Mercury conjunct Neptune

With the Mercury-Neptune contacts, it is the mind level that is primarily sensitized and activated, so that the imaginative quality is emphasized and the main focus of life appreciation is through mental receptivity. The conjunction indicates a channel between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, and both the energy and information flowing through this conduit need to be carefully integrated if a variety of imbalances and distortions is not to be created.

The faculty of imagination will be highly stimulated and developed, and this will certainly require appropriate channels to be focused on so that other problems of perception are not created. The issue of mental realities is one which can make you unsettled, especially as you can tend to make mistakes in judgment based on misinterpreting facts and suggestive information. You have a mental process that can attempt to re-create experiences into more acceptable forms for personal absorption, a style of selective manipulation which excludes aspects of reality that you refuse to acknowledge. If this process becomes a regular pattern of mental behavior, then you are liable to create a distinctly personal reality that is a fusion of the real and unreal which can pose additional challenges when it comes to disentangling them. This is often amplified by a tendency to be mentally escapist, avoiding the possibility of any painful experiences and situations by refusing to become involved in things.

Relationships are likely to be characterized by over-idealism of lovers, either through having the mental illusion of a perfect lover that is unlikely to exist, and comparing everyone to this perfect lover and so ensuring that they fail to match up, or by wrapping lovers in over-glamorized ideals, elevating them to a mental pedestal and so ensuring that at some time they will inevitably topple off. Your mental images will be shattered, yet this does not deny the real experiences of disappointment and disillusionment that you will suffer... and continue to suffer unless you become more realistic in your evaluations within intimate relationships. Part of this process can arise from the sense of personal inadequacy that you feel and which you try to alleviate by imitation of others you respect or sometimes through attempts to bask in the glow of reflected glamour by associating with publicly famous people, which allows inner fantasies to develop.

You are likely to have some creative and artistic talent, and your cultural appreciation will be developed. Your ideal type of employment will offer channels for such forms of personal expression, and it may be that you do develop towards writing, arts, photography or film as you have a gift for visual imagination which also has some inner content. Your approach will be intellectual and mentally resonant, rather than more emotionally evocative as with the Moon contacts. Training may be necessary to help draw out these talents, and your main talent may be related to giving an intellectual substance and context to artistic creations, as a critic does, although there you may need to be careful regarding a degree of intolerance in your attitudes.

Another area of life that could be very attractive to you is that of a mental fascination with mystery, romantic illusions, the worlds of psychics, mystics and psychology: the realms of the mind. Because of that close channel between the unconscious mind and conscious mind, you may experience serving as a conscious channel between the two, with information, such as personal examples of telepathic communication or prophetic dreams and visions, being transmitted to the rational mind. If you have properly come to terms with reforging reality into acceptable patterns and have broken free of that impulse, and have a real understanding of how your own psyche functions by integrating the transpersonal planets into a functioning unified consciousness, then moving towards less tangible realms of the mind may be safe for you. However, if those initial steps have not been made, then following your own fascinations into the inner worlds may not be so wise owing to that uncontrolled active imagination, and you could retreat inward to inhabit a nebulous dream world of your own making. So ensure that you carefully evaluate any ideas, impulses and motivations that enter your mind to clarify whether or not they are self-delusory or actual inner guidance. Such discrimination can be difficult to achieve, but it is essential to avoid becoming lost on the inner pathless path.

Mercury conjunct Neptune: With Mercury conjunct Neptune, your imagination often works overtime. When you state an opinion, your interpretation is likely to be as faulty as the 'facts' on which you base your judgment. Because you are uncomfortable with reality, you often bend the truth into a shape that you can accept. You are extremely sensitive to your environment and intolerant of painful experiences, which you try to escape or withdraw from. It is essential that you find a constructive means for expressing your highly developed and sensitive mentality.

Your profession must give you the opportunity to use your artistic talents. Your appreciation for art in all its forms may enable you to succeed in a field such as writing, acting, or dancing. In these professions, your imagination and rhythmic sense can be applied to advantage. Any occupation you choose will gain your complete devotion.

You must have training in order to fully capitalize on your creative potentials. An education is absolutely necessary for you to clearly understand the best use of your talents. Mystery, romance, and illusion fascinate you, but be careful that you are not overwhelmed by the desire to use them to escape from reality and responsibility.

