Mars conjunct Neptune

This conjunction can pose several difficulties: in choice of actions, where you may struggle to establish what your real aims are; in making that final decision to attempt to achieve them, and in ensuring that sufficient and persistent effort is then made to guarantee success. An unintegrated Neptune can dissolve that focused will, making decisive clarity difficult to maintain. Additionally, you tend to avoid accepting the consequences of your choices, and there can be a refusal to acknowledge responsibility when such actions lead to failure or negative results.

Part of this derives from lack of prior consideration made a willingness to sometimes jump into action on impulse alone; yet this is often used as a spur to be decisive. 'I didn't know it would turn out like that...' is used as a defensive excuse, and is probably true because possible repercussions were not evaluated. Yet continuing with such an approach is essentially avoiding personal responsibility. You may realize eventually that most actions you take on impulse go awry in some respect, rarely fulfilling your initial intention.

This issue related to choice and action is one which needs clarification and resolving. You may find that it is beneficial to pause before acting on impulse, and sensible to slow down and take time to consider the likely results of your decision. This may then show you alternative routes to take, or may even dissuade you from taking action at all. As Mars will influence you to be more dynamically assertive, you need to take into account your effects on other people too, especially any family and those closest to you. This may then modify your more self-centered tendencies and ensure that through insensitivity you do not then create unnecessary pain for anyone.

You can be quite attractive to others, as the Mars-Neptune energies combine to create a potentially dynamic glamour, yet this apparent combination of action and sensitivity can often be superficial when the Mars characteristics are dominating the more subtle Neptune ones, which is more often the situation. Neptunian qualities come through disguised as a flexibility of personality, a set of masks and images that you almost automatically assume in your relations with people and in social or work environments. You recognize that these lead to some inner confusion, especially in respect of decision-making; but they are also usable for self-projection. You quite enjoy playing with these masks and feeling that your real intentions are hidden within a secret persona; you do not really like others to know you too well.

This leads to the attraction of acting behind images, and there is often a dramatic side to your nature, perhaps through some creative expression or even theater work, where imagination can flourish in an evocative situation and you can be hidden behind the mask, performing a role. Certainly you will develop a favorite image of yourself which is projected out for others to see you through. Some have affinities with medicine and healing abilities; even here, you may hide behind the image of nurse, doctor, consultant or psychic healer. Alternatively, your dreams and desires about yourself could be unrealistic; and whilst you aspire to great status and achievement, your lack of will or application and your impracticality defeat you. Ultimately, your image of self-elevation may only exist within your imagination.

Steps can be taken to improve matters though. Feeling able to release your blocked imagination into daily life is important, because whilst initially such a move may be glamorous and ineffective, you can learn to direct it towards deliberate intentions, and so use it as a powerful energy to achieve your aims. Techniques of creative visualization are recommended to take advantage of this process of mental imagination, and can help to re-create your life. Future planning can help you to gain greater control too, so that there is less opportunity for something unconsidered to destroy your intention. And working hard to actually achieve viable skills is another way of helping yourself; if you do not do this, that nonintegrated Neptune will serve only to dissolve those dreams instead of helping to fulfill them.

In intimate relationships, more awareness will probably be needed. A combination of impulsive Mars and the self-deluding tendency of Neptune may conspire to show you the pain of disappointing illusions in love. Mars can encourage you into sudden passionate affairs, caught within the glamours of a new lover, but when you are directed by purely unconscious motivations the likelihood is that suffering will result, as a prompt to make you more aware the next time. Be wary of any personal tendencies toward self-deception and deceiving others or being deceived; these may be likely, and can be associated with the sphere of the conjunction's natal house. Try to remain honest and frank, as communication is vital in relationships, and you have a tendency both to be emotionally vulnerable and to have unusual emotional needs, so the quality of your intimate relationships should ideally be high.

Mars conjunct Neptune: You have the planet Mars conjunct Neptune, indicating some conflict between your impulses to act and your willingness to accept responsibility for the results of your actions. You may not deliberately avoid the consequences, but it is often difficult for you to clearly see the burden of guilt. Your imagination is sometimes blocked because you are unable to plan ahead well enough, and you allow chance to determine the results. Almost everything you do on impulse will prove disappointing. Before you act, you must realistically weigh the energy you are investing against the probably effects. You are inclined to ignore reality and the feelings of others when you assert yourself.

