Jupiter in Aries

An individual with Jupiter in Aries tends to be enthusiastic about philosophy, political issues, higher education, a spiritual quest and / or travel. He usually has confidence that these areas will be exciting, will continue to expand and provide adventure for him, and will be a constant and reliable source of satisfaction for him. It tends to be a very restless combination, which can add pressure to an already excitable or highly strung nature, or could be a saving grace in an otherwise austere personality. With Jupiter in Aries, the person can get extremely excited, aroused, inflamed with emotion, for good or ill.

This is one of the placements which can display an unholy rage when the individual's values are challenged or dismissed. The person tends to identify strongly with his own perceptions, his opinions and concepts and cherished notions about how the world works, as well as his values and value judgments. He can take disagreement as a personal threat or insult, and with the short fuse so characteristic of Aries, fanned by the double fire of Jupiter, he can flame out of control very quickly. He may even make anger and aggression into ideal behaviors and consider that he is fully justified in his explosions. He may be healthiest when he identifies with a flexible belief system and the never-ending quest for complete Truth. When he senses his personal Divine nature and the incompleteness of even the most sophisticated belief system, he develops a powerful sense of identity which is no longer based on the very ideas which he himself dismantles in order to grow.

He could easily be overly identified with the Puer Eternis or cult of youthful perfection and provisionality - that what is possessed now is only held until something better comes along. Provisionality is a wholesome attitude in philosophy and belief systems, but not in relationships, careers and general life goals.

He could also be identified with sports and athletics, with physical fitness and body image, and with getting outdoors into the fresh air. He probably needs all these, but will get seriously out of balance if he overvalues them and serves them to the exclusion of other parts of life.

This is also one of the placements which can identify with God: the self seen as Ultimate Value. If handled, this manifests as a powerful reverence for the self as a Child of God with consequent healthy boundaries, the type of person who tries to make his whole life a statement of his spiritual origins and development. If allowed to burgeon out of control, it may indicate a person who thinks and behaves much like Zeus - with little or no inhibition on desires, reckless or utterly irresponsible behavior aimed solely at self-aggrandizement. He can operate from a 'the rules don't apply to me' mentality, which leads to hypocrisy, or, in extreme cases, to a zealous pursuit and condemnation of those who transgress the rules. It seems that the more self-righteous this type of individual becomes, the more likely it is that he does not follow the principles he exhorts for others.

He is usually an adventurous personality, willing to explore, even eager to get into new territory, whether physical or intellectual or both. In other words, he can enjoy new vistas, new areas and scenery when travelling, and may be equally enthusiastic to explore new perspectives, new ways of seeing things or new concepts which promise to expand his understanding and knowledge.

He could have lots of self-confidence, if other factors in the chart support this. He may also set high standards for himself, and can easily go overboard and expect himself to be perfect. He is likely to be very idealistic at the best of times. He may feel he never measures up, that he can never meet all the demands he places on himself. If projected, he can labor under the illusion that other people demand and expect too much from him. If he learns to value himself rather than expecting too much of himself and being dissatisfied and frustrated with himself because of it, he will be much happier and his natural enthusiasm and optimism will turn him into a positive individual.

He tends to look for adventure, but on his own terms. He does not like to be pushed into new ideas by someone else, but will much prefer to take the initiative, and will restlessly explore, seek new horizons and search for ever larger and more inclusive Truth.

He has a propensity to feel easily threatened by different views if challenged, due to his strong personal identification with his own philosophy, ideas and thoughts. He could fight back, if other factors in the chart support this. At the least, however, unless severely repressed he is likely to feel powerful anger and rage if his own values are not acknowledged or honored. He may always have great difficulty distinguishing between his essential self and his values and ideas.

He is most confident teaching one-to-one unless there are other indicators of teaching and general self-confidence in the chart. He will usually pour himself fervently into philosophical pursuits. He will tend to explore new ideas for the sheer joy of exploration and newness and discovery, especially if he is the first one around to find the material or concept. He may lack depth and commitment unless other chart factors indicate persistence.

This is the most personally concerned of the Jupiter sign placements. That is, this combination is less likely to be vitally interested in larger issues such as higher education - unless he gets into teaching - or politics, than other sign positions, particularly when also in the personal or interpersonal houses. Aries is very self-oriented and will often turn all that is studied and learned into immediate personal use and advantage, but is not as interested in the population at large unless connected to the transpersonal houses or planets. He probably values his personal life, freedom and individuality very highly and will not easily take to routine. He will not easily align himself with company rituals, demands on his free time, or pressure to conform.

At its most spiritual, Jupiter in Aries may represent a deeply personal and individual interpretation of Truth, perhaps a new way to express fundamental Truth or a chosen philosophy, perhaps in a powerful ability to connect the importance of values, morals, ethics, personal philosophy and belief systems to each other.

With this combination, the individual may feel that the drive to discover the Ultimate Truth is a personal issue that is extremely important to him.

A last note on this placement: since Aries displays an 'I want what I want, right now!' attitude, Jupiter in Aries may add a mystical, divine sanction to that, consciously or unconsciously. This can lead to an individual who finds it extremely difficult to accept life as it comes to him, even when he is aware that he has somehow created the circumstances himself. If they do not match his conscious desires, he often has a deep, underlying feeling that if he pushes hard enough, insists vociferously enough, demands repeatedly, he can force the universe to produce what he wants. This attitude stands in the way of the very spiritual development he may so ardently seek, because that requires a sophisticated surrender, a loving acceptance that what happens is perfect, which this individual finds particularly difficult if he insists on 'my way!' all the time. This particular combination is one key that issues with faith are tied to possible over identification.

Aries won't be pushed, but usually doesn't need to be since it is there first. When Jupiter in Aries is handled constructively, there is a wonderful gift in the degree of personal optimism, healthy self-value and adventure. This individual embodies an instinctive hope in the future, generosity in the way he leads us confidently into new perspectives, and fervent excitement which helps us overcome our restrictive fears of change. He also innately reaches for the best, the highest good within himself, to be as true to himself as possible. He not only reaches for the stars, but also shows others the way by embodying the first principles in his day-to-day life.

Jupiter in Aries: Whenever you delay taking the initiative to go your own way, fears of inadequacy arise that may block your actions. If you succumb to a lack of faith in your independence, you may unwittingly neglect the social opportunity for leadership and, as a result, feel a deep sense of frustration. By indulging in distrust and not following the Aries sense of immediate and personal expression, you may fail to reach beyond the state of survival into creativity.

If you take the leap of faith and wholeheartedly express confidence, vision, and a sense of opportunity, you can feel the joy of uncompromised self-expression. You can build trust in others by taking the initiative to pioneer activities that naturally attract and enlist other people. By trusting yourself, you can appreciate the value of independence and thus expand your field of leadership and opportunity for creating new enterprises.

Jupiter in Aries: You expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you by taking changes. Always 'pushing the outside of the envelope', you like to test your own limits, often pitting yourself against extreme odds and risking life and limb in the process. The more dangerous or difficult the challenge, the more you long to accomplish it. You want to go where no-one has been before, to do what they say can't be done. You truly believe that you never know what you can do until you try.

The thrill you get from attempting some feat of daring makes it all worthwhile. You love to feel the adrenalin rushing through your veins, and are at your best in life-or-death situations that require instantaneous action. Whether your arena is Wall Street, the tennis court or the battlefield, you are known for your courage, energy and desire to win. Taking risks gives you a pleasurable sensation akin to sexual excitation, and you experience such a 'high' that you barely feel pain or fear. Your exaggerated need for adventure, however, can lead you to take foolish chances or to endanger others.

You resent having to play by the rules, and have little respect for tradition. Always seeking new ways to do things, you are a pioneer, a renegade. You can be abrasive, callous and excessively antagonistic in your attempts to break with old conventions, and consequently make more enemies than friends. However, you don't care much whether others like or approve of you; you idealize independence and individuality, and are not interested in being accepted by any group. Your 'god' is the individual, and in your opinion society will destroy the individual if given the chance.

In the extreme (especially if Jupiter is stressfully aspected by Mars, Uranus or Pluto), you might totally disregard others and lack feeling to such an extent that you become cruel or bloodthirsty. You glorify aggression and violence, and tend to see the use of force as the only way to settle disagreements.

Success and / or recognition usually come as a result of your adventurousness, aggression, daring or competitive spirit. Your natural vitality, enthusiasm and, perhaps, athletic ability also might bring you good fortune.

Jupiter in Aries: Much of your success in life is directly related to your ability to initiate action. Waiting around for life to hand you what you desire is definitely not your style. You don't waste time sitting around wondering if a particular action will produce results that you may later regret; you just do it. You possess an abundance of energy, assertiveness and optimism. You are quick to recognize opportunities before they pass you by and you know how to make the most of them.

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Jupiter in Aries: Shirley Temple Black, Salvadore Dali, Johnny Depp, J.Paul Getty, Angelina Jolie, Helen Keller, Jack Nicklaus, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Ayn Rand, Sting, Nikola Tesla, Jesse Ventura, Robin Williams, Tiger Woods, Paramahansa Yogananda, Andrew, Bobbie, BPoe, Doug, JRosh (cusp), Keith, Komala, Mick, Nicole, Patrice, Roberto, ScottS, Tammy, VinG, Yarrow, Zeno

Jupiter in Taurus

With Jupiter in Taurus, a sign which does not welcome risks at all, the individual may restrict her beliefs to those which are comfortable, but she may have an advantage in that she can channel those beliefs into practical expression. Generally, she will want to take a methodical, slow and indulgent approach to the great, endless quest for truth. She will tend to accept conventional wisdom and down-home truth, and not get too far away from the religion in which she was brought up, unless other chart factors indicate differently. She does not wish to rock the boat. She may restrict her own Jupiter urge to the point of negation - that is, refuse to acknowledge that she has such an urge. This is one of the placements which has a propensity to want the truth to stand still where it can be pinned down. This individual does not want to be on a life-long, ultimately unfulfillable quest. She does not wish to live with the exquisite anxiety of the pilgrim who knows that her truth is not yet complete but it is the best she has.

With Jupiter in Taurus, the ideal is that nothing will be challenged or changed, or have to be dismantled, discarded, or pondered too deeply. The ideal is that everything is fine just as it is, and the desire is to leave it exactly as it is.

However, the restless planet tends to dominate the sign; and the urges it represents, although they clash with the characteristics of Taurus, will manifest as long as the individual is not pushed. She will come to terms with the need for improvement and expansion of her perspective if she is allowed time to do so on her own terms, unless there is a strong chart emphasis on security and stability. She is not likely to be strongly intellectually inclined unless other chart factors show this possibility, but she will want her philosophy to be comfortable and to be practical. She won't want to have much to do with airy ideas, cerebral activities, or sophisticated belief systems.

This is another personally-oriented sign, so again she will tend to be more interested in her personal perspective and rights than collective issues. However, with her tendency to find practical ways to express her values, she may go into volunteer work and lend her sturdy faith to uplift others.

She might enjoy the more pragmatic 'How To...' books. If her ideas are challenged, she will simply dig in her heels and resist the pressure to examine or risk change. The harder she is pushed, the harder she will resist. Jupiter placed in Taurus is one key that the individual could highly value, and perhaps overvalue, pragmatism, earthiness, sensuality, money, possessions and the status quo. She may consider the preservation of what is to be far more important than the exploration of new concepts and territories. Art, creativity, stability, music, and material resources could be sought to the exclusion of all else. If handled, they are considered important without her going overboard. Earth and land could be revered or held as absolutes. Nature and gardening or the out-of-doors could be ways to get in touch with the spiritual side of life.

This placement is not particularly interested in physical activity, although golf and gardening are enjoyable. It is neither competitive nor oriented toward fitness. It may indicate a strong interest in gourmet food and wines, and in some cases can point to outright hedonism. Frequently people with this placement have ample figures as they love to eat and thoroughly enjoy good food. They may have large appetites for other sensual pleasures as well. This placement is one sign that problems with values, beliefs, and the search for Truth may be related to inflexible, unchallenged, or undeveloped belief systems.

When Jupiter in Taurus is handled constructively, the individual has a great reverence for nature, preservation of current assets, and practical outer expressions of inner values. She doesn't just talk about the importance of certain principles; she will tend to act them out. Her gift is the ability to be wonderfully resourceful, to value and give validation to enjoying life. She can slow down those who would abandon what is valuable now in pursuit of what could be valuable in the future.

Jupiter in Taurus: Failure to use current and nearby resources to their greatest potential can result in a lack of confidence in one's ability to ensure a stable financial base. Such rigid values may bring about the disappointment of achieving less materially than what you knew you were potentially able to achieve.

When you take the leap of faith and invest yourself in the potential of what you consider materially valuable, you increase your opportunities to satisfy those values and desires. In trusting yourself to actualize these Taurus ideals, you are supported by many opportunities to accomplish your ends and to fulfill yourself in practical ways.

Jupiter in Taurus: You use your sensory awareness to expand your understanding of the world and your place in it. Through touching, seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting what life has to offer, you grow and enlarge your knowledge and experience. A true hedonist, you derive great enjoyment from all physical pleasures and have a tendency to over-indulge in food, drink, sex, drugs, etc.. When it comes to sensual gratification, you have trouble setting limits for yourself - you simply want to experience everything.

Your innate understanding of the material realm may enable you to make money easily. In financial areas, you seem to have the Midas touch. You also love all beautiful things and covet material possessions. Therefore, your desire to own as much as possible contributes to your money-making ability. The 'god' you worship is money. Expanding your physical resources is so important to you that you invest a great deal of effort into acquiring wealth and building up your holdings. However, your excessive appetite for material things can cause you to spend more than you make; and you might find yourself frequently in debt because of your extravagance.

Perhaps you express your love of beauty through art; and you probably have some natural talent and aesthetic appreciation. Because you want to be productive and to transfer your interests into physical form, you might not be satisfied with just admiring the creations of others - you want to create something of lasting, physical beauty yourself. Thus. you may achieve recognition or benefit financially from your artwork. Music, too, could bring you fame, fortune, or at least enjoyment; and since Taurus is associated with the throat you might have natural singing ability.

In its most fundamental expression, this planetary position could signify exceptional physical gifts. You might have been blessed with more than average strength, robustness or beauty, or you may benefit in some way from your physical characteristics.

Jupiter in Taurus: Jupiter in the sign Taurus indicates a capacity for the correct and beneficial use of money and material resources. If Jupiter in Taurus is well aspected in a spiritually mature person, he is aware that all resources are on loan to us by the eternal principle of life for our use, for the service of our fellow man, and for the general improvement of the social and physical environment. He realizes that he is only a steward of the world's goods and that he must use and share them wisely for the sustenance and development of all life, especially anyone with whom he has dealings. In this case, money and material resources are regarded as a form of energy, flowing from person to person and making expansion, evolutionary development, and maintenance of life possible in the dense material manifestation that is the physical world.

With Jupiter in Taurus, the individual needs to develop the potential for the values regarding the acquisition and use of money and material resources in the context of the larger social environment. When this lesson is learned, the resources that he gives to others for their creative self-expression flow back to him manyfold because he has extended to others the opportunity to express their talents. This makes possible an even greater cycle of productive enfoldment and increase through which everyone may benefit.

It is not sufficient that people with this position learn generosity; they must also develop wisdom and discrimination in investing their money so that it can be used in the most constructive and efficient way.

Jupiter in Taurus indicates a tendency to attract wealth, which these people feel is necessary in order to enjoy material comforts and the good things of life. Often they have gourmet tastes and are fond of excellent food and luxurious surroundings. If Jupiter is afflicted in Taurus, these expensive tastes can lead to dissipation, the outcome of which can be self-indulgence, physical degeneration, and indifference to the physical needs of others. This causes resentment and jealousy in persons less fortunate, whose legitimate physical requirements are neglected.

Jupiter in Taurus gives business ability through patience and steadiness of purpose. These people can envision and carry out enterprises on a large scale and over a long period of time. But in the process of expansion, they may overreach themselves financially without sufficient collateral to meet unforeseen contingencies. This is generally the outcome when previous business successes make them overconfident or the habituation to wealth makes them greedy.

The religious outlook is usually quite orthodox, since the natives identify themselves with the social and moral standards of the economic class to which they belong or aspire. Unless other factors in the horoscope rule otherwise, they may not appreciate spiritual values that are not linked to financial or practical concerns. To them, a religion or philosophy is worthless unless it has a direct application that they understand. The class-conscious connotation of their religious outlook gives them a feeling of expansion and self-justification.

This attitude is most typical of the average Jupiter in Taurus business-oriented person, who belongs or aspires to the upper strata of society. Such people can be resented for their smug self-righteousness by the poor political radicals, and the younger generation. But if those with Jupiter in Taurus did not carry on their daily business enterprises, there would not be the general level of social wealth and employment to sustain those who are active in other realms of human expression. They have their necessary place in the economy of life.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Taurus, the pride that arises from financial status can lead to the downfall of these people; they are in danger of thinking that they are superior to others because they have amassed more wealth. They must learn that it is not wealth but what is done with it that brings honor or dishonor. The extravagant taste of Jupiter afflicted in Taurus can lead to indebtedness and trouble with creditors.

Jupiter in Taurus: Jupiter is at its most jovial here, thus contributing plenty of bonhomie. There is usually a great love of life and appreciation of good food and wine, so it is vital for the individual to understand that the basic principle of Jupiter, which is expansion, is very likely to encourage an ever-expanding waistline! If Jupiter is afflicted by the Sun, Moon, Venus or Neptune, this attraction to good food may border on self-indulgence and greediness. If this is the case, remember that the subject may be comfort-eating to counter a lack of real love, whether given or received; and the joviality may be clown-like, disguising introversion and unhappiness. If the individual is overweight, it will be necessary for you to warn him or her of possible liver damage, especially if the intake of alcohol is above the generally recommended level.

The motivation to make money is encouraged by this placing, and often brings great success, since the individual will invest cleverly, with flair and a good sense of timing. A healthy bank balance is necessary, since those who enjoy good food and wine often also thoroughly appreciate all the other creature comforts. There is, however, considerable generosity; and great pleasure is taken in entertaining others and seeing them enjoying themselves. Jupiter in this position contributes reliability; and common sense will prevail whenever intellectual challenges or demanding problems are faced.

There should be no difficulty in developing the more philosophical attributes of Jupiter; and a warm sense of humor, plus a true sincerity, are among the other positive qualities of this sign placing.

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Jupiter in Taurus: Dick Cheney, Robert Downey, Jr., Bob Dylan, Mahatma Gandhi, Howard Hughes, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr,.Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Meher Baba, OmNi, Pablo Picasso, Abbe, Al, Beth, Cesar, Dheeraj, DonW, JerryH, Lina, LucSr, MFor, Pete, Seligma, Zoë

Jupiter in Gemini

This is an extremely restless combination, doubly intellectual. Gemini has a light touch, and this can be evident in the manifestation of this placement. This individual could be extremely bright, able to pick up complex philosophical concepts rapidly. He may learn so quickly that he is often bored, particularly while in school, where he can absorb the day's lessons in a few minutes and spend the rest of the day causing trouble with his ceaseless activity and need for stimulation. A smart teacher will keep this person occupied. In later life, he will continue to learn quickly, but his lack of attention span may catch up with him if his chart emphasizes the Fire element or mutability. He may have quite a conflict between the Gemini propensity to gather in information without any distinction or discrimination, and the Jupiter function of assigning meaning and significance. He may think everything is important; knowledge is an ultimate value. With the high and often unrealistic standards so often a part of Jupiter, he may try to know everything about everything and burn himself out.

Somewhere along the line, he needs to learn how to deal with this conflict or he will frequently find himself overwhelmed with information and unable to make sense out of it all. Clarifications of goals and values would be valuable exercises for such an individual, as they provide for him a much-needed framework within which to distinguish between what is important enough to spend time and attention on, and what is not.

A person with Jupiter in Gemini may know a great deal of information and be an encyclopedia of information, useless as well as helpful. He usually values the intellectual approach rather than the emotional. He does not, unless other chart placements show it, have much patience with or understanding of deep feelings, especially if those are connected to values and beliefs. This individual may be quite detached from his ideas and opinions. Unlike someone with Jupiter in Aries, who can feel personally insulted and threatened when his cherished ideas are challenged, the person with Jupiter in Gemini treats that information as new data. It has nothing to do with him as an individual.

Consequently, he is very open to new ideas and perspectives. He may not go into them very deeply, however, before his attention is caught by something else and he will go off to explore that.

Philosophy, values, and personal codes of behavior may not occupy more than this person's mind. In other words, he could be something of a chameleon, playing with the values and codes some other people find so sacred. He doesn't necessarily mean disrespect. He just doesn't attach quite the sanctity to them that others do, unless other chart factors indicate it. This could lead him to be somewhat unethical by other people's standards, as he may not feel deeply bound by moral standards. In really extreme cases, he may not have any moral standards at all. He could be among the harshest of people if he gives all value to the mind and none to the rules which govern conduct or to the feelings of other people.

