of deep insights into the motives which underlie human behavior. Often mistrustful of their own and others' feelings, people with this combination can, if aroused or hurt, inflict severe wounds on others with their sharp and sarcastic tongues. Much of their thinking is conducted in secret, and, like Hades, they have the mental resourcefulness to lay careful plans before they act. They perhaps need to be aware of a tendency to scheme and plot destructively when their ideas and thoughts, to which they are emotionally and often subjectively attached, are challenged. Often acutely perceptive and thoughtful in a silent way of others' unexpressed needs, these people can be profoundly charitable as long as they are not emotionally threatened themselves. Gentleness and consideration are two characteristics they may need to acquire to offset the negative inclinations of the placement.

Mercury in Scorpio: Keynote: The mind penetrates to the essence of matters. Symbol: A cryptographer endeavors to crack a code.

Mercury in Scorpio gives a talent for research and the ability to solve mysteries. This person may be shrewdly perceptive, or he may merely be critical and suspicious, but in any event, it is best to deal with him straightforwardly. Like all true Scorpions, he can spot a phony immediately; and while he may not be able to give an adequate explanation for his feat of detection, he is usually right. Often all he can say is that he 'just knows'. His reasoning mind is connected with his combative instincts in such a way that he relishes the challenge of solving puzzles and discovering secrets. Frequently, the Mercury-Scorpio individual is justified in his skepticism. His X-ray intellect easily penetrates smooth surfaces of expressed or implied promises to reveal the hidden motives, personal inadequacies, and unconscious prevarications which lurk below. Anyone obliged to do business with this type of person should bear in mind that flattery will be of no use whatsoever, but that simple honesty will suffice. Otherwise, they may find themselves the target of 'the sharpest tongue in the zodiac'.

People with Mercury in Scorpio are invaluable in financial concerns where they keep an eagle eye on accounting procedures. In insurance companies, they have an uncanny faculty for unmasking false claims and fraudulent tactics. In show business, they can quickly discern genuine talent. They make dogged investigators in any field, and do not flinch from facing facts or exposing corrupt practices. They also have the manual dexterity to handle machinery and keep it running efficiently.

Mercury in Scorpio: Higher types of Mercurial Scorpions have a profound interest in the mysteries of life, and can express obscure ideas succinctly. They also know when to remain silent. Part of the fascination they exert is due to their taciturnity, which conveys the feeling that they know more than they care to divulge, and which makes them the epitome of the proverb 'Still waters run deep'.

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Libra: Mercury in Scorpio gives an x-ray intellect. The Sun in Libra manner is diplomatic and has a certain amount of social charm. These people can appear to be very suave, but underneath this Libra manner is a mind that is as sharp as a razor. When all is said and done, they can't be easily taken in. This is the type of person who should be in a business where they unmask fraud. In any given situation with others, they come on with charm and sometimes flattery (which they themselves can't stand when others play it on them), but behind their charm is an unmasking talent for sensing the truth in another's statements.

This combination is Air and Water. This means they tune in on both the intellectual and the emotional wave lengths. With Mercury in this Water sign of Scorpio, it gives depth to the mind and the ability to understand deep feelings about things. The Scorpio mind can be fixed, determined, stubborn and very demanding. It will not let go of an idea or an emotion until the natives themselves are satisfied.

However, the Libra ego wants to harmonize, wants to adjust to others; but the thinking process will not always go along with the Libra instinct to adjust to others.

They can express very controversial ideas, rebellious tendencies with tact and diplomacy, so that others will not know what hit them. Their Scorpio minds are stubborn, penetrating, and their ego instinct is harmonious. These qualities can either work against them or make them the greatest detectives, the greatest social reformers of the whole zodiac.

There is not end of belief in the persons they are in love with; but once hurt by a loved one, they can become very vindictive. It is not as outwardly vindictive as Sun Scorpio, Mercury Scorpio, but is even more destructive when they want to be because others are pulled off-guard so as to give these natives considerable headway.

When it comes to Scorpio Mercury's thinking, nothing is impossible, and this becomes the root matter of all things in their lives. They may have exterior charm, and others may think they have convinced them or won, but do not expect them to ever forget or to ever fully give up, because they won't. There is a constant undercurrent with this combination. Libra charm, Libra diplomacy, Libra harmony; but underneath those, their thoughts are very fixed, determined, and never accepting defeat. These natives will win in the end: watch and see. Water is sometimes hard on Air, for it makes the Air heavy and immoveable. However, Air in this case can cause so much commotion that it can create heavy emotional storms within their communication with others.

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Libra: If the Sun is in Libra with Mercury in Scorpio, the temperament is basically moderate and conciliatory, but with a certain disputatious streak or contrariness. Individuals with this combination have been able to make diplomatic use of their gifts of satire and repartee. The Libran Sun may give so much suavity that people fail to realize how acute the intellect really is.

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Libra: If the Sun sign is Libra, Mercury in Scorpio adds considerable determination and purpose; Libran indecisiveness will not be such a problem. The individual may seem indecisive, but will intuitively know what line of action to take, even if he or she procrastinates over actually making a move! Natural Neptune charm will be expressed, but there can be a minor or major tendency to plot and scheme. However, if determination and a sense of purpose can be directed positively towards the attainment of objectives and a more rewarding lifestyle, this is a good combination.

Mercury in Scorpio and Sun in Libra: Deepak Chopra, Aleister Crowley, Mahatma Gandhi, Timothy Leary, John Lennon, Jack Parsons, Paul Simon, Suzanne Somers, DavMcC, JerGar, Miriam

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio: These people are very courageous. When we speak of Scorpio, we are speaking of a force that knows no defeat, a force that does not know what the word 'impossible' means. These people always figure out a way to get whatever it is they want. The mind is deep and penetrating, and can always figure out a way to get out of any difficulty. With this combination, the door is wide open for the Scorpio purpose in life. This influence gives psychological talent, as a natural born psychologist. It gives an easy, natural concept with the healing arts. The other side of this picture represents a consciousness and an ego that is all or nothing, saint or devil. These people will try anything or die in the attempt. Unless other influences in the chart dilute, this gives those possessing it heroic tendencies, capable of the most unusual and out-of-the ordinary feats.

This is double Water, but Water that has power, Water that has pressure and strength. This represents a fixed sign, so there is no giving up on anything. It causes them to take something to the limit of its potential. It forces; it sometimes pressures, and either will be so dedicated with a purpose, or an idea, that will make a big dent in their world, leading to success, or will practically destroy itself in the attempt. In many ways, this says 'succeed or die'. You will never fool these people, for they can immediately see the very bottom of a situation or problem. They may not be very talkative, so where they are concerned you must learn to read gestures, facial expressions, and mannerisms. Theirs is a nature best suited for some type of research, whether in healing research, occult research, detective work, or any of the human mysteries of our existence.

These natives have a way of popping back to full life when you think they are the most defeated. Their minds will always find one spark that can cause them to rejuvenate their thinking and build anew, creating a continuous productive effort. It will be comparatively easy for them to get rid of anything in their lives that is not productive. However, this same talent can cause a very destructive streak, annihilating all in its path depending upon other aspects to this same Sun / Mercury in Scorpio. There can be a devious side to their natures, even with the best of them. It is just a question of degree, as to how much of a devious nature they possess. Even when it looks like they have forgotten, they have not forgotten, for at a later time the subject or project will come up again in a new form, but still the same old subject underneath. The will with this influence is to succeed above and beyond average, despite the form they have to use to succeed. They should get into some very productive field from the very beginning, and direct this great force to some special purpose for the general mass good, achieving something not only for themselves but also for humanity in general. If that is accomplished, it loses some of its selfishness.

This is POWER; direct it. This influence gives power for the unspoken art of communication. Without any communication from you, they still know. They project an atmosphere when they enter a room, an atmosphere that is immediately felt by all in the room though no words are spoken. The silence is almost as successful as actual words. It is telepathic communication.

This combination creates an abundance of famous people. The Sun and Mercury here does not accept the word 'impossible'. [The most difficult combination to find for famous people is when the Mercury is in the sign ahead of the Sun.]

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio: If the Sun sign is Scorpio, the thinking processes of Mercury will be as powerfully intense and intuitive as they can be, with formidable determination and sense of purpose. The intellectual powers are usually excellent, but the individual could become obsessive - perhaps over attaining an objective or a compelling interest. There will be a fascination with mysteries, which will be relentlessly pursued and researched. It is important for there to be a compelling objective of this kind; otherwise, these powerful qualities can go sour and turn into Scorpio jealousy or resentfulness.

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio: If the Sun and Mercury are both in Scorpio, the mind is imbued with courage and fortitude.

Mercury in Scorpio and Sun in Scorpio: Prince Charles, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Charles Manson, Joni Mitchell, Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound, Will Rogers, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Andrew, Carolyn, Cesar, Ju, Leif, Prabhukar, Ricardo, Tara, VinCal, Virginia

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius: Mercury is the open door. It guards a person's conscious thoughts. It is our sense reactions. When the doorway is in a Water sign, the Fire ego has to come through this Water sheath. If this Sagittarian Sun has enough drive, enough enthusiasm for a given ego satisfaction, it will come through this Scorpio doorway with much more depth, much more fixed determination. This combination forces the Sagittarian into a more singular determined direction. The Mercury in Scorpio mind will limit Sagittarian excesses, forcing a more stable pattern, and will give the tendency for the Sagittarius to get to the bottom of a pursuit.

The Sagittarian will still be variable, curious about all manner of things; but the Mercury in Scorpio will give it longer staying power on a given interest and be more inclined to penetrate into the full meaning of things. This is a Mercury that may not be as expressive as other Mercury positions.