People are drawn by your magnetic appeal. You easily take on characteristics that will please others and not appear threatening to them. The theatre and related fields are especially suited to your active imagination and great creative potential. With your acting talent, you can also successfully 'play the role' in may professional activities. To gain acceptance in your field of interest, you may have to resort to subterfuge. However, honestly developed skills must soon replace the act, if you expect to retain your position. If other factors of your chart indicate caution, reserve, and responsibility, medicine may be the best field for your sensitive nature.

Be extremely careful in your romantic relationships. What may seem to be true love could turn out to be merely an escapade for you or your partner. Such a disappointment would be very painful. It is easy for you to become entrapped in an alliance that would be embarrassing if it were revealed. Don't deceive others, or you risk being deceived by them too. Any contacts you make must be made honestly.

Be wary of medication unless a physician advises it. Good hygiene is essential, for you are more susceptible to infection than others.

Mars conjunct Neptune: When the desire for self-preservation, executive ability and energy (Mars) conjuncts a need to blur the borders and thus to refine, to idealize or to make things fluid (Neptune), very divergent and apparently conflicting elements may be expected. The background of the signs plays an important role in this, however.

If Mars has few or no dignities, Neptune may drain the energy of Mars, leaving less resilience, less self-assertion, and less pugnacity than one would normally expect. Even if Mars is well-fortified, Neptune will still undermine, and the Martian influence will be rather impersonal and idealistic, yet will work in such a way that we can throw glamour around ourselves and we appeal to others as very lovable. For film stars and models, this aspect is ideal. Incompatible as the two factors may seem, they do interact. That is to say, Neptune transforms the manifestation of Mars: either the energy is reduced, or else the attitude is relatively free from Martian egotism and so indefinite that others read into it what they will.

The conjunction also makes us a trifle woolly-minded but idealistic. We want to help humanity and can work hard for a social cause. We regard Martian energy as something to be used for the group rather than for personal ends: the collective within us takes precedence over the individual. Therefore a Mars / Neptune conjunction can cause a certain amount of trouble with relationships.

Neptune is a planet capable of producing glamorous, shimmering illusions, whereas Mars gives a need for down-to-earth activity. Therefore we can be very romantic, but are liable to deception by an internal dream-world, which we may also project on the things we see around us. A plus point here is that, for the professional artist, this is a fine aspect which enhances his or her powers of expression.

Mars conjunct Neptune: Mars symbolizes the action principle; Neptune adds fantasy, illusion or delusion to any facet of the action principle. In one sense, this conjunction can indicate inspired action; it conveys creative activity. It may also indicate a person who doesn't know what he's doing.

Since Mars rules sexuality, the Neptune influence indicates one full of fantasy and delusion; and that fantasy can manifest in myriad ways. It can indicate the person who must have a spiritual and inspired sexual relationship; it may reflect the person who wants to live out all his sexual fantasies. To determine whether or not the conjunction suggests those who may have unprofitable or strange sexual relationships, one must check the other aspects in the chart to see if sex is viewed as something abnormal. If so, the conjunction will support that abnormality; if not, the conjunction will reflect a person who may be at least an interesting sex partner. Sexual dysfunctions will be indicated by other aspects to Mars, Moon or Venus. If the Sun is afflicted, the person may have an unhealthy self-image and therefore take sexual action that reflects his self-image.

This particular conjunction must be interpreted according to the additional aspects to it, for the energy will synchronize all the planets involved. If the individual develops a sense of self-worth and becomes trained in metaphysical principles, the energy can be indicative of brilliance.

Mars conjunct Neptune: This is a very potent feature in any chart. The temperament is often fond of romance, colorful things, painting, ritual, music, dancing, and similar expressions of the emotions. There may be vanity and much self-approbation, with lofty aspirations which tend beyond the possible and desirable. The enthusiasms are not always wise or well-controlled. There may be an analytic tendency, a desire to plumb the depths, or there may be a soaring ambition, but the native seldom seeks ordinary or merely routine things.

With respect to externalities, things ruled by the house wherein the conjunction falls are likely to present intricate and important problems; and perhaps ill-will and cunning will be aimed at the native from those directions. Sometimes there may be great apparent success and power in regard to the matters denoted by the house-position and rulerships, but often this proves illusory or is marred by treachery. Bitter disappointment and disillusionment may follow on bright beginnings. As a typical example, in the 5th house, still-born children may occur.

