Aries Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to act – not as in drama, but as in movement. When first introduced to someone, this person is open and direct, taking the initiative and talking first; displaying energy, enthusiasm and ambition. The social mask this character wears is heroic, active, vibrant, achieving, pushy, dominant and impulsive.

Aries Rising: People with Aries Ascendants are direct and quick. Their first instinct is to do, rather than think. Planning ahead? Forget it. Aries rising simply charges forward without much ado.

This position does not make a person aggressive. Forthright, yes, but aggression is too strong a word for these natives. They have a youthful, direct manner that sees what it wants and generally goes for it. At the same time, there isn't any malice in their intent.

Some Aries rising people are competitive, but they generally put most of the pressure on themselves. These people love to come out ahead in all that they do. They get ready quickly, walk quickly, and have little patience for dilly-dallying. Their temper is quick, too. It's also quick to disappear. Rarely do you find Aries rising people holding grudges. Their mannerisms are rather simple and straightforward.

Aries rising loves action, and is often trying to stir up some activity. Their strengths lie in their enterprising ways. Finishing things they start does not always come as easily, unless the ruler, Mars, is placed in a more tenacious sign, such as Taurus or Scorpio.

Aries Ascendant often gives a rather swift walk, with the head leaning forward slightly. This walk is surprisingly distinctive. Headaches, and sinus and eye problems are the usual physical complaints of this position. Rashes and acne on the face and shoulders sometimes occur. Broad shoulders and slim hips are common. Often, Aries rising people are quick to smile, and they possess a youthful charm throughout life.

Probably early on in life, Aries rising people got typecast as the "independent" child. As adults, people with Aries Ascendants often stick to that role in life. People don't run to help them out—they appear quite fine doing things on their own. These people have learned to be self-reliant, and this generally stems from their early experiences.

Despite a rather brusque and independent manner, these natives are usually very willing to compromise in their relationships, and are very attached to the people they hold dear.

Aries Rising: You meet life head on and throw yourself into new experiences with zest and enthusiasm. You are direct, straightforward, assertive, and usually completely aboveboard in all your dealings. Candid and incapable of guile, insincerity or phoniness, you project a confident and sometimes arrogant appearance to others. You often lack tact and sensitivity, and can be completely oblivious to others' needs, and inadvertently selfish. You are self-reliant and don't depend upon social approval and reinforcement as much as other people do. You like to be original and do not mind going it alone. You may feel that you do not fit into groups very well, and that you do not naturally blend in and cooperate with others very easily. You like to be either a leader or a loner.

You are a doer and thrive on freedom, challenge, and activity. You tend to think in clear, black and white terms, and to be somewhat simplistic in your outlook, which enables you to act in a very decisive and self-assured manner. When inspired with an idea, you feel such a sense of urgency and excitement about it that you will often charge ahead and try to implement it in a rather bold but poorly planned and crudely executed way. Patience and careful attention to details are not your forte. However, you never accept defeat and will have brilliant and unprecedented successes and discoveries, as well as painful failures. To you it is far better to make mistakes than it is to play it safe and never try.

You are scornful of what you see as weakness or passivity in others and also of the human tendency to imitate and follow. You are not a follower. Others see you as a strong individual, and perhaps brash and brazen as well. You present a strong front to the world and generally do not allow others to see your vulnerable or insecure side."

Aries Rising: You project yourself into the world spontaneously, directly, honestly, fearlessly, audaciously, heroically. You carry the qualities of boldness, courage, and leadership, and your function is to blaze new pathways, to lead, to initiate and to do.

Aries Rising and Mars in Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, is also in Aries: You are a fireball of vitality and a true warrior. Become a master of yourself and conquer your own arrogance, impatience, and anger before you go out to conquer the world or burn yourself out.

Aries Rising and Mars in Aries:

Aries Rising and Mars in Taurus: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the stabilizing sign of Taurus. You have the concentrated power of a locomotive. You may start slowly but your energy steadily builds, and you can sustain your efforts over the long haul. Putting your creative fire into a concrete form (something tangible, usable, and enduring) is an important key to living out your destiny.

Aries Rising and Mars in Taurus: Mick

Aries Rising and Mars in Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Gemini: Using the power of the word and the intellect rather than the sword is your destiny. You are easily diverted, however, and may have to learn to do many things well, rather than to specialize. Part of living out your destiny has to do with introducing new ideas, methods, or products to others through writing or speaking.

Aries Rising and Mars in Gemini:

Aries Rising and Mars in Cancer: Your ruling planet, Mars, however, is in the gentle, sensitive, and sympathetic sign of Cancer, so much of your forcefulness is softened by compassion or muted by caution. You are, and are intended to be, a strong defender of home, homeland, family, children, or the feminine. Ties to the past may inhibit you from acting as boldly as you would like, however.