The ability to learn, speed of thought, multiplicity of interests, and ability to communicate could all be highly valued, as might commerce and travel. This individual is often pleased to simply acquire information; the more the better. He often displays a particular talent for linguistics, language and foreign languages, though his own manner of speaking is frequently peppered with slang. He might have considerable talent, for example, as a simultaneous translator. He could overinflate the importance of the intellect and expect his mind to provide him with ultimate fulfillment. Or he might project and see a sibling or close neighbor as the extremely intelligent one, the one who knows something about everything, the one who speaks easily and fluently.

It is unlikely that an individual with this placement would be overly interested in sports unless other chart factors favor this. Nor is he likely to be physically or sensually oriented. He is very much oriented toward the mind, and may neglect both fitness and nutrition because he pays so little attention to the body. If he places all his faith in the mind, logic, and rational thinking processes, he may not have much faith in spiritual matters. Again, if other chart placements indicate spiritual inclinations, they will add depth. On its own, this placement emphasizes intellectual development, not spiritual development.

Gemini is still one of the personal signs, so this individual does not usually display too much political interest, but may follow education with a passion. He can be an excellent teacher, with facts at the tip of his tongue; a lively, wide-ranging mind; genuine enthusiasm for study; and a lack of heavy-handed discipline. In fact, a teacher with this placement may not employ enough discipline.

Jupiter in Gemini is one hint that difficulties with values, morals, ethics, beliefs, faith and expectations tend to be associated with lack of commitment and over idealization of the mental function.

When Jupiter in Gemini is handled constructively, the individual places great value on education and methods of education, on the thinking and learning processes, and on communication. He is the person who envisions more ideal ways to communicate and teaches them to others. He has much to teach us about an effective way to handle Jupiter in that he is the least likely to become offended or angry when his values are threatened by new knowledge. He is simply interested and open, and as such may have the most capacity to learn, precisely because he keeps knowledge separated from personal identity and worth.

Jupiter in Gemini: If you postpone communicating insights to others, you may experience an endless accumulation of trivial information. When you use your buoyant expressions carelessly as a defense mechanism against other people's unfamiliar points of view, you may undergo a transitory trust in yourself. But this may unwittingly lead to shallow conversations and a frivolous attitude, lessening your chances to better yourself in the world.

When you actively expand your curiosity into dealing with information creatively, you might find answers instead of being stuck in a perpetual question machine. As you take the leap of faith and seek information from others and yourself, trusting that there is an answer and listening for that answer, you can experience truly meaningful communication with others. You can build inner faith by sincerely listening for the right answers to your questions.

Jupiter in Gemini: You believe you can learn just about anything by reading a good book on the subject. Your understanding of life, the world around you and your place in it comes from reading everything you can get your hands on: the classics, religious texts, newspapers and magazines, National Geographic, popular novels and how-to guides. Through reading, you become aware of things you would never be able to experience directly. But although you may have plenty of 'book learning' your 'real life' understanding might be rather limited.

You also learn and grow by exchanging ideas with others: talking, writing letters, attending classes and lectures, and through all other forms of communication. Because you also want to share what you know with other people, you may become a writer, teacher or lecturer so that you can help them to expand their knowledge, too. A lifelong student, you are always studying something new; as a result, you probably know a little bit about almost everything. However, because you are interested in so many areas and lack focus and mental discipline, you tend to be a dabbler, never acquiring more than a superficial understanding of anything.

You derive great pleasure from learning, and may have been the only kid in your class who didn't mind going to school. Learning comes easily to you, and you are especially adept at communication. Perhaps you can speak several foreign languages or have a gift for oratory. However, you can be verbose. Or, you might possess special writing talent. Success and recognition could come to you as a result of your writing and / or speaking skills. The birth charts of many notable authors include Jupiter in Gemini.

Because Gemini is associated with the hands, your manual skills might be exceptional. Perhaps you are talented at such things as handcrafts, drawing, carpentry, typing or handball.

Your pleasures in life are usually of an intellectual sort. Reading is particularly enjoyable to you, and you prefer curling up with a good book to going out on the town. You're not a misanthrope, however - far from it. Talking with friends - in person or on the telephone ¬is one of your favorite pastimes. Once you get going, it's hard to shut you up. You also love to play games that exercise your mind or add to your storehouse of information: card games, crossword puzzles, chess, Trivial Pursuit etc.. Though you might not be very active physically, your mind is never idle.

You glorify intelligence; and the 'god' you worship is the mind. First on your list of important people are those who possess exceptional mental ability or writing talent, and you'd like to be respected for these things yourself.

Jupiter in Gemini: Jupiter in the sign Gemini indicates a love of philosophy and the study of important ideas in the history of religion, education, law, and philosophy. The ensuing expansion of the mind opens new lines of communication and areas of social contact, which bring benefits in the course of travel, writing, study, and business connected with the development of new ideas.

Natives have an intellectual curiosity that leads to mental development so that they are considered intellectually advanced although they may not have received a formal education. Often they do seek university training as a means of mental self-improvement.

Jupiter in Gemini can give broad intellectual comprehension spanning a number of fields. Natives tend toward mental restlessness; and constant dabbling in many areas of study and interest. If carried too far, this activity can produce an intellectual dilettante.

However, the broad sampling of different intellectual experiences enables these people to piece together the general outline of social, political and historical trends, giving them insights into the future and destiny of mankind. Thus, this position can produce skillful social commentators and historians.

Because of the natural trine of Gemini to Libra and Aquarius, these people attract many friends, acquaintance and partnerships, and so can broaden their intellectual horizons in new and unusual directions. These social contacts also provide opportunities for creative expression of the mind.

Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini since it is in the opposite sign to Sagittarius, which it rules. This condition can be manifested in the native as a broad but superficial knowledge, or as book knowledge unsupported by practical experience. The lesson of Mercury in Virgo shows us that the most accurate, detailed knowledge comes from direct experience through work and personal service. This position of Jupiter, in contrast, has a danger of providing an ivory-tower scholar, unless other factors in the horoscope encourage practical experience. If Jupiter in Gemini is afflicted, then, the product may be an intellectual snob.

There is ability in teaching, writing, and lecturing with Jupiter placed in Gemini. Travelling lecturers often have Jupiter in this sign. Natives can also earn money and expand their business interests through publishing, travel, personal services, importing, communications industries, and mail-order businesses.

Jupiter in Gemini: Traditionally, Jupiter is not very well placed in Gemini; and this is true to an extent, since this placing can cause intellectual restlessness. Changes of opinion and too much versatility may interfere with real progress, especially when at college or university. There can also be a scattering of intellectual energy so that the mind becomes serendipitous. Consistency of effort must be encouraged and also sought in other areas of the chart. A generally stabilizing influence, such as positive aspects from the Sun, Moon or Mercury to Saturn, will help.

The individual will be broad-minded, up-to-date in outlook and often very clever, but should be aware of the benefits of in-depth knowledge in one or two areas at least. Alas, this can seem very boring, but his or her eventual success may depend on it, for, despite getting away with 'murder' for 99% of the time, he or she will be caught out in the end, no matter how quick the arguing skills nor how brightly criticism is countered. There can be considerable craftiness, but sadly not much discretion! This placing is an excellent one for teachers working with children in the eleven-plus age group.

Jupiter in Gemini: With Jupiter in Gemini, one seeks to grow and to impose oneself through communication, developing a wide range of skills, and broad learning. Faith comes through immediate perception and verbalization of all connections; wide-ranging interests contribute meaning to life.

Optimism is sometimes hindered by changeable curiosity and excessive thinking and worrying. There is a need to develop intelligence and reasoning power in order to experience trust in oneself and in life; an urge to connect with a larger order that is rational and logical. One has an innate understanding of the importance of good communication, and a desire to benefit others by being a source of information.

Although traditional astrology designates Jupiter in Gemini as being in 'detriment', since it is in a sign opposite one that it rules (Sagittarius), generations of readers can only be grateful that some people are able to tell fantastic stories with a myriad of details that yet impart larger meanings. At best, Jupiter in Gemini can weave a large-scale creation through correlating many diverse details and facts. Those with Jupiter in Gemini often have a sense of the public's emotions and aspirations, and can appeal to the public in original ways.

Those with Jupiter in Gemini don't generally consider that they are taking any risk in their intellectual endeavors, but certainly many of these people readily take risks in frank communication and in exploring ideas that are not generally considered conventional. There is an innate openness to the new and an endless curiosity. At worst, they are unfocused and have no discrimination about ideas or people. Yet, they remain constantly busy. They usually have great instinctive communication ability (and linguistic ability) with a wide variety of people. They tend to be glib and easily exemplify the 'gift of the gab', but also - unlike many people with Sun or Mars in Gemini (more aggressive Geminian expressions) - they find others' ideas not only interesting but also worthy of being listened to! Those with Jupiter in Gemini are often good listeners and perceive quickly what the other person really means, even if one can see that they have to make an effort to bite their tongue long enough to let the other person finish speaking!

Rashness of speech is not unknown in these people, but at best their easy way of sharing ideas and trading observations with a variety of people makes them extraordinary in professional pursuits that emphasize exchange of ideas, sales, design of communication media, publicity, etc.. After all, positive (Jupiter) thinking (Gemini) is widely accepted as the key to successful sales and promotional efforts! Like Jupiter in the other Mercury sign, Virgo, these folks can always find a reason not to believe in something; but, at best, they have an ability to express abstract ideas and ideals concisely and energetically.

Mayo wrote of this position: 'Highly intelligent, varied talents, broad-minded; or crafty, diffuse and scattered interests, indiscreet'. Ebertin wrote: 'Versatility in obliging others, an aptitude for making social contacts... a love of change, the desire to have many connections. A carefree attitude towards life, superficiality'. Hickey wrote: 'Fond of travel. Does well in the travel business or any occupation that involves selling, communication of ideas or teaching'.

It would be too large an omission to fail to mention the importance of Jupiter in Gemini's cleverness and ingenuity, on a number of levels. Remarkable inventors had Jupiter here. Many writers have had a Gemini Jupiter, although since Gemini likes to do two things at once, a great many of these have also had other careers. In virtually all people who have Jupiter in Gemini, mental exploration and growth is a key to their self-improvement agenda.

Jupiter in Gemini: You have an adventurous attitude toward opportunity. The far-off, dangerous, exciting venture is where your chance lies, and you will be found following the light that never was on land or sea. Tends to make you impractical and charming; you're willing to try anything once, for opportunity to you means not a chance to make money or acquire fame but one to do things and go places. You can be a wanderer of the wastelands, a hobo, a traveler, an adventurer of the spirit or of the flesh. You may also acquire some, even much, of the world's goods - but this will be more the result of good luck than of good management, for the almighty dollar is not your beacon, and if there is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow you will stumble over it by accident rather than come upon it by design.

Jupiter in Gemini: In Gemini, the Jupiter position tells the astrologer of a native who scatters his forces, wants to expand too quickly, wants all the world to be 'related', and demands recognition, but balks when it comes to the kind of serious research which gains solid recognition. He needs to learn the lesson of concentration. He has a marvelous sense of humor, but often laughs when he should cry. He needs to learn the lesson of being practical.

He reaches out for friendship, but the 'friends' he attracts, very often, only make demands of him and are not at all willing or able to give anything in return.

Jupiter in Gemini: You are an information giver, but potentially a doubt-giver. You have the goodness to judge everyone on his / her own merit - yet should pledge to avoid superficial appraisal. You have the morality to be intellectually honest in your relationships, and so avoid being contrary. You have the reverence for the written and spoken word - but should pledge to place little value on gossip and rumor.

You can be trusted to know a little about everything and everyone, and have an opinion concerning all of them; to have a healthy sense of skepticism regarding any matter so that you do not go overboard about anything or anyone, checking the facts first; and to not be gullible intellectually.

You may be excessively concerned with, and dabbling in, the affairs of others, trying to manage their lives and tell them how to behave; excessively questioning so that nothing ever gets given the benefit of the doubt, so all you have is an array of contradictions, no solid feelings, and little or no faith; and excessively gullible emotionally.

You believe in the right, ability and opportunity to go where one pleases, talk to whom one wants, and generally to be a 'citizen of the world'; in the principle of 'thinking globally and acting locally', the 'global village', and the Internet; and in the power of reason.

You disagree with Other stuffing him- / herself away in some corner or being similarly self-absorbed; and with only entertaining a narrow band of contacts and therefore possibilities. Be aware that only by looking within, into the realm of feelings, will you know who you truly are on the outside.

When you are alone, it is a very unusual event because you are, by your very nature, a contact-maker. So when you are alone - or at least, or rather especially, when you admit to being alone but still with an Other - it has to be for quite a serious reason. Most probably, such aloneness is forcing you to look more deeply into yourself in order to find out why you are as you are - alone, that is. By the nature of the beast, little else would have forced you to do so - after all, with all those people and things to explore on the outside, why should you have to go looking within? This does not mean to say that you haven't done any inner searching - of course you have - but it is the degree of depth that is the crucial issue now. Without going deeper than before into your make-up, you are not going to find out why you now feel so disconnected from (any) Other. You can be sure that the reasons will be found within, and it is to be hopes that these very words are helping you in this. Understanding how the inner state creates the outer one is now an important issue for your Jupiter sign.

Jupiter in Gemini: You have a seemingly endless flow of ideas about love, how it can be made more beautiful, more expressive and more fulfilling for you and your lover. Particularly in a new affair, your imagination awakens and stimulates your creativity.

You consider love a subject of material beauty and not something to be hidden away or avoided in conversation. You may be more eager to approach the various aspects of love than others are. In such cases, you must trust your own judgment in determining which partners will deal with sex directly and which need a more delicate touch.

You should seek a partner with the same sense of humor and fun about sex as yourself. Much of the hesitancy involved in some forms of sexuality can be washed away by a gentle laugh or loving smile. Generally, you will not find comfortable companionship with those who are too sensitive or take sex too seriously.

You should get along best with a lover who encourages your creativity in developing new and enjoyable expressions of love, one who will not inhibit fertile imagination. Your physical expression need not fulfill all the details that your mind creates, but you must be free to express your innermost feelings, as this is the mainspring of your love life.

Jupiter in Gemini: This is traditionally considered one of the less beneficial placements of Jupiter, in part because you tend to use your mind as the sole tool to get ahead in the world, neglecting to grow spiritually and emotionally. Unfortunately the rational, analytical and logical mind has limitations; many aspects of the world can be felt emotionally, but not understood logically. But with this placement you may exclude from your life everything that cannot be reduced to an intellectual statement or principle.

Obviously Jupiter in this sign helps the development of the rational mind, and should be useful in school. But it is very important that your parents and family help you develop your feelings and emotions along with your intuitive faculties, so that you will not try to work exclusively with your mind.

There is a strong danger of emotional insensitivity. You may enjoy playing on others jokes that actually hurt their feelings, even though you don't mean to. And when they try to tell you why they feel hurt, you pay no attention.

Fortunately, there are many other factors in the chart that can compensate for this one, so there is no excuse for letting the negative side of this placement become dominant. And there is a very real positive side to it - that is, the ability to examine life with logical detachment, to be objective and to see every possible point of view. Also you understand the larger, more important issues of life, and you can communicate your understanding to others.

See also: Jupiter in Gemini;

Jupiter in Gemini: Muhammad Ali, Ammachi, Kim Basinger, Clint Eastwood, Thomas Edison, Art Garfunkel, Aldous Huxley, U.G. Krishnamurti, John Malkovich, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Arnold Palmer, Karl Renz, Babe Ruth, Paul Simon, Oprah Winfrey, Joanne Woodward, Alford, Alicia, Cate, Cynthia, Dewitt, Duane, Ivy, Joze, Jyothi, Maitreyi, Marybeth, Miriam, Olof, Ralph, RoyO, Samp, Silas, Sugeet

Jupiter in Cancer

An individual with Jupiter in Cancer tends to value emotional security and safety and protection. She suffers something of a conflict between the Cancer tendency to be clannish and focused only on herself and her family, and the Jupiter propensity to reach out for more knowledge, to seek mental expansion through travel, and to broaden all horizons. Cancer doesn't care about broad horizons. It represents the part of human nature which cares about feeling emotionally safe, close to someone who can be counted on to nurture. Or, it will close itself off and build a defensive shell to keep out the mistrusted others. It is difficult for Jupiter to be its expansive self in such a sign!

Another clash is between the fire tendency to express outward, including anger, and the water tendency to hold in, to hold back. It may lead to a lot of pressure built up in the system, with explosions when the pressure gets to be too much. Water signs tend to repress the exuberance of fire and to dampen its enthusiasm. Consequently, Jupiter in cancer is not normally indicative of an outgoing personality or an out-of-control excitement. Cancer keeps these attributes somewhat under wraps.

With Jupiter in Cancer, the individual will probably value emotional depth, nurturance and caretaking, especially emotional family ties, basic necessities, and the home. There can be a shrewd sense of business which may be directed into any field of commerce that looks after people's basic security needs, such as real estate, insurance and so on. The person's own personal values will tend to be based on emotional ties and needs rather than strict rational thought. She will usually follow the values she learned from her family, particularly her mother.

She will also have a powerful emotional attachment to them; Cancer deals with a person's deepest, most unconscious, rational (as opposed to irrational) emotional security needs. It is simply not possible to challenge her values and beliefs without simultaneously threatening her deepest emotional security needs. She will react to differences of opinion, therefore, with all the vehemence or withdrawal behind her shell that she would muster for a physical attack. It feels just as dangerous to her. Nor can she be easily reasoned with. Differences in values strike at her core, and she cannot easily learn to stay detached.

The individual with Jupiter in Cancer also tends to place a high value on food and basic nurturance. She usually has a round figure, and either may be resistant to diets or gains the weight back rapidly once finished with the diet. Food can even be an ultimate value ¬and one attached to powerful unconscious needs - not easily changed, if at all. Modification of habits may be more successful than outright change.

With this placement, the person's approach to philosophy is commonly to confine the interest to matters which affect family, clan, business, and sometimes a nation. It is not a political placement on its own, but does reflect a concern with basic needs which can be directed into politics. Cancer is still a personal sign, strongly focused on personal needs and a personal perspective. She will usually be emotional in her approach to philosophy: that is, she will want it to fit in with her cherished concepts. Anything that is too divergent will often be rejected outright, in the interests of protecting the beliefs which formed in infancy and childhood.

This placement is not strongly interested in sports, either. She may be interested in nutrition but rarely in any more fitness than is necessary to function. She just can't be bothered.

Her approach to the ultimate value, God, and spiritual beliefs is usually that what mother taught is good enough for her. She doesn't necessarily think beyond that. It isn't that she lacks the ability, she lacks the interest. However, the revival of the Goddess worship may captivate her passionately, for she feels more 'at home' being able to follow a feminine archetype. If she projects Jupiter, a good possibility since it clashes with Cancer, she will tend to see her mother or mother figure as the person with all the bright ideas, all the exciting talk and enthusiasms. She might also feel mother should have been perfect, or was perfect, or had overly high standards and expected her to be perfect. She may judge mother to be cavalier, emotionally unavailable - living out the 'freedom' side of Jupiter ¬and prone to exaggeration.

She may also have trouble if she applies impossibly high standards to her own role as mother, or expects all mothers to be saints. A positive expression of this tendency might be to teach mothering skills to new parents, or to get political and seek to gain more recognition for mothers and children.

She also may get into trouble if she places too much faith in or assigns far too much value to her own emotions and moods. She will usually value emotional depth and intuition in herself and others, but may go overboard and value only this trait and the ability to nurture, to the exclusion of other valuable characteristics. When more in balance, however, she can be a parent with excellent principles who considers her children to be extremely important in her life. Jupiter in Cancer is an indication that difficulties with values, beliefs and ideals may be connected to emotional defensiveness and close-mindedness.

When Jupiter in Cancer is handled constructively, the individual has great reverence for motherhood without clinging mindlessly to all the principles and values she learned as a child. She also values children without giving them too much power to support her emotionally. She may bring high principles into the business world, at least in the way she operates personally. She expands the importance and understanding of the emotional needs of people.

Jupiter in Cancer: If you postpone sharing personal feelings and emotions with other people and fear that they may not empathize with you, you may then lose the opportunity to relate deeply with others. You may unknowingly use the Cancerian emotionally subjective beliefs as a defense mechanism against unfamiliar situations, and you may do so in such a way that the result is self-righteous alienation and a loss of your faith in others as well as yourself.

When you expand your Cancerian ability to make other people feel that they belong to a given social situation, your skill in building a feeling of family in any circumstance can create faith in your basic security instincts. By actively using your talent to bring about a realization in others of their belonging and acceptance, you can build faith and confidence in yourself and everyone around you.

Jupiter in Cancer: Your family is likely to contribute to your expansion and growth in a way that you find positive, easy or enjoyable. Perhaps family ties open doors for you professionally. Or, your family's money might enable you to study at the best schools, travel widely and meet influential people. The home in which you were raised was probably a supportive and nurturing environment, and your mother (or nurturing parent) in particular encouraged you to 'reach for the stars'. Because of your family and the environment in which you grew up, your personal and / or professional growth has been easier.

This supportive environment might include your town or even your country; and you may feel that your home and / or homeland have benefitted you significantly. As a result, you are likely to be quite patriotic, a champion of your community and nation. The 'god' you worship might be your country. You admire and uphold traditional, family-oriented values and glorify the image of home, motherhood, family and country. However, it is here that you also tend to be excessive, even sanctimonious and pejorative.