Mars conjunct Neptune: Bill Clinton 0, Charles Manson 1, Karl Renz 1, Samp 1, John Malkovich 2, H.G. Wells 2, Bobbie 2, Silas 2, Travis 2, Kim Basinger 3, DavMcC 3, Marybeth 3, William Blake 5, Willie Nelson 5, Ramana Maharshi 5, Arrow 5, Lady Gaga 6, JerGar 6, Seligma 6, John Lennon 7, Erika 8

Mars sextile Neptune

The sextile offers a better balance than the conjunction between the characteristics of these two planet, so that the more positive qualities can shine through easily. That energy blockage which can cause problems in action and decision-making in the conjunction is released, and tends to flow into spheres of creativity and service to others.

The Martian tendency of impulsive passion is transformed into a basically generous and compassionate spirit, where you are aware and sensitive to the needs of others who are less fortunate than yourself. There is an effective balance of individuality in you that is poised between being excessively self-assertive and excessively passive; you are neither an exploiter nor a victim.

Generally your energy level is high and vital, and this can find channels of expression through various routes. Healing is attractive, for you use that personal magnetic vitality to support a healing process, and others can feel convinced that you have their well-being at heart. There may be subtle abilities associated with psychic sensitivity that are present, or could be developed. As you have a sense of social responsibility, you can feel fulfilled by work which is in that sphere of life, where you are helping to meet social needs and improve the lot of people; certainly you will feel the attraction towards such an involvement in some way. The commitment and inspiration that you offer can be uplifting to many co-workers and recipients of your contributions.

More individually creative channels may appeal, such as drama, dance and visual skills like photography and film. Physical culture is likely to be important, especially in your young adult life, and you can gain great enjoyment from expressing yourself through physical movement and dance, where fluency and grace may be present. In later years, this can become an interest in the body work of hatha yoga, maintaining a suppleness of body as well as improving body health. These types of preferred creativity tend to focus on a developed use of either the body or of the physical senses, rather than a more intellectualized form of creative expression.

Potentially, your relationships can be successful and fulfilling, and you will expend considerable effort to ensure that they remain so for yourself and for your partner. Your optimistic outlook helps you to perceive the highest qualities in a lover, whilst not denying the fact that people are human and prone to express much lower tendencies than an ideal. Tolerance and understanding of human weakness and tensions will be present, and your trust will be reciprocated. Much will depend on your choice of partner, and partly this will depend on a realistic appraisal of your own needs, especially those powerful physical and emotional ones, and on what is required of a suitable mate. Basically, though, you have a 'give and take' attitude, and are reasonably relaxed and realistic about the pressures of living together in marriage. The quality of mutual communication is essential, and you highly value a direct and honest approach, which is always beneficial because at least each knows the nature of the current situation.

Mars sextile Neptune: The sextile from Mars to Neptune shows that you understand the difference between passion and compassion. You realize there are times when you must assert yourself to satisfy your own desires, but that at other times you must yield to someone else's desires. You are intellectually aware of your responsibility to serve others when they are unable to serve themselves. You are imaginative in finding suitable means to express your creative abilities.

There are many ways to exploit your potentials. You are particularly suited to professions that satisfy important social needs. Medicine and related fields can provide you with a rich and rewarding experience. You have qualities that promote healing in others, perhaps through the soothing effect of your trust and sincerity. Also, your well-developed rhythmic sense lends itself to such artistic pursuits as dancing, physical culture, and acting, in which physical grace is a prime ingredient. You could work successfully in undercover enterprises involving classified material. Your psychic abilities would offer some protection even when conditions seem threatening.

You are a romantic in that you strive to find honest and refined ideals in everyone. You make allowances for the failings of others, and you expect them to be reasonably tolerant of your failings. In a romantic alliance, you can always find positive qualities in your lover, even when certain traits rub you the wrong way. Above all, you insist on open and honest communication between the two of you. You detect insincerity no matter how skillfully it is hidden. Your strong emotional and physical desires must be satisfied, but you won't easily compromise your ideals by accepting a coarse or vulgar partner.