Be especially cautious in your romantic relationships in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments. You idealize beyond attainable levels, overdramatizing other people's qualities and underestimating your own. You tend to be influenced by the illusion and glamour of famous or even notorious people. You often imitate the people you admire and may romantically 'cast' yourself in a personal role with them to vicariously enjoy a relationship you've created. You are quite responsive to suggestion and should therefore avoid artificial stimulants.

Mercury conjunct Neptune: These people's manner of communicating and analyzing, of assimilating and arranging facts, is lined with a factor which blurs distinctions and boundaries. Neptune does not give a sharp eye for detail, but does form an entry into the realm of the invisible. In practical terms, this generally means rather chaotic and unsystematic thinking and data-handling; and, quite often, when this type tries to assimilate information, they suffer from interference from unconsciously produced change and confusion. Without realizing it, they can misinterpret information and then garble it. Folk may think they are telling lies but, generally speaking, lapses are not deliberate. The trouble is compounded by the Neptunian love of fantasy, which tempts them to embellish or distort the truth.

The unconfined nature of Neptune enables these people to look behind appearances and to read between the lines. They can tell by the tone of voice if others are trying to hide anything from them. Indeed, with a Mercury / Neptune conjunction, people often know the answer to unspoken questions. Clairvoyance or, at the very least, powers of intuition are possible if the rest of the chart concurs.

With this conjunction, these people live in a separate reality and do not always distinguish between fact and fancy - something that in everyday life is often disadvantageous, but for such things as composing music or writing poetry or prose is very advantageous.

Neptune is not a stable planet; it continually undermines. In company with others, this type can feel very insecure, and runs the risk of identifying with others too readily. Constant changes of mind are a regular feature of the conjunction.

This type needs to beware of taking appearance for reality, and of flattering themselves with false hopes.

Mercury conjunct Neptune: Mercury indicates the state of mind, the natural interests on the mental plane; Neptune affects the mind with its fantasies, dreams, delusions, etc.. This can be a most creative aspect and it makes for an unusual type person. Neptune can represent the search for the truly spiritual, and Mercury tied to it indicates that the mind may be on some wonderful spiritual search that others don't understand.

Children with this aspect are born into families where a search for some sort of spiritual identity is going on. The search may not seem obvious to the outsider, or even to the child; but after a thorough investigation, it is discovered that one or both parents have some 'strange' ideas about religion - religious attitudes can be orthodox or unorthodox. Often, the spiritual philosophy is hidden.

The aspect indicates that the mind may be 'clouded'. This child may daydream into maturity. Communication between the parents is nebulous and vague; the child learns to communicate with others the same way. He may not know how to share himself or his ideas with others, for he may live in his mind. In the mundane aspects of day-to-day living, he will communicate strangely; he may start sentences and leave them unfinished, or he may start a sentence in the middle and leave you to figure out the beginning.

However, it is a tremendously creative aspect, for the mind is capable of reaching into the depths and heights of artistic endeavor. The aspect becomes dangerous when the child is born into an environment that doesn't encourage creative thought, for then the energy can use him - and may manifest in various forms of psychic phenomena that are not readily understood. Because of the spirituality of Neptune, this aspect can evince the religious fanatic, one who talks with God, one who hears voices, or one who has frightening prophetic dreams.

Once the energy is used creatively, once the intuitive energy common to the aspect is comprehended, it's a wonderful one to have. Misunderstood, it frightens the person who has it because he doesn't know how to use the energy effectively. The study of the occult, a pursuit of metaphysics, theosophy, religion in some form, will also help the owner to expend his energy constructively. It can be fun.

This appears to be an uncertain influence capable of acting in apparently diverse ways. I have known people with it who were kind, gentle, credulous and idealistic; on the other hand, there are several known cases wherein the native has committed terrible murders. It occurs in several clairvoyant investigators, as to the value of whose work each must form his own opinion.

Probably the root-effect is to sensitize the feelings abnormally, so that the native is subject to delusions and uncontrollable impulses, unless the chart is a strong one, in which case the mind may be of a very high order indeed.

There is often marked musical ability and also a love of, and aptitude for, aquatic pursuits.