However, they will be very expressive when they make a full evaluation, and not until then. In other words, they eliminate all that they believe to be unnecessary in communication. They may not have as much obvious outward charm, but they have a kind of magnetism that is hard to resist. This Sagittarian shows how they feel or what they think by facial expressions, mannerisms and an enthusiastic sparkle to their eyes. The ego trend of the Sun needs the Mercury sign to express. When a Fire sign comes through a Water Mercury, not all the enthusiasm and excitement will show. [When the opposite takes place, a Fire Mercury and a Water ego, much more enthusiasm than is actually the case may show.]

Mercury in Scorpio can easily recognize a phony, but the average Scorpio doesn't always understand why he / she thinks something or someone is phony. When this Scorpio is coupled with the Sagittarian Sun, it gives easy understanding, with the ability to explain why this or that is phony. Others should be very honest with this type of Sagittarian, for honesty and the direct approach are the best. If you want someone who can easily spot phony insurance claims or any other fraudulent financial schemes, these are the people to do it. If you are dealing with these people, and you think you can get by with something or that you are more shrewd than they are, think again, for in the end these people will expose you and run rings around you.

Scorpio is known for certain secretive qualities; and Sagittarius is known for being outspoken and exceptionally honest. The coupling of these two signs indicates people who will know when to speak and when not to speak. Sagittarius all by itself does not know when and when not to speak; they just blurt it out. However, with this influence to the Scorpio mind it makes all the difference. These people also have the talent of hypnotizing you into something they want you to do against your total acceptance. Those who would do this are the more unevolved Sun Sagittarius / Mercury Scorpio.

The Sagittarian egos will have an abundance of knowledge at their disposal, but the Scorpio Mercury will not express it all. The other person will always get the idea that these Sagittarians know more than they are saying. The secret ace in the hole for them is their sense of timing. Be patient; just wait, and in the end you will hear from these Sagittarians, perhaps not what you want to hear, but the truth. This is the arrow that goes straight to the target and right through it.

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius: If the Sun sign is Sagittarius, this Mercury placement acts as a good counter to the Sagittarian dislike of detail. It reduces the hastiness of Sagittarius and endows natural enthusiasm with a little caution. Any tendency to over-optimism is also controlled, and Mercury in this position generally adds depth to someone who is basically more concerned with the overall breadth of problems and situations. Sagittarius is a fiery, emotional sign; and Mercury's placing gives some dampening emotion to the intellect, making for an individual who is a force to be reckoned with and has a sense of humor.

Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius: If the Sun is in Sagittarius and Mercury is in Scorpio, a visionary disposition may turn the mind to philosophical pursuits. Mercury then serves as a restraining influence which prunes away the excesses of the Sagittarian tendency toward verbosity.

The unevolved Mercurial Scorpion can be the most vindictive of enemies.

Mercury in Scorpio and Sun in Sagittarius: William Blake, Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, John Malkovich, Mark Twain, Andrea, Dheeraj, Donny, Marybeth, Maureen, PapayaJ

See also: Mercury in Scorpio;

Mercury in Scorpio: William Blake, Prince Charles, Deepak Chopra, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Aleister Crowley, Walt Disney, Mahatma Gandhi, Timothy Leary, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, John Malkovich, Charles Manson, Joni Mitchell, Jack Parsons, Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound, Will Rogers, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Paul Simon, Suzanne Somers, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Andrea, Andrew, Carolyn, Cesar, DavMcC, Dheeraj, Donny, JerGar, Ju, Leif, Marybeth, Maureen, Miriam, PapayaJ, Prabhukar, Ricardo, Tara, VinCal, Virginia

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in the sign Sagittarius indicates a mind concerned with all codifications of social thought, whether in the form of religion, philosophy, law, or other studies related to higher education. Mercury in Sagittarius is in the sign of its detriment, and is manifested as a primary concern with attitudes rather than facts. The result is often constructive, in giving insight into social motivation and its subsequent events. However, natives can lose sight of the truth if they do not pay enough attention to detailed factual information, the basis of all logical thought. It must be remembered that Sagittarius opposes Gemini and squares Virgo, the signs ruled by Mercury.

People with this sign position can have prophetic insight because their concern with attitudes enables them to understand what information public opinion will regard as important. This leads to the unfolding of mass destiny and karma. These people are direct in speech and will say exactly what they think; they demand mental freedom, but their ideas seldom depart from traditional concepts or current social morality. Hence, they are usually respected in the community. But if their social conformity is carried too far, it can lead to hypocrisy, for their moral standards may be no better than the lowest common denominator of the socially accepted norm. They need to realize that an attitude is not necessarily right merely because it is popular or prevailing.

These natives desire to entrench themselves in public institutions of higher learning or social control, such as universities, churches, and government. Their purpose is to achieve intellectual authority and status, though the price may be conformity to corrupt, stagnant institutions. They like to consider themselves paragons of truth, but whether they are or not depends on how Mercury is aspected. They may tend to moral sermonizing about the obvious, and they may become pedantic.

At times there is a preoccupation with distant goals and lofty ideals, which can make the natives oblivious to what is under their noses. Neptune's co-rulership of Sagittarius can result in woolgathering tendencies.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You tend to overlook what is right before your eyes; to neglect what is shouting right in your ear, because your attention is on bigger, or anyway farther-off, things. You don't see details. Sometimes you don't hear little squibs of conversation and thus miss the whole point. Your senses were wool-gathering, or else you fixed your attention on something else. They are keen enough, but tend to scatter; they do not need to be sharpened so much as they need to be directed. Your feet may stumble because your eyes missed the rock in the path; you get bumped by a trolley car because you didn't hear the bell. No doubt you were listening to or looking at something more important. To fix your attention, to gain dominion over the direction in which your sense are pointed, is to achieve success, for your senses are sharp enough and require only more care in their use.

Mercury in Sagittarius: In Sagittarius, Mercury paints a picture of one who is fond of sports, tries to live by the Golden Rule, is fair, wants to impart or share knowledge, and is fascinated by travel, publishing, and the formation of public opinion. Indications are excellent for advertising, public relations, writing, producing, political campaigns, and the creation of editorial policy.

The astrologer must help him to see the obvious. He tends to be idealistic to the extent that others take advantage of him, and must learn to be more practical ¬otherwise he is in for disillusionment, especially with members of the opposite sex. He will battle for freedom of speech, but can be so concerned with the right of others to speak that he is 'shut out'. He must be taught to concentrate, to finish projects, and to take care of personal needs before worrying about the needs of strangers.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You are tireless in your search for knowledge and wisdom, your goal being to learn and experience everything. Everything interests you, especially subjects that have significance beyond the mundane or which offer universal truths, such as philosophy, psychology and religion. Like Mercury in Scorpio, you are not satisfied with superficial explanations or simple facts and figures; you are seeking total understanding. Your infinite curiosity can cause you to be nosy, even voyeuristic; you want to know everything about everybody.

A lifelong student, you find nothing is more pleasurable to you than learning. You also enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, and can be an inspiring and eloquent teacher. Because you are always contemplating the future and the far horizon, you can seem rather 'spacey', forgetful, impractical and disorganized. This is the position of the absent-minded professor.

You have a fantastic imagination and a way with words. A natural storyteller, you can entertain crowds for hours with amusing tales, and could turn your talents to writing. Sometimes your imagination can run away with you, however, and you have a tendency to exaggerate. Although you think of this as improving upon the original, such behavior may earn you a reputation as a liar. However, your persuasiveness and entertaining speech could also make you an excellent salesperson.

Your vision is broad and all-encompassing. You are able to comprehend the larger picture and see how all the pieces fit together. Rather than isolating information and taking it at face value, as does Mercury in Gemini, you see it in the context of its entire environment. Thus, you are able to make interesting and even brilliant connections between things that others miss. This is the stuff of which great philosophy and humor are made, and quite probably you are witty, pointedly funny and insightful.

Sociable and very communicative, even loquacious, you'll talk to anyone who'll listen, and see every conversation as an opportunity to expand or spread your knowledge. So gregarious are you that you tend to spend a great deal of time socializing with friends, playing games, gambling, or partying. You're really rather lazy and undisciplined mentally. An idealistic dreamer, you talk a lot about what you're going to do tomorrow, but never seem to get around to actually doing it. (However, if your Sun is in Capricorn or Saturn is strongly placed in your chart, you'll be much more focused, persevering and hard-working.)

You are especially interested in seeing, learning about and talking with people from other countries or cultures, and might have a talent for languages. You probably enjoy travelling and like to drive. If you can't actually visit foreign lands, you may be an 'armchair traveler' and watch television shows about exotic places and people. Generally, you prefer to get your information from radio, TV, movies or lectures rather than from books.

Even though you are curious about people of different mindsets and cultures, you aren't particularly tolerant of belief systems that diverge radically from your own. You are more interested in spreading your own views and philosophies, and can be something of an evangelist for your opinions. In religious matters in particular, you are inclined to be a bit fanatical, self-justifying, moralistic and proselytizing. Unless you have several planets in Earth signs, you are more intent on the ideal than the reality, glorifying the spirit while denigrating the flesh.

For the most part, however, you are optimistic and look on the bright side of things. You always have something positive to say, and your enthusiasm inspires and encourages others.

Saturn or Pluto aspects to your Mercury will make you more mentally focused and disciplined.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Traditionally, Mercury works badly here. However, provided restlessness, superficiality and some over-optimism can be controlled, much can be made of this placing. The subject will always be studying something, and should do so, since he or she truly needs intellectual stimulation. Consistency of effort must be developed, and interests should not be changed too often as restlessness and a lack of satisfaction will be inhibiting. Breadth of vision is considerable, as is a quick grasp of situations, giving the appearance of brilliance, but this may be a bluff! All will be well if a philosophical outlook and attitude can be developed. There can be a flair for languages, and travel is of great importance. If physical travel is impossible, reading about or studying far-flung countries may compensate.