Your admirable qualities are much in demand today. You have a 'feel' for social responsibilities and the persuasion to do something about them. Through your efforts, you raise the ideals of everyone you contact, in both your personal and your professional activities.

Mars sextile Neptune: Warren Buffett 2, Melanie Griffith 2, U.G. Krishnamurti 2, Donovan Leitch 2, Hillary Rodham Clinton 3, Terence McKenna 3, Pablo Picasso 4, Bruce Springsteen 4, Paramahansa Yogananda 4, Alicia 4, Elroy 4

Mars square Neptune

The square aspect can pose a variety of inner tensions and compulsions that are difficult to acknowledge and integrate properly. It is indicative of the inner conflict and stress which often affects the nature of your relationships, especially emotionally and sexually.

Most of your impulses arise from the unconscious mind, and so it can be difficult to perceive them correctly or to understand their nature. Squares involve frustration, and here both the energies of Mars and Neptune are mutually inhibiting, creating distortions in both their favored ways of expression. Even the inner energy flow is distorted, with the Martian energy taking on an intermittent current, ranging from an obsessive urge for action (or release) to almost disappearing at times, leaving you with a minimum of motivation and vitality. Often the Neptune energy emerges in its distorted nature, in that there can be disconcerting emotional impulses, strange imaginations and obsessions, or negative types of habit=patterned behavior, which can be essentially self-destructive through a vulnerability to the Neptunian addictions of drugs, alcohol and compulsive sexual obsessions.

As there can be an inhibition in consistently and effectively expressing yourself and your aims, this eventually creates a build-up of frustration, leading to internal pressures and stresses. This can form personality splits, where more negative aspects of the nonintegrated unconscious mind erupt into the conscious personality and begin to dominate, almost as forms of possession. You can feel impelled to act in certain ways, and whilst you feel in a state of confusion, those hidden powerful motivations are directing your choices.

There tends to be a 'vicious circle' in action, often due to that belligerent and aggressive way in which you can attempt to be self-assertive. Because of those unresolved inner conflicts, your style of emotional expression and your relationship with others are often tainted by vibrations of aggression which are registered and usually rejected by others. The result can be a rejection of your outstretched hand and of your aims. Yet as this becomes a repetitive pattern, your inner conflicts become more intensified, and so does part of your energy field which is sensed by perceptive people. Alienation can occur.

Because of inner blindness, you can fail to understand what is occurring, and thus enforce a developing pattern akin to paranoia, where you begin to imagine additional rejections by others, become extremely touchy regarding all social contacts and imagined slights, and then become defensively belligerent too as a form of protection. There is considerable self-deception happening, in that you fail to see the process within you. Through looking outwards, you fail to see the source of your difficulties.

Sexual relationships can be a major battleground, and a central point for many of these tensions. The nature of your sex life and sexual desires is likely to be distorted to some degree. Sex and emotions are closely tied together, and it may be essential to achieve a redefinition through understanding. This may become the core of your obsessions and compulsive behavior, stimulated by a highly active imagination. There is unease, anxiety and confusion related to your sexual impulse. This can arise from a lack of intimate opportunities, leaving the frustrated energy little option but to circle around within you, activating a variety of stresses and splits that ideally should be healed rather than widened. It could be that your imagination becomes over¬active, creating unfulfilled sexual imagery and desires. or it may be aspects of your natural expressions of sexuality that you are refusing to acknowledge, and so repressing. It is certainly an area of inner contention.

This often leads to an overshadowing guilt pattern developing, where you are attracted towards illicit affairs, or sexual activity which you believe is morally wrong. Resorting to unsatisfying sexual expression may be attempted, such as the purely physical release of the energy and pressures, as with prostitutes for example. This need for sexual release is a crucial one for you to come to terms with; it is essential to discover an approach which is fulfilling and which does not re-emphasize your inner conflicts.

Relationship failures may be common until you begin a reorientation, a re-channeling of your energies into more suitable directions. You may find that your experience of the stresses inherent in this aspect is one of degree only, but much depends on the rest of the chart, and even then some degree of modification will still be required, especially if other aspects are challenging to Mars and Neptune.