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Mercury conjunct Neptune: Tara 1, Robert Redford 3, Collon 3, Elroy 3, Bruce Springsteen 4, Duane 4, Eva 4, Ju 4, Ammachi 5, Isadora Duncan 5, Peter Sellers 5, Prabhuta 5, Dustin Hoffman 6, Wilt Chamberlain 7, U.G. Krishnamurti 7, Benjamin Netanyahu 7, Andrea 7, VinCar 7, Thomas Edison 9, Bertrand Russell 9

Mercury sextile Neptune

The sextile offers a more fluent and easily flowing contact between Neptune and Mercury than the conjunction, one which can be better expressed in daily life and where the faculty of imagination can be beneficial both to yourself and to others. Neptune adds an emotionally vitalizing quality to your mental creations, and to areas where an intuitive insight can sometimes offer surprising solutions to personal dilemmas. There is less evidence of the illusions which are often associated with Neptune contacts, and you help to dispel the build-up of any by having a fairly discursive and evaluative mind which carefully sifts through experience and information and attempts to transform it into usable knowledge. There is likely to be an inherent curiosity at work, able to explore behind appearances and not being susceptible to accepting ideas or people at face value.

This aspect is often found in the charts of successful writers, creative individuals or those involved in media communications, those who have an ability to perceive clearly and broadly, to represent a variety of opinions, attitudes and beliefs, and who have a wide and tolerant perspective on life. The spheres that the creative potential of this aspect can attract you towards include journalism, education, media, art, social programs and welfare. As there is a natural intelligence, this often implies the pursuit of more advanced knowledge or skills through college/ university education. This can tend to lead to associations with others who have an intellectual bias, and those with a developed sense of social responsibility. There are idealistic tendencies within you, but less glamoured than most, and you should ensure that you succeed in maintaining a realistic perspective with your social optimism. Your fertile imagination and keen perception can lead to contributing towards expressions of social change, of alerting the general public to possible or existing social dangers.

Within relationships, you are able to maintain a close and loving partnership and family, and friendships are similarly rich and rewarding, as you are relatively easy to get on with and good company. You have the potential of inspirational qualities, and if these are developed, then you may become a leader or spokesperson for some affinity group, representing it ably. There can be a subtlety to your thinking and strategic planning that some may find surprising, yet it can be carefully evolved to avoid direct confrontational opposition, especially with more powerful social adversaries. The only points that you may need to be wary of are being distracted by others and losing your momentum by following side-tracks. If this happens, it is partly your own fault as you are obviously not clear enough regarding what you intend to do, and you may need to clarify your intentions and aims sufficiently so that such false routes are rarely taken again. These cases apart, you have a lot of scope in taking personal advantage of what this aspect can offer to you.

Mercury sextile Neptune: The sextile from Mercury to Neptune shows you have a fertile imagination, which you use constantly in your daily life. Your intuitive insight enables you to cope quite easily with difficult problems. In your personal encounters, you are thoughtful and contemplative about your varied experiences. You are eager for knowledge and for the chance to use it to benefit yourself and others. Being aware of the dangers of accepting anything at face value, you generally seek out as many details as possible in order to get at the truth. You have an insatiable curiosity, and because of your ability to interpret events, you gain more from experience than others do.

Your creative potentials permit you to choose from a variety of professions. Journalism, education, medicine, art, music, designing, and social welfare programs are some of the fields in which you could succeed. Others appreciate your skills because of your sympathetic understanding and warmth.

Communication in some form should be an integral part of your professional interests. Because you communicate well, people are comfortable in your presence and relate to you freely.

In order to take advantage of your imagination and inspiration, however, you should get a higher education. You are extremely perceptive of the world around you, and with training, your possibilities are unlimited. It is essential to establish your goals early in life and realistically plan a course of action to gain them. You must avoid letting others distract you, for once you digress it isn't easy to start over with the same enthusiasm.

Your personal relationships are usually warm and meaningful. You relate especially to philosophical people who are not preoccupied with material or physical things. Although you are an idealist, you don't really expect anyone to fulfill your image of perfection. You accept those who at least strive for perfection. You are spiritually hopeful and are guided by the realization of your moral and social responsibilities.