Mercury in Sagittarius: When you indulge your fears of losing the appearance of intellectual superiority, you may jump to hasty conclusions. The rational mind can become lost in empty theories with no logic or facts for a foundation. These theories may then be unwittingly presented to others in a moralizing manner, from a platform of inflated expressions of pompous self-righteousness.

When your attention is on clearly distinguishing emotionally biased thoughts from factual and logically based thoughts, you can relinquish the Sagittarius tendency of self-satisfied mental isolation. You then can communicate your inspired perceptions without any need to prove intellectual superiority. Your ability to uplift others is through opening a two-way sharing and communication.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You have a forthright, though potentially gushy, mind. You see life in terms of what has to be said because it creates problems when left unsaid. This clears the air and promotes broader awareness and understanding, even though it may shock or embarrass initially. You also see life in terms of religious significance or ethical values; and in terms of everything being for the best ultimately, which is uplifting and guiding for Other.

You tend not to see that saying something simply because it is preoccupying you can make a mountain out of a molehill, or get back from Other more than you bargained for. You also tend not to see hard facts (that Other can see and tell); or that your strong opinions and values blind you to those of Other, who then has no choice but to distance him- / herself from you.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You look upon sex as a very natural function, so it is not likely to be a source of great worry or anxiety to you. At the same time, it may not be a highly motivating force, either. To you, sex is just one of many areas of enjoyment and communication between partners, neither more nor less important than other forms of personal interchange. But when you get down to making love, you do it with gusto and abandon. Even though you aren't considered a swinger, you approach the sexual experience in a much more open fashion than most people, for you see no reason to be self-conscious.

Thus, sex outdoors or in other natural settings, which is too challenging or inhibiting to some, is easy and enjoyable for you. And even if you haven't the opportunity to actually do this, it is something to contemplate pleasurably.

Your open attitude can make loving much easier by helping to break down the inhibitions of a lover who is willing but not quite ready to stray from the sexual straight-and-narrow. You may sometimes be a sexual teacher, not verbally, but by example and by understanding.

In your actual lovemaking, do not suppress the impulse to express yourself vigorously and vocally. It's bound to add to the excitement and should be toned down only in too-close quarters with easily upset neighbors.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Your mind is very curious, and you want to know the answers to every question. To learn as much as you can, you ask questions of everyone who might have some new information. You are particularly interested in subjects that study the universe as a whole, such as science, or that cover a broad area of human activity, such as history or social science. You want to understand the patterns of the world around you. Your curiosity can help you greatly in school if you overcome one problem. You don't always think very carefully, and you tend to ignore details that seem too small to notice, although they may really be important. Also you often work too quickly and make mistakes as a result. You have to learn to work and think more patiently.

When you believe you are right, you speak very bluntly. You think it is dishonest to speak indirectly in the way that others consider polite. But you must be careful not to hurt people's feelings by your bluntness. Luckily it is clear to others that you don't mean to hurt them, and that you are only trying to be honest, which they can understand. Truth is very important to you.

A particular strength of this position of Mercury is that you are able to handle new ideas and concepts that others find hard to accept. A strange or unfamiliar idea intrigues you rather than bothering you. You view every new idea as a chance to grow and expand your mind. Mercury in Sagittarius is often a sign of great curiosity.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Keen senses but lack concentration. Mind doesn't need sharpening but needs directing. Apt to miss details because mind is focused on farther off things. Directness of thought and expression; and are apt to say exactly what is in their mind. Do not wound deliberately as does Mercury in Scorpio; but it does not occur to them how what they say reacts on others. Their thoughts are like shooting stars. Impatient, and sometimes do not wait long enough to form correct judgments. Sincere and honest, and cannot stand deception. Thoughts disconnected. May promise with sincerity but lack patience in carrying it through. Acute perception. Need to learn to be quiet and still and reflective.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Mercury in Sagittarius can indicate a mind which engages in an eternal quest for universal knowledge and general moral truths underpinning social formations. People with this placement can sometimes be accused of hypocrisy when their acceptance of more popular and socially agreed philosophical insights and norms leads them to forget about the need for some moral guidelines in personal interactions and relationships. Zeus himself was not above making mistakes, or playing the hypocrite in his constant unfaithfulness to Hera, sometimes with Hermes's aid, as we have seen in the myth of Argos. The far-sighted and intuitive minds of Mercury-in-Sagittarius people are often found resenting the restrictions imposed by a need to examine what is directly in front of them. Any limitation to their freedom of thought could lead these people to be harsh and direct in speech and action, while, at the same time, they want to be recognized as intellectual leaders and to achieve some moral or philosophical authority. More at home with abstract concepts and ideas, people with this placement could cultivate a rigorous honesty with themselves and pay greater attention to concrete reality and the more mundane details of their lives.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Keynote: The mind ranges over a variety of abstract concepts. Symbol: A scholar compiles logical proofs of the existence of God.

Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius because of the disproportion between the planet of specific facts and the sign of general possibilities. Sagittarian expansiveness stimulates Mercury to a fitful brilliance which may be alternately superficial and inspired. The person with this combination has big ideas but must beware lest his burgeoning mental enthusiasms make it irksome to concentrate on a single line of endeavor. The mind darts from one conclusion to another but, unless it is deliberately reined in, continuity and judgment are lacking.

At best, the Mercury-Sagittarius blend gives a profound sense of purpose and the ability to focus on distant goals. A far-reaching ambition to comprehend the mental and moral laws of the universe and to reconcile scientific and religious approaches to life results in a tendency to study several subjects simultaneously, to carry on more than one occupation, and to become involved in a number of different but related projects. Consequently, Mercurial Sagittarians often write treatises which endeavor to gather all their ideas under one cover. 'All paths lead to the same mountaintop', this individual may proclaim, but he needs to see to it that in mapping the many converging routes he does not become distracted from his own straight and narrow way.

Less-developed people of this type may give the impression of being large-minded when what they actually have is little minds in constant motion. They have an aptitude for saying the right thing at the wrong time, or out of context. Often their problem is not lack of insight but an inability to make their ideas suitable to the occasion. Their minds slip out of gear with those to others because they are so intent upon the transmission of their own thoughts.

Mercury in Sagittarius: The person with Mercury in Sagittarius often achieves success as a teacher, editorialist, or worker for political causes. He makes an enthusiastic propagandist, whose words travel far. He is at his best when inspired to dedicate his mind and spirit to some significant movement which broadens people's outlook on life and enables them to grow in understanding.

Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Scorpio: If the Sun sign is Scorpio, the heavy intensity of Scorpio gets a lively fillip from Mercury, and encourages the individual not to take him- or herself quite so seriously, nor to become so obsessive over personal or psychological problems. A certain openness will be very refreshing. There is broad-mindedness and an optimistic outlook. A controlled enthusiasm will be shows; and the emotional and intuitive content of Scorpio will be positive and reasoned, generally allowing free expression of the true feelings. Important interests or hobbies will give full scope to the imagination.

Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Scorpio: If the Sun is in Scorpio, the Sagittarian Mercury ranges less far afield, and is inclined toward the study of psychology and sociology rather than toward abstract scholarship. The Approach to life is introspective, with a propensity for philosophical self-analysis.

Mercury in Sagittarius and Sun in Scorpio: Sally Field, Terence McKenna, George Patton, Ted Turner, BPoe, Jane

Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius: The Sun and Mercury conjoined in Sagittarius indicate a love of travel with an aptitude for talking and writing interestingly about a wide variety of experiences. The mind is farsighted, and frequently more concerned with ideas than with personalities.

Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius: If the Sun sign is Sagittarius, this is a very lively combination which needs steadying from other elements in the chart if natural Sagittarian enthusiasm and breadth of vision are not to overwhelm the subject, making it hard for him or her to cope with details. Optimism can get out of hand, too, and there will be gushing enthusiasm that fizzles out after an initially strong start. Despite these exaggerative tendencies, this placing has a lot to offer if the individual recognizes the pitfalls and ensures that restlessness (especially the mental kind) is countered. Changing to a physically demanding activity can help.

Mercury in Sagittarius and Sun in Sagittarius: Woody Allen, Kim Basinger, Ty Cobb, Uri Geller, J.Paul Getty, Tenzin Gyatso, Robert Hand, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Hicks, Karl Renz, Frank Sinatra, Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonio, JRosh, Leigh, Nancee, Samp, Shakura, Silas

Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Capricorn: If the Sun sign is Capricorn, optimism and a more positive outlook are added to the rather serious Capricorn traits. The Capricorn off-beat sense of humor is also enhanced. The 'wet fish' element (as seen from the Capricorn goat's fishtail) is less likely to emerge, thereby giving a lively and inspirational subject. He or she will be less single-minded and doggedly persistent, and more relaxed and easy, able to cope with setbacks philosophically and without grumbling. A controlled and enthusiastic attitude can be both amusing and endearing!

Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Capricorn: The Sun in Capricorn and Mercury in Sagittarius impart a talent for practical organization. There may be a tendency to dictate to others and to take strong measures to see that one's ideas are carried out. Such an individual is determined not only to understand but also to wield the law. The all-encompassing Sagittarian mind may with determinedly promote the Capricornian will to crystallize ideas into social institutions. The universality of Sagittarius may further Capricorn's sense of moral responsibility. Together these socializing influences bind people into mutually beneficial communities of interest.

Mercury in Sagittarius and Sun in Capricorn: Carlos Castaneda, Howard Hughes, Ramana Maharshi, Patti Smith, Jon Voight, Paramahansa Yogananda, BenT, Bobbie, Dewitt, JJ

See also: Mercury in Sagittarius;

Mercury in Sagittarius: Woody Allen, Kim Basinger, Carlos Castaneda, Ty Cobb, Sally Field, Uri Geller, J.Paul Getty, Tenzin Gyatso, Robert Hand, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Hicks, Howard Hughes, Terence McKenna, George Patton, Ramana Maharshi, Karl Renz, Frank Sinatra, Patti Smith, Ted Turner, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jon Voight, Paramahansa Yogananda, Antonio, BenT, Bobbie, BPoe, Jane, JJ, Dewitt, JRosh, Leigh, Nancee, Samp, Shakura, Silas

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in the sign Capricorn indicates a mind that is ambitious, shrewd, practical, organized, and concerned with attaining status through material accomplishments. People with Mercury in Capricorn are capable of extended concentration and good organization. They are methodical in thought and procedure, possessing the ability to take things a step at a time; and their reasoning process is thorough, but not necessarily original. Their patience and discipline can result in mathematical ability, which can be used in business or science. Mercury in this sign also gives good managerial ability, and it belongs to many successful executives.