What is necessary is a confrontation with reality, where you assume self-responsibility for your situation and inner life. This is an acknowledgement of inner conflicts without feelings of guilt, denial or personal condemnation. Acceptance is the first step; this may be quite difficult to achieve, yet it is the first step towards a resolution of the problems and to allowing inner healing to occur. Stop mentally pointing at others and projecting any blame for your failures onto them; yet conversely, do not blame yourself either; just resolve to change things for the better in the future. Because experiences have led to the creation of repetitive patterns frustrating you, it does not mean that this situation has to persist.

The potential is there for you to change it. Study the techniques of creative visualization; take control over the areas in your life that you want to change or resolve. Begin to look for ways in which the energies of Mars and Neptune can be integrated together, where using your imagination creates bridges instead of more uncrossable abysses of neuroses, paranoias, illusions and obsessive sexual desires. Change your attitude to people; be willing to take a risk in re-creating your life. Instead of looking to take, look for where you can give, as this will redirect that Neptune energy into constructive channels, withdrawing it from the distortions of Martian energy and from over stimulating sexual desires. It is a sacrifice of an attitude that is necessary, and it is one that poses problems for you; in releasing it there lies the opportunity for a rebirth to occur.

One key lies in the correct use of emotional and sexual energy, discovering a direction that can soak up its excessiveness and negativity, transforming it into a positive asset rather than a guilt-ridden obsession. Discover creative channels to pour it into; express it through the physicality of dance; through art, literature, music, drama. Even if the original creations are not beautiful or harmonious, be assure that over time their quality will change as your inner healing proceeds through the release of those frustrating poisons. Instead of being controlled by the energy, take control of it; plan and direct your life so that it moves in your chosen way. Eventually, with persistence, the pieces of the new jigsaw will fall into place and you will emerge into an experience of life that satisfies you. Fight those inner battles, and those conflicts can dissipate.

Mars square Neptune: With Mars square Neptune, it is difficult for you to assert yourself without causing some turmoil. You fluctuate between an intense desire for action and complete apathy. The unconscious or vague reasons that prompt you to act are in conflict with your aggressive feelings. You also have deep anxieties in your sexual life that are a constant source of annoyance. Your needs are considerable, but obtaining the satisfaction of sexual release is often complicated by your inability to face reality. You may be attracted to someone who is already attached, so that you experience guilt in fulfilling your desires. Early parental conditioning may have tried to repress your desires, and now you suffer from the results of repression.

With your temperament, you should work with as few people as possible to minimize the subversive factors others sometimes use to gain control over you. Self-employment would be even better. You could function well in the fields of medicine, and satisfy your need to render service and still remain detached. You need to develop your ability to plan and control events in order to determine the effects you hope to achieve. Leave nothing to chance. When things don't go well, you tend to blame others, diverting criticism from yourself. You defend yourself against imagined abuses as if you were looking for ways to persecute yourself.

Because you are somewhat accident-prone, you should avoid machinery and mechanical devices. You are also more susceptible to infection than most people and should follow hygienic rules strictly in preparing your food. The same attention to cleanliness should prevail in all of your activities. The crises in your relationships may be caused by your casual attitude about your lover's credentials. Sometimes you lower your standards and attract negative types whose primary interest is sex. When such disappointments occur, you may become bitter and resentful, but you have only yourself to blame.

Mars square Neptune: Ezra Pound 1, Patti Smith 1, Sri Aurobindo 2, Ashira 2, RoyO 2, Helen Keller 3, Jack Parsons 3, George 3, Carlos Castaneda 4, William Randolph Hearst 4, Beth 4, John Dillinger 5, Robin Williams 5, Bram 5, Jyothi 5, Merrill 5, Tammy 5, Ernest Hemingway 6, Michael Jordan 6, George Orwell 6, H.G. Wells 6

Mars trine Neptune

The energies of the trine should enable you to become a practical idealist, where the spheres of personal relationships and social obligations are highlighted in your experience. Mars will provide you with a powerhouse of energy to use, and Neptune will indicate suitable directions for expression.

This will be through a heart sensitivity to the problems of others, either individually or on a more impersonal, collective scale, and you will feel motivated to share in aspects of social responsibility. Fortunately. most of your personal aims can be achieved within such a framework, and so you may be attracted towards socially orientated work, especially in the fields of welfare, medicine, community aid and physical therapy. In such ways, you feel able to share your energy by supporting others who may be struggling in life, perhaps through ill-health, disadvantaged social conditions, or family problems. There is a natural sympathy, and your compassionate approach will often lead to many sharing their problems with you. It may be that at times you will need to cleanse yourself of 'accumulated suffering' absorbed from such work, and forms of negativity-releasing meditations or psychic protection are advised; otherwise, you may experience your level of vitality dropping under the burdens that you choose to take.