Perhaps you achieve success or recognition by appealing to these sentiments in others, or through creating an idealized image of 'home' with which others can identify.

Some of your greatest pleasures in life might be associated with your home and family. You love holidays and want to gather your loved ones around you in your own home (or the ancestral one) to celebrate the traditions you hold dear. Your children are a source of joy, and through them you are given an opportunity to grow in a positive way and to expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Jupiter in Cancer: Jupiter in the sign Cancer is in its exaltation. This usually indicates a good family background - not necessarily one of wealth or social standing, but a childhood environment and parental influence that instill kindness, generosity, and religious and moral principles at an early age. Later in life, these characteristics become a part of the natives' basic expression.

The parents of children with Jupiter in Cancer usually love them deeply, looking after their welfare and instilling in them a basic trust and human kindness. The Jupiter principle of morality, philosophy, and higher education has its beginnings in Cancer, because one's first teachers are one's parents, especially the mother. Those with Jupiter in Cancer seek to establish a secure, friendly, prosperous and comfortable home environment. They are kind and generous to the family and others in their home. If Jupiter is well-aspected, they will use their homes to provide for the needs of friends and acquaintances who are having trouble finding their way in life. Jupiter here often indicates a large home, with many people on the domestic scene. Natives have a strong maternal instinct, and sometimes a tendency to mother the world. The home is also used as a place for religious, philosophical, and educational activities.

Since those with Jupiter in this sign love good food, they can be good cooks. However, they may be inclined to overeat or to eat foods that are better for the palate than the digestive system.

Business interests often involve real estate, housing, farming, food produce, and articles used in the home. Jupiter in Cancer gives emotional idealism, often leading to utopian dreams that are not based on practical considerations, unless other factors in the horoscope supply them.

People with this position often receive financial help from their parents, and they may inherit money or property from parents or other family members. Often they become wealthy in the latter half of life.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Cancer, there can be maudlin sentimentality, oppressive mother love, ties that are too close to the parents, and self-indulgence in food and material comforts.

Jupiter in Cancer: Jupiter is traditionally well-placed in this sign, and its influence is somewhat strengthened. The intuition and the emotional level are both increased. There is a marvelous natural kindness and sympathy, plus an understanding of other people's problems and difficulties. The caring, charitable and protective instincts common to Cancer are enhanced and often expressed on a broad, humanitarian level as well as a personal one; concern, consideration and often cash will be given to alleviate mass suffering. The changeability of Cancer is shown in an uncertainty of opinion, and there can be changes of direction in religious thought or belief.

The imagination certainly benefits: look to other areas of the chart to see how it may best be expressed. It may be in writing or literature if the chart shows creativity, or in inventiveness if the bent is scientific, when the imagination will combine with intuition, helping the subject to assess the possible outcome of an experiment.

The home and family life will also gain by this placing, which will enhance the parents' ability to be objective about their children. The home will probably be full of books (perhaps rather untidily so!); and a special kind of encouragement will be given to children to develop their minds in exciting and imaginative ways.

Natural shrewdness is a Cancerian characteristic, and here it will enhance any indication of a good business sense. If the subject wants to start a small business enterprise, you might suggest something connected with antiques, for the acquisition of knowledge of a chosen period or type of artwork will be as stimulating as the making of extra money. Here is someone who enjoys good food, and may also be a superb cook.

See also: Jupiter in Cancer;

Jupiter in Cancer: Warren Buffett, Sean Connery, Milton William Cooper, James Dean, John Dee, Bobby Fischer, Robert Hand, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Jobs, J. Krishnamurti, Paul McCartney, Ramakrishna, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Bertrand Russell, Mark Twain, Brian Wilson, Bram, CharlesS, Elijah, Fisher, Flickinger, Jamie, Ju, Jude, Judi, JulieD, Leen, LucJr, Marcy, Molly, Nancee, Shakura, Suzanne

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo individuals attract the most good fortune when they express magnanimity, are generous with others, inspire confidence in those around them, conduct themselves with dignity and sincerity, and avoid the pitfall of excessive egotism. Prosperous areas are creative ones, entertainment, children, and recreation.

As a Fire sign Jupiter, you identify strongly with your own opinions, beliefs, and perceptions, and you may take it quite personally if others disagree with them! You make your own opportunities, and you are at your best when you are thinking in big terms, taking calculated risks, and displaying confidence.

Better times of any year for you to realize your goals include when the Sun is in your Jupiter sign, Leo, and when the Sun is in fellow Fire Signs, Aries and Sagittarius. See the table below for when these periods occur each year.

Jupiter in Leo: Jupiter in Leo can be almost too bountiful a blend, like butter on sausages, or a birthday on Christmas. The principle of expansion operating through the sign of self-expression enlarges the ego and fills the mind with thoughts of worlds to conquer — or uplift. An awareness of social position can stimulate the ambition to be the best dressed, most esteemed, or most envied member of a particular group. There may be a desire to own more living space, jewels, or worldly goods than any one person needs, not so much for the sake of security, as would be the case with Jupiter in Taurus, but for sheer ostentation.

Conscientious people of this temperament will use their organizational abilities to serve others less fortunate than themselves. Thus, the combination may be extravagant or generous, overbearing or dignified, demanding or altruistic, depending upon the degree to which egocentricity is expanded into consciousness of human need. The key to the character of this individual is the word "nobility." Either there will be the desire to be considered an aristocrat or there will be the elevation of character which marks the spiritual aristocrat whose position is shown by a sense of noblesse oblige.

This combination is propitious for executive work, especially in government service or in large, well-established enterprises. It denotes the self-assured leader who instinctively considers himself one of the elite. An ability to behave as one "to the manner born" inspires others and may pave the way toward wealth and prestige.

The Jupiter-Leo person knows how to make a good impression, but they need to be sure that they can also deliver the goods. These individuals can be jovial and benevolent, but also somewhat ponderous.

If attracted to religion, they prefer denominations whose rituals involve a measure of pomp, dignity, and ceremony. Philosophically, they tend toward the optimistic belief that the nature of man is constantly improving and that the world itself is progressing toward a higher state.

Jupiter in Leo can be an artistic influence, producing lengthy books, dramatic music, flamboyant paintings, massive statues, and spectacular shows. Its natives are generally quite conscious of appearances and possess richly conservative tastes. Some are inverted snobs whose understated simplicity of dress and manner is more inimitable than ornate and plush affectations.

As a leader, the Jupiterian Leonian embraces expansionistic policies without being radical. They present their ideas as the natural product of their own exceptional wisdom and foresight and expect to be rewarded with a position of responsibility. They do not mind being a figurehead but should make it a point to remember to give credit to those who labor behind the scenes. Above all, they want their life to count for something in the larger scheme of things and they will work ambitiously in order that the world may take note of their presence in it.

See also: Jupiter in Leo; Jupiter in Leo; Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo: Sri Aurobindo, Johnny Cash, Bette Davis, Robert De Niro, Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, Nicole Kidman, Mickey Mantle, Joni Mitchell, Osho, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Anton Wilson, Arine, David, Elroy, Erika, Jeff, Jen, JudyPl, Kay, LaurieSw, Leigh, Mikael, Roy, Shiloh

Jupiter in Virgo

The individual with Jupiter in Virgo has quite a pull between her outgoing, expansive and future-focused Jupiter side and the reserved, work- and detail-focused Virgo part of her nature. If she combines the two, Jupiter can add great value to - and quite possibly overvalue - the importance of procedure, detail, day-to-day work and competency in function. She may therefore be a valuable worker who catches the little mistakes others miss, or the office fussbudget who cannot tolerate a pencil out of place and thinks the janitors don't do a decent job. She may be a tremendous help, given the right environment and job, or a nonstop critic who applies her skill to not only her work, but her co-workers as well, alienating them and causing much friction. Naturally, if this placement is projected, she will think her co-workers are too critical of her or far too fussy and picky in their work.

If she remains caught in the pull, she may vacillate back and forth between precision and carelessness, often doing each at exactly the wrong time. It can be a frustrating combination, because the cavalier attitude represented by Jupiter may undermine all the careful attention to detail symbolized by Virgo. The Jupiter side will live frustrated and feel impatient, tied down, and held back, while the Virgo side will live dismayed and distressed that all those important details have been overlooked yet again, and the mistakes seem legion. Her ability to discriminate between what should be treated with care and what does not need much attention often seems to be entirely backward, and she can treat an inconsequential matter with intense caution and meticulousness. She can also feel very critical of her periodic tendency to break free and overlook minutiae. She may judge these lapses of attention as laziness or a deficient part of her character, and be very harsh with herself over them.

She may also find herself in a chronic battle with enthusiasm - taking on more than she can adequately handle, then having to put in tremendous amounts of extra work and cope to cope with the load. This can happen in her hobbies and private life as well as at work, where there simply aren't enough hours in the day for her to follow all her interests, but she tries! She may start each year signed up for several evening classes which fascinate her, only to find out that each requires many hours of homework and the cumulative burden threatens to crush her. She may pull up her socks, get fully organized and tackle the work, but tends to schedule herself too finely, to not leave enough time for each project. Since she also is likely to suffer embarrassment if the project isn't done to her very high standards, she may spend the extra time to do it properly but then feel under tremendous pressure because she gets behind schedule.

With Jupiter in Virgo, the individual tends to value work, productivity, and practical attitudes. She may place a lot of faith in her ability to work, and expect a great deal of fulfillment from her job, perhaps more than it can provide. She may consider that personal reserve and proper behavior are godly, and she may expect herself to act this way regardless of outer provocation. She will usually find practical ways to express her values, either living them at work or through work, or working hard to develop the values she holds. Her approach to philosophy tends to be thoughtful, but may be too cautious and too reserved, too pragmatic, and not visionary enough to grow. She wants philosophy to be useful, not just a group of pretty ideas.

Jupiter placed in Virgo is a sign that problems with faith, values and expectations may be related to having too much trust in hard work and the 'realities' of life, and not enough respect for vision and imagination. An individual with Jupiter in Virgo, however, often reconfirms the tremendous intrinsic value of what might be called the Spartan values: commitment to productivity, willingness to use whatever works in a situation (resourcefulness), pure and simple diet, frugality, prudence and sincerity. She has the practical skills necessary to make something which begins with a vision into a substantial reality. She reminds us that nothing lasting gets accomplished unless somebody takes care of details, one step at a time.

Jupiter in Virgo: If you fear never being 'perfect enough' to serve, you may postpone and thus lose the opportunity to serve others. This can result in a general lack of self-trust in your abilities.

Using analytical talents to find fault with your service may leave you lacking confidence and afraid to contribute. Withholding actual assistance and instead substituting righteous beliefs about service may submerge you in unnecessary behavioral details. An exaggerated self-critical attitude can lead to feelings of insufficiency, necessitating constant preparation that is never complete enough to contribute.

If you trust the purity of your motives and are willing to make some mistakes in your desire to serve other people, you can experience the freedom of finding social situations in which you serve and develop yourself. Thus, by taking the leap of faith and consciously putting your desire to assist before your personal concept of how you think you should serve, you can expand your arena and attract many vocational and social opportunities. Self-trust increases as you use your finely honed analytical abilities to actively support others.

Jupiter in Virgo: Through helping others, you expand your knowledge and awareness of yourself and the world in which you live. You achieve personal growth by providing others with some sort of service, and you might excel in fields such as medicine, nutrition and animal welfare, or through assisting the underprivileged or the handicapped. Menial work that others may find unpleasant offers you a sense of satisfaction, and you enjoy knowing that what you do benefits humanity. Perhaps you will even achieve recognition for your efforts, even though fame and fortune are not what you seek.

When exaggerated, however, your concern for the health and well-being of all turns into excessive worrying, even paranoia. You spend a good deal of time and energy fretting over your diet and trying to defend yourself against germs. Perhaps you are a fanatic about cleanliness, immunization or health foods; and the 'god' you worship might be medicine.

You have a penchant for detail, and are extremely orderly and precise in all you do. However, you sometimes carry your meticulousness to extremes, over-refining or overworking everything and wasting time and energy on insignificant details.

You enjoy facts, figures and organizing information, and could use your analytical abilities to great advantage in fields like accounting, statistics, medical research or computer programming. Be careful not to over-analyze situations or focus so intently on specifics that you miss the big picture.

Virgo is associated with work. You probably derive much satisfaction from working - you need to be busy constantly, and would not be content living a life of leisure. However, you are inclined to overdo it in this area and become a workaholic, unable to relax and enjoy other things in life.

This is one of the most modest and unassuming positions for Jupiter. You aren't looking for glory or prestige (unless Leo is prominent in your chart) and are content to work efficiently behind the scenes. Rather than bringing you public acclaim and notoriety, Jupiter may give you good fortune in a more personal and private way.

Jupiter in Virgo: Jupiter in Virgo is in the sign of its detriment, because it is opposite Pisces, of which Jupiter is co-ruler. This is not an unfavorable position, since natives value work and will offer practical service to others.

However, the Virgo concern with detail and precision can conflict with the Jupiterian tendency to expansiveness. It is not possible for one person to give detailed consideration to every aspect of a large project. This conflict can result either in overwork or in the improper treatment of some aspect of a project. Consequently, the individual must learn to enlist the co-operation of others and to delegate responsibilities, or else scale down the scope of his endeavors.

People with this position demand integrity in detail, and are able to sift truth from error when confronted with a large amount of information. But they may have a moralistic concern for detailed perfection which many people will find difficult to deal with. If this concern is carried too far, they make mountains out of molehills; they may lose a sense of the relative importance of various factors involved in work and service, especially the human factor.

If Jupiter is well-aspected in this sign, honesty and integrity characterize work and business, making for congenial relationships with co-workers, employers, and employees. These people usually enjoy pleasant working conditions, and are appreciated and well paid for the services they perform.

Natives regard cleanliness and order as being of utmost importance; these values are a cornerstone of their moral integrity. They disapprove of sloppy, bohemian habits of dress or housekeeping, unless Jupiter is heavily afflicted. In that case, as a psychological reaction, there can be a reversion to the opposite behavior, similar to that of a person with an afflicted Venus in Virgo.

Their religious and moral beliefs are based on the concept of service, and they regard high ideas as of little value unless they receive practical application. This sense of realism makes them conservative and somewhat orthodox in their social and religious outlook, as with Jupiter in Taurus or Capricorn. There can be an interest in service and charitable pursuits related to physical and mental health: in hospitals and educational institutions, for example. Wealthy people with Jupiter in Virgo often contribute to the support of such institutions, or to medical missions.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Virgo, employment may be unstable because of a tendency to drift from job to job. There may be laziness where work is concerned, and dissatisfaction with working conditions, co-workers, and employers.

These people must learn that spiritual attainment calls for more than the mere expounding of beautiful ideas.

Jupiter in Virgo: There is something of a contradiction in terms about this placing, for while Jupiter encourages expansion of the intellect in particular, Virgo is related to small, narrow detail and critical acumen. Sometimes as a result there is conflict and apprehension when the individual is confronted with a situation or project that demands a broad sweeping approach. He or she will want to take it, but may feel a lack of self-confidence and fail to commit him- or herself as boldly as might be wished. The outlook will definitely be matter ¬of fact, and it is to this characteristic that the subject should appeal at such times. You must also encourage reflection on past achievements and successes, for it is in that way that confidence will be gained and a broader perspective taken.

Considerable literary skill often accompanies this placing. Here is the patience and dedication of a meticulous writer with the intelligence to develop the technique necessary if he is to put down on paper precisely and directly just what is in his mind. This placing also contributes technical and scientific ability, along with tremendous practical flair for working with machinery. Healthy skepticism and critical acumen are also present.

If Jupiter is afflicted by the Moon or Neptune, there can be considerable absent¬mindedness. This will infuriate the individual, who will consider it stupid and annoyingly time-consuming when he or she leaves the keys in the wrong place, for instance, or mislays a vitally important piece of paper or book! Sometimes there can be constipation, especially if rich food is enjoyed; and digestive problems are also common.

Jupiter in Virgo: This position enables you to find the opportunity in small beginnings, to take infinite pains with the little things that underlie success, and to plug along at a hopeless cause until - lo and behold! - it amounts to something. The effect you give is of care, caution, and routine perfection of details; and because of this, you are often able to win support from financial interests who value these traits and consider them good credit reference. You will generally be able to get backing for your business; you believe in putting all your eggs in one basket and watching the basket, with the result that you frequently hatch quite a brood. Spectacular or risky ventures don't appeal to you. If this position limits the imagination somewhat, it is also likely to get you farther in the long run than the dashing fellow who has been through several fortunes, or jobs, while you have been studiously cultivating your own garden and raising a fine crop of security and possessions.

Jupiter in Virgo: With Jupiter in Virgo, one seeks to grow and to improve oneself through spontaneous helpfulness, dutiful service, and a disciplined approach to self-development. One humbly stays open to grace from a higher power, and naturally trusts the value of regular work and self-discipline. One's expansive need for perfection motivates openness to self-improvement. Over-attention to detail can inhibit connection with a larger order, but one usually has a well-developed critical faculty without excessive pettiness.

One has an innate understanding of the appropriate use of one's analytical and discriminative abilities. Although Jupiter in Virgo (being a sign opposite one which it rules - Pisces) is known as being in 'detriment', I personally find that it is far more common to see Jupiter elevating and expanding the critical, analytical, linguistic, and intellectual faculties of Virgo than to witness Virgo dominating Jupiter, thus theoretically squeezing out all personal expansiveness and generosity. Attention to detail is certainly present in abundance in these people, but excessive pettiness is in my experience rather rare. They do, however, need periodically to clarify their larger vision of the future so that they know toward what goal they are working, and so they do not become lost in details and short-sighted concerns.

There is usually a technical attunement, if not intellectual; and craftsmanship is usually evident in whatever field they pursue, sometimes with a remarkable attention to minute detail. Self-confidence is rarely excessive (unless perhaps the person's Jupiter is conjunct the Sun in Virgo), and these people gain self-esteem over time through their work and practical accomplishment. Self-improvement is a lifelong mission for those with Jupiter in Virgo.

Those with Jupiter here have an analytical outlook on life and a tendency not to put themselves forward aggressively nor to try to be especially prominent. Unlike Jupiter in many other signs, they rarely promise others more than they can deliver. If anything, they understate their abilities and underestimate their talents. Because of such an orientation, it should be emphasized that, in pursuing personal and professional progress and all levels of prosperity, they should be careful not to sell themselves short. They seem to feel that their worth will manifest and prove itself through practical accomplishments and result, not through boasting; and this innate humility and eagerness to be useful is often expressed in the helping and health professions, service vocations such as teaching, or civil service. In virtually every arena of life, Jupiter in Virgo doesn't like risk, but - after systematic analysis - they will take risks deemed to be prudent.

Coleman wrote of this placement: 'This indicates that opportunities will come to you throughout life as a result of your willingness to render practical service to others.

However, you demand extraordinary integrity of detail and often exhibit a moralistic concern for perfection which annoys colleagues. Carter wrote 'Kind, but narrow in the affections'. Ebertin wrote: 'The urge to learn, the ability to teach'. Hickey wrote 'Strong discrimination; but if afflicted, critical, irritable and petty'.

Moore and Douglas seem to describe Jupiter in Virgo at its worst, those people who can always find a reason not to believe in anything transcendent. I personally have seen few people with Virgo Jupiter who are this sort; but it is evident to me that this quotation concisely sums up an almost archetypal attitude among certain people in Western technocratic culture: 'This pseudo-expansive outlook is typified by the science fiction writer who considers himself to be extremely imaginative in conjuring fantastic visions of life as it might be on stars, light years removed from Earth, yet who cannot conceive of anything beyond the strictly mechanistic view of the cosmos left over from nineteenth-century materialism. By projecting his own small shadow upon the backdrop of the universe, he creates bigger and better monsters, but little that touches the heart or uplifts the mind'.

Jupiter in Virgo: In Virgo, Jupiter paints a picture of one who is discriminating when it comes to friends and pleasures. This often results in a bottling up of emotions. The astrologer's task is to help the native become less rigid, to help him remove some of his armor. He is philosophical; his critical tastes are finely honed. He is not so fortunate when it comes to speculation - he can 'figure things out', but this does not apply to the racing form!

He is especially fortunate when it comes to developing his hobbies into professions. He is able to start with a little and make it grow. The astrologer should encourage him to be patient and confident - and to laugh at his own foibles.

Jupiter in Virgo: You are a helpful, though potentially critical, giver. You have the goodness to make the most out of the least - yet should pledge to avoid bitter complaining. You have the morality to be upright and pure in your relationships - but should pledge to avoid being puritanical. You have the reverence for personal space and solitude - yet should pledge to avoid being antisocial.

You can be trusted to help Other to develop his / her potential through study and attention to detail; to live a reasonably healthy and moderate life, with possibly only occasional, compensatory binges; and to live up to your responsibilities - for the sake of your love of order, not necessarily for the love of Other.

You may be excessively demanding that Others do things / work exactly your way, with the consequence that you are inclined to attract either narrow-minded sycophants or wanton rebels; excessively orderly, so that by way of balance Other is correspondingly chaotic; and excessively envious of others that appear (not surprisingly) to have an easier lifestyle.