People with this sign position will go through traditional educational procedures as a means of reaching professional goals and improving their financial and social status. In political and social ideas, they are generally conservative, and uphold the established order. They respect those beliefs that have proved their usefulness through the test of time. Since Capricorn, like Virgo, is an Earth sign, Mercury in this sign regards ideas as important only if they are of practical value.

These people are realistic rather than idealistic in their approach to their goals; they see everything for what it is, and are not to be deluded or taken in by false idealism. Since they have a keen sense of awareness, little of practical consequence escapes their notice. However, there is a danger that their seriousness and mental discipline will lead to a stern manner and a lack of humor.

If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, material ambition may lead to avarice and the tendency to use people to attain material goals, without regard for human values. Material status may become an end in itself, overriding human values and all other considerations.

Mercury in Capricorn: When you indulge in Capricorn fears of losing status by not knowing the answers to everything, you can develop a pretence of being the final intellectual authority in all fields. You may use every opportunity to gather knowledge and impress others, always assuming an authoritarian attitude. This can result in alienation and a breakdown of your credibility with other people. A pretentious manner when speaking may disenchant others, provoking them to withhold information. This can lead to a constant disruption of any attempted communication.

When you focus on the informational needs of others, you can effortlessly share ideas relevant to the situation. When your motive in giving information is to support others, you automatically communicate true knowledge and eliminate pretence. Relinquishing the Capricorn need to maintain authority allows others to share the information necessary for further mutual advancement.

You can cease to take yourself so seriously by paying attention to the sensitivities of others. Then you can organize the situation effectively and share authority. This opens the door for others to show appreciation and respect for your abilities.

Mercury in Capricorn: You never miss a trick. You can hear the grass grow, see out of the back of your head, smell garlic three blocks off, taste the faintest suggestion of flavoring, and feel the difference in the diameter of two hairs. Your sense impressions are right down to earth: you see things for what they are, without any ifs, buts or ands. You don't intrude any judgment, any moral or aesthetic or social code, between yourself and reality. Morals and judgment may exist in your life, but they have no bearing, in your mind, on things. A sofa is a sofa. A bed is a bed. The moral aspect of these pieces of useful furniture will not occur to you till someone else thinks of it. Your practical reaction to sense impressions makes your viewpoint sanest and most authentic in the world; and you can often help others to get down to cases by calling them back from irrelevant details to a contemplation of the real thing under discussion.

Mercury in Capricorn: Your mind works in a logical, orderly manner. Each thought follows upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, step-by-step. Before speaking, you carefully examine and edit your words so that what you say is sensible, clear and concise. You rarely say something you don't mean or will be sorry for later. If your Sun is also in Capricorn, you won't be very talkative, speaking only when necessary or when spoken to. You prefer to communicate only with people you know well, and are shy and self-conscious when you have to speak to strangers or before a group. (If your Sun is in Aquarius or Sagittarius, however, you'll be more open, talkative and sociable.)

Mentally practical and down-to-earth, your attention is focused on the here-and-now rather than some distant horizon. Though you may not be very creative or imaginative, you are capable of deep concentration, have a good memory, and excel at planning and organization; you get things done while others are still dreaming. Determined and persevering, you are able to focus your thoughts on a single project or idea for long periods of time; and once you put your mind to something you usually accomplish it. You are ambitious, have a good head for business, and believe in the work ethic. Your pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude can help you to succeed in the corporate world or in any field that requires common sense and clear thinking.

Your ideas and attitudes are generally conservative and traditional, and you are more inclined to look to the past for answers than to try something new or different. Cautious and skeptical, you often demand 'proof' before you'll believe something.

Although you may not learn as quickly and easily as others, you retain what you learn and find ways to apply it. It is most likely that you were a good student because you worked hard at your studies and took them seriously. You are most interested in subjects that can be used in some practical way, especially those which will benefit you professionally. Abstract ideas, philosophy, metaphysics or the arts probably don't appeal to you very much; you are more comfortable with facts and figures that you can put to work in the physical world.

Serious and rather pessimistic, you are prone to negative thinking and can be terribly critical of yourself and others. You tend to be a worrier, pensive, contemplative, and at times fearful and morbid, thinking and expecting the worst of people and situations. Such negativity can block you from achieving your goals since you sometimes believe things are worse than they are and give up before you even try.

You are a bit insecure about your mental abilities. Consequently, you work very hard to develop your intellect and want to be respected for your knowledge. Perhaps you believe that others think you are intellectually inferior; and thus you are defensive and rather touchy in this area. In truth, you aren't as witty and quick as your Mercury in Sagittarius or Aquarius counterparts. However, this doesn't mean you aren't as bright as they are. As a child, you may have been stifled intellectually or denied a good education and opportunities to expand your knowledge. To compensate, you might go back to school as an adult, work doggedly to acquire advanced degrees, or go to great lengths to demonstrate your intelligence. Or, you might attempt to prove to others (and yourself) that you don't need a degree or intelligence to succeed, and strive to become successful and wealthy despite your 'deficiency'.

If Uranus aspects your Mercury, or if your Sun is in Aquarius, you'll be more progressive, unconventional, quick and abstract in your thinking. If Jupiter or Mars aspects Mercury in your chart, or if your Sun is in Sagittarius, you'll be more outspoken, talkative, optimistic and friendly.

Mercury in Capricorn: Although the mind usually works fairly slowly, the subject thinks in a constructive and practical way, able to form a rational and cool view of every situation. Mathematical ability is likely; but he or she will be slow when studying; and progress may be more steady than rapid. What is said is meant, and there is usually no time for idle gossip, with the subject seeming the strong and silent type. Pessimism is likely, especially if the Moon and Saturn form negative aspects, but there is often strong ambition and achievement. The approach is very matter-of-fact, and long-term planning presents few problems. Determination and decisiveness will be present unless other natal influences make the outlook bleak and depressed, when excuses may be made to cover up procrastination or lack of self-confidence. In any case, every move is calculated and made with great caution. A liking for quality and tradition is common. Achievements are often underestimated.

Mercury in Capricorn: Mercury in Capricorn can be earthy, warm, giving, trusting, and capable of seeing only the best in others. This can lead to some situations which are sad, costly and enervating.

The astrologer's job is to help the native to use his abilities, including intuitive intellect. Perhaps, on the other hand, the real task is to have the native heed the message his common sense sends rather than disregarding facts and hoping for the best. He is industrious and works toward his goal, but doesn't always know in which direction the goal lies. He must be more discriminating and suspicious, and call upon personal resources rather than trusting those who perhaps are not trustworthy.

Mercury in Capricorn: You have a methodical, though potentially rigid, mind. You see life in terms of tried and true procedures, thereby enabling you to grasp the essential facts of an issue and discuss things in a step-by-step, logical fashion that creates order. You see things as being efficient or inefficient, useful or useless - and so you put across to Other what you set out to put across, as well as achieving an objective that you always have in mind.

You tend not to see issues and factors concerning Other that fall outside your rigidly set view of things; Other will ultimately take advantage of this if you fail to listen and learn from him / her. You also tend not to see that Other may have plans that will include you only if your alter your agenda and criteria. So take time out to see someone who can help you achieve this.

Mercury in Capricorn: When it comes to sex, you are not overly verbal, but you are fairly clear and firm in your opinions about it. That is an advantage, in that one can suffer from too much uncertainty about sex. But don't let your set ideas cause you to become too conservative or unwilling to try something new. You could miss out on a lot that way.

It is a good idea to ask your partner about what pleases him or her most in bed, because with your direct approach to lovemaking you could easily pass over something that is very important to your lover. Once you know your lover's tastes, you will take care to fulfill them in a thoughtful fashion. Be sure to ask again from time to time, for your lover's needs may change; and the more aware you are of them, the better.

It is very likely that you agree with the common views of what is normal and abnormal in a sexual relationship. But you can enjoy unusual sexual expression precisely because it is unusual and therefore exciting. If you avoid different experiences without question, your sex life will be less interesting.

Because of your self-assurance, it may seem natural to you to dominate your partner sexually. But you should try not to do this, even though it seems easiest and best for both of you at first. Instead, seek out your lover's thoughts and fantasies, and give them equal weight with yours. That kind of true interplay will always enrich your relationship.

Mercury in Capricorn: You like to think and plan very carefully, for you have a cautious mind, and you don't want to jump to conclusions. Your mind does not work very quickly, but your carefulness makes up for that. You are good at organizing yourself and others, so you can direct activities if necessary. These talents may be useful in business when you grow up. You are a practical thinker, and you want to learn skills that will be useful in life.

You do not like to study abstract subjects for their own sake. You want to know about life as it really is; and unlike many people of your age when young, you don't spend times in dreams and fantasies. But be careful not to become too narrow. Many aspects of the world may not seem interesting to you at first, and your practical mind may reject them as unimportant. However, if you ignore these ideas, you may miss out on something.

Inwardly, you are a serious person, and your thoughts are serious. As a result, you may seem older than most people your age in youth, because adults feel they can rely on you. However, even though you are basically serious, you can be quite funny. You take the world so seriously that you have to make jokes about the things that bother you, in order to deal with them. Mercury in this sign is often associated with comedians.