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Mercury sextile Neptune: Ernest Hemingway 0, Fred Astaire 1, Bill Clinton 1, Cathy O’Brien 1, Brad Pitt 1, Uri Geller 2, Jimi Hendrix 2, Swami Vivekananda 2, Edouard de Rothschild 3, Lina 3, Madonna Ciccone 4, Sally Field 4, Sky 4

Mercury square Neptune

This aspect indicates a difficulty with an overactive imagination interfering with rational and logical processes of thought; this can result in self-deception and the construction of a private version of truth and reality. There can be a preference for mental avoidance and for escaping from directly confronting aspects of life that you find unpleasant, such as personal truths and social problems. Sometimes your logic is very circuitous, too personal or abstracted for easy communication to either yourself or others, and, as it often absorbs an imaginative influence, it can veil the truth from sight. You can shy away from accepting responsibilities, domestic, family and marriage ones especially, as you can feel uneasy with your emotions, and this results in you often becoming unreliable with others. There may have been factors in your earlier life that have helped bring this about - childhood or parental relationships which have exacerbated this innate tendency of escapism - but one result has been distorted images on the mental level of your own identity and mind activity, as well as a diminution of personal confidence.

There are steps that you can take to improve matters. The first involves the willingness to face the actual realities of yourself and the world, so that a clarified perspective can be established. A greater integration of Neptunian sensitivity is essential, but in a way that absorbs it into a renewed life rather than as another excuse for escapist tendencies. Following that development, additional progress can be made in reorganizing your mind to work down more productive channels of expression. As your self-confidence grows, through constructive self-evaluation and an acknowledgement of the dormant talents associated with the repressed Neptune energy, it will lead to a sequential release of that blocked energy into your life; you should observe that previous restrictions and limitations are dissolving. Do not re-establish them again, but learn how to take advantage of your assets. Creating a new disciplined structure for your mind may take time and effort, but attempts at training and reprogramming it will draw benefits if persevered with, and may lead towards creative or socially orientated directions. However, to take these later steps may require you to become more clear regarding your aims, and to apply yourself to achieve them one by one. As part of this proposed transformation in you - and of resolving the inner tensions of the square - you may find it more helpful to look towards forms of external expression that have a social dimension and may offer some solution to social problems. In serving others you may discover that your own problems become surprisingly resolved, especially as the personal obsessions of self-preoccupation are dissipated through a redirection of your energy flow.

Whilst you may often have insight into the motivations of others, you need greater clarity in your own nature. Relationships may remain problematical for you until some degree of personal change has been achieved, and you may be advised to be cautious within your emotional commitments. This is basically because of elements of illusion that can afflict you, and that tendency to avoid facing facts that you do not want to see, such as the fundamental that a relationship is not mutually satisfying if you need it to continue. Those dreams of the ideal lover and partner will be present, and it is always difficult not to project these onto others, or use them as comparison markers. Some may take emotional advantage of you, and you may experience that victim syndrome of the Neptunian vibration by falling prey to your own tendencies and the selfish desires of others. Yet as you change, your potential for better and more fulfilling relationships increases as clarity intensifies. As always, the decision to change is yours to take.

Mercury square Neptune: Mercury square Neptune shows that your imagination often gets in the way of logical thinking. Your fear of responsibility causes problems in both emotional and material affairs. You seem unable to view life realistically and by supposedly logical arguments can convince yourself that an unbearable reality doesn't exist. The resulting distortion further complicates matters so that the truth is completely hidden. You are an escapist, a problem partly caused by your early parental conditioning.

Until you face up to the harsh realities of the world outside, your progress will be limited. Because of your extreme sensitivity, superficial problems become exaggerated. You have talent to express, but you must prepare for occasional setbacks when you expose yourself to competition. The challenge of competition can threaten your success unless you exercise self-control and become more confident. You must train your intellectual abilities in order to gain self-confidence. Be honest with yourself at all times as you develop your capabilities so that you will understand your limitations.

Eventually you can succeed in writing, acting, education, art, or in social programs to benefit others. You must clarify your objectives and learn to focus your attention on one specific thing at a time. This is important: too many interests at once only bring out your weakness under pressure, which will defeat you. Your best bet is to involve yourself in activities that serve other people's needs. Exposure to their problems will help you solve your own self as well.

Be cautious or conservative in your romantic alliances, for your imagination can play tricks on you. If you interpret a person's casual interest as an indication of love, you could be disappointed. Above all, don't make any commitments to others until they establish their sincerity. You are easily victimized by your desire to experience an ideal relationship. Develop your creative talents so that when you are occasionally alone you are not lonely.