You believe that life is based upon reason, so you hold that good thoughts and deeds will eventually attract good fortune, and bad thoughts and deeds will ultimately result in bad fortune. Through appealing to this philosophy - your sense of reason, Other can get you to accept, enthuse over or forgive most things.

You disagree with Other leading a life that does not appear to have a pure and well-defined set of goals and principles. Be aware that how you 'define' is limited by what you know - or rather by what you don't know. Other could be aware of things which your closely constructed beliefs overlook. When you are alone, it is most likely to be because you really need or actually want to be.

Virgo is the sign of the Hermit; so, with the planet of growth here, it is during times of being on your own that you can get to do what you want or have to do. Every day or incidental patches of being alone with yourself for relatively short periods of time should be cherished and made good use of. Actually being alone, in the sense of being without a mate or companion, could mean that you are being forced to get down to that project or task you have been putting off. or possibly to consider in solitude the meaning for your existence, especially in terms of the work you do or are supposed to be doing, and what kind of relationship you would wish to be in. Fate is utterly intelligent; it does not leave you all on your own just for the hell of it. A darker reason for your being alone, which we have to consider, is that you are simply a misanthrope, that you dislike people generally. If so, you are alone to see the error of your ways - for you too are a person, one of the people.

Jupiter in Virgo: You can design and carry out an infinite variety of detailed settings for love, so you should find a lover who can join in the pleasures of playing out these detailed fantasies. For you, the initial performance of an imagined scene is the most pleasurable; with repetition it becomes tedious. Once you have fulfilled a fantasy, it is best to move on to something else, so that you can replay the same scenario another night.

Take care to make your fantasy role-playing simple and undemanding, so that it may be carried out physically with ease and concentration. The mind can accomplish great feats that are much too difficult or distracting to enjoy in reality. A little prudent judgment will help you avoid taking on more than you can handle. Don't be too demanding of yourself or your lover, so that love games stay creative and pleasurable rather than work.

You must make an attempt to separate fantasy from the everyday reality of a relationship. If they are too closely entwined, you and your lover may drift apart because you mistake your fantasy roles for the real ones. With a little care, however, you should be able to have a more satisfying sex life than most, if you have chosen a partner of similar desires.

Jupiter in Virgo: You will grow and achieve maturity by developing a constructive sense of duty, by knowing that what you do is useful to the world, and by living up to your responsibilities. In some respects, your attitude about the world and other people is very mature for someone your age. But to get the most out of life, you must overcome your timidity, for that affects your expectations of yourself. You are inclined to accept too little and not demand enough of life. You see reality so clearly that you let it get you down. The danger is that you may seriously underestimate your abilities and the possibilities of what can be done in your life. Being practical is fine, but a little idealism wouldn't hurt. Don't always accept matters as they are, either about yourself and others or about circumstances in general.

On the other hand, you can be very helpful to others, and you feel best when you have something important to do. You respect work, even if you do not enjoy it; and when you neglect to do something you are supposed to you feel guilty. In fact, you often tend to feel guilty about indulging yourself. You have to justify your activities by knowing that they are important on a larger scale, apart from yourself. You cannot justify doing something simply because you want to. But this may lead you to become very good at rationalizing, believing that some activity is socially useful, when you are really doing it only because you want to. It is better to recognize that you do want it yourself and not blame your actions on some 'higher purpose'.

See also: Jupiter in Virgo;

Jupiter in Virgo: Timothy Leary, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Nisargadatta, George Patton, Ezra Pound, Wilhelm Reich, AbbieJ, BarryKl, BobG, J, JerryGr, JJ, Judin, Lori, Nirvesh, Steve, TomW, TonyC, TonyO

Jupiter in Libra

The individual with Jupiter in Libra is strongly oriented toward intellectual and people-focused pursuits. He almost certainly loves to talk. He genuinely enjoys people, their interests, and their lives. He probably likes to argue and debate, and may say something outrageous just to get a discussion going.

This person may struggle between his casual, exuberant and excitable side and the part of him which is sophisticated, refined and peace-loving. He may value harmony and co¬operation, but find he starts disputes by saying too much, being indiscreet, or talking off the top of his head without being sure of his facts. He probably values involvement with others highly, perhaps too highly. He may just have a high level of reverence for others. He may go too far and expect them to live up to high standards, or expect others to know everything. He may think they do and feel somewhat inadequate in comparison. He may want to be the one with all the answers and have others look to him. In its best expression, Jupiter in Libra shows a very bright mind with lots of focus on, and zest in, intellectual and social exercises. The individual can learn almost anything quickly, and easily pass along to others what he has learned. It is best if it is a give-and-take situation, where he teaches others but also learns, rather than expecting to be all and know all himself.

This person will generally want his philosophies to have a certain elegance, a refinement and sophistication. He tends to value these qualities highly, and may prefer them to be his standards for his own behavior, or expect others to be this way, or both. He may be an enthusiastic supporter of the arts, with the vision to see how artistic endeavors could progress and improve. He may expect the arts or other people to provide him with complete fulfillment, rather than looking within. It is one of the placements with a propensity for dependency, if all the value is placed on the other person. If the Jupiter side comes to the fore, then the individual will either open himself up to only loosely structured relationships, or leave.

It is a somewhat restless placement, very much prone to living in the head and ignoring the body, which is seen as gross and indelicate when compared with the lightness and speed of the mind and its creative ability. Such an individual may have difficulty coming to terms with the aging process, and many other dingy realities of life. He will certainly not be comfortable changing diapers! He is essentially a creature of concepts, ideas and mental creations. He is also extremely friendly, able to get along well with people, and very mindful of social status. If this is projected, he could see his mate as freedom-loving, high-spirited, intellectual, and highly sociable. He may also notice that she is more concerned about social standing than almost anything else, checks out emotionally if issues get sticky, and would far rather spend time talking with people than doing productive work.

This is a very interpersonal placement for Jupiter. There is much focus on what others are doing, and on what they think and say; and a certain tendency to place trust in others' ideas. This could be open-minded interest or escalate to lack of discrimination. The person with Jupiter in Libra generally thinks well of others, which makes him generous with them and trusting. He may be downright gullible, and have to learn to set some boundaries on how much trust he extends to others. In its better expressions, however, this placement indicates someone who is vitally interested in social values, education, and law or other issues which affect society. He may wish to use his intellectual and communication skills to further these interests, and to promote social concerns and endeavors, or religious, or philosophical ones. He can be extremely persuasive, with the ardent fire of Jupiter fuelling the cultivated and genteel Libra to produce someone with a great deal of polish, if he chooses to develop it.

At the same time, the individual with this placement will need to watch his tendency to place so much value on other people's opinion of him that he vacillates in his standards in order to match theirs. He can gain a reputation for extreme unreliability unless he adopts principles himself and lives by them rather than always trying to please others. He also tends to promise what he can't deliver, and again may end up with a poor reputation, although he meant his promise at the time. When under pressure, however, he may dismiss past promises as unimportant and forget about them. He could also expect too much help or generosity from others, and might even demand it as his right. This won't keep his friendships strong, or his marriage.

When Jupiter is in Libra, it is an indication that difficulties with values, faith and the search for truth are connected to overvaluing social favor and standing, too much flexibility in values and principles due to trying to please others, or expecting too much generosity or knowledge to come from others. With Jupiter in Libra at its best, the individual has a lot of reverence for the importance of cooperation, between individuals to form a relationship, and between people to form social institutions which improve the quality of life. He has a powerful concern with justice and may turn his attention to political life as a way of expressing his concern. In such a role, with enlightened integrity and charming sophistication, he can talk others into programs which are idealistic, future-oriented and of benefit to many.

Jupiter in Libra: If you postpone dealing with other people on a one-to-one level, fearing inability to maintain harmony in your relationships, you may experience many shallow, unsatisfying associations throughout life. If you avoid a deep, intimate alliance and instead adopt an insensitive attitude of expectation toward your friends and partners, you may inadvertently create isolation from others.

When you decide to take the leap of faith and put yourself in situations where you will experience intimate contacts with people, you can undergo a sense of expansion and joy. As you accept and trust deep level relationships and can get close to people on more than superficial levels, you may find a continuous inspiration to self-growth. Self-trust increases as you use your natural abilities for creating ease in social situations to unite others into a harmonic whole.

Jupiter in Libra: You are likely to experience some sort of growth and expansion as a result of your relationships. Perhaps a fortunate marriage or business partnership enables you to achieve greater success or recognition than you would have on your own. Or, because of your relationships you might expand your horizons through travel, higher education, philosophy or religion. Your partners in love and / or business open doors for you ¬professionally, personally, intellectually or spiritually - and you come to understand yourself and your place in the Universe better through them.

You seem to be lucky in love, and never lack admirers. Love is certainly your game, and you not only play it well but also enjoy it immensely. Your relationships make you feel good about yourself, and you are never happier than when you are in love. Because you are so fond of companionship, however, you may get involved with someone just so you won't be alone. You are sometimes indiscriminate in your choice of partners and might be more concerned with quantity than quality.

Friendly, good-natured and diplomatic, you are popular with both sexes, and your social calendar is always full. It is quite likely that your social contacts will benefit you in some way, and you might have connections in high places that prove advantageous to you. In your professional life, you would probably be more successful and content working with other people - in a partnership or group - than by yourself.

Libra is the sign of the arts; therefore, you might find opportunities for personal growth in some artistic field. Perhaps you will even become recognized and respected for your talent. Unlike some artists who agonize over their work, you enjoy what you do, and being creative comes easily for you. However, you might take your ability for granted and be lazy about developing it fully. You also like being in the company of artistic people. Even if you don't have talent yourself, you are able to recognize it in others. You might become a collector or patron of the arts, and thus help gifted artists grow and expand themselves.

Jupiter in Libra: Jupiter in the sign Libra indicates a strong concern with justice or moral principle in marriage, partnerships and close personal relationships. Since the native tends to marry someone interested in religious, educational and philosophic thought, this position favors a marriage based on spiritual values and co-operation in contributing to the larger social order. Such values go beyond sexual attraction, so that there is promise of an enduring marriage (unless Jupiter is heavily afflicted here) and of a worthwhile home life (because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer).

Religious, philosophic, educational and social ideas are influenced by the spouse, other partners, and close friends. Natives with this position will equally influence the religious and social ideas of their close associates. Their religious concepts are centered on the love and fair play that make possible a harmonious social order.

These people are generous in their consideration of the wishes and needs of others, so that unless Jupiter is afflicted, they are popular and well liked. This consideration produces an ability for dealing with the public, which enables them to be psychologists, mediators, diplomats, peace-makers, and public relations and sales personnel.

Their talent in these capacities lies in convincing people of the merit of certain ideas or social programs. Consequently they can be efficient promoters and fund-raisers for churches, charitable institutions, and other worthwhile social endeavors. On a more subtle level, they may be promoters of religious, educational, or social philosophies, depending on the overall tenor of the chart.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Libra, there is a tendency to make moral decisions for others. There can also be a desire to be all things to all people in order to avoid discord or gain approval; if carried too far, this attitude may lead to double standards on many issues. The person with an afflicted Jupiter in Libra may promise more than can be delivered, in order to gain favor. In the long run, he will attract the disapproval of individuals or society at large, despite his honorable intentions.

Natives with an afflicted Jupiter in Libra expect too many favors and considerations. They can initiate too many close personal ties at one time, arousing suspicions of disloyalty in those with whom they are involved. The result can be treachery from members of the opposite sex, who become jealous and vindictive when the personal consideration they expect is not forthcoming.

If Jupiter is badly afflicted in Libra, lawsuits may arise from unfulfilled legal or financial commitments related to business, property, or marital or professional matters.

Jupiter in Libra: This is a position of curiosity, capable of seeing opportunity almost everywhere. There is a certain perversity about it, because you seem willing to do anything except what your nature is best fitted for. The opportunity that will appeal most to you is very likely to be the last thing in the world you should do. You are all too likely to follow what someone else says you ought to do, or what chance throws in your way. You need to cultivate firmness of purpose, and to concentrate on one line in which you want to excel. Your need for appearing successful in the eyes of others, rather than in your eyes, causes you to see too much with the eyes of others, so that you lack the drive of those who work outward from their wells of ego into the world. You are all too likely to try to fit your ego into the demands of other people, and thus to flounder because your anchor is not within your own heart.

Jupiter in Libra: Jupiter in Libra presents an extraordinary talent for spotting opportunity, for swaying public opinion, for winning friends and influencing people. The native tends to take too many things for granted. He tends to back down when the going gets rough. This is because it is usually too smooth - and setbacks are something foreign to him. He needs to hear applause; he feels praise is more important than good. The astrologer must help him to see that principles, too, are important.

Gain is indicated through marriage, partnerships and projects which depend upon wide public acceptance. The native always needs to have a goal in sight and must be taught to create his own goal.

See also: Jupiter in Libra;

Jupiter in Libra: Alan Arkin, G.W. Bush, Cher, Madonna Ciccone, Bill Clinton, Judy Garland, Melanie Griffith, Tenzin Gyatso, William Randolph Hearst, Michael Jackson, Carl Jung, Donovan Leitch, Maharaj Ji, Shirley McLaine, Cathy O’Brien, Dolly Parton, John D. Rockefeller, Edouard de Rothschild, Gloria Steinem, Mother Teresa, Donald Trump, Swami Vivekananda, Carolyn, Clark, Michael, PaulS, Robert, Sky, Suzie, VinCal

Jupiter in Scorpio

The individual with Jupiter in Scorpio connects values and faith to emotionally intense relationships, shared resources, and psychological depths. Her values will tend to be connected to powerful emotions, often unconscious in origin, and may pack a power punch that is unsuspected until one of them is transgressed. She may use emotional impact to make her point when she discusses her philosophy or belief systems, and may be unaware of this, particularly while young. With the Water sign Scorpio, there could be some unconscious insecurity over values and not much willingness to trust others.

Scorpio represents a part of human nature which craves emotional closeness with another, to the point of absorption in each other, but it can also be totally walled off in self-protection. This is the type of individual who invites others to open up at deep levels of intimacy, but does not do so herself. It causes profound hurt to the other, and the Scorpio individual often does not understand why, although she usually protects herself because precisely the same situation happened to her early in her life.

As this person matures, however, the Jupiter drive to expand and open up may have its effect on the Scorpio tendency to hold in and keep everything safely battened down. She will highly value self-mastery, and will usually seek to learn all she can about it. In the process, she may come to see her behavior in a more objective light and be able to accept the harmful impact it has on others. She may develop the Jupiter tendency to have faith, this time in other people, although the Scorpio nature may sabotage this, at first. If she can develop trust, and learn that her original hurt came from a probably tendency to trust others indiscriminately, whether they were trustworthy or not, then she can make a more mature and accurate distinction between those who merit confidence and those who do not.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, she may be attracted to extremely moody partners who appeal to her because of the intensity of their emotions, and because they seem to offer her the degree of emotional intimacy she desires. She may need to make a distinction between those who offer true intimacy (where the emotional sharing goes back and forth with each being supported in turn) and those who simply drag her into their self-indulgent emotional morass, where the agenda is that she listens while they emote. In the second instance, she will discover the game is not played in reverse. She will not be given her turn. A person with Jupiter in Scorpio feels intensely emotional about her values and beliefs. They tend, unless she has deliberately gone on a program to consciously examine them, to be a quagmire of half-formed concepts picked up unconsciously from parents, admired others, and many other sources. They also tend to be remarkably inconsistent unless they have been examined consciously, because they are osmosed rather than intellectually analyzed. However, because they are attached to strong feelings, the individual reacts vehemently to suggestions that something she cherishes might be wrong or ineffective. Scorpio represents a part of human nature which has formidable obsessive-compulsive tendencies, which tends to hang on to anything collected, whether useful or harmful. The Scorpio part of our personality struggles with a need to regenerate, to revive, rather than to abandon or let go. It often cannot distinguish between what holds promise, what holds elements of life, and what is merely poisonous.

Because of all this, with Jupiter in Scorpio the individual badly needs to explore her belief systems and structures and try to get them to form an effective pattern. Otherwise she serves them, all unaware of what they are. If this is the case, she spends her life completely unsuspecting of her own motives, the principles by which she is attempting to live, the results these values create - and they are often painful because they themselves are so undisciplined. She also remains unaware of how to improve the situation. She may be so busy being tormented that she does not know improvement is possible. Once she finds out, she may go to the opposite polarity and become compulsive about self-improvement, holding self-mastery as the only worthwhile goal, worshipping those who have attained it and condemning herself when she falls short.

This placement, however, indicates an individual who has a great capacity to bring the contents of her unconscious into consciousness, and to then cast off what is merely debris from her past. With Jupiter in Scorpio, problems related to values, faith and the search for truth are often due to unconscious disorganization of concepts, powerful emotional attachment to personal perceptions and opinions, and unwillingness to examine or change notions, even when clearly unworkable or likely to bring bitter pain.

When an individual has Jupiter in Scorpio, she has a difficult task to bring to consciousness much that is unconscious, to bring into the open much that is hidden and desires to stay so. However, she will go further in her quest for the truth about herself than most, will endure more pain as she learns to see her past mistakes than most are willing to, and has the most incredible capacity to rise from the ashes of her painful discoveries. She has the ability to lead the way when it comes to personal rejuvenation, due to the strength of her will, the intensity of her drive to understand herself, and the power of self-mastery she holds as an ideal.

Jupiter in Scorpio: If you postpone participating with others on business, sexual, and deep psychological levels, fearing the loss of personal control, you may create deadlocked situations in which no-one is able to use mutual resources. When you avoid transformative connections with others, you can experience a frustrating sense of losing power while being obsessed with the need to control others.

When you decide to take the leap of faith and risk exposing your hidden motivations by sharing intimately with another, you can experience expansion, opportunities and trust, that emerge from allowing yourself to become a part of another's life. It is no longer necessary to control or be controlled by him / her. By trusting the occult vision of the transformative energy of relationships to manifest in mutually beneficial ways, you can surrender to its power. You may then discover that you possess intuitive perception to use these resources in such a way that each person is benefited. Through this process, you can expand your own power and opportunity on all levels of close relationships.

Jupiter in Scorpio: By exploring the hidden realms, you broaden your understanding of the Universe and your place in it. You want to find out what goes on beneath the surface, what the core truths are; and you may study metaphysics to increase your knowledge. Superficial explanations aren't enough for you - you want to comprehend life's great mysteries: birth, death, regeneration. You also want to experience the other worlds that exist beyond the apparent one and discover the forces that operate there. It is quite likely that you possess psychic ability of some kind; certainly, understanding metaphysical concepts comes easily for you.

Your fascination with the great unknown might lead you to teach or write about mysterious realms or occurrences, thus expanding others' awareness, too. Perhaps you will even become successful or well-known for this.

Another possibility is that you could benefit in some way through clandestine activity, or by working behind the scenes. Or, you might become known for exposing hidden activities.

Issues of power and control are likely to play a part in your life. You assume authority easily, and are comfortable in positions of power, even those which give you the power of life and death over multitudes of people. Wielding power not only comes naturally to you, but is something that you enjoy immensely. Power might be the 'god' you worship. Your tendency is toward excess in this area, however, and you must be careful not to become abusive, manipulative, dictatorial, or cruel.

Sex, too, is associated with Scorpio. Referred to be Shakespeare as 'the little death', sex is still surrounded by fear and mystery, and often is used as an instrument of power and control. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you may possess a strong sexual appetite or exude a powerful sensuality that large numbers of people respond to. Perhaps you will benefit in some way from your sexuality. Since the expansiveness of Jupiter often encourages excess, you may be inclined to be sexually indulgent and promiscuous, or to use sex to manipulate or dominate others.

Jupiter in Scorpio: Jupiter in the sign Scorpio indicates strong, large-scale involvements in matters relating to joint or corporate finances, taxes, insurance, and legacies. Business affairs are likely to relate to funerals, real estate, fund raising, taxes and insurance.

Natives are often interested in the occult, mystical aspects of religion, in life after death, and in telepathic communication with those of the unseen realms - especially if Jupiter aspects Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. They can be intense and uncompromising about philosophic and religious beliefs and standards, and about social conduct and principles; this kind of attitude sometimes make for powerful, bitter enemies.

These people tend to acquire secret information regarding the private affairs of others. They can have strange friendships based on hidden motivations. They may receive inheritances because of favors they have done. If Jupiter is afflicted, however, legal battles can erupt over inheritances, alimony, corporate expenditures, insurance, and tax payments. Unwise investments in stocks or financial partnerships may bring losses. These people may dabble in such negative forms of psychic phenomena as séances and mediumship, and there may be a desire to manipulate occult forces for personal gain.

Jupiter in Scorpio: The powerful emotional energy force of Scorpio will inject Jupiter's influence with determination and willpower. There is a need for progress; and a strong emotional involvement in interests or career is essential if the subject is to feel fulfilled. In a chart where enterprise and the motivation to develop potential are present, this placing will give plenty of staying power.