Aries Rising and Mars in Cancer: Isadora Duncan, Nisargadatta, Ralph

Aries Rising and Mars in Leo: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the fiery, dramatic, rather narcissistic sign of Leo, as well. This increases your competitive drive, your need for recognition, and your will to lead. However, living for personal glory and aggrandizement alone, dominating or considering others to be less real or important than yourself, or simply burning out because you believe yourself to be invincible are definitely indicated. Dreams of power and glory inflame you, but unless you temper them with realism and compassion, you may go down in flames. If you use your passion to work a higher will, however, your life will be charged with light and meaning.

Aries Rising and Mars in Leo: James Dean, Paul McCartney, Ezra Pound, AndySc

Aries Rising and Mars in Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the humble, service-oriented sign of Virgo, so you are not only to lead or strike out boldly in new directions, but also to render service to others. You have a strong sense of perfectionism in your work or craft, and a strong work ethic which guides you.

Aries Rising and Mars in Virgo: Melanie Griffith

Aries Rising and Mars in Libra: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the social and egalitarian sign of Libra: You must act in accord with others, taking their needs and goals into account, in order to fulfill your own initiatives. Acting decisively and in harmony with your strong ideals of justice and fairness enables you to fulfill your destiny. When out of balance you tend to create adversaries and opponents in your life by your oppositional attitudes, and/or to depend too much on others' agreement in order to make your own decisions.

Aries Rising and Mars in Libra: John Lennon, John D. Rockefeller

Aries Rising and Mars in Scorpio: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Scorpio: You are passionate, relentless, and powerfully driven to achieve your goals; you have great reserves of energy. A need to be in control and on top motivates you, which has both light and dark aspects. Beware of excessive use or misuse of sexual energies. You will encounter an intense backlash of karmic energy if you damage others. On the higher path you can direct your efforts into extraordinary achievements and/or simply live very intensely and vividly.

Aries Rising and Mars in Scorpio: Jon Voight, Cesar

Aries Rising and Mars in Sagittarius: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the expansive and inspirational sign of Sagittarius. You need a cause, something larger than yourself and your own immediate concerns, to really feel alive. There is a crusader in you, and this is part of your soul function - inspiring others toward an ideal or generating enthusiasm for a cause. When out of balance you can be preachy and self righteous. A need for open-ended adventure and freedom also motivates you. You need to do a lot of seeking and wide-ranging exploration in order to discover your destiny, so you may be a late bloomer. Your intuition is strong and guides you well.

Aries Rising and Mars in Sagittarius: Susanna Arundhati Roy

Aries Rising and Mars in Capricorn: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the realistic, hard working, and practical sign of Capricorn. You possess the self-control and dedication, as well as the ambition, to rise to prominence. Your soul function is to be an authority, Chief Executive, the "Boss", a position that you will most likely achieve in your middle and later years. In order to fulfill your destiny, however, you must resolve the struggle between the part of you that is impatient, impulsive and wants to be free and wholly independent, and the more conservative side of you that wants to be accepted in conventional circles and knows what it takes to do so.

Aries Rising and Mars in Capricorn:

Aries Rising and Mars in Aquarius: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the unconventional, unorthodox, and innovative sign of Aquarius. This increases your need to be independent and do things in your own individualistic way. You break rules and question authority in order to advance into new territory. Though your personality may be somewhat abrasive and apparently selfish, you are driven by idealistic and altruistic intentions.

Aries Rising and Mars in Aquarius:

Aries Rising and Mars in Pisces: Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the highly sensitive, receptive, gentle sign of Pisces, however. Your emotional vulnerability as well as your compassion and empathy diffuse the forcefulness and selfishness implied above. You may vacillate between clear, decisive action and passivity, between a desire to assert yourself and get what you want versus your essentially non-aggressive and non-competitive nature. Part of your soul function has to do with defending or standing tall for the weak, disadvantaged, or under dogs, and/or acting for the good of all, with broad sympathies, rather than simply for your own good.

Aries Rising and Mars in Pisces: J, Nancee

Aries Rising Woman: You're one of the most enthusiastic people one will ever meet. That’s the first thing everyone notices about you. No matter what, you're all for it. Whether it’s a simple task like cooking dinner or a major one like running a corporation, you’ll be the most gung-ho woman around. You champion causes and fight for what’s right. You love the action, the sense of aliveness, the speed. Whatever you undertake, you do with zeal and involvement. You're a warrior woman at heart, with courage to spare. You move fast, and you suffer fools impatiently despite your habit of rushing into situations without thinking. You're always first, whether it’s finishing your dinner and getting your coat, or picking up new ideas and trends. When you want to get somewhere, get out of your way! You want new ventures to invest your energy in. You cut through a crowd faster than anyone, in high heels, if necessary.

You're not afraid to battle for your beliefs, and when you believe in something, you go for it. Competition is your style. You're something of a jock even if you wear lace undies. With all your femininity, you're still macho in your own way even though you know how to use those feminine wiles as weapons in your personal arsenal. You love a good fight, but you're never mean. You just like stimulation.