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Mercury square Neptune: Jim Carrey 2, Bob Dylan 2, Alex Jones 2, Vaslav Nijinsky 2, Jack Parsons 2, Jeff 2, Joze 2, Steve 2, Shirley Temple Black 3, Donald Trump 3, Fisher 3, Flossie 3, Medwick 3, Albert Schweitzer 4, Johanna 4, Merrill 4, JudyPl 5, Ted Turner 6, Jen 6, Barack Obama 8

Mercury trine Neptune

The trine aspect offers a quite favorable potential, where the energies if Neptune and Mercury work together well, each helping to define and focus the positive and constructive attributes of the other. Similar to the sextile, this aspect is often found within the charts of successful and creative individuals. Making use of the trine's energy will stimulate the unfolding of considerable creativity. The essence of your creative spirit will be evocative imagery, often including meaningful depths and at times an inspirational quality. The way in which you succeed in expressing this could be through art, music, vivid literary creations, poetry, film or photography. Your creativity should possess substance and context, rather than any superficiality.

Communication to others is important to you. You are potentially very effective in transmitting your ideas and intentions, and skilled in the forms in which you clothe your messages. There can be a taste for dramatic presentations, but this is also effective as it ensures that anything you create is noticed by others, and that by grasping their attention you create a situation where some response is evoked. You have a talent for influencing people's minds by subtle manipulation and perhaps through clever handling of communication media, as you have a natural understanding of the essential motivation patterns of others. This can be amplified by using the Neptunian vibration to emphasize an intuitive or telepathic ability, which sometimes also manifests itself in the guise of prophecy. It may be best not to overdevelop any such tendencies, or to openly publicize them, but to use them quietly and with little fuss in daily life, especially if through your empathic awareness you are able to support and aid others.

There is the potential to have extremely powerful visualization abilities, that inner picture-making faculty where within the mind you can create images in detail and color, 'seeing them in the mind's eye'. In a variety of modern spiritual approaches, such an ability is highly valued, and, rightly used, can be a major tool in stimulating lasting spiritual development. Through creative visualization, you can direct or re-create your life and personality in many ways, and this is a skill and technique that you should explore, through path working and exploring inner mindscapes, or perhaps through archetypal figures and mystical symbolism, such as the Arthurian and Grail legends, or the myths of the Greek gods. Path working offers the potential to unlock inner doors - even into astrological archetypes - and these are the realms that are ruled by Neptune.

There should be a developed social conscience and awareness, and work in this broad area may appeal, although your sensitivity may not be suitable for a direct involvement with impoverished and problem families. Your contribution may be that of support, or by using your talents to highlight social iniquity. Others recognize your abilities, and you should find that several avenues of expression are available to explore over time. Holding positive and optimistic attitudes helps others to transcend cynicism and lack of application, and so make their own steps of development. Your perspective on life is likely to be balanced, so that trivial and unimportant aspects of life are not invested with excessive reverence; and this works too in your relationships, where the transiency of moods and friction is not over-exaggerated, and only the positive is emphasized. This does not ignore spheres of disharmony, but is always founded on a recognition of the strengths and important values of the relationship, which can then be used to shed a transforming light on any passing difficulties.

There can be a degree of self-sufficiency in you, as you are centered and generally inwardly balanced. Appreciating the richness of your inner life is vital to you, and you tend to need time and space to do that, as well as to manifest that creative ability. One area that you may be effective within is that of public speaking, where you can be very persuasive and your genuine abilities are at least recognized by others even if on occasion they may disagree with your opinions.

Mercury trine Neptune: With the trine from Mercury to Neptune, you have enormous creative abilities and the inspiration to use them successfully. You communicate effectively, and have a flair for dramatic delivery. Because your intuition is highly developed, you understand what motivate others in their relationships with you. You have an artistic imagination, and the skill to express it well. You are sensitive and intelligent, and prepared to accept your social responsibilities without question.

Because of your talents and temperament, you are much in demand and can succeed in many occupations. Since you adapt easily to your surroundings, you can work creatively in any environment. You are innately tolerant of human imperfection, and do not make excessive demands on others. Your hopeful disposition, even when you face difficulties, stimulates others to have the same attitude. Your artistic appreciation and creative ability can be expressed in such endeavors as art, music, writing, design, or social functions.

Your social life satisfies your need for a warm and friendly atmosphere. As a speaker, you easily gain your audience's attention. You are persuasive and convincing because you can 'tune in' on what your audience will respond to.