The Jupiterian trait of living life to the full is encouraged by this placing: Scorpio knows nothing of half-measures, and, at its most assertive, Jupiter is a whole-hogger, so it is easy to see the potency of this placing. However, care is needed that the subject does not burn him- or herself out when pursuing objectives or simply living it up; moderation must be encouraged, and it is to be hoped that a restraining factor will be present elsewhere in the chart. The subject will be vulnerable to overdoing things if the Sun or Moon squares or opposes Jupiter, in which case you should look out for mental strain in particular. The individual may be naturally suspicious, and must not allow this tendency to become obsessive.

If there is an indication to write, detective fiction will probably be successful and/ or rewarding - certainly pleasure will be gained from reading this particular genre. Here, too, is the ability to research thoroughly anything of interest. This placing is excellent for a criminal lawyer or judge. There is often financial flair and a good eye for a calculated financial risk; and sweeping generosity is also usually present. The subject may need to be warned against possible vanity and pride, and sometimes of verbal aggression too.

Jupiter in Scorpio: You relate opportunity to deep personal needs, and are generally successful because there is no in harmony between the inner nature and what the outer world makes important. The lens of the spirit eliminates what would make for unhappiness and follows instinctively what satisfies. This is a good position for acquiring and spending money; you give a sort of magical effect of being the right man or woman for the job that is open, if the job happens to appeal to you; and you proceed to make it your own in a curiously effective way. All the primary instincts merge in your approach to work and give you a high degree of efficiency. When you're where you want to be, you work easily, authoritatively, gaining the respect of superiors and subordinates. Opportunity flows to you naturally; and an inherent wisdom enables you to select your right niche. You're not likely to be a square peg in a round hole; and you are very likely to be successful in whatever you put your mind on.

Jupiter in Scorpio: With Jupiter in Scorpio, one seeks to grow and to improve oneself through transmutation of desires and compulsions and by unusually thorough understanding of life's inner workings. Opportunities come through one's ability to shrewdly judge people and situations - a well-developed sense of resourcefulness and opportunism. Optimistic expansion and developing faith can be hindered by fear, secrecy, and the inability to open up emotionally; but Jupiter often expresses the nobler and more elevated qualities of Scorpio. The urge to connect with something greater than the self is expressed through intensity of experience and depth of feeling; trust in a higher power comes through seeking and confronting that intensity. One needs to tap into a powerful transformative energy in order to have confidence in oneself.

Over the years, I have come to express Scorpio's nature as one of 'emotional extremes'; and Jupiter's manifestations through the sign Scorpio are no exception. In fact, since Jupiter itself is given to excess, it should come as no surprise that this combination quite often is expressed in powerful and contradictory ways that could indeed be characterized as extreme. For example, these people need risk in order to have the intensity of experience that they crave, but they are also fearful of being vulnerable, and even feel terrified of life getting 'out of control'. And yet, if things remain calm for too long, they often instinctively stir up conflict and problems, or at least start new projects or tackle new challenges.

This is a placement of strong and deep emotions; it can be expressed as resentment and extreme pettiness, or through ennobled emotions and loyalty to people and causes. And the same person may contain all these diverse tendencies! These folks crave deep involvement with whatever they do. Superficiality is not a familiar concept to them. Marcus Aurelius, whose Jupiter was in Scorpio, gives us a great watery image of finding goodness (Jupiter) in the depths (Scorpio): 'Dig within. Within is the foundation of good, and it will ever bubble up, if you will ever dig'.

Those with this Jupiter position often like to expand and explore in the 'taboo' areas of experience and knowledge, such as the occult, sex, death, deeper psychological motivations, and various metaphysical laws. In any case, they are research-oriented and may investigate natural laws, financial operations, military strategies, or criminal behavior with equal thoroughness. Moore and Douglas concisely summarize some of the essential qualities of this position: 'He knows how to think big and at the same time is willing to dirty his hands by undertaking the practical work of the world. His talent for converting natural resources into useful products may attract him to fields connected with chemistry, engineering, and pollution control. He may also be a discerning psychologist who can assist people who are endeavoring not only to adjust to the circumstances of the world but also to reconstruct themselves from within. Jupiter and Scorpio combine to give a flair for business and finance.

Frequently, these people prosper because they are willing to take the trouble to dig out necessary information, to get down to essentials, and to bide their time until a situation is ripe for development. They amass wealth because they so strongly desire and expect success in all their enterprises. Theirs is an almost mystical faith in the power of money to breed more money and, consequently, more power. Forceful Scorpio and farseeing Jupiter blend in the hard-driving, efficient executive who, despite having his nose to the grindstone, is quick to catch the scent of new and promising markets for his products. There may be an almost sublime self-confidence which transcends ordinary egotism...

Those with Jupiter here often feel the need to be possessed by a cause, a greater power, another person, or a sense of mission. In any case, they are often seen by others to act as if they are 'possessed' by a passion or energy which they cannot fully control, which is especially obvious if they also have other Scorpio or strong Pluto factors in their chart. This 'something beyond them', however, also gives them a great ability to tune into extra reserves of power or into an intelligence that transcends conscious logic. They often have shrewd hunches, and 'they think with their guts'. This uncanny intuition also enables them to see the core of truth or value in a person, thing, investment, or situation, which most other people have completely given up on. Hence, they can revivify seemingly dead situations, products, companies; and likewise, with people, they can help them to heal or reform themselves, even if the condition seems desperate.

Carter wrote of this position: 'Reserved, dignified; sometimes reckless or self-indulgent'. Davison wrote: 'A resourceful, subtle mind; can be suspicious. Expands passions, devotion, magnetism, will-power, and pride. Can be self-absorbed'. Hickey wrote: 'Courage strong. Very secretive. Can give healing power'. Ebertin wrote: 'Ruthless striving for possessions and pleasures... overly pronounced sexual life'.

Ebertin's reference above to the emphasis on the sex life should probably be clarified and elaborated. Marcia Moore wrote that there is a tendency with this placement either to 'repress or over-express the erotic impulses', which is generally true for most other planets in Scorpio as well. I think it is most accurate to say that those with Jupiter in Scorpio will strive to broadly understand Eros and sex, probably to experiment with it, but at least to exhibit a strong and wide-ranging interest in the sexual energy, its manifestations, and theories about it. In some people, it remains primarily a mental interest. In other words, by no means do all those with this placement act out their curiosity. It depends on the rest of the chart, and I have personally seen a number of people of both sexes with Jupiter in Scorpio who exhibit a fairly low sex drive and not at all an inordinate interest in sex and Eros, but yet who seem to have an instinctive understanding of the role sex can play in human life and motivation.

Many well-known people who have Jupiter in Scorpio focused on passionate emotional expression or on emotional tension in their creative work. Others expressed in their work grand and wide sweeps of emotion. Various others explored the underside of human life.

Jupiter in Scorpio: Jupiter in Scorpio tells of the native who has friends in the 'underground' - he is attracted to the hidden, the occult, the underdog. He is fortunate in investments, and he gains through his faith in projects which start as 'acorns' then grow into 'trees'. His emotions are deep; he can undergo much suffering if he feels his cause is right. Thus, the astrologer must help him develop powers of discrimination so that he is more likely to make wise choices.

He possesses enormous pride, often is entrusted with secrets, makes and spends great sums, and thrives on challenge - but must be 'cured' of creating defeats which he feels he is always capable of transforming into victories. In other words, he tends to make his path rougher than it should be, and for no other reason than the 'exercise' this provides.

Jupiter in Scorpio: You are a total giver, though potentially a manipulative one. You have the goodness to understand and transform evil - yet should pledge to avoid getting on a power trip. You have the morality to be true to the ultimate good - and should pledge to eliminate questionable motives. You have reverence for the powers of the unconscious - yet should avoid becoming spooked or obsessive.

You can be trusted to leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of whatever or whomever you are passionately involved with; to be in touch with deep qualities and hidden causes in life, and eventually to be able to employ them to some beneficial end; and to pledge yourself absolutely once every snag has been experienced and eliminated.

You may be excessively manipulative in order to get Other where you think you want him / her; excessively concerned with the underlying meaning of things so that Other feels trapped in your web of intrigue, psychology or esoterica; and excessively looking for the ultimate origin of things, and so you miss the obvious, find it too difficult, go for the money, get disillusioned, and start over...

You believe that all of life originates and issues from some hidden, unconscious or soul realm of existence, and so you relate to Other in an equally deep and serious fashion, seeing him / her as an important part in the process of the workings of your unconscious mind. You also believe in fated, deeply committed relationships.

You disagree with the idea that relationships are random and are simply about the pursuit of pleasure and security and family-raising. Be aware that, as this is an idea that is believed (at least unconsciously) by most people, you may not know that you actually disagree with it.

When you are alone, it is most likely to be because you do not believe you can survive the pain and intensity of a close relationship - ever or again. To deal with this state, you then see it going in one of two extreme directions - as is the wont of planets in Scorpio. The first avenue is deciding to follow a life of sexual abstinence where you focus all your (sexual) energies into some spiritual discipline. The other option, which is really all you're left with if you do not find the first acceptable, is to muddle through as you resist plunging into either dark pool. It takes very little reflection to see that this is actually a pretty dire course to take, because it hurts more than anything. So short of taking the road of abstention where you believe in something that will help manage your feelings for you, you have to believe that something will look after you, carry you and guide you through the treacherous reefs of intimate relating. What all of this is saying is believe that you are positively transformed through emotional pain, and that your real enemy is thinking that there is a soft option.

Jupiter in Scorpio: You enter new relationships very carefully and with grave consideration. Except under extraordinary circumstances, you begin an affair with your eyes open.

Once involved, however, you want to become totally immersed in love in order to achieve the greatest creativity and satisfaction. You must find a lover who appreciates the generous physical aspects of lovemaking that you desire. Once you have decided to further the relationship, you need a lover who will not leave you wanting more.

Under ideal conditions, sex is a source of strength and balance to you. It can energize your daily life and enable your creativity of expression to flow more swiftly and smoothly. In this respect, your love life controls the style and success of your other activities to some extent.

Avoid overreacting to minor problems that come up in the bedroom, and don't turn molehills into mountains. Take the extra time and effort to understand your lover's feelings and needs. Learn not to use pressure of any kind to gain sexual satisfaction, for that may work against you and even lead to estrangement. It is better to end an unsatisfactory affair than to try to force it into an unnatural mold.

Jupiter in Scorpio: An important element of your life will be thinking beyond the surface appearance of a situation to understand what is really happening. You love mysteries; and by solving the mysteries, you will develop a great understanding of life. While you are young, you ask a lot of questions, and you keep asking and searching until you get answers. In this regard, you are more persistent than most people. Any school subject that interests you will draw all your energies, but you won't give much attention to the subjects that seem dull.

Sometimes this placement indicates an interest in the supernatural; and when you are older, you will be attracted to spiritual and mystical views of the universe. You are not satisfied with appearances at any level, which means you should be a good researcher, if your mind is at all scientific. You have a great interest in people's psychological make-up, which you express now as intuitive insights. However, as you get older, you will understand what your intuitions are based on, and you may even choose a career in which psychology is an important part of your work.

The only problem here is that you may sometimes be reluctant to share your insights with others, for two reasons. First of all, especially while you are young, you have trouble communicating what you know. Later on, you may be reluctant to discuss these matters because you know how difficult it is for others to understand them, even when expressed clearly. Also you may just enjoy being secretive, although it is not good to indulge this. Whatever you discover in life, your feelings and emotions will always be an important means to greater understanding.

See also: Jupiter in Scorpio;

Jupiter in Scorpio: Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, Al Capone, Deepak Chopra, Ty Cobb, Aleister Crowley, Sally Field, Uri Geller, Georges Gurdjieff, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, L.Ron Hubbard, Elton John, Ken Kesey, Henry Kissinger, Charles Manson, Terence McKenna, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Schweitzer, O.J. Simpson, Patti Smith, Suzanne Somers, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., ChrisTr, Collon, Erin, Gina, Leif, Medwick, Michelle, PapayaJ, Phylissa, Prabhukar, Q, Ricardo, SFor, Tyler, Victoria

Jupiter in Sagittarius

With Jupiter at home in its own sign, its expression is easier and purer than when it is displaced in other signs. This does not mean better, just easier. The manifestations tend to be both the best and the worst of Jupiterian tendencies, depending on the character of the individual.

Jupiter placed in Sagittarius indicates double emphasis on restlessness, both physical and mental; and emphasis on the need to search for and formulate systems of thought, values and philosophy, the tendency to live according to high-minded principles, or the tendency to succumb to self-justification, rationalization, arrogance, and inflated expectations. An individual with this placement usually has a strong awareness of his personal search for meaning and significance in life.

He may have spent considerable time contemplating his life purpose. He may have felt higher education was an absolute must. He could place a great deal of faith in education, knowledge, religion or political understanding, or even sports, and expect any or all of those areas of life to provide him with ultimate fulfillment. He may wear himself out looking for a belief structure which is completely perfect, totally inviolate, and beyond challenge or dispute; and be persistently dissatisfied at the imperfect, inadequate religions which are the reality of the world.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, the person stands a good chance of developing an awareness of the vital importance of knowing what the first principles are and of living according to them. He has the potential to develop great faith in the principles, and to have complete confidence that they bring out the best in him and in others. He may have an ardent conviction that he - and other humans - are a superior species who need to live according to superior ideas and ideals. He could expect himself - and others - to reach not only for the truth, but also for the highest good within.

He may tend to project this onto teachers, especially those in post-secondary education, or onto religious leaders, seeing them as gurus with all the answers. He may think them brilliant in their intellectual acuity. However, this placement may also indicate the worst expressions of Jupiterian traits. The person may be convinced he already has truth - that is, being 'right' is turned into a god and he will not tolerate suggestions that there are other perspectives and values besides his own.

He may personify the arrogance, inflated expectations and demands, and self-justifying realizations to which the Jupiter side of human nature is prone. He could consider that he fully deserves whatever he wishes, and fly into an unbridled and possibly even violent rage if thwarted, wherein he believes anything he says or does is completely warranted. Afterwards, he rarely feels any remorse for the damage he has done. Instead, he points his finger sanctimoniously at his supposed enemy and blames him for the dispute. It is entirely the other's fault. The whole situation can be proven to his satisfaction, and is enough to exonerate the Jupiterian, in his own minds. A person who has given himself up to such a degree of self-justification is a terrifying spectacle to others with more balanced perspectives, because he so adamantly refuses to accept responsibility for either his behavior or its consequences. If society punishes such an individual because he has broken laws, he merely feels badly maltreated and may become murderously vengeful. He cannot be reached on the basis of reason. He has abdicated this very talent of his Jupiterian nature and given all the power to his own sense of his rights.

There is a little bit of this in every person with this placement. Those who have Jupiter strongly emphasized in their charts will see him appear - at least in their thoughts - from time to time, though he generally only comes out when the person feels very threatened by a situation he / she judges to be profoundly unfair. More commonly, he stirs up trouble at income tax time, when he motivates people to get away with whatever they possibly can, on the justification that the government is unfair and burdensome anyway. He also has other habits which undermine an individual's sense of self-worth and integrity: little stretches of the truth, a focus on his own rights at the expense of others', unwillingness to see other perspectives in a dispute or disagreement, and a sneaky little 'wipe them all out' attitude toward those whose values and cultural mores clash powerfully with his own.

Many times, this is a strongly transpersonal placement for Jupiter. The individual's focus may be on educational improvements as a way to bring about better social conditions. He may focus his high ideals on society as a whole, and exhort with fiery rhetoric religious or ethical principles which would, if lived by, greatly ameliorate many of society's more stubborn ills. He may expect law or politics to provide the answers. He tends to believe absolutely whatever it is he believes, for the moment; and he can convey in most articulate terms the depth of his passion and faith, sometimes even when he doesn't believe that strongly himself. It seems like a good idea at the time, though!

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a signal that problems to do with faith, morals, beliefs, and the search for truth might be due to gross overemphasis on rights as opposed to responsibilities, on being right instead of discovering the truth, and on underdevelopment of personal values due to too strong a focus on the transpersonal values and on society.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, the individual has the capacity to put us back in touch with the timeless principles of self-conduct which may ultimately prove to be mankind's salvation from himself. That is, the principles of right conduct are so fundamental that they appear as ideals in every successful culture that history records. Historically, the more individual citizens could be motivated to live by these principles, the more the culture prospered. they seem to be the only concepts which hold any true hope for world peace. Jupiter in Sagittarius people stand at the crossroads between personal behavior and transpersonal consequences, proclaiming that only when individuals live according to the highest good within themselves will humankind as a whole be able to live in peace and harmony and prosperity.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Static If you postpone participating with others in deep philosophical pursuits, you may instead fritter away the time as a perpetual traveler, in both mind and body. If you are content to be motivated by superficial reasons and internal reflections, you can inadvertently create a situation of intellectual isolation by presuming you know the answers to everything.

When you decide to involve yourself seriously with deep philosophical study and communication with other people, trusting your knowledge to flow spontaneously, you can experience the joy and personal expansion in learning and teaching. Consequently, when you take the leap in faith and let yourself share new ideas (rather than using knowledge to establish intellectual authority), you can truly become a teacher. Self-trust increases as you take the initiative in sharing your positive outlook and philosophical insights with others.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: You believe that you are here to learn and experience everything life has to offer, and your motto might be 'the sky's the limit'. Restless and curious, you want to see the world; and nothing makes you happier than being on the road, meeting new people and exploring new territories. You expand your understanding of the Universe and your place in it through travelling; for you, travelling is not just a form of entertainment, but a quest for truth and wisdom. Not only do you benefit personally through your travels, but also you might open up new worlds for others and thus expand their knowledge too.

Your thirst for knowledge makes you a lifelong student. You love learning new things; and if you aren't enrolled in a formal study program, you probably are an avid reader, watch educational television programs. listen to radio talk shows, or take correspondence courses. You also enjoy sharing what you know with others, and might excel as a teacher, writer, publisher or lecturer. Being a foreign correspondent might be your ideal profession, allowing you to travel widely and write about your adventures. Although you are interested in practically everything, you often lack the focus and perseverance to finish what you start. Thus, you probably know a little bit about many things and have a broad overview, but aren't proficient in any one area.

Your desire to understand the Universe and your place in it could inspire an interest in philosophy and / or religion. The modern state of Israel, which was established for religious purposes, has its Jupiter in Sagittarius. Once you believe you've found the truth, you long to spread the word to one and all and have a tendency toward proselytizing. It is quite likely that you are an eloquent and inspirational - though somewhat verbose - public speaker. Though your intent may be to educate and enlighten, in your zeal you can be self-righteous and intolerant of others' freedom to believe as they choose.

This placement of Jupiter also can signify natural athletic ability. You have an abundance of energy, speed and agility; and since Sagittarius is associated with the legs you might excel at sports such as running, bicycling, soccer, basketball or ice skating. Perhaps even more important, though, are the optimism, self-confidence and fun-loving enthusiasm you bring to the sports arena; you never lose your childlike love of the game and your belief that you can win, regardless of the odds. However, you may lack discipline and determination, unless this is provided by other factors in your chart, such as a prominent Saturn or Pluto.

In its own sign, Jupiter's tendency toward exaggeration and excess is even more in evidence. In the extreme, your gregariousness and 'good time' attitude can lead to laziness, over-indulgence in food, drink, drugs and socializing, escapism to avoid work or responsibilities, and possibly compulsive gambling. Unchecked, your restlessness and fun-loving spirit might make you a rolling stone, unable to keep a steady job, hold on to a dime or commit to a relationship.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Opportunity appeals to you only if closely related to ideals. Work for its own sake means little, for to you the prime opportunity of life is not labor, but knowledge, philosophy, adventure. If, however, work gets related to a philosophical ideal (such as duty, security, making the best of things, or whatever), then you can throw yourself into it - but only for so long as the ideal sustains you; if this fails, you gravitate to your nature, which is to seek opportunity along non-material lines. To relate the necessities of life to some philosophic or religious code of your own is your way to success and happiness, for without some such union of the ideal and the material, you are likely to drift with the alluring currents of your imagination.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Traditionally, this has been considered the sign in which Jupiter is most at home, because the sign and the planet are very similar in nature. This placement indicates that very early in life you will develop strong ethical and moral principles, although they may be quite unorthodox. However, those who interpret your unorthodox beliefs as a lack of morality will be very mistaken indeed. In your own way, you can be very self-righteous about what you believe is right, and you may even preach to people about it when your morals are challenged. Otherwise you are very tolerant, knowing that a variety of viewpoints and lifestyles is necessary and even desirable.

You have a strong desire to be free to experience life in your own way. Probably you resent any attempts by your parents to warn you away from doing certain things, even though you know that they mean well. You need to have a great deal of direct experience in as many different areas of life as possible. You don't want to be confined to one place or one way of living. When you settle down, it will be after trying out as many alternatives as possible.

A very idealistic person, you will develop a strong spiritual sense very early in life. You need to look up to something or someone, to know that there is something higher than yourself in the universe.

After a period in your youth of being very unconventional and free, however, you are likely to settle down and identify with the established order. Then you must remember how much you needed freedom when you were young, and grant it to those who follow after you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius makes the native appear to possess keen insight; he invariably seems to know what is happening and what caused it to happen. His intuitive intellect is sharp. He is attracted to higher learning, but his knowledge is not based primarily on formal education. There is an expansiveness connected with him; it seems to cover all of his activities. He 'leans into' a subject and absorbs it.