Mercury in Capricorn: Ambitious and practical organizers, people with Mercury placed in Capricorn tend to a realistic mode of thought, and may be wary of any ideas which seem nebulous or unconcerned with achieving some materially secure status. Hard-working and with patient if somewhat plodding minds, these people think conventionally and methodically, one step at a time, often dismissing the joys of speculative thought as unproductive time-wasting. They value a disciplined and serious form of mental expression, and can seem to be of a humorless turn of mind as they struggle to achieve professional and material goals - there was nothing very humorless about Saturn devouring his own children through fear of being usurped. Steady and logical, though perhaps unoriginal thinkers, people with this placement incline to a thorough knowledge of practical affairs and established institutions. Some practical idealism and an acceptance of human inconsistency would help to counterbalance the depressing effects of the more negative qualities of this combination.

Mercury in Capricorn: Keynote: Thoughts are expressed clearly and rationally. Symbol: A librarian arranges books according to a master plan.

Saturn-ruled Capricorn tinctures the Mercurial mind with patience, prudence, and practicality. People subject to this combination expedite their plans in a thorough and systematic manner, and can generally be counted on to carry out their stated intentions. Their ability to present well-timed and clearly reasoned ideas gives them a dignified and sensible demeanor. Even if they happen to be wrong, they command respect, for they seldom indulge in foolish or silly chatter.

Mercury and Saturn maintain their friendly relations with each other throughout the zodiac. Saturn issues orders which Mercury, the servant of the gods, willingly obeys. The heavy vibrations of Capricorn endow this quicksilver planet with the stability it inherently lacks, while Mercury contributes wit and skill to the Capricornian determination to succeed. A child of the happy marriage of Mercury and Saturn is the dictionary which serves as a final authority on words. While this planetary union is not inherently creative, it can, like a dictionary, serve as an invaluable aid in giving proper expression to talents shown elsewhere in the chart.

Just as the cohesiveness of the body (Saturn) is coordinated by the nervous system (Mercury), so is the cohesiveness of a nation derived from its system of internal communications. Ancient Rome was able to achieve greatness because of the efficiency of the communications network linking the central government with the far-flung reaches of the empire. Even after the empire collapsed, Roman writings, laws, and administrative procedures endured through the centuries. Words enabled the dead to rule the living and perpetuate the power of the past. Thus, Mercury and Capricorn co-operate to form lasting structures bound together by words and ideas.

Although this combination may give a wry humor, it is not really lighthearted since pessimism is the price Mercury must pay for Saturn's mature judgment. There is too realistic an assessment of the foibles and limitations of human nature to feel particularly cheerful about the prospects for humanity in general.

Mercury in Capricorn: Mercury in Capricorn can be serious or censorious, exact or exacting, dogged or dogmatic. The mind concentrates and directs thought with deliberate intent, but the purposes for which this gift will be used are still contingent on the age of the soul.

Mercury in Capricorn: Good concentrative power. Dignity and earnestness. Good memory and attention to detail. Tendency to lack of humor; and can be 'heavy' because of it. Can be bored due to their lack of empathy. Down-to-earth type, which can be wonderful if they don't forget their branches reach to the sky. Old head on young shoulders. Tendency toward moodiness and sulking. Apt to be 'earthbound' and need to learn joy. Fear strong where material things are concerned. Needs to cultivate faith and optimism. School-teacher type. Makes excellent teachers and excellent diplomats if they do not overdo on intolerance and sternness.

Mercury in Capricorn, Sun in Sagittarius: If the Sun sign is Sagittarius, Sagittarian over-enthusiasm and blind optimism are steadied. Common sense and a practical, cautious streak are added, plus the ability to cope with details. The broad Sagittarian sense of humor is spiced with the off-beat Capricorn slant, making the subject very funny at times. Sagittarian restlessness will be less of a problem, but versatility may be reduced.

Mercury in Capricorn, Sun in Sagittarius: When the Sun is in Sagittarius and Mercury is in Capricorn, the mind has a longer tether. There may be greater optimism and religious idealism, but less single-minded concentration on the task at hand. As a manager, supervisor, guide, or teacher this individual may do better training others in practical skills than carrying them out himself.

Mercury in Capricorn and Sun in Sagittarius: Jane Fonda, Maharaj Ji, Cathy O’Brien, Osho, Brad Pitt, Bernie, CharlesS, JerryGr, Keith, Ray, Roberto

Mercury in Capricorn, Sun in Capricorn: If the Sun sign is Capricorn, lively ambition and often a positive outlook is added by the Mercury placement. The subject enjoys coping with rivals, and careful planning and forethought come easily. The mind works in a very calculated and careful way, with plenty of common sense and usually excellent mathematical and scientific potential. Sometimes there is also musical ability. A measured, steady yet slow pace is common, but what is learned is done so very thoroughly indeed.

Mercury in Capricorn, Sun in Capricorn: The person whose Sun and Mercury are both in Capricorn seldom changes his mind, and should beware of becoming stiff and opinionated. Respect for tradition can impede progress as conservative Saturn freezes the Mercurial intellect into static patterns of thought. On the positive side, these individuals have the courage of their convictions, and will struggle dauntlessly to make their ideas accepted.

Mercury in Capricorn and Sun in Capricorn: Al Capone, Georges Gurdjieff, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Edouard de Rothschild, Albert Schweitzer, Robert Anton Wilson, Tiger Woods, Gina, JBLight, JudyPl, Roy, Sugeet, Travis, Yarrow

Mercury in Capricorn, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun sign is Aquarius, Aquarian originality and perversity are steadied by the ability to think in a practical way, and stubbornness can be less of a problem. However, some conventionality will be added to Aquarian unconventionality, so the subject's opinions may swing between the two extremes. Some caution will be a counter to the Aquarian need for individuality and independence. A flair for science is present; and imagination will be shown in all intellectual pursuits.

Mercury in Capricorn, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun has gone ahead of Mercury into Aquarius, the mind is more original and independent. This is a helpful blend for organized research. It facilitates the translation of progressive concepts into the type of laboratory oratory sanctioned by the arbiters of scientific orthodoxy.

Mercury in Capricorn and Sun in Aquarius: James Dean, Paul Newman, Jack Nicklaus, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Bram, Erin, Leen, Lorraine, Tom

See also: Mercury in Capricorn;

Mercury in Capricorn: Al Capone, James Dean, Jane Fonda, Georges Gurdjieff, Maharaj Ji, Paul Newman, Jack Nicklaus, Cathy O’Brien, Osho, Dolly Parton, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Edouard de Rothschild, Albert Schweitzer, Robert Anton Wilson, Tiger Woods, Alford, Bernie, Bram, CharlesS, Erin, Gina, JBLight, JerryGr, JudyPl, Keith, Leen, Lorraine, Ray, Roberto, Roy, Sugeet, Tom, Travis, Yarrow

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in the sign Aquarius indicates a mind that is open to new experience. The ability to see things in the light of impersonal truth gives a mind that is truthful, unbiased, and objective. To people with this position, the truth must come first; they have little concern for traditional or socially acceptable ideas if these conflict with facts or first-hand experience. Here is the secret of their originality. Because of their impersonal objectivity, these people are not easily surprised by anything they may see or experience. Thus they can accept things others would find unnerving or incomprehensible.

Mercury in Aquarius is in its exaltation; consequently, these individuals have the ability to know that reason exists as a patterning of the Universal Mind, of which the individual mind is but a sub mechanism. Thus, Mercury in Aquarius manifests its highest intuitive faculties through communication with the larger Universal Mind, transcending the individual ego. The ability of the natives to experience extends beyond the five physical sense. Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, the mental energy is stabilized and concentrated, so that it is capable of receiving ideas from the archetypal realms of consciousness. Some have the ability to perceive the mind itself as an energy field and its contents as energy patterns. People with Mercury in Aquarius are likely to be telepathic.

The direct experience of higher states of energy also gives scientific insight into the workings of material manifestations. Natives see reality as it is on the microcosmic level - a pattern of energy pulses in motion. Because Saturn co-rules Aquarius, there is good mental organization and concentration, often leading to mathematical ability, which is one reason why this position produces scientists.

The ability to see things in broad terms promotes humanitarianism and concern with the spiritual unfolding of humanity. This is an excellent position for astrology and all forms of occult study. People with this position of Mercury like to function in conjunction with others; hence they become involved with group and organizational work. They seek mental stimulation through friendship.

Mercury in Aquarius: By indulging in fears of losing mental objectivity, the Aquarius rational mind can become cold and detached from feeling or empathetic intuition. Thus, sensitivity to others in communication may be lost. By immersing yourself in nonjudgmental objectivity, you can inadvertently alienate others with a brittle barrier. Fear of losing a detached concept of universal love can bring on abstract and thoughtless retorts to the personal communications of others. This may keep people at a distance.

When your attention focuses on making personal connection with others, you can become aware of their sensitivities. Recognizing the individuality in others enables you to apply the ideal of universal love. You are able to establish a connection for communication that allows others to share these unique ways of perceiving life. This is done by opening yourself to experience mental empathy with others. You experience ease in getting your point across when your ability for objective communication is tempered by an awareness of both the point of view of others and their emotional sensitivities.

Mercury in Aquarius: Ideas come to you as bursts of insight. Mentally hyperactive, you never stop thinking and have a great deal of trouble slowing down to meditate or rest, for your thoughts are always racing in a dozen different directions and tripping over themselves. You tend to think and speak in fragments, rarely taking time to sort out and organize the profusion of ideas that flash on and off in your head. This is the position of the inventor, the scientist, the person who sees connections that others miss. You may have trouble, however, bringing your ideas down to earth and applying them in practical ways.

You are always looking to the future, and your ideas and attitudes are usually ahead of their time. Others may thing you are a little bit crazy, or at least eccentric. Certainly your concepts and beliefs are out-of-the-ordinary and uniquely yours. You take pleasure in being unusual, quirky and avant-garde, and enjoy provoking more traditional people with your unconventional attitudes. You have no patience with the 'old ways', and little respect for the past. But because you never look back, you fail to learn from history and others' mistakes.