Superficial matters don't clutter your life. You focus on the important issues that have social implications, and tend to ignore other issues. You are ever-hopeful that others will become spiritually responsive to injustices and will make some contribution toward correcting them.

See also: Mercury trine Neptune;

Mercury trine Neptune: Marie 0, Judi 1, SFor 1, Nicole Kidman 2, Osho 2, Mark Zuckerberg 2, BenSt 2, Paulo 2, Jack Nicklaus 3, Meryl Streep 3, Robert Anton Wilson 3, Abbe 3, Flickinger 3, Marcy 3, MarieBr 3, George Carlin 4, L.Ron Hubbard 4, Groucho Marx 4, Jack 4, Milton William Cooper 5, Bob Marley 5, Oprah Winfrey 5, Q 5, Tom 5, Princess Diana 6, Jane Fonda 6, Carl Lewis 6, Jack Nicholson 6, Bram 6, Leen 6, Sugeet 6, Mikael 7

Mercury quincunx Neptune

With Mercury inconjunct Neptune, you feel guilty if you don't respond to outside interests. You make promises you can't keep, and console yourself by saying 'Well, at least I tried'. However, your reasoning is not in keeping with the facts. You create for yourself painful responsibilities that are usually unnecessary. As if determined to persecute yourself, you worry over problems that may never develop and overreact to those that do. You exaggerate the seriousness of your failures, and may even become ill by dwelling on tasks you think others expect you to do.

You are imaginative, inspired, and creative, but find difficulty in expressing these qualities to your complete satisfaction. Your work should give you the opportunity to express your talents. It may be difficult for you to work at the kind of job in which you must meet a schedule. You would probably work best alone, so that you would not have to compare yourself with co-workers. Also, you could set your own pace. Working close to others could produce uncomfortable misunderstandings and make your job very unpleasant. You would gain greater satisfaction from working away from exposure to possible criticism.

You must learn to establish your priorities in order to achieve your goals with as little wasted effort as possible. In your desire to gain approval for your accomplishments, you tend to take on extra tasks. This is where your efficiency suffers. Determine your precise responsibilities and never offer to do more than these. You cannot spread yourself so thin and expect to accomplish much. Your nervous energy will not tolerate that kind of abuse.

In your personal relationships, too, you can expect others to take advantage of your willingness to do things for them. Your disappointment can be crushing when you discover you've been used. Wait for others to establish their credentials and prove their sincerity toward you. Take frequent rests and try to unwind. The pressure you labor under may be imagined, but the resulting physical exhaustion is not.

Mercury quincunx Neptune: People with the inconjunct between Neptune and Mercury are usually unsure of their contacts. It is hard to form a true picture of either their own behavior or that of others, and they have great difficulty in seeing things for what they are. Therefore, generally without knowing it, they are much influenced by the emotions released in the surroundings. It is not easy to tell what they really feel when they may simply be tuning in to the feelings of those they are with.

These problems often produce an increasing need to withdraw, either into the life of a recluse or else into a private dream world from which others are excluded, a dream world which even they do not recognize as such.

All the same, with this aspect, these types are quick to see where the shoe pinches someone else and may even be gifted with second sight.

When they come to realize that although there is no harm in having a dream world, it is an entirely separate realm governed by its own rules, and that hurt feelings are produced mainly by an unconscious identification with others, they can be more relaxed and find satisfaction in artistic, religious or social activities.

Mercury quincunx Neptune: The creative or spiritual energy is present with this aspect, but the mind is not as well-ordered as it could be. This person may spend most of the day dreaming and fantasizing about what life could be, or what experience could be. This indicates a person who thinks a great deal but doesn't do anything about his thoughts. An internal argument is taking place, for he feels confused about his creative urges. The energy needs to be channeled, and the person will have to spend time considering profitable thinking.

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Mercury quincunx Neptune: Elton John 0, Jason 0, RoyO 0, Jamie 1, Warren Beatty 2, Robert Downey, Jr. 2, Joy 3, LucJr 3, LucSr 3, Dick Cheney 4, Mitt Romney 4, Alicia 4, Judin 4

Mercury opposite Neptune

Similar to the square aspect, there are indications of an inability to distinguish clearly between the real and the unreal, and of a blockage of the creative and imaginative faculty. The key to resolving these issues appears to lie in your relationships with others, and especially in those projections from your own psyche that you are overlaying onto the world and thus distorting your own perception and insight.