Benefit from overseas journeys is indicated. The native is attracted to games of speculation. He has faith in his own, personal kind of luck - and no amount of reasoning seems to discourage him. This is harmless, of course, if not carried to extremes. The astrologer must make certain the native does not try to substitute luck for work, knowledge and determination.

The native is idealistic, and has a tendency to drift along with the tide. He should be encouraged to create his own opportunities and not merely wait, speculate and philosophize. He is attracted to sports and would be excellent as a sportswriter, thus combining literary talents with his 'second love'. He is not easy to corrupt; he will stick to his ideals in the face of adversity. But he does not seem to have enough get-up-and-go! He needs a push and very often gets it from his mate. Too often, after the 'pushing' is finished, marital difficulties begin in earnest. It would be best for him to be a self-starter!

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter in the sign Sagittarius indicates a love of philosophy, religion, education, travel, and foreign cultures. Intense involvement in matters concerning the codification of social thought may lead people with this position to embrace some philosophy or system of thought by which to regulate their lives. Traditionally this means some form of religious belief; but Sagittarian, intellectual types may take up Freudian psychoanalysis, Marxian dialectics, or bohemianism. Jupiter in Sagittarius merely shows the need for a system for governing one's conduct and way of life; the form that system takes depends on the overall tenor of the chart and the social milieu of the individual, which he may be either accepting or reacting against. The desire to make personal conduct conform to an impartial set of moral principles brings these natives the respect and admiration of many, including their enemies.

These people tend to have far-reaching metaphysical thoughts. They wish to know about the nature of man's consciousness, how he can successfully adjust to society, the purpose of the individual in the universe, and what is the ultimate creative force behind physical manifestation and the evolutionary process. This questioning leads in most cases to religious belief and an acknowledgement of a Supreme Being.

Once a particular set of religious or philosophic values is adopted, satisfaction is gained from efforts to convert friends and associates to a similar way of thinking; acceptance of a system of belief confers the security to operate in a larger social context. However, these people are deep thinkers, and will formulate their own standards within the context of the ethical system to which they subscribe or which has been a part of their family upbringing.

Jupiter in Sagittarius gives an interest in foreign cultures, religions, races, and social systems, often expressed both through study and through long trips to foreign countries ¬especially if the natives can afford it. There is also a deep interest in the social and philosophic ideas that have shaped history. This breadth of understanding produces a farsighted outlook on life and often prophetic insights into the future.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Sagittarius, these people can have narrow-minded views to which they expect all to conform; they regard those who do not as unworthy of approval. A common accompaniment is a self-righteous attitude of the type that has promulgated religious wars throughout history. Personal egotism disguised as religious, national, social or racial chauvinism is often the motivating factor behind such an attitude.

If Jupiter in Sagittarius is not balanced by sufficient mental development and faculties of impartial discrimination, as would be indicated by a well-aspected Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus, there is danger of superstitious adherence to dogmatic religious beliefs. These beliefs are inculcated in early childhood and are used as an unconscious defense mechanism against the frightening aspects of the unknown, confrontation which could upset the psychological security of a neatly packaged doctrine. The tendency to get enmeshed in a system applies equally to radicals and conservatives with this Jupiter position.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so the planet will be a very powerful element of the chart when it is in this sign. You are very likely to see some of the Sun sign characteristics of Sagittarius in the individual with this placement. In addition, he or she will have some superb intellectual potential, although this may not emerge in early life, for this placing also contributes a very happy-go-lucky attitude, and one which, when the individual is adventurous, encourages him or her to take risks and be rather careless. The outlook is optimistic and there will be abundant enthusiasm - both extremely positive traits unless they are over expressed and become blind optimism. This is most likely if Jupiter is afflicted by opposition or square aspects from the Sun, Mercury or Mars. This is certainly a placing that needs countering by some steady influence from Saturn, or perhaps a personal planet in an Earth sign.

As these subjects grow a little older, both intellectually and physically, they will become wiser and develop an ever-strengthening philosophical attitude. It is essential for them always to study something, as there is a strong element of the eternal student here, and this trait must be fulfilled. There may also be a wonderful sense of justice, a flair for languages and a love of travel.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: You are an expansive, though potentially hollow, giver. You have the goodness to create good vibrations, yet should do so without becoming smug or complacent. You have the morality to practice and promote ethical behavior - yet should do so without being sanctimonious. You have reverence for some Higher Power guiding us all - and preventing you going astray.

You can be trusted to take the highest moral ground that you are aware of; or at least to find the easiest way out of or through a tricky situation, and to be optimistic most of the time; or, failing that, to seek out some good reason for or higher meaning to life that will promote faith and optimism.

You may be excessively pompous and assume a kind of spiritual superiority, as if you know something that most Others do not; excessively irresponsible in dealing with your more mundane characteristics, trusting things to work when really it is Others who make sure that they do; and excessively God-trusting or God-denying.

You believe that life is a continuous process of growth and expansion on all levels of existence, leading to ultimate bliss. However, if you fail to see your part in this for some reason, it can make you feel resentful and forsaken, as though 'If there is a God and he's not doing much for me, I must be damned'.

You disagree with Other disagreeing with you over matters of morality, religion, God, etc.. You also disagree with taking a negative viewpoint, for that is inclined to remind you of your own doubts. Be aware that all rivers meet up in the ocean, and that all beliefs (or non-beliefs even) eventually amount to the same basic truths.

When you are alone, you are probably out in the wilderness somewhere in an effort, consciously or unconsciously, to find out what you believe, or if there is something or someone to believe in (any more). If you are looking for someone to believe in, then you are setting yourself up for a fall (again). it is vital for you to understand that a belief in some Higher Power or overall guiding intelligence is natural to you. But, owing to the nature of God, religion, etc., you may have become heavily disenchanted at some stage. Yet still that inner memory or notion that there is a God persists, but because you have denied it on the inside you look for it on the outside in some Other. However, being a mere mortal, Other cannot deliver what you are after, falls from grace in your eyes, and confirms your doubts. The whole thing could be the reverse way around, with you being the 'believer' who attracts an Other who worships you only to inevitably see or make you fall from grace. Your aloneness, arrived at either way, is God's way of getting you to see what God's truth is.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: You are at your best when sexuality is relaxed and open, not beset by restrictions or confining demands. You find that a detailed scenario drains your sexual energies by drawing your attention to performance rather than enjoyment.

A new affair starts robustly without artful technique or subtlety. You require plenty of good spirit and the assurance of warmth and friendship between you and your lover. Later you can develop different approaches to physical love, which you both may enjoy, but first you want to commit yourself to comradeship.

You are happiest with a partner who appreciates honesty, as your direct attitude may unintentionally hurt someone who is more inhibited and sensitive. In that case, you should be more restrained or find a partner who communicates more directly.

Once involved in a relationship, you should make an extra effort to become aware of your lover's specific needs and faithfully fulfill them, even if they seem puzzling or superfluous at times. Although some of your lover's pleasures may not particularly excite you, mutual consideration is essential in building a stable and loving relationship.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius: Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, William Blake, Marlon Brando, George Bush, Sr., Prince Charles, Wilt Chamberlain, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Robert Plant, Robert Redford, James Taylor, Vincent van Gogh, AndySc, BillH, Cheri, ChrisC, Donny, Fergus, Flossie, Jason, JBLight, JerGar, Mark, Maureen, Sarik, VinCar, Virginia

Jupiter in Capricorn

When the expansive, inquisitive, optimistic Jupiter drive has to express itself through the cautious, reserved, and often pessimistic sign of Capricorn, something has to give! Sometimes the person will live frustrated for years, unable to completely hold in the Jupiterian exuberance and tendency to gallop off into the future only half-prepared, and equally unable to stop the regrets and Capricornian recriminations and guilt which follow such behavior. If she allows the Capricorn to prevail most of the time, her Jupiter nature is even more likely to break free at unexpected and usually completely inopportune times.

There is something of a clash between the Jupiterian tendency to invest faith, particularly in intellectual concepts and coherent systems of philosophy, and the Capricorn tendency to not believe in anything unless it can be eaten, put in the bank, or slept on. Capricorn deals with what is material, and judges this and often only this to be real, and therefore acceptable. Jupiter's territory looks like so much hot air, smoke and mirrors to the Capricorn side of human nature.

The Jupiter nature may, however, invest Capricornian principles and traits with great value. The individual with this placement is often a committed employee because she upholds the work ethic, puritan-type virtues, reality as it is, and the need to succeed in the world's eyes. She may find traits such as dependability, reliability, conservatism, frugality, strong career devotion and ambition, and hard-nosed realism very appealing. She could preach to others about the superiority of these characteristics.

The person with Jupiter in Capricorn may bring optimism, confidence and far-sightedness into a business environment. She may infuse reactionary philosophies with new insight and enlightenment. She could express her values in practical ways, expanding the vision and scope of society's structures and conventions until they deal more effectively with current problems and issues. She has the capacity both to work effectively herself - that is, to be ambitious and hardworking - and to envision a better future. She may make a highly valuable leader, whether in business or government, as she can combine idealism with pragmatism, high principles with effective action, a vision of the future with the ability to deal with the structures available today. She could also swing back and forth between all of these, feeling hopeful and full of faith in the future one moment, and crushed by the realities of the present the next moment.

Usually, the person with Jupiter in Capricorn has some strong ideals about government, business, career goals and the way to deal with reality. She can make an ultimate value out of career or public success, and place all her faith in control and power, or monetary gain, or discipline and denial. Her approach to philosophy may be somewhat dry - if it will advance her ambitions or status or wealth, fine; if not, what's the point? This is more likely when the placement is backed up by other chart factors.

If projected, the individual with Jupiter in Capricorn may see her father, or the conditional-love parent, as well as subsequent authority figures, as intellectual, bright and full of knowledge. She may think they are just blowhards. She could expect them to have answers and be disappointed when they fail her. She could expect material resources and career success to give her a sense of complete fulfillment, and be very frustrated when they do not. She tends to place a great deal of faith in the work ethic and the puritan virtues, and may suffer great disappointment when one of life's crueler vagaries happens to her. She expected to avoid these by prudent living.

This is another of the transpersonal placements of Jupiter. The individual may grapple with the seemingly selfish tendencies of Capricorn, wherein personal security is sought ¬but by being competent and successful in the larger world. She may find she is most fulfilled when she expresses and lives her values at work and through her career choices.

Jupiter in Capricorn is one suggestion that difficulties with beliefs originate with too much focus on materialistic goals, too much skepticism and fear of expansion, and too much demand for scientific proof. When Jupiter in Capricorn is positively expressed, however, the individual has the capacity to be a visionary executive, that rare leader who has self-discipline enough to deal with the realities of the present, but who also sees into the future with hopeful expectation that things will improve. She not only hopes; she thinks about how to act today to ensure that the improvements actually occur. She balance fear with hope, skepticism with exploration, cold facts with future possibilities.

Jupiter in Capricorn: In delaying or postponing the use of the Capricorn natural talents to fulfill your desires, formulate plans, or manipulate business dealings, you may experience insecurity about your inner integrity that is aimed toward achievement. Thus, you can be at a loss to manifest those talents within you. If you give in to righteous ideas about controlling others or repress your fine managerial abilities, you may undergo frustration and doubts about yourself.

When you trust your integrity and utilize your natural managerial talents to organize what you truly believe in, you may discover that your abilities to manage others bring joy to everyone as well as yourself. By taking a leap of faith and putting yourself in situations where you can delegate authority and manage resources, you can experience an expansion of faith in yourself to use your talents with integrity.

Jupiter in Capricorn: Through work, you expand your understanding of yourself and your place in the world; and some of your most important learning experiences are likely to come to you through your career. Actually, you enjoy working and derive much pleasure from seeing a job well done. However, you might become a workaholic since so much of your self-esteem and your satisfactions in life are connected to your job.

You possess natural managerial ability, have a good head for business, and are known for your shrewdness, common sense, reliability and diligence. Supervising and organizing operations gives you a sense of satisfaction, and you like being in a position of responsibility. You assume authority easily, and are comfortable in a decision-making role, believing that no-one is quite as capable as you.

Status is important to you, and you want to have the respect of your peers, your community and society in general. Though you are ambitious, you do not desire glory or riches as much as honor and authority. For instance, you would prefer being president of a college to being a movie star. Success, however, is likely to come to you slowly, little by little and as a result of your own efforts, rather than being dropped in your lap by Lady Luck.

In the extreme, your ambition might cause you to do just about anything to achieve your goals; and you may believe that 'the ends justify the means'. Above all, you are a pragmatist, and you do what you believe must be done without letting your emotions or ideologies get in the way. Thus, others often see you as cold and calculating.

You respect traditions; and unless something has stood the test of time you don't place much value on it. Consequently, you tend to stick with what you know rather than taking chances on new ideas, techniques or practices; and you can be extremely rigid and old-fashioned. The 'god' you worship might be tradition. Upholding the status quo benefits you, and through becoming part of the establishment you are likely to increase your wealth, status and / or sense of security. Therefore, you see no reason to make changes or 'rock the boat'. You might even become well-known as a result of your conservative views.

You also seek security, stability and a predictable, well-defined, orderly life. Thus, you might go to the 'right' schools, work hard, plan carefully, hold on to your resources, invest in blue chip stocks, support the established order, and associate with people who can benefit you so as to provide the best possible future for yourself and your descendants.

Jupiter in Capricorn: Jupiter in the sign Capricorn is in its fall because Capricorn is opposite the sign Cancer, in which Jupiter is exalted. This situation is manifested in an over concern with the letter of the law rather than the spirit. However, Jupiter in Capricorn, if well aspected, can give great integrity, especially in moral conduct, business ethics, and the responsibilities of high office.

Natives generally have conservative, traditional values concerning politics, education, and moral conduct. They support the value system of the social, economic and political status quo, overlooking its injustices, faults and hypocrisies. The resulting rigidity of social outlook can alienate the younger generation and those who embrace a universal point of view.

People with Jupiter in Capricorn often acquire positions of economic or political responsibility. They will exercise prudence, caution, and a mature judgment therein, but may lack imagination, creativity, and the ability to innovate.

They have a strong drive for power and status, prompted either by personal ambition or by a sense of duty to society; this drive can interfere with their home life and the personal, emotional values associated with it. The corporation executive who spends all his time at the office dealing with those in power, and neglects his family, is typical of persons with Jupiter in Capricorn. These people often acquire a cold, austere personal manner in their later years, and they hide the inner feeling of emotional frustration and loneliness engendered under an attitude of dignity and importance.

With this position of Jupiter, great wealth is often attained, through ambition, patience, managerial ability, and the wise use of resources. Since these people seek the status conferred by wealth and high position, they automatically adopt the values of those with impressive statue who can help them achieve prominence.

These people abhor extravagance and waste. If Jupiter is afflicted and this tendency is carried to extremes, there can be miserliness or an inclination to economize in small matters and at the same time to be extravagant in large ones.

Jupiter in Capricorn: This position presents opportunity to you from very practical sources. Anything will appeal which helps present you as an authoritative and consequential person; and you will follow most readily those beacons that lead to the mountain tops of public acclaim. You combine daring and caution in a nice mixture. Money is not important in itself, though it may be as a means to power or as a symptom of success. You will risk money to get fame or power; but you'll never risk fame or power to get money. Because you see only such opportunities as tend to advance you in the eyes of the world, irrelevant bypaths and blind alleys don't distract you, and you plug mercilessly along the only path you see, leading upward and onward to the High Place.

Jupiter in Capricorn: In Capricorn, Jupiter is a contradiction. The native wants to be generous, but also has a deep respect for security. He wants to travel but has a need for an 'anchor', a place to stay, to feel secure. He wants to pioneer, but has enormous respect (or fear?) for tradition. He wants authority, yet hesitates to bear down in order to earn it. He as the ability to organize, manage, direct; he has great interest in challenges, things that seem far off in the distance - but when the challenges are met (or come closer) he seems to lose interest. The astrologer should help him to see the obvious, to keep his mind open, to remain intellectually curious and excited, or his life will sink into the morass of the conventional - and, eventually, he will drive loved ones away because he grows so sure of himself he becomes a downright bore.

Jupiter in Capricorn: With Jupiter in Capricorn, one seeks to grow and to improve oneself through hard work, discipline, and steady progress. One needs to express qualities of self-control and confident conservatism in order to improve the self; one has an innate sense of authority that inspires trust from other people. Optimism and expansion can be squelched by an overly serious, fearful attitude. One's faith and trust is based on reality, experience, and one's innate understanding of the value of history and tradition. Opportunities come through one's ability to be reliable, responsible, and patient - qualities that are usually well-developed.

In Capricorn, Jupiter is opposite Cancer, where it is especially well-placed and therefore traditionally considered to be 'exalted'; in Capricorn, Jupiter is in its 'fall', a position where its innate qualities are not so easily expressed. However, that does not mean Jupiter's power should be underestimated here, as we shall see in this section. Nothing in Capricorn comes quickly or easily, although at times one must wonder why these people make things unnecessarily difficult for themselves. As Isabel Hickey wrote, those with Jupiter in Capricorn are 'too cautious for their own good'.

The extreme caution with which these folks approach everything, from close relationships to handling money, is of course typical of the sign Capricorn. Those with Jupiter here don't trust anything that is not 'proven' or validated by traditional acceptance. The skeptical streak in their minds is pervasive, but they are not without practical ideals! The fact is that tradition plays a large part in molding their ideals. They will look at the history of any action or ideal that they are evaluating, and will slowly test it to determine how much risk there really is. They are not fools and don't ever want to appear to be such; dignity is immensely important to them. They feel that knowing the risks in advance is simply practical. They have little need for the sheer excitement of taking risks, as so many people do; once they have determined that there is little risk, or at least that it is acceptable for the goal being pursued, they can act decisively.

However, those with Jupiter in Capricorn will take extra risks in order to gain authority. Oftentimes, those with Jupiter here seem to attract especially powerful enemies, because of their power or prestige. This Jupiter certainly inflates the ambition, and the result is well-described by Moore and Douglas: 'Having achieved the position of eminence for which they have labored, they may be obliged to pay the price once more in a sense of isolation and loneliness. Then they should try to forget their dignity and enjoy the simple pleasures of life without worrying about an image to be maintained or an impression to be made'.

The resourcefulness of these people should never be underestimated, nor should their determination. They may well simply outwork those endowed with more cleverness or imagination; and their sense of duty and responsibility is legendary. They can of course be austere and heavy-handedly judgmental; a Jupiter in Capricorn evidently often becomes rigid and easily lapses into self-righteousness. Carter, Mayo, and Davison all use the term 'conscientious' to describe this person; and Ebertin relates Capricorn Jupiter to 'consciousness of goal', which I take to mean the innate ability to patiently act with a view to long-term plans.

Carter wrote of this placement: 'Reticent, self-controlled, righteous'. Mayo wrote: 'Enthusiasm for duty; expands ambition (autocratic) and organizing ability'. Ebertin wrote: 'A sense of responsibility, trustworthiness... qualities of leadership, hypocrisy, egotism'. Hickey wrote: 'A tendency to be miserly with the expression of loving feelings, as well as with money'.

This last quotation brings to mind the inherent conflict with Jupiter in Saturn's sign; it can create a tension between thriftiness and extravagant arrogance, or the need to be recognized and respected for being generous while at the same time wanting to maintain one’s financial security by not spending unnecessarily. Although they are more concerned with appearances and being 'respectable' than are Jupiter in Scorpio people, those with Capricorn Jupiter are quite similar in that they may alternate between penny-pinching and spending prolifically. They do not like waste, but they may invest huge sums in either business ventures or goals that they deem to be in accord with their higher values.

Essential qualities of the Jupiter-Capricorn personality are precisely captured in Moore and Douglas's following comments: 'Jupiter-Capricorn people work in a practical and conservative manner without the inclination to indulge in risky speculation. They conduct their affairs according to the tried-and-true rules of tradition, and are satisfied with slow growth and gradual gain. Generally, they flourish in business; and when given the opportunity to manage established enterprises of proven merit, they justify the faith invested in them. They want to know precisely where they stand financially and to feel that the ground is solid beneath their feet. This position is conducive to a career in government, politics, or large corporations where business is carried on impersonally and strictly according to protocol'.

Jupiter in Capricorn: This gives a blend of positive, extrovert qualities (Jupiter) with powerfully negative, introvert ones (Capricorn). Together they produce a set of remarkable characteristics. The individual is ambitious and determined and will not shirk responsibility. He or she is able to work very hard and persistently, and usually has excellent powers of concentration. Parents of children with this placing must not expect their offspring to make meteoric leaps to the top of the class. Nevertheless, they will make very steady gradual progress; and what is learned will be remembered. This is generally the pattern throughout life.

The outlook is extremely sensible, neither shirking the acceptance of challenge not being blindly optimistic. Common sense and some caution should dominate, and hard-earned success will be the eventual outcome. There can be times when the more serious side of Capricorn will be to the fore, resulting in a tendency toward a rather bleak and marginally pessimistic attitude or outlook; the generosity and flamboyance of Jupiter will not often be evident when the planet is in this sign.