More egalitarian than most people, you judge others according to what they know, not what they own or who they are. You believe in equality and fairness, and are willing to stand up and speak out for what you believe. A humanitarian, you are concerned with the plight of the underdog and 'the people', and may be something of a social reformer. However, your interest is purely theoretical and abstract; regardless of what you say about equality for all, you really think that you are just a bit superior and more knowledgeable than everyone else.

You love to rebel against the system; to support causes and ideas that are controversial, revolutionary, unpopular or simply ahead of their time. However, you are an idealist and often forget to take into account the real-life complexities and underlying dynamics that surround the structures and attitudes you are attacking. Outspoken, irreverent and undiplomatic, you might find yourself frequently in trouble with authorities. You hold strongly and stubbornly to your beliefs, regardless of what others think, and will argue your point endlessly. Nothing pleases you more than a good debate. Something of an evangelist for your ideas, you want to convert everyone else to your way of thinking. Your technique is rarely subtle, though; and your abrasive, haughty attitude can put off as many people as it attracts.

Insatiable in your thirst for knowledge, you learn eagerly, and like to impress people with what you know. At times, you come off as a know-it-all. Because you grasp concepts so quickly, you can be impatient with others who need more time to absorb and process information. Your interest in anything new and different, unconventional or controversial might cause you to pursue such fields as computer science, electronics, aerospace, astrology and metaphysics.

Talkative and gregarious, you enjoy sharing ideas with others and probably have numerous friends and / or associates. Although you are quite sociable, you can be rather aloof and cerebral. You like to talk with others, but tend to keep conversation focused on generalities, abstractions and impersonal topics, never revealing much about yourself other than your ideals.

A dynamic and colorful speaker, you have the ability to inspire others and to organize groups of people. Often strongly political, you are eager to spread your ideas to the public, and might put your intellectual and verbal abilities to work making speeches about sociopolitical issues such as nuclear disarmament, environmental consciousness and human rights. You are the type who writes to your Congressional representatives and your local newspaper; and you never miss an opportunity to express your views.

Saturn aspects to your Mercury will help focus your thinking and make your ideas more practical. Venus aspects can soften your abrasiveness and increase your diplomacy.

Mercury in Aquarius: The mind is quick, and the individual usually has considerable originality, especially in opinions and ideas. There will be an intellectual approach to problems, and dynamism, most apparent when communicating with others. However, he or she can be stubborn and perverse, and perhaps slightly hysterical under stress. Nervous tension can cause problems, and it may be hard to unwind (either or both are likely if Mercury is negatively aspected by Mars or Uranus). Consistency of effort must be developed. The subject is usually very friendly and helpful, with the quick mind necessary to assess problems succinctly and speedily. Unusual studies or hobbies often fascinate, and there may be an attraction to the deep past or distant future. The Aquarian humanitarian traits are present, and the subject may do well when raising money or bringing injustice to light. Creative ability can also be increased if shown elsewhere in the chart.

Mercury in Aquarius: All your senses are keen, alert, strong and sensitive. There is a robustness about your contemplation of the real world that is not injured by a very keen sense of beauty. Your great ability is to see beauty in things without finding it necessary to deny their reality. Conversely, you make all useful things as beautiful as possible; and thus believe in the utility of art and the art of utility. Nothing real is likely to be offensive to you if it has a use; you will smell the odors of a pigsty less than others because you are thinking of bacon rather than of filth. But on the other hand, the beauty of an army will leave you cold because you will shudder at the slaughter. Your sense reactions are conditioned by a rugged and realistic approach to experience that causes you to regard everything you see, hear and touch in the light of your appraisal of its utilitarian and artistic merits; and little reaches you through the senses without passing through this nicely balanced court of values.

Mercury in Aquarius: You have an original, though potentially scatty, mind. You see life in terms of truth and knowledge, and so are able to make Other aware of issues and factors that are powerfully influential but not obvious. You also see life in terms of both progressive and sentimental thinking; and in terms of an unusual, free¬thinking and non-judgmental way that allows Other to express him/ herself openly, thereby creating understanding almost magically.

You tend not to see what Other is actually feeling, because you are too busy with some theory of how things ought to be, or even how Other ought to be feeling. You also tend not to see that Other is not so far-seeing as you are, or when you are being hare-brained; and that Other cannot easily appreciate your apparently contradictory thought processes.

Mercury in Aquarius: Contemplating sexual experimentation may be quite stimulating to you, but the experience itself may be less exciting than thinking about it. But don't hold back because of that fact - all your experiments will be pleasurable and enlightening, and you will treasure the knowledge and understanding that you gain thereby.

You may be quite curious, particularly about the more unusual forms of sexual expression; but you are also cautious, and you won't jump into a situation without first doing some background research.

This may entail reading about the subject beforehand, or even watching others so that you know what you're getting into. Puritan mores to the contrary, this can be a particularly pleasant way of enjoying sexuality, for it leaves your mind free to savor each detail without having to think about every move. This is particularly true with unusual forms of sex, which may indeed be difficult to accomplish and are better enjoyed visually, perhaps followed by easier and more natural lovemaking.

You can be quite varied in your approach to loving, because you understand so many different aspects of sexuality. Thus you can be an excellent lover for any partner you choose, whatever the style or preference.

Mercury in Aquarius: You think the way you want, and it is very difficult for anyone to change your mind. Once an idea or opinion is fixed in your mind, you hold on to it stubbornly. However, you look at the world with few already set beliefs, so you can see aspects of it that others overlook. This makes your mind highly original. Also you are attracted to unusual, even fantastic, points of view about the world. You enjoy being unconventional and shocking people with your offbeat opinions. No ordinary standards of what is proper will prevent you from thinking a certain way. You demand lots of mental excitement, so old or traditional ideas are not interesting to you.

Many people with Mercury in Aquarius are very good at science and mathematics, because these subjects require thinking that is quick and original as well as accurate. Your mind is objective and clear; and you do not let your emotions influence you to do something that isn't logical. In fact, you may find it very unpleasant to be around people who get carried away by their feelings. But don't let yourself believe that you have all the correct opinions. You may cling stubbornly to your own viewpoints. But try to see the merit in other people's beliefs as well.

Mercury in Aquarius: Mercury in Aquarius inclines the mind to give importance to humanitarian values, and encourages a detached and objective, if sometimes impersonal, mental expression. Again, both the archetype and the shadow are apparent here. People with this combination can be original thinkers with unconventional minds, though perhaps rather rebellious and eccentric at times, like Prometheus himself. This tendency could put them at odds with more conservative types. If they feel misunderstood, they can become annoyed and excessively determined, bringing in some Uranian tyranny to prove a point. This often works against their best interests, particularly because they also seek co-operation and friendship with others at a mental and intellectual level.

If prevented from expressing themselves intellectually, or otherwise being unable to do so, these people can be badly wounded in the area of creative thought. As a result, they could become biased in speech, nervously tense and apprehensive, or, in their frustration, disruptive of others' thought processes. Like Prometheus, they need some freedom of thought to pursue their own truths, the beneficial and original results of which they can then offer to humanity; but this needs to be balanced by a concern for other people's feelings. Tranquility and emotional warmth are qualities they could learn to develop to help them offset an overemphasis on intellectual capacities.

Mercury in Aquarius: Keynote: Ideas circulate through space-transcending media. Symbol: A youth talks by radio to people in foreign lands.

Some astrologers believe that Mercury is exalted in Aquarius rather than in Virgo. Others account for the affinity between planet and sign by calling Uranus a 'higher octave' of Mercury. In any event, the sign of invention encourages the operations of the planet of intellect. Aquarian electricity provides a basis for Mercurial communications, and makes possible the worldwide connections which are serving to usher in the Aquarian Age of brotherhood and scientific enlightenment.

People conditioned by this Uranus-ruled sign are not only versatile but also able to put their thoughts to work in practical ways. Saturn, as co-ruler of Aquarius, disciplines the mind and prepares it to hold up under the galvanic impact of Uranus. Saturn also stiffens the spine so that these individuals pay scant heed to what others may think of them. Critics may regard them as abrupt, eccentric, or rebellious. Yet they follow their own convictions and, by resisting pressure to conform to conventional opinions, often succeed in unexpected ways.

Mercurial Aquarians should circulate freely and expose themselves to new and stimulating ideas. They are at their best working with like-minded associates on a friendly but impersonal basis. It may be difficult for them to establish profound emotional relationships, but they can be at ease in groups, and are able to express their ideas lucidly and rationally. They gravitate toward the communications industries, and enjoy work connected with books, magazines, and broadcasting. Many have a talent for electronics and for handling complex scientific apparatus.

Mercury in Aquarius: Mercury in Aquarius has a clear-sighted and forward-looking quality, but the resultant ideas may be too progressive to gain widespread popularity. Nevertheless, time (Saturn) works on the side of the native of this sign, and in many cases he needs only to wait for the times to catch up with him. He is not likely to change his opinion; but the winds of change blow in his favor and he may be surprised to find former adversaries swinging around to his point of view.

Mercury in Aquarius: This is a good position for Mercury. The combination of Saturn and Uranus helps to steady the mind, making it resourceful, intuitive, and a good judge of human character. Keen wit. Not earthbound, but when afflicted it can be extremely stubborn. Excellent for balance and good sense. Writing and speaking comes easily to one with the mind in this sign. Usually involved with groups or organizations.

Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Capricorn: If the Sun sign is Capricorn, then in the blending of originality of thought with Capricorn conventionality, a burning need to be an individualist (where ideas are concerned) may clash with love of tradition and the Capricorn need to do the 'right and proper thing'. It is to be hoped that such problems will be resolved when the individual comes to terms with his or her personality. The ambitious Capricorn will use an original approach to achieve objectives, but progress may be erratic - as is the case when the subject is studying. This placing adds a lively spark to the sometimes rather serious Capricorn. There is considerable objectivity, with the ability to detach the self from personal problems.

Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Capricorn: If the Sun is in Capricorn and Mercury is in Aquarius, the personality is sufficiently well-grounded to translate ideas into effective action. The temperament will be more scientific than artistic; and lucidity of expression will be preferred to the cultivation of a distinctly personal style. Such people are capable of presenting age-old truths in an up-to-date manner, rendering them more applicable to the contemporary scene.

Mercury in Aquarius and Sun in Capricorn: Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Swami Vivekananda, Gabriela, LucSr, Steve

Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun sign is Aquarius, then while considerable originality is likely, stubbornness and often perversity are present; and under extreme circumstances it can be hard for the subject to accept that he or she is being difficult. This group is usually at the forefront of its generation; but as individuals get older they can be reluctant to reassess opinions, so tend to fall behind the times. There is great objectivity, personal detachment, friendliness and helpfulness; but Aquarian unpredictability will be spiced with unexpected statements and opinions. Flexibility of mind must be developed.

Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun and Mercury are both in Aquarius, the mind seeks new, more effective channels of expression. These people are thinkers, inventors, and innovators. Often they are drawn to aviation or to the theoretical sciences. Their intellects are bright and unclouded by emotion (unless other aspects interfere), and they can think rationally about controversial issues.

Mercury in Aquarius and Sun in Aquarius: Dick Cheney, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Cynthia, Marcy, Pankaj, Raga

Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces: If the Sun sign is Pisces, then Piscean emotions will be countered by the ability to think objectively. The subject can be detached from his or her feelings, so is not usually overwhelmed by them. Natural intuition is also controlled by more logical thinking processes. Piscean sympathy and kindness blends well with the humanitarian element of Mercury in Aquarius - help is given because it is seen to be needed, as well as because the individual is moved by a surge of emotion. The imagination is good and can be used originally and creatively, but Piscean self-confidence needs boosting if the most is to be made of this potential. Again, Mercury will help, since it enables Pisces to think positively.

Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces: When the Sun is in Pisces and Mercury is in Aquarius, the temperament is more artistically than scientifically inclined. This is a fine position for a performer who communicates to a large audience via radio or television. These sensitive souls are convinced that they are different from others, and are prone to feel misunderstood. they are acutely responsive to the ideas and impressions that assail their minds.

Mercury in Aquarius and Sun in Pisces: Bobby Fischer, George Harrison, James Taylor, Joanne Woodward, AndySc, Jeff, Kay, Merrill, Q, TomW

See also: Mercury in Aquarius;

Mercury in Aquarius: Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Dick Cheney, Thomas Edison, Bobby Fischer, George Harrison, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Bob Marley, James Taylor, Swami Vivekananda, Oprah Winfrey, Joanne Woodward, AndySc, Cynthia, Gabriela, Jeff, Kay, LucSr, Marcy, Merrill, Pankaj, Q, Raga, Steve, TomW

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in the sign Pisces indicates a vivid imagination and a photographic ability to visualize thoughts and memories. People with this position are highly intuitive and telepathic on the unconscious level; they are, therefore, easily influenced in their thinking through subliminal suggestion, as they tune in unconsciously to the thoughts and moods of those around them. They arrive at conclusions not through logical reasoning but rather on the basis of intuitive perceptions that float up from the unconscious mind. They learn more by osmosis than through disciplined study.

The mind can be biased by unconscious emotional patterns based on past experiences, as is Mercury in Cancer. If Mercury is afflicted in Pisces, the mind will be in danger of being trapped in memories, to the point that the perception of present reality is distorted. This can lead to neurotic conditions in extreme cases. Because of the extreme sensitivity and imagination of Mercury in Pisces, poetic and artistic abilities are often manifested. These people are sympathetic; they can imagine how it is to be in another person's situation because they have been in similar situations themselves. At times their emotions are too easily preyed upon.

Pisces is a mutable sign, and fluctuating emotions can cause vacillation in thinking, decision-making, and communication. There can also be a tendency to daydream and woolgather. The fact that the natives like to be secretive and keep their private thoughts to themselves can result in shyness and seclusion.

Mercury afflicted in Pisces can mean a morbid imagination and a persecution complex. The individual may be oversensitive, and may sense personal criticism even when it was not intended. He needs to become more impersonal in his thinking and perception of reality; in this respect, this position is similar to Mercury in Cancer.

Mercury in Pisces: When you indulge in Pisces fears of losing a vision of how perfect the ideal could be, you may sacrifice reality for a private world of fantasy. You may withhold intuitive perceptions for fear of being invalidated by others. Then the ability to communicate clearly becomes muddled and lost in the distractions of your emotional world. When you retreat into your private reality and exclude interaction with others, you may lose those relevant perceptions that can help to make your thought manifest.

You can focus your attention on the reality of spiritual poverty and confusion that is seen in daily life. This vision inspires you to rise above fears and make a real contribution to others. Communicating your creative and intuitive abilities allows others to enter through into your psychic perceptions. Ideals can become a healing reality in the world when you make a tangible contribution by communicating your intuitive vision.

Mercury in Pisces: Your sensitiveness to impressions from the outer world is conditioned by the use they can be to you personally. You see, hear, feel and taste what you want to. If you want to like a pie (because someone you love made it for you, it will actually taste to you like the best pie in the world. If you want to dislike a drawing (because someone you dislike drew it, it will look hideous to you. Your approach to things is far from scientific; you have to struggle to exercise an objective judgment - to see anything for its own sake, without the intrusion of some personal irrelevancy that alters your vision and therefore your judgment. If your best friend has the voice of a screech owl, you'll think it music; and if your worst enemy were a Caruso, you'd actually believe he was singing off-key.

Depersonalization of the approach to life is what you need to study, if you are to see the world as it is and not always in it a reflection of yourself. You probably think you are the fairest-minded person in the world, and may be as far as abstract justice is concerned. But in what reaches you through your senses, beware of the intrusion of personal biases. Let a spade be a spade. Even if it is digging your own grave, you can't make it into a screwdriver by wishing you didn't have to die!

Mercury in Pisces: You rarely pay attention to the here-and-now or the sidewalk in front of you. A dreamer, you are more concerned with your fantasies, your creations or the spiritual world than with remembering to pay your 'phone bill or studying for an exam.. The day-to-day functioning of the mundane world doesn't interest you in the slightest; and sometimes it's hard to determine if you really live here on Earth or are just visiting.

At times it can be difficult talking with you. You drift in and out of conversations; and your mind always seems to be preoccupied with something else. Your thoughts are not expressed completely or coherently; and often what you say is so highly personal, muddled or abstracted from reality that others have trouble understanding you.

You probably have a fantastic imagination and are artistically oriented. You see and hear things others don't, and are acutely sensitive to color and sound. Communicating with images or music is easier for you than using language skills; even if you can barely write a coherent sentence, you are able to get your point across brilliantly in other ways. You need to be careful, however, not to let your imagination run away with you. In the extreme, this Mercury placement can signify someone who loses all touch with reality, communicating with spirits, seeing hallucinations or retreating into a fantasy world of his / her own making.

Your keen sensitivity might put you in touch with the unseen realms. Often you 'know' what others are thinking or feeling, and you are quite psychic, or at least intuitive and perceptive. Because you are not so tightly bound to the physical world, it is easier for you than for most people to develop higher consciousness and connection to the Source. You find solace in meditation, prayer and spiritual thought, and might be interested in religious pursuits.

Your retreat from the harsh demands of the physical world may take the form of escapism, rather than spiritual involvement - Mercury in Pisces tends to be lazy, and the spiritual life is demanding and requires much discipline. In some cases, this placement can signify a person who uses alcohol, drugs or other escapist tactics as a way of avoiding responsibilities or facing up to truths about his / her life. Or, you simply may find daily life boring and seek to heighten your experience of it with mind-altering substances instead of working to develop your talents in interesting ways.

Your lack of involvement with the 'real world' can cause you to be extremely idealistic and naive; and you tend to look at life through the proverbial 'rose-tinted glasses'. Gentle, sympathetic and trusting, you usually see the good in everyone and miss the bad. As a result, it is easy to fool you; and you can be taken in by unscrupulous people. You are especially susceptible to hard-luck stories. Impressionable and lacking in discrimination, you let others influence you too much and rarely make up your own mind. You can be swayed by any half-baked argument or idea. Often your opinions are based on hazy impressions or romantic notions, and lack substance or logic. You need to exercise special care in important business or personal decisions, signing contracts, making investments, etc..

If Saturn aspects your Mercury, you'll be more practical, realistic and mentally disciplined. Mars aspects will make you more assertive and individualistic.

Mercury in Pisces: The mind works in a disorganized and intuitive way; decisions and opinions will emerge rather than be consciously taken. Kindness, sympathy and empathy for others is considerable, but often there is forgetfulness and even carelessness, leading to confusing situations that the individual finds difficult to resolve. It is difficult to develop constructive thinking and practicality. However, a practical approach is not entirely necessary, for the subject's strong intuitions are usually right. Much care is needed when coping with worry, for there is vivid imagination which can make the subject fear the worst. A tendency to take the line of least resistance is sometimes combined with deceitfulness. Usually when untruths are told it is in order not to hurt others, but cunning is not altogether absent. This placing does not support self-confidence; and shyness or self-effacement is sometimes present.

Mercury in Pisces: In Pisces, Mercury presents the picture of a native whose fears may prove to be his greatest assets. Once the native recognizes fear as a challenge, he overcomes it and becomes a dynamic, useful member of society. Otherwise, he is obsessed by lack of security, lack of confidence, and a feeling of unworthiness.