Even if you do not adopt the Neptunian way as a profession, your closer social friends will recognize this quality of support within you, and will often turn to you for a helping hand and a listening heart, coming away feeling less burdened, more inspired and sharing in your confident energy that all will be right (or that they can at least cope successfully). This is an aspect of a healing energy that you can transmit, and which is often connected to an acute inner sensitivity to the environment and people's emotions. This empathy is a key to your potential effectiveness in relationships, an intuitive knowing of how to respond and what type of support can be offered. Some may consciously gravitate towards areas of spiritual/ occult healing techniques, and this could be an effective channel to explore.

Your intimate love life should be reasonably satisfying, often with a strong emphasis on physical and heart energies, possibly with some intense and passionate romances. Once you settle with a stable partner, you will appreciate those deep emotional bonds, those subtle empathies and feelings of real relationship that can be established through mutual love. Generally, your partnerships are honest and direct: friendship and goodwill for each other are strong, and genuine feelings for people with whom you have shared intimacies can still persist even after a relationship has ceased. Some relationships end in perpetual bitterness and mutual conflict; but whilst recognizing that love can fade, you prefer to separate on good terms. People can benefit through contact with you, and finding a suitable partner can offer you an opportunity for considerable mutual inner growth and enjoyment.

There can be an attraction towards more dramatic expressions of the energies of these two planets, perhaps one where flamboyance is possible, such as the theatre, acting, dance, or where physical culture is emphasized. In some, the Martian energy to act is focused through spheres of Neptunian creativity, design, art, literature, film, photography. The trine often appears in charts of creative people, as the energy helps the process of anchoring the idea, vision or intention. You should find that you can achieve your goals, making the most out of the potential and opportunities that are presented to you; allowing scope to your imagination and then acting on it is the key to success.

Mars trine Neptune: The trine between Mars and Neptune shows that you have successfully integrated your aggressive and desirous nature with your social responsibilities. You can satisfy personal goals and objectives without sacrificing your impersonal obligations. Because you understand your deepest biological urges, you are able to control them, realizing there is a time and a season for everything. You are sympathetic with those who are less fortunate in managing their impulses, and readily 'lend an ear' when others want to unburden themselves or discuss their problems. Your inner perception is highly developed to detect sincerity or dishonesty in people.

Your inspiration and driving ambition to serve others are particularly suited to welfare programs, medicine, law, or physical therapy. Your healing abilities would astonish even a professional practitioner, who may not realize that your success results from helping people cope with spiritual as well as physical problems. You would bring special insight to psychology, group encounter therapy, and other rehabilitative techniques.

If you are motivated to seek personal acclaim, you could pursue a theatrical career as an actor, dancer, or stage designer. You have a flair for effective delivery, and your sensitivity brings out a warm, emotional response in others.

Your romantic life is uncomplicated but still very exciting. Because of your poise and personal dignity, you enjoy warm and tender relationships with the opposite sex. You maintain honest and sincere ties with those you love, and willingly sever ties with those whose interest in you seems to be waning. Their love may fade, but they will never fail to respect you completely for all your good qualities. You hold others simply by your magnetism, charm and sociability, and you know how to bring enthusiasm and joy into the life of the one you love.

Mars trine Neptune: Ty Cobb 0, Bobby Fischer  0, Angelina Jolie 0, Phylissa 1, Paul Newman 2, JudyPl 2, Clint Eastwood 3, O.J. Simpson 3, VinG 3, Ayn Rand 4, Meryl Streep 4, Shiloh 4, Robert De Niro 5, Komala 5, Medwick 5, Judy Garland 6, John D. Rockefeller 6

Mars quincunx Neptune

With Mars inconjunct Neptune, you strive to assert yourself positively and constructively, and yet the results of your efforts always seem disappointing. You are overanxious, and in your impatience you fail to notice important factors that hamper your efforts. The resulting strain increases your anxiety, so you pour additional energy into your objective. Thus a circular pattern becomes established. It is absolutely essential that you plan and double-check every move you make. Learn to postpone any hastily made plans, or you will certainly encourage trouble.