However, the jolly Jupiter sense of humor combines with the offbeat Capricorn one to emerge when it is least expected, to the great amusement of those present; it is most certainly something to look for!

The individuals are usually kind and thoughtful, but sometimes pigheadedness and the tendency to think that they are always right can be evident. At times, this will tend to make them their own worst enemies, but these more extreme tendencies usually only occur if Jupiter receives a square aspect from the Sun or Moon. Pay extra attention to the placing and influence of Saturn since, if that planet is heavily aspected or personalized, the Capricorn influence on Jupiter (i.e. the more serious personality traits) will tend to dominate.

Jupiter in Capricorn: You are a constructive, though potentially conditional, giver. You have the goodness to live up to material responsibilities - without it becoming a slog. You have the morality to uphold traditional values - without them becoming restrictive. You have reverence for time-worn customs and rituals - yet should pledge to do so without incurring a loss of meaning.

You can be trusted to keep to certain tried and true methods and patterns in one or more areas of your life, even though they may not be that obvious; to deliver what you promise, mainly because you don't promise what you cannot deliver; and to endure and make the most of times of difficulty or scarcity.

You may be excessively dependent upon the rules and regulations laid down by someone else, be that Other or the State, or whoever appears to have the authority; excessively reactionary towards this; excessively cautious in what you give out - and then you expect something back in return; and excessively caught up in the seeking of status, and overlooking your true worth in the process. You believe that life is basically a proving ground, a working situation, and that any kind of luxury must be well-deserved; that any spiritual belief should be based upon and around practical needs and natural laws and cycles; and that 'by their works shall ye know them'.

You disagree with fanciful or newfangled beliefs and ideas that have no proper roots in older systems; and with giving time or space to anyone who is all talk and no walk. Be aware that today's radicals are tomorrow's conservatives; constructive criticism is better than outright dismissal.

When you are alone, it is as if you yourself have barred yourself from rewarding and sustainable relationships by imposing certain limiting conditions, or by allowing yourself to be subjected to them. This has something to do with the idea that you are what you believe you are - an idea that Jupiter in Capricorn will possibly sniff at. If you believe you are not capable of having a successful relationship, then that is what the case will be. From your point of view, there are probably some very practical and logical reasons for being on your own. But it is the other way around - you are choosing these restrictive circumstances, when the real reasons are to do with more emotional and internal qualities of your being. In short, you attract apparently limited or limiting relationships that reflect how you are limiting yourself - because you do not want to explore an area where you have no control. I recommend you to look for the real reasons for being alone under your other Planet-Sign combinations, especially the Moon and Venus if you are male, or the Sun and Mars if you are female.

Jupiter in Capricorn: You are happiest when a new affair can be guided along familiar paths. Then you can provide your partner with enrichment and fulfillment. In an unpredictable relationship, you will spend too much time coping with change to fully unleash your capacity for expression. Your style is solid and substantial; continual fluctuations diffuse your energy and do not suit you. You need a fairly well-defined relationship.

For this reason, you will probably be happiest with a lover you know well and can be certain of pleasing, a comfortable companion who also knows how to give you maximum enjoyment. One technique that may particularly heighten your lovemaking is abstinence, followed by fulfillment in a very carefully delineated and predictable fashion. In this way, you may reach a special intensity of expression that can't be found in regular sexual release.

On the nonphysical level, it is best if you have the reinforcement of continuous love from your partner. If you can count on love, you are able to keep your creativity flowing in other areas. Similarly, you are most appreciative of a lover who treasures your daily affections and is aware of the variety of your attentions, however small.

Jupiter in Capricorn: Your growth in life will come through concrete achievement in the world. You feel that ideals are all very well, and it is good to be moral and ethical, but you want to translate your ideals into action. You want to see real results that others can point to as yours. With your fine organizational skills, you will be good at putting other people's ideas into practice, and you will understand what can and cannot be done. You are, or should be, a practical person and a realist, because if you are not, your life will not work out very well. Capricorn planets must deal with reality. With this placement, you may feel that the universe will not meet your needs unless you work to justify your existence. This has the effect of dampening the normal exuberance of youth to some extent, although you should have plenty left. Most of the characteristics of this placement will be expressed more clearly as you get older.

You are quite concerned about being right; and you will argue very hard for your point of view. Anything that is not right, you condemn as weakness, and you may be very hard on yourself when you make a mistake. Also you are likely to be hard on others when they make mistakes. You must work to develop a sense of compassion for your own and others' weaknesses, for otherwise you will gradually become cold and unfeeling. In that case, people would begin to avoid you.

You enjoy taking responsibility and being in a position of authority. You work hard to gain the approval of authority figures, such as teachers and parents; and you may identify with them rather than with people of your own age. This could alienate you from your peers, however, if you carry it too far.

See also: Jupiter in Capricorn;

Jupiter in Capricorn: Warren Beatty, George Carlin, Carlos Castaneda, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Adolf Hitler, Dustin Hoffman, Karl Marx, Benjamin Netanyahu, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Peter Sellers, Bruce Springsteen, Ludwig van Beethoven, Gore Vidal, H.G. Wells, Malcolm X, Mark Zuckerberg, Andrea, Ashira, DavMcC, Ellen, Eva, Jack, JerryP, Joy, Kyle, Lorraine, Prabhuta, Ray, Tara

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in the sign Aquarius indicates people who know no class, racial or religious distinctions. They insist on social, religious, and moral values that are universal, impartial, and democratic in every respect. There is a desire to share and experience with men and women from all walks of life.

These people have great tolerance, and they understand that it is not necessary for all to live by the same life-style or have the same value system. Each person has his own place on the evolutionary spiral of life, with unique lessons to learn and valuable contributions to make to society. Without these differences, a complex, advanced civilization would be impossible.

Those with Jupiter in Aquarius realize that tolerance, respect, and co-operation are the essentials for a successful social order. They therefore attract many friends and become involved in organizational activities that are designed to uplift humanity and bring about brotherhood among men. They distrust attitudes and laws that foster social distinctions or chauvinistic nationalism.

Jupiter in Aquarius when well-aspected gives an interest in occult wisdom, such as philosophy, astrology, karmic law, and reincarnation. In advanced types, one finds the pioneers of religions and social concepts of the Aquarian Age. These people are broad-minded and receptive to new ideas. Many social reformers and leaders of humanitarian organizations have Jupiter in Aquarius.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Aquarius, these people can be too casual and unreliable in their relationships to friends and in group obligations. They can espouse revolutionary concepts and impractical, unrealistic causes that ignore discipline and responsibility. They often scatter their energies, thereby missing their goal.

Jupiter in Aquarius: If you postpone openly expressing knowledge out of the fear that you may not have enough to share or that the information you have is not important, you can unwittingly repress communication of your learning. Personal frustration can result. You may inadvertently allow righteous judgments about the unimportance of all knowledge, including your own, to prevent you from sharing with others. The result is likely to be intense internal frustration.

When you take the leap of faith and allow your knowledge to flow freely into group situations, you can experience the joy and expansion that inevitably comes as a natural result of your generous sharing. By not trying to prove uniqueness or superiority and instead seeking to share in a way that actually contributes to situations at hand, you can begin to experience the joy and freedom of speaking from higher levels of intuitive knowing in a way that expands the circumstances for everyone. Self-trust increases as you use your innate connectedness with groups to promote a natural sharing of objective knowledge.

Jupiter in Aquarius: With Jupiter in Aquarius, there is a double emphasis on intellectual freedom, humanitarian focus and the need to go well beyond the boundaries that others commonly accept. Jupiter is looking for ultimate truth, and when in Aquarius may do so in some very unusual ways and places.

The person with this placement may take an extremely intellectual approach to values and beliefs. He may believe only in mental processes, logic, and technology, but he could also be open to New Age thought and spiritual practices. He will find Science of Mind -type religions vastly more suited to his spiritual needs than conventional major religions. He may place all his faith in the newest, unconventional, and even bizarre cults, idolizing the unusual and the revolutionary. He could develop a strong faith in a Universal Power, but resist committed membership in any particular congregation.

Generally with Jupiter in Aquarius the person expresses his values and search for truth in Aquarian ways - that is, in ways which validate individualism, freedom, and free thinking. He may want all his values to be avant-garde, unusual, futuristic, humanitarian - or outrageous, shocking, and iconoclastic. He may value only the strange, the countercultural, and the eccentric. This placement indicates the person will do almost anything, including deliberately challenge established systems, structures, establishments and ways of thinking, in order to break free of restraints. He simply cannot tolerate them. In an otherwise gentle and co-operative individual, he may simply leave to keep the peace. He may go his own way, and he is remarkably unattached to anyone or anything except his freedom, so it does not bother him to any excruciating degree.

In a generally fiery or rebellious personality, however, this placement may add to the refusal to compromise, and the generally mutinous reactions if restrictions are imposed on him. He may, with Jupiter's propensity for self-justification, even consider that violence is an acceptable route to freedom, if it seems to him that that is what it will take. Usually, however, this placement signifies an individual who satisfies himself with cerebral revolution, with perceiving the world in a completely innovative way that changes his understanding of many functions, concepts and established systems and structures.

He may revolutionize spiritual thought, or value ingenious and inventive approaches and thought processes. He may take an entirely unique approach to values, perceptions, and the search for truth, or expect too much from his capacity to be original and to come up with novel ideas. He probably has a terrific sense of humor, and may be able to point out the ludicrous aspect of human efforts in such a way that others step outside themselves for a precious, enlightening moment. Jupiter in Aquarius is an indication that difficulties with faith, morals, and beliefs may be due to stubborn refusal to accept the possibility of a Supreme Being or force in the universe, to rebellious dissension with ideas which are excellent simply because they are conventional and not unusual enough, and a strong-willed, headstrong determination to go his own way and do his own thing regardless of the consequences.

When Jupiter in Aquarius is constructively expressed, the individual is a leader in innovative thought, both purely intellectual / philosophical, and spiritual. He places tremendous faith in 'the common man' and expects each individual to expand knowledge and freedom as much as possible. He supports philosophies and values which are as humanitarian and universal as possible. He decries racial, sexual or cultural prejudice. He will teach the ideals of the future, ideals which lead to his vision of a Utopian society.

Jupiter in Aquarius: You seek knowledge and understanding in many different and often unusual ways; and your search for truth is unbounded. Unlimited by conventions and accepted belief systems, you eagerly explore new ideas, and might be on the cutting edge of science, technology or 'New Age' thought. Because you look at things in a different light, you may make important discoveries that others miss; and your insights could help expand humankind's understanding of the Universe and our place in it.

Intellectually-oriented, you enjoy learning, respect knowledge, and are especially interested in abstract or modern fields such as computers, aviation, alchemy, astrology and electronics. The 'god' you worship might be science or metaphysics. Your personal growth and learning are likely to take place outside the ordinary channels, however. Perhaps you are self-taught, or your education has been erratic or atypical in some way.

You see yourself as a member of the world community, and are interested in improving the lot of humankind. Your interest in universal brother/ sisterhood, equality and human rights could lead you to become involved in causes that address these issues; and working for social change makes you feel good about yourself. In fact, you may never be happier than when you are protesting injustices.

Often your ideas conflict sharply with conventional ones, and you enjoy being seen as a renegade. You gravitate towards avant-garde or progressive views, especially in politics or religion, and could benefit through organizing or working with an ideologically-based group. However, you tend to be overly idealistic and impractical, and many of your utopian ideas simply won't work in the real world. Strongly opinionated, you rarely hold your tongue and are sometimes quite tactless when it comes to expressing your beliefs. You also can be self-righteous and evangelical, intolerant of people who are more conservative.

Through being 'different', trying new things, and breaking the rules, you develop a broader understanding of yourself and the world in which you live. One of your functions is to expand the awareness of others, too, and enable them to go beyond the boundaries of accepted thought, behavior and experience. You have the ability to help people see things in a new light, to make them think about things, and to open their eyes to alternative possibilities. You may even achieve success or recognition for your unusual ideas and/ or lifestyle. You may break with tradition in artistic fields, causing others to view art in a new way, and outraging conservatives in the first place.

In your desire to be unique, however, you may go overboard and adopt odd or iconoclastic attitudes and / or behaviors just for the sake of being different. You love playing the eccentric, and have fun shocking those who are more traditional.

Jupiter in Aquarius: There is usually a splendid imagination and no lack of originality with this placing. The effect of an Aquarian Jupiter will be to endow the subject with powerfully humanitarian qualities, and give him or her the need to express them in a positively helpful way. The sense of justice is also very prominent; and this individual, by taking positive action, will see to it that justice is done and seen to be done.

Here is someone who is impartial and tolerant, and who can be very sympathetic in a totally unsentimental way. Many of these fine qualities are often expressed through an attraction to humanitarian causes, with plenty of hard work done on their behalf. The independence of Aquarius will certainly be present; and while this sign may make the subject cool and distant, that is not so when Jupiter occupies it, for the planet's warmth and general cheerfulness will melt the crackling ice which is usually characteristic of every Aquarian. The social life is extremely important, and the subject will no doubt have a wide circle of friends who will be encouraged to become involved in, for instance, his concern to improve the lot of those who are less fortunate than himself.

Scientific or technological ability can be present; and originality and imagination will be expressed very inventively. Sometimes there is literary or musical talent, but control your enthusiasm is this emerges here. The potential may well be present; but unless Jupiter is personalized you should see if these abilities emerge independently elsewhere in the char; and even then you should be rather restrained in your statements! In some cases, the sense of humor may border on the eccentric. If Jupiter is afflicter, there can be a lack of tact, and sometimes a sort of stubborn intolerance and an element of unpredictability. The intuition is usually increased by this placing.

Jupiter in Aquarius: This position causes you to see opportunity in very broad social, artistic, political matters. If your aim gets broader than your capacities - and it may! - you can be a drifter with high principles and little to show for them. If your abilities are up to your aims, you go far, for then you will see opportunity in all manner of big public things, and the free flow of your energies in these directions will lead effortlessly to success. Nothing is too big for you to envision, and even if it's too big for you to tackle or master, you dare to think about it. Air castles can be your downfall; you have to strive continuously to find the practical (if rough) methods by which they may be constructed into houses of earth. You are capable of passing up financial chances if they interfere with your larger aims. You have to learn the value of security because this position doesn't give it to you. Your tendency is to see life through the wrong end of the opera glasses; realities recede in favor of other things, and a liberal dose of the earth is necessary somewhere else in the chart if this position is to contribute to success.

Jupiter in Aquarius: With Jupiter in Aquarius, one seeks to grow and to improve oneself through humanitarian ideals, intellectual development, and daring experimentation. Optimism can be deflected by an overly-detached, uninvolved attitude, but one is usually generous toward others. One's faith is eccentric, individualistic, unorthodox, and unique to oneself. One trusts in the unity of all humanity and all knowledge, and has a broad tolerance for a wide variety of free expression.

Since Aquarius is co-ruled by the risk-taking, rebellious planet Uranus, it is not surprising that those with Jupiter here are usually quite comfortable taking risks in many areas of life. In fact, social, political, intellectual and creative risks are stimulating to them and even necessary for them to feel alive. In the area of human relationships, they will also take chances as to the form, structure, and definition of their relationships; but perhaps it is the Saturn co-rulership of Aquarius that introduces a strong disinclination toward risk-taking as soon as they enter the domain of emotions in those relationships. Free and easy, tolerant, unconventional they can be, so long as they are not made to deal with or express emotions. Those with Jupiter in Aquarius are often quite unaware of some aspects of down-to-earth life and human feelings, which is understandable since they seek to rise above emotions and to seek well-being in detachment. They easily place their trust in large ideas and plans, but remain uncomfortable with the subtler nuances of human relationships, unless perhaps they have personal planets in Water signs. This of course should not be surprising since Aquarius is an Air sign, not a Water sign. But this is a particularly aloof Air sign and more detached and cold than Gemini or Libra.

These people often cultivate extreme ideas and beliefs, sometimes vacillating between quite contradictory concepts. They are very independent people, even to the point of being so willful as to be described as downright contrary.

With this placement come both humanitarian impulses and the flaunting of social conventions. In all fairness, however, it should be stated that some people with Jupiter in Aquarius express a sort of ivory-tower humanitarianism, sometimes with a streak of arrogance and even acting condescending to 'less intelligent' people. This must be what Jeff Mayo observed, which led him to the comments below.

Mayo wrote of this placement: 'Rudely tactless and intolerant. [At best] impartial and broad-minded'. Carter wrote 'Just, humane, often gifted in science'. Davison wrote: 'Enthusiasm for humanitarian causes, reform. Expands originality... imagination, philosophical interests'. Hickey wrote: 'Makes a good scientist interested in large projects and reform. Expands interest in group endeavors and can work well with others. Keen judgment and good intellect. Gives originality and the ability to implant new ideas in other minds. Make good diplomats, labor relations experts, personnel managers and organizers'. Moore & Douglas wrote: 'These individuals have inventive minds which are well-adapted to promoting comprehensive programs of a philanthropic nature... often becomes involved in the handling and distribution of money in the interest of social, scientific, or charitable enterprises'.

These folks are often drawn to government service, and are what Marcia Moore called 'the ideal democrat with a knack for handling groups of people'.

Sometimes a 'know-it-all' arrogance can be observed in this placement; but also a courage and risk-taking propensity - based on a vision of the future - centrally characterizes an Aquarian Jupiter.

In fact, those with Jupiter here are focused on the future. Rarely materialistic, their sense of prosperity and confidence comes from exercising their unique breadth of vision. As Moore and Douglas put it, their 'broadened viewpoint introduces new patterns of perception'. Many with this placement achieved scientific and / or creative breakthroughs.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Jupiter in Aquarius depicts the native whose friendships and 'status' mean much - he does all in his power to win people, to please and charm them.

Jupiter in Aquarius is the humanitarian. In the broadest and most creatively mature sense, he wants people to be happy, pleased, content, productive. He joins organizations to help bring this about; he lends money, time and effort trying to practice what he preaches. On the negative side, he is extravagant, gives lip service to social work, and merely broods about the plight of the downtrodden. He can be found working in conjunction with public projects. He is connected with the theatre, financial institutions, with publishing houses, newspapers and magazines. His view is wide; he would make an excellent representative for a travel agency or a good 'contact man' for a public relations firm. He is diligent and convincing; he possesses charm and a liberal point of view.

Jupiter in Aquarius: You are a freedom giver, though potentially an erratic giver. You have the goodness to be open-minded, and should pledge to avoid being too abstract. You have the morality to be non-judgmental and impartial, yet should avoid being distant and aloof. You have reverence for equal rights, yet should not become bound by political correctness.

You can be trusted to aspire to the ideal of everyone having the right to be who he / she is, and, more significantly, to be free to grow into that person, through whatever process of success and failure it takes. You can also be trusted to resist dogmatism and anything or anyone that restricts the development of human potential, individually or collectively.

You may be excessively liberal, to the point where Other finds it very difficult to get an honest, human emotional reaction from you. This can drive him / her to great extremes to shock you into one. You may also be excessively open-ended morally - and unpredictable, anything from tight to loose. Other can find this so hard to relate to that he / she rebels.

You believe that life is what you think it to be, and so the freer and less biased your mind is, the more easily and healthily you will grow and progress. This implies that you are free to imagine God to be whatever you want 'it' to be, including the belief in the non¬existence of God. You believe in the Universal Mind.

You disagree with fundamentalists who think they're right and everyone else is wrong; and with anything that denies the essential quality of human nature: free will. Be aware that being averse to giving a definite form to your beliefs could amount to a lack of conviction generally.

When you are alone, it is most likely to be because you have put yourself in or got yourself into a state of mind that has 'immunized' itself against relationships. This you have done because intuition or experience tells you that being emotionally involved with another human being is painful and upsetting for it tests your theories of life to a point where they do not hold water any more. It is far easier to keep your philosophy intact when there is no Other to challenge it by putting you through emotional hoops where your intellectual theories provide no answers and bring no comfort. And so the deeper reason for your being alone is that you are having to stretch your mentality and morality to accommodate your emotional needs and desires. Double standards must be identified and reconciled; and concepts of personal rights must be expanded to include the rights of Other to disagree with those concepts. What is contradictory had better be read as being paradoxical (believing in nothing being a belief in itself), or being a challenge (Other's chauvinism versus your liberalism, or vice versa).

Jupiter in Aquarius: You are often attracted to more than one person at a time; and if circumstances allow, you carry on several relationships simultaneously. And if you have only one partnership, this tendency will probably be expressed as a multiplicity of sub-relationships with your partner. You both play a number of roles, depending upon the time and place.

Sexuality is an area of considerable research and discovery for you. At its most exciting, sex continually presents something new and unique to your imagination. To keep your creativity burning, you need to find multiple forms of unusual sexual expression, for you will become frustrated if you continue along a monotonous path for too long.

Such needed variety can be increased if you and your partner play clearly defined but ever-changing roles. Each love scene should be not only a physical but also a mental challenge, in which you both participate fully. To some extent your head may rule your heart, as far as new sexual experiences are concerned. You require more than just a thorough physical experience to find true satisfaction in expressing your sexuality.

An imaginative partner will be an invaluable asset; and the more stimulating nonsexual communication there is between you, the more satisfying your sex life will be.