It is often your own sensitivity and impressionability to environmental influences that causes inner insecurity and fears of over-stretching yourself. There may be an unconscious telepathic ability which transmits to you others' thoughts and motivations, and this can lead to confusion in your relationships, such as at times when they may be saying one thing and you are 'receiving' an entirely contradictory set of impressions on a more subtle level, which you register as a feeling of unease, disquiet and a lack of trust in them. In that context, you find it hard to believe the evidence of your own senses, and this has a direct impact on how you communicate to others. When reality becomes confused and distorted, some respond by imagining conspiracies and enter a paranoid state, and this is a reaction to such intangible senses being operated and distorted by an unintegrated Neptunian imagination.

You are often socially 'touchy', strongly reacting against real or imagined social slights, and this acts as a weak spot in your personality, especially as you lack a strengthening inner confidence. Competition is not your style, although that does not make you immune to the influences of other competitive spirits in your environment, such as those at work who can easily ride roughshod over you in their scramble to reach the top. Sometimes you act as a victim, drawing out such tendencies from others, and then begin to bemoan your fate as they succeed and leave you only with disappointments. Linking your rising star to working closely in employment dog fights may not be advisable. Your own gifts may flower more effectively once you have withdrawn from the employment rat race. Perhaps exploiting latent creative talents may be the key, or entering some form of employment where co-operation is the underlying dynamic may offer you more satisfaction; but as human nature intrudes even there, the only answer may be a detached and sensible self-employment.

Cleansing yourself of deceptive influences is essential, not just those outer influences affecting you, but also that pattern of creating them in your own perception and evaluation. Unrealistic daydreams which are unachievable or never manifested are symptomatic of deception. For example, you create imaginatively high aspirations which because of their 'perfect nature' soar beyond everyone's grasp, yet glitter in their pristine purity. Ultimately there is no real value in self-deception. It is a waste of valuable time and never leads to satisfaction. Perhaps it helps to avoid facing an empty, aching inner void, but that can more profitably be filled by something real, achievable and personally meaningful. Effort is needed. Anyone can dream, millions do, but trying to achieve those dreams at least offers a direction to focus along. False naivety needs to be dropped, as do the fictitious aspects of your life and your approach to self-evaluation. A more straightforward type of communication, inner and outer, will reap benefits and break the stranglehold of illusory deceptions, leading to a greater understanding of your own and others' natures, so that in your own life you move from illusion to reality and increase the quantity of light in the world. Personal 'redemption' is always positive within a larger social context.

Mercury opposite Neptune: With Mercury opposition Neptune, you are imaginative and creative, and have high aspirations. However, you are easily distracted by people who challenge your efforts to express yourself. In competition, you may even begin to doubt your own abilities. You are naive in many instances and fall victim to the subversive tactics of competitors. Your dreams are unrealistic, and you are unable to accept the abrasions of your experiences with dignity. Defeat may cause you to become paranoid, imagining conspiracies against you. Let others justify themselves to you, and learn to distinguish fact from fiction.

Your professional interests should be accomplished through self-employment. It is too risky for you to work or compete professionally with others. As a creative individual, you can find gainful employment in writing, art, music, or dancing, which do not necessarily involve working with others. Medical research is particularly appropriate for your talents. Also it would give you isolation from the destructive qualities you bring out in others.

With your appreciation of the finer things in life, you need to be free of artificiality in your way of life. You sometimes recoil from challenges because they would disturb the serenity you desire and find so difficult to achieve. You are easily threatened, and your self-confidence is undermined.

Your personal relationships are sure to be unusual because of the variety of individuals who interest you. A constant disbeliever, you are suspicious when anyone claims to love you. You alienate many possible romantic associations because you fear someone may be trying to take advantage of your weaknesses. You could deprive yourself of much happiness if you interpret innocent and sincere gestures as attempts to exploit you.

Make an honest effort to understand human nature, and be willing to make a sincere contribution in serving others.

See also: Mercury opposite Neptune;

Mercury opposite Neptune: Johnny Cash 0, Mick 0, Zeno 0, Geoff 1, Alan Arkin 2, Gloria Steinem 2, Ronald Reagan 3, Elizabeth Taylor 3, Roy 3, Michelle 4, Lori 5, Ursula Andress 6, J.Paul Getty 7, Suzie 7, Ezra Pound 8, LouG 8, Michael 9