Avoid any occupation that involves using machinery or potentially dangerous substances. Your work should not be so physically demanding that it exhausts you. You cannot stand that kind of abuse for any extended time. Find an occupation in which you can set your own pace, one that doesn't require you to meet schedules. Any field related to the arts is suggested.

You tend to become involved in personal relationships that make enormous demands on you. When you overstate your importance to others, it gives them an opportunity to take advantage of you. Your actions seem to benefit others more than you are benefited by them. You have strong physical desires, and to satisfy them you associate with questionable kinds of people. It is difficult for you to see through another's insincerity. There is sure to be some deception in your sexual experiences, either by you or by your lover.

You are extremely vulnerable to infection because of carelessness and an inability to see beyond your own nose. You are especially susceptible to social diseases. However, depending on other elements of your chart, your early training may have so conditioned you with guilt about sexual freedom that you can't experience any sexual activities. In this case, your psychological maladjustment will produce physical problems that are difficult to detect and treat. Such problems are often called psychosomatic.

Mars quincunx Neptune: Marlon Brando 0, Mahatma Gandhi 0, Groucho Marx 1, Judin 1, JulieD 1, Alan Arkin 2, Marilyn Monroe 2, Gloria Steinem 2, Nikola Tesla 2, Fisher 2, Ray 2, Meher Baba 3, LucJr 3, Sugeet 3, Mitt Romney 4

Mars opposite Neptune

The opposition is focused more on your outer relationships with people, although inner projections are often the key to their problematic nature. As with the square aspect, there is the presence of the unconscious mind being activated by a frustrated Neptune, which lead to distortions in action and expression. Inner motivation is often unclear in respect of its true nature, and often compulsive desires are hidden behind a façade so effectively that even you are often essentially unconscious of why you act in certain ways and way is actually making those decisive choices for you. Self-clarity can be difficult to achieve, especially in the areas of emotional and sexual desire, which can have a compulsive quality to them, and which can dominate your options. Those areas may become highly emphasized in your life, excessively so and out of a healthy proportion and perspective.

You probably lack trust and faith in life. Suspicion is a constant companion, and you see others through such a filter, yet this is often mainly composed of your own nature projected out like a shadow over the world. How can you trust yourself when you do not fully comprehend your own motivations and desires for actions? Yet you often mean well, but yare let down by your own tendencies of secrecy and manipulation. Your own attitudes are reflected back at you, so that mutual suspicion is often created, and you lose even more trust in people. Sometimes you tend to withdraw from social activity due to this. A refinement in how you choose to assert yourself may be necessary, as well as a withdrawal of these conditioning negative characteristics.

Confronting reality is essential, so that, by acceptance, a more realistic balance in relationships can emerge - one where your desires are less dominant and threatening, and where the emotional dimension is more integrated and explored. This will help to modify and redirect the blocked Neptune energy so that relationships become deeper, more satisfying and a bridge to renew your experience of social relating. Evaluating your ambitions in life can be more productive once the projections are being withdrawn, and using intellect and common sense can be more effective in realizing them than following a path of glamour and compulsive desires which, whilst perhaps temporarily exciting, leads to a dissipation of yourself and your objectives. Avoidance of unnecessary stimulants is also wise, as these will not help; and a more perceptive insight into the nature of glamour and illusion will also be highly beneficial. This is especially so if you have become involved in the occult or spiritual realms of life, where there are always many candidates to take advantage of those who are more gullible and susceptible to the power of 'secret knowledge'. Those how have the desire to be 'special' are often abused physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The nature and quality of your relationships can be transformed, provided that you deal with those problematic areas of your inner nature, trust, emotions, sexuality and illusions. Perceiving how you can negatively condition your experience is the key to realizing how you can positively transform it too.

Mars opposite Neptune: Suzie 0, Queen Elizabeth II 2, Steve Jobs 2, Vaslav Nijinsky 3, Joze 3, Elizabeth Taylor 5, Johnny Cash 6, Tiger Woods 6, JRosh 6, Flickinger 7, George Bush, Sr. 8, Walt Disney 8, Yarrow 8, Mikael 9