He must face issues squarely, and be willing to admit mistakes, and to accept credit for a job well done. He should be helped to overcome false modesty. This native must learn to speak out, and to stand up for his convictions. He is able to analyze the problems of others but is shy about calling the shots on his own difficulties. He is fascinated by secrets, and would make a wonderful historian because he enjoys digging for facts. He is receptive to the needs of others, but must be helped to help himself.

Mercury in Pisces: You have a sensitive, though potentially deluded, mind. You see life in terms of myriad impressions from which you are able to gain uncannily accurate insights into Other's emotional and mental states, thereby making him / her feel that you are very much in tune with him / her. You also see it in terms of intuitive images rather than logical interpretations, so you express yourself best visually, poetically or suggestively.

You tend not to see what the reality of a situation is when you become over-sensitized by your own desires and fears regarding Other, and so you consequently get the wrong end of the stick. You also tend not to see how you bend the truth in order to avoid confronting what Other is thinking, feeling, saying or being, because mistakenly you fear your own weaknesses being brought to light.

Mercury in Pisces: You don't talk about sex very much, not because you are inhibited or uninterested, but because words don't seem necessary and can't really express your feelings on the subject. Your style of loving is very tender; and in expressing it you give yourself totally to your lover. All you really need for fulfillment is a quiet understanding of the love you share.

Although giving of yourself is your clearest expression of love for your partner, do not give, particularly sexually, unless you really feel like it. If you do, sex will become a task and an obligation rather than a free and open expression of loving. If you want to be heavily self-sacrificing sexually, express it in bedroom games for that purpose rather than in emotional servitude, which will only hurt your relationship.

You don't necessarily need to be in a relationship all the time, because you are able to sublimate your sexual energies through a variety of other channels when the right lover isn't around.

It may take time and care to find just the right person; but when you do make up your mind, it will probably happen in a flash. Ideally, in such a partnership you both will use sexuality to uplift and transcend your personalities, making your oneness greater than the sum of its parts.

Mercury in Pisces: You have a very rich imagination, and you love to spend time daydreaming and making up fantasies. However, you may have to put more effort into thinking about the real world, because you can't live in dreams all the time. But you can put your imagination to good use in writing stories or poems, for you can see the world in ways that are hidden from many others. Your biggest task is to learn to communicate your ideas clearly to others. Sometimes you find it hard to speak or write clearly, for that requires you to present your ideas one at a time and in order. But your ideas don't come to you in an orderly way - you think with feelings and images.

Sometimes it is difficult for you to be objective, because your emotions influence your thinking so much. This means that making decisions is difficult, but it also means that you are unusually sensitive to other people's feelings. You are able to sense their moods and emotions even before they say anything.

You are not interested in subjects like science and math, and you may find them difficult because they seem cold and unfeeling. Their careful logic is colorless and boring to you.

Sometimes this position means that you are easily influenced by other people. Certainly you pick up their ideas very quickly, even without knowing it. As you get older, you will have to be more aware of this tendency, because without knowing it you may be influenced by beliefs that you do not agree with.

Mercury in Pisces: Those people with Mercury in Pisces may be intuitive thinkers with impressionable imaginations. Highly receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others, their mental processes may reflect not logical thought of their own, but almost visual perceptions which they have unconsciously received from others. Sometimes they have difficulty recognizing quite where their knowledge comes from. Their minds operate with a sensitivity so great that they can misinterpret reality, particularly when the contents of the unconscious are stirred up by present emotional experiences. They can vacillate between two modes of thought, often expressing themselves as optimistic at one moment and pessimistic the next, communicating these states of mind in a very subjective way. Others may interpret this tendency as wool-gathering and indecision, being unable to see the enormous empathy and compassion of which these people are capable. Recognizing the occasional need to draw boundaries between themselves and others and to trust their own mental processes would help those with Mercury in Pisces to connect with unconscious personal and collective emotional influences in a more realistic manner.

Mercury in Pisces: Keynote: The mind is impressionable and intuitive. Symbol: A child listens to the sound of the sea in a shell.

Although Mercury is in detriment in Pisces, this position does not impair intelligence. It merely suggests that the mind resists the rule of pure logic and refuses to be pinned down to hard facts. There are, on the other hand, soft facts pertaining to the realms of instinct and intuition which are no less significant realities in the scheme of existence.

Mercury is also in its fall in this sign, showing that ultimately criticism and analysis must be dissolved in compassion, thereby making love rather than intellect the guiding principle of life. The attitude characteristic of this placement is expressed in the following anonymous quatrain: 'Reason has moons, but moons not hers lie mirrored on the sea, confounding her astronomers, but oh, delighting me'.

Whimsical and poetic, Mercurial Pisceans are likely to succeed in fields which allow them to make use of their creative imagination and love of fantasy. Sometimes they are aware of circumstances and events without knowing how or why. Ideas filter through the pores of their minds, coming unbidden for obscure reasons. Pisceans may also have psychic or mediumistic talents.

Members of this sign are well suited to be writers, musicians, actors, or entertainers. Because of their mental permeability, they excel in any capacity in which the mind serves as a sounding board for the transmission of subtle impulses and impressions. Literally, their conduct depends upon the quality of the energies they conduct through their sensitive nervous systems. Often they appear to be absent-minded and indecisive simply because they are functioning as instruments for, rather than originators of, the thoughts that waft them hither and yon.

According to tradition, Pisces is the sign of illusion and limitation. These two concepts go together because most of man's limitations stem from his illusions. Reality knows no bounds; it is only the world of phenomenal appearances which is hemmed in by limitations. The only reason these illusions have so much potency is that they have some connection, however tenuous, with the reality they veil.

Metaphysically, the significance of the astrological dictum that Mercury is in its detriment and also its fall in Pisces lies in the fact that the spiritually evolved person can begin to transcend the ratiocinations of the concrete mind and start to function on the plane of pure reason and intuition. He grasps the implications of the ancient Oriental maxim, 'The mind is the slayer of the real', and its corollary, 'Slay thou the slayer'.

Throughout the zodiac, the mind has functioned as a bridge to reality. Once traversed, however, this bridge can be left behind. The Piscean appreciates the need for logic, just as a traveler is grateful for the bridge which spans a river, but he has no need to pick the bridge up and carry it along with him after it has served its purpose. He is now ready to ascend into the highlands of consciousness from which the light of the spirit may be more directly approached. He ceases to need intermediaries because he becomes the thing he seeks. Love was the means and love the goal; and now the two are one.

Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun sign is Aquarius, the rather brittle Aquarian traits are softened, and the humanitarian qualities of Pisces are warmed and sympathetically expressed. The creative and very original imagination must find specific areas of expression, perhaps through some unusual, off-beat hobby or career. There is much more flexibility of mind and opinion, and usually the emotional level is greatly heightened, perhaps with less ability to be detached from the feelings. Aquarian perversity and unpredictability are less evident, since Mercury in Pisces contributes considerable sensitivity towards other people's feelings.

Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Aquarius: If the Sun is in Aquarius and Mercury is in Pisces, vision and imagination can be turned to wide scale humanitarian enterprises. These people, although basically rational, may have unusual ideas which are in advance of conventional modes of thinking; and they are fascinated by the unsolved mysteries of science and what they may imply.

Mercury in Pisces and Sun in Aquarius: Alex Jones, Ramakrishna, Babe Ruth, ChrisC, Medwick, Phylissa, Suzie

Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Pisces: If the Sun sign is Pisces, the subject often becomes rather scatter-brained, surrounded by confusion and muddle. However, here is also great kindness and sympathy, and a wonderful imagination which must be channeled and constructively used. When under stress, there may be a tendency to deceive the self and others by falling back on negative escapism. Parents whose children have this placing must gently but firmly encourage truthfulness. Any indication of creative potential should be encouraged, as self-expression through the arts (especially photography) is desirable.

Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Pisces: When the Sun and Mercury are both in Pisces, the mind is more inspired, but it is also edged with a certain flightiness unless the ability to concentrate is shown elsewhere in the chart. These susceptible souls often suffer emotionally as a result of their thin-skinned impressionability. Frequently misunderstood, they may withdraw into themselves and become reclusive. Yet they are generally kind, helpful, and eager to be of assistance to people in trouble. They need protection because, due to their willingness to listen to any tale of woe, they are easily duped.

Mercury in Pisces and Sun in Pisces: Ursula Andress, Johnny Cash, L.Ron Hubbard, Meher Baba, Vaslav Nijinsky, Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Taylor, Judin, LouG, MarieBr, Mick, Suji, Zoë

Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Aries: If the Sun sign is Aries, Arian assertiveness is softened, and selfishness is less likely to be a problem (but consider the Venus sign in this respect). Arian decisiveness will not be quite so strong; and forgetfulness, especially over small matters, can cause great annoyance to the active, energetic Arian. This is most likely when he or she is being unduly hasty. The increased intuition of the placing is a help, particularly when assessing competitors' actions and reactions to situations. The emotional level of Aries is increased, but the subject is less likely to be easily roused to anger.

Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Aries: The Sun in Aries and Mercury in Pisces endow a person with less vulnerability to deception and a more positive disposition. He is better adapted to translate intuitive ideas into action and to give overt expression to the impulses which arise out of the unconscious.

Mercury in Pisces and Sun in Aries: Alan Arkin, Bette Davis, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Joseph Ratzinger, Wilhelm Reich, Gloria Steinem, Ellen, Farmer, Ivy, Joy, LucJr

See also: Mercury in Pisces;

Mercury in Pisces: Ursula Andress, Alan Arkin, Johnny Cash, Bette Davis, Lady Gaga, L.Ron Hubbard, Elton John, Alex Jones, Meher Baba, Vaslav Nijinsky, Ramakrishna, Joseph Ratzinger, Wilhelm Reich, Mitt Romney, Babe Ruth, Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Taylor, Alicia, ChrisC, Ellen, Farmer, Ivy, Joy, Judin, LouG, LucJr, MarieBr, Medwick, Mick, Phylissa, Suji, Suzie, Zoë