Jupiter in Aquarius: This is an indication that you will grow through being free to find new ways of living and new methods for accomplishing old purposes. You should not be confined or forced to follow old ways. There is a side of you that is quite inventive, which can really benefit from looking at life from a new angle.

However, although you are in many ways an individualist, you do not think just of yourself. Even while you are young, you are very aware of the groups that you belong to. You are not selfish. You understand that your friends have needs, and you look for ways in which you and your friends can benefit together.

You are usually very fair, believing that everyone should get what is due to him or her. Your sense of justice is strong; and as you get older, you will fight hard to ensure that the people who are close to you are treated well, especially by persons in authority. You have no special awe of authority figures; in fact, you ignore the traditional notion that anyone in authority should be respected. These people must prove their worth as far as you're concerned. You don't respect tradition very much, unless you can see clearly that it has a real purpose here and now.

As you get older, your social consciousness will evolve further, and you may become involved in some mass movement to spread the ideals you believe in. Even while you are young, you recognize that you are more effective as part of a larger movement than as an individual. You have a good sense of organization, and you know how to make sure that every part of a group is effectively contributing to the whole.

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Jupiter in Aquarius: Helena Blavatsky, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Princess Diana, Isadora Duncan, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth II, Jane Fonda, Hugh Hefner, Bill Hicks, Alex Jones, Carl Lewis, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Vaslav Nijinsky, Barack Obama, Jack Parsons, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Meryl Streep, Ted Turner, Jon Voight, AlexP, Antonio, BenSt, BenT, GaryCl, George, Jane, Jean, JT, Lance, LouG, Marie, MarieBr, Merrill, Pankaj, Paulo, River, Supr, Suji, Tom

Jupiter in Pisces

An individual who has Jupiter in Pisces connects ultimate intellectual values to ultimate emotional values. The former operates through the conscious mind, deals with concepts which can be articulated, and is driven by a need to understand. The latter operates through the unconscious mind, deals with symbols and concepts which often cannot be articulated and are communicated more effectively through art or myth or dreams, and is driven by a need to reconnect with the mystical divine nature within each individual.

There are some clashes. Jupiter represents our 'head goals', the values we think about and often think we should follow. Pisces represents 'heart goals', the values we feel and which are an emotional reaction to something. Jupiter values may be harsh or just coldly logical; or they could be self-justifying, rationalized, or conventionally religious. At their highest, however, they are connected to high-minded principles of right living.

Pisces values are usually gently, compassionate, and love-based, and may be too soft¬hearted, illogical, or based on hopes and wishes more than on fact. They could be self-deluding, developed out of a victim or savior mentality or out of a mystical and illusive spiritual philosophy. At their best, however, they are connected to and flow from our Divine centre, with consequent timeless wisdom, loving acceptance, and surrender.

Just as an example, the person with Jupiter in Pisces could get into a dilemma over how to discipline an uncooperative employee. The Jupiter part of her nature may feel quite a bit of anger that the employee is not meeting expected standards of behavior or performance. She could feel self-righteous and fully justified in taking disciplinary measures, and may spend quite a bit of time justifying the action and thinking it will probably do the employee good. It may simply be aware that certain standards must be met or business or other employees suffer. The Pisces part of her nature will agonize over the possibility that the employee's feelings will probably be hurt, hope desperately that she won't fight or get nasty, and wish the whole situation would just fix itself. It may spend time day-dreaming about how the employee might come in tomorrow morning magically transformed. On a higher level, it might sense that this employee has problems at home which are weighing on her mind, or she is suffering somehow and needs support, not censure.

There are also some commonalities between Jupiter and Pisces. Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was considered to be the co-ruler of Pisces because both are connected to a search which often turns spiritual in nature. Both are connected to values and faith, although their methods of operation differ. Because of that, Jupiter in Pisces could indicate a profoundly spiritual person, someone who approaches religion with a gentle sense of yearning and awe. She may have a strong sense of compassion, an ardent faith in the goodness of God and the universe, and a flowing sense of being a significant being in a meaningful world. She may feel completely confident that the power which is behind the universe is always right and can be trusted without reserve. She could temper the Jupiter principles and logic with sensitivity; the tendency to rationalize behavior with a sense of deep acceptance; and the propensity to judge and patronize with a profound sense of at-one-ness and altruism.

With Jupiter in Pisces, she could make forbearance and graciousness an ultimate value and expect herself always to sacrifice herself rather than hurt another, until she no longer distinguishes between loving sacrifice and self-annihilation. She might make victimization a way of life and think that is what her religion asks of her. She could place all her faith in matters of the spirit and neglect the issues of the world. She could be fuzzy and chronically unclear about her principles and values, easily swayed and taken advantage of. Jupiter in Pisces is a suggestion that problems with faith and values could be due to lack of boundaries unbridled expansion, lack of attention paid to the realities of the world, and unrestrained expectations.

When Jupiter in Pisces is handled constructively, the individual has a deep sense of faith and hope in the future which is richly spiritual; but she can, when she puts her mind to it, put words to her profound understanding and insight. She may be a marvelous inspiration to others through her ability to communicate, through art, music, poetry or some other medium. She can convey the significance of faith and the major role it plays in the healthy mental life of a human being. She brings into consciousness the vital, powerful and revitalizing forces contained within the unconscious, which she trusts ¬unlike most. She teaches others that these unconscious forces are for our benefit.

Jupiter in Pisces: If you postpone using the Pisces visionary abilities to see through and beyond the limiting, insensitive social, intellectual and moralistic values of society, it can result in a widespread state of perpetual confusion. You may inadvertently allow righteous ideas about how circumstances should be, but are not, to alienate you from trusting yourself and from life in general. The lack of faith that ensues can create a state of helpless stagnation and confusion about how to improve your present circumstances.

In deciding to take a leap of faith and greet the many facets of life with a basic trust in the universe, you can experience the joy of having your vision fulfilled at every moment. When you accept circumstances as they are, with your vision on the perfection behind the appearance - on the Divinity behind the clay - you can undergo the joy and personal expansion of being able to assist people in realizing their potential. Self-trust is increased as you use your natural trust in the unseen workings behind the appearances of life as a personal foundation.

Jupiter in Pisces: You probably possess much artistic talent; and expressing it - through painting, music, photography, dance or poetry - comes easily and naturally for you. through the use of your imagination, intuition and creativity you grow and expand your awareness of the Universe and your place in it. You derive great satisfaction and an exhilarating feeling of well-being and self-confidence from your art. Perhaps you will even achieve recognition for your creativity and might get a 'lucky break' that results in your success.

However, unless your chart contains other factors that provide some discipline and perseverance, you might spend more time dreaming about the symphonies you'll write or the paintings you'll paint than actually doing it. On its own, this combination indicates laziness and lack of focus. You want things to come easily and may give up too quickly, rather than working diligently toward a goal. You are also a perfectionist; and if you can't be the best at something you won't even try.

Your wonderful imagination enables you to see and hear things others don't - a valuable gift when used artistically. However, you have a tendency to let your imagination run away with you sometimes, and you could experience hallucinations, paranoia, or simply trouble separating fact from fantasy. At times, your dream world and fantasy life might be more real to you than the physical realm.

For you, the unmapped territory of the subconscious holds great fascination, possibly because the boundary between your own conscious and subconscious is not so distinct as it is in most people. You also may realize that this is the source of your creativity. It is quite likely that you have an interest in psychic development and / or psychology, and see them as ways to get in touch with the inner realm. You want to expand your horizons to encompass all worlds of existence - inner and outer - and all levels of experience.

Your sensitivity to realms outside the physical may result in strong spiritual beliefs. Regardless of what religion you embrace, your faith is an important part of your life and brings you joy and comfort. Perhaps you will even devote your life to your religion, as a monk / nun, spiritual teacher or leader. In the extreme, you might become so fervent in your belief that you are self-righteous and intolerant of others'. Or, you might escape into your spiritual life as a way of avoiding the difficulties of the 'real world'.

Your desire to escape the harsh realities of earthly life could cause you to turn to alcohol and/ or drugs, or to withdraw into yourself to avoid facing your problems and responsibilities. With Jupiter in Pisces, your ideal is not to be found in this world, and your hope is that you'll find it in another, more perfect one.

Jupiter in Pisces: Jupiter in the sign Pisces gives emotional depth, especially in understanding and compassion. People with this position champion the underdog and those less fortunate than themselves; thus, they often work in hospitals and charitable institutions. However, sometimes they are indiscriminate in their compassion and generosity; and their sympathies may be taken advantage of. They must learn to help others assume responsibility for their own lives and learn their own evolutionary lessons. These natives may come to realize that the purpose of spiritual evolution is not simply to make life easy but to make men stronger in love, wisdom, and the positive expression of the will.

Mystical tendencies and emotional religious convictions go with this position. If Jupiter aspects Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, there can be psychic ability and intuitive perception of the spiritual ream of being. These people may have a direct, intuitive experience of the realities beyond physical manifestation. Their spiritual understanding can be more universal than the orthodox Jupiter in Sagittarius person. However, their intuitive perception is not necessarily free of astral illusion, egotism, or desire for glamour.

Needing periodic seclusion, intuitive search, meditation, and spiritual renewal, they often associate with spiritual retreats, ashrams, churches and monasteries.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Pisces, there can be guru worship and cultism because of the emotional drive to belong to something that confers spiritual status. These people also feel the need for a human figure or personification of the Deity to whom they can express their religious devotion. In this, they are often unconsciously seeking a father figure who can assume responsibility for the direction of their live, especially if Jupiter is afflicted by Neptune. The identification with a guru or cult also provides a vehicles through which they are able to express service in order to feel that they are uplifting humanity. When they attain greater spiritual maturity, they grow in the understanding that their allegiance must be only to a universal, infinite spiritual power which is the ultimate reality. It is in this power that all time, space, form, and personality manifestation are contained.

If Jupiter is afflicted in Pisces, it can produce social parasites who throw themselves on the kindness of friends or religious and charitable institutions, instead of exercising discipline to make their own way in the world.

Jupiter in Pisces: Before the discovery of Neptune and its acceptance into the astrological pantheon, Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces. As a result, its influence from the sign is increased, and indeed it is very well placed here.

The philosophical, spiritual and reflective elements of both sign and planet are beautifully blended and will be prominent in the subject, for he or she will be kind, sympathetic and caring. There will be a compassionate spirit and a natural friendliness; she will always listen to what is being said, and build up a marvelously sympathetic rapport with other people. This placing is often found in the charts of those working in the caring and medical professions. It can also bestow a great love of animals (and an excellent rapport with them), and will help anyone wanting to become a vet or to work with animals in some other way.

The emotional level is considerably enhanced, and the imagination and intuition are also greatly heightened, sometimes to the point that these tendencies will be much increased should worry show up in other areas of the chart. Here too is someone with the best kind of religious faith - and who practices what he or she preaches. Identification with suffering is also present; and while many will take positive action to help alleviate it (much as Jupiter in Aquarius does), the caring can sometimes be expressed less directly through contemplation, meditation or prayer. There may also be powers of healing.

Self-indulgence may be present if Jupiter is afflicted by the Sun or Moon; and these people may be unreliable, with a tendency toward deceptiveness or self-deception. They will make sacrifices, sometimes of their personal success or happiness, giving up much to look after a sick relative or perhaps forsaking a successful career to turn to something that is considered to be more worthwhile.

Jupiter in Pisces: With Jupiter in Pisces, one seeks to grow and to improve oneself through living one's ideals, expanding one's sympathies, and generosity of spirit. One needs to be compassionate and sensitive in order to feel faith in oneself. Acting on the need for self-improvement can be hindered by unfocused, noncritical attitudes and escapism. Openness to grace is based on one's compassion toward all that suffers. One has a well-developed trust in a higher power; one understands the importance of devotion to an ideal and openness to the spiritual dimension of experience.

As one might expect when Jupiter is 'dignified' in Pisces, the sign of compassion and devotion, there is a considerable idealism and desire to be of service to the helpless.

Jupiter in Pisces also brings a need to take risks - and even bear severe criticism - in order to promote a greater cause, goal, or vision. There is often an image of nobility and dignity that these people exude, an aura which may help to relatively easy acceptance by others. Actors with this placement may emanate a large, expansive, impressive energy. The placement also brings imaginative and inventive abilities. Many people with Jupiter in Pisces have made great contributions to science.

Carter wrote of this placement: 'Pleasant, easy-going, friendly; devoted to philanthropy and public work'. Ebertin wrote: 'Altruism, kind-heartedness, contentment in modest circumstances, a love of solitude and quiet happiness... impressionability'. Davison wrote: 'Enthusiasm for public welfare, healing; a mind that is sympathetic, receptive, impressionable (vacillating). Hickey wrote: 'Interest strong in occult and psychic laws. Can work well with people, for there is a deep understanding of their needs. Emotion and sympathy must enter into his work, or he will not be happy'. Moore & Douglas wrote: 'The Piscean influence toward introspection is not incompatible with Jupiterian expansiveness. The lesson of this combination is that real growth must imply an evolution of consciousness... and that inner and outer processes are carried forward simultaneously'. Mayo wrote: 'Benevolent, genial, humorous; or extravagant, unreliable, over-imaginative'.

The tendency just mentioned by Mayo toward possible extravagance can indeed manifest in a minority of cases as an over-inflated ego, sometimes leading to quite destructive consequences. Keeping one's feet on the ground may be the hardest challenge for those with this position. They can float away into dreams of personal glory; they can become lost in self-aggrandizement posing as big-heartedness; or they can indulge themselves in exaggerated, mythologized versions of their lives. In some cases of more ordinary mortals, they can 'go to pieces' if their lifestyle, marriage, or job to which they have been devoted disintegrates, resulting in disorientation, escapism, and difficulty coping with reality.

Self-esteem and confidence for most of these people, however, slowly develops over time as they align themselves with a spiritual, social, or artistic ideal. As Moore and Douglas implied in the quotation listed earlier, growth, personal progress and improvement are for them intimately connected with the development of higher and / or broader consciousness. These folks are usually future-oriented people, and almost invariably they have some kind of special imagination, intuitive understanding of life, or breadth of vision that can inspire themselves and others, and which they need to act upon throughout their lives if they are going to feel prosperous and successful. As Moore and Douglas explain, 'success' for those with Jupiter in Pisces has little to do with money or material goods: '...considerably less money-minded than those with Jupiter in Earth signs. They are not as likely to see life in terms of material failure and success because they care too much for their own serenity to sell their souls to the jealous gods of commerce. They want to know what life means, and if the earning of money is less meaningful to them than having the leisure to enjoy what nature has gratuitously given, they will turn disdainfully from the struggle to accumulate possessions to the search for inner fulfillment.

Periodically, these types of people need to escape from themselves altogether and return to nature. Music, open spaces, and beautiful scenery benefit their health more than any tonic. A sea voyage or a vacation by the water may also restore their jaded nerves. They should habitually set aside times of peace and solitude for quiet meditation'.

Jupiter in Pisces: Opportunity will appeal to you directly as it relates to your own private dream of self-justification. You can pass by material gain if there's something undesirable connected with it. You can neglect doing for others if you don't happen to want to. You may seem capricious or whimsical in your selections, but there is nothing whimsical about them to you: every choice is related to a fixed code which no-one may know about but yourself, but which is crystal clear to you. If this code is big and unselfish, your whole life will be a miracle of service. If it is little and narrow, your life will also be a miracle of service - to yourself. To be satisfied with that which also satisfies others is your key to success and happiness, for thus you overcome the tendency of this position to introversion, and allow the genial Jupiterian qualities to shine forth through the sign, which, in its best manifestation, gives you the power to lose yourself in large, humane ideals.

Jupiter in Pisces: In Pisces, Jupiter represents the native who is kind, charitable, hospitable, sympathetic to problems of others - and then appears absentminded when it comes to solving his own troubles. He is much concerned with ideals, honor, 'doing his best'. He is in danger of attracting 'inferiors' who become parasites, living off his good name and good will. This applies especially to relations with members of the opposite sex. The astrologer should help him put more 'steel' into his make-up, and help him overcome a fear of asserting himself.

The native doesn't often reveal his private visions, dreams, ambitions and feelings. Thus, it is not easy to know what pleases him and what offends him. The astrologer would prove helpful if he encouraged the native toward a greater degree of self-expression. His friends are often connected with institutions such as hospitals, charitable organizations, etc.. He works well with groups, and is apt to become lonely and depressed when struggling alone. He has the ability to fulfill his ambitions, once he clearly defines them and discovers where they lie, and where they eventually are going to take him. He takes a great interest in reading, acquiring knowledge on his own, and then confiding in a few trusted friends. It is important that he find the proper environment. Otherwise he suffers, usually in silence.

Jupiter in Pisces: You are an unconditional, though potentially whimsical, giver. You have the goodness to give up the lesser for the sake of the greater - and to avoid self-pity. You have the morality to follow your heart in your relationships - yet should pledge to avoid being self-deluding. You have reverence for the best in human nature - yet should pledge to avoid being gullible.

You can be trusted to appreciate the sensitive and soulful in Other and to respond to them in a creative and imaginative way; to be kind and compassionate towards any suffering; and to put your own needs and fears on hold when Other's state or circumstances genuinely require help and reassurance.

You may be excessively fantasy-prone - entertaining very unreal possibilities concerning Other; excessively emotional, and inclined to allow yourself precariously to be carried along by the tide of events; and excessively indiscriminate and impractical when it comes to understanding the wider implications of succumbing to what Other needs or promises.

You believe in rapture as the main indicator of anything or anyone being of true and lasting value. Such feelings would include blissful extremes of sorrow and pain or poignancy. You also believe that compassion, when all is said or done, is the ultimate response to the human condition. You disagree with anything or anyone that does not include a sense of the sublime; and you disagree with a clinical approach to the human condition. Be aware that fervor, especially of the religious variety, although so convincing at the time, can often lead to disaster.

When you are alone, it is because you have over-emphasized or under-emphasized the expression of the above traits. If you have over-emphasized, you have been misguidedly wearing your heart on your sleeve at the same time as not being aware of the weaknesses and shortcomings of human nature. Consequently, you have been let down and hurt, leaving you to retreat into your own grotto of self-protection. But the best protection for the heart is that it be strong in the faith that all is for the best, and to eliminate self-importance. If you have under-emphasized the above-described qualities (quite possibly as a result of over-emphasizing them), you have therefore limited your possibilities to the point of being emotionally unavailable. This would be a case of your not being prepared to take the highs with the lows and settling for the safe and mediocre - which amounts to being alone or stuck with an oppressive or boring Other. Jupiter in Pisces is very much a case of 'Take away my demons and you take away my angels' as Dante so exquisitely put it.

Jupiter in Pisces: You are happiest when love follows its own course and takes you along for the exhilarating ride. Questioning and examining your motives in an affair tends to interfere with its natural rhythm and direction. Such close examination may cause you to lose the thread of your affections.

Although you are happiest when you follow your intuition and feelings, do not act entirely blindly. Set certain limitations, then stop and take a second look before going on. This procedure still encourages spontaneity but at the same time protects you from occasional predatory lovers who may try to take advantage of your easygoing nature and generous style.

Do not be surprised if letting yourself go leads you into unusual or unexplored areas of the imagination. You should not restrict yourself sexually on the basis of other styles or moralities. Your criterion should be whatever gives you and your lover the most enjoyment.

You may enjoy letting yourself be carried along in a love experience, taking emotional and psychic inspiration from your lover. Your sexuality is not actively aggressive but subtle, uncovering the little-known hidden areas of sensuality. These secret recesses are a reminder to both of you of the infinite complexities to be enjoyed when body and spirit are entwined in the physical and emotional act of love.

Jupiter in Pisces: This is a sign that you should serve others and in some way put others' interests before your own. However, there are some difficulties in finding the proper balance, because at the same time you should not deny your own satisfaction and gratification. What you give to others must be given willingly. If it is given in a spirit of martyrdom and self-sacrifice, it will not be much help to those who receive it. When you can honestly give of yourself and what you have, you feel good and you enjoy doing it. This is what you must try to attain.

An idealist, you are easily disappointed when reality does not live up to your expectations. You must learn that you can't assume that the universe will live up to your ideals. You will have to create these ideals in your own life by making them real for yourself and others.

As you get older, you will develop a strong spiritual awareness, which may or may not surface as an interest in traditional religion. However, it will influence your perception of the world very strongly. Even if you do not actively believe in a particular religion, you will be concerned with an aspect of the universe that is higher than everyday material reality.

It is a good idea to go off by yourself now and then and be alone with your thoughts, because the confusion and hustle of the everyday world can make you lose your perspective. You need a quiet atmosphere to find out what is really important to you. When you are alone, you may have some of the most important experiences of your life.

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Jupiter in Pisces: Ingrid Bergman, Tom Cruise, John Dillinger, Sigmund Freud, Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan, Friedrich Nietzche, George Orwell, Ramana Maharshi, Joseph Ratzinger, David Rockefeller, Will Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles, Stevie Wonder, Farmer, AndyF, Arrow, Bernie, DJenkins, Dipesh, Dunja, Gabriela, Geoff, Johanna, JonathanG, JRosh (barely), Raga, Travis