You're exciting to be around because you have ideas and you're not afraid to put them into action. You're straightforward and direct, and that goes for romance as well as business. You hate game-playing. Subterfuge is not your style. You like all the cards on the table. You know what you want and you're not shy about making the first move.

When you see a man you like, you’ll risk rejection and call him first. Win some, lose some, that’s your attitude. It hurts if you're rebuffed, but life goes on. Sure, you love being pursued and courted, but he has to catch you unawares. You’ll run into his arms, then realize that you’ve jumped too soon and run out again. But if he takes care of you (something he’ll have to fight you to do), you’ll turn into a lamb. At least until you're on the move again.

Aries Rising Man: You're a dragon-slayer. You identify with the knights in shining armor who slew dragons and rescued fair damsels. You take the initiative. plunge into life, and don’t bother to look both ways - or even one way. Sometimes, you don’t look at all, you just go. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” - that’s yours truly. You're the fool, not the angel, because you're not afraid of anything. Well, maybe you would be if you didn’t act so fast that you didn’t have time to think about being afraid. Or much else, for that matter. Action is your game. And you go with and for the action. You're an honorable guy with a pure heart, and you have faith that this and right intentions will carry you through the fray. You're always on the side of the angels.

Whatever needs doing, you go and do it. You're a real starter person. You may not finish all the things that you start, because you're so full of ideas, and sometimes you just have to rush off in another direction following another idea before the last one gets finished. You leave it for others to follow up, when your dust settles. Like the knight of old on the charger, you charge. Ahead. you never look back. You may think you selfish or insensitive, but that’s only because you go for what you want in a very direct manner. Enthusiasm describes you. There’s excitement and joy in living, and you make things happen. Some call you pushy, but you're really just someone who’s involved. When you get into your ideas you forget the other people around you in the heat of the moment.

You go for the Clint Eastwood scenario. You know - lots of action and the lone hero whips the hell out of the bad guys. But it turns out he’s deeply sensitive. He does it all to rescue an abandoned kid or to bring back law and order to the simple folk who were terrorized by bandits. Love and life are a great big adventure to you, mentally and physically. When you're attracted to a woman, you come on strong. You pursue her and win her with your energy and ardor. She can be soft or she can be strong, but she has to appreciate your enthusiasm as you charge ahead, attaining your goals and blazing new trails.

See also: Aries Rising; Aries Rising

Aries Rising: James Dean, Isadora Duncan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Nisargadatta, Ezra Pound, John D. Rockefeller, Susanna Arundhati Roy, Jon Voight, AndySc, Cesar, J, Mick, Nancee, Ralph

Taurus Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to wait, take his or her time and keep calm. When first introduced to someone, this person is pleasant and responsive, but will wait for the other’s reaction; displaying earthiness, sensuality and substance. The social mask this character wears is placid, strong, sensual, grounded, stubborn and materialistic.

Taurus Rising: Slow, steady, and capable are adjectives that we can safely attach to individuals born with a Taurus Ascendant. These natives have tremendous stamina and staying power. They're often quite loyal to those they care about. Although they generally don't come on strong, they have personal presence; and they fairly radiate stability.

The sign on the Ascendant generally reveals how people start anything new. Taurus, by nature, is resistant to change. It can be difficult to sway Taurus rising natives--they're often rather stubborn and fixed in their ways. Their first responses are to feel things out, not in the way a Pisces might attune to their environment, but in the realm of the five senses. They have well-developed sense of smell and touch, and respond to the material world. Theirs is a practical approach to life. Security is one of their foremost considerations before undertaking anything new.

Taurus rising natives are often quite cautious and careful. With a fixed sign on the Ascendant, they are not known for their flexibility. Rather, they possess determined single-mindedness.

More than most, Taurus rising prefers the "good things" in life. Self-indulgence can be a weakness for many with this Ascendant. Often collectors in some way, Taurus rising natives place a lot of value on their material possessions.

Taurus rising individuals prefer to dress in quality clothes with a comfortable feel to them. They are rarely ostentatious in their presentation. Many have strong and sturdy physiques.

Often rather possessive in partnership, these natives won't easily break up their relationships. Although they are not particularly jealous, they view their partners as their personal property. Intensity and loyalty are especially important to Taurus rising natives. These are highly sensual people who prefer the comforts that a one-to-one, stable partnership offers. Although Taurus rising individuals value harmony and calm, their partnerships may be on the passionate side.

Taurus rising natives are often very comforting to be around. They have a stability about them that is soothing, and an inner harmony that is attractive.

Taurus Rising: You have a sensible and realistic outlook on life and your two feet are always planted firmly on the ground (though you may, on occasion, have your head in the clouds). Others often see you as a rock of strength, solid, reliable, dependable, and constant. You are, in fact, amazingly consistent for you possess great powers of endurance and do not like to make changes or adjustments in your regular routine. You do things deliberately and methodically and do not easily accommodate the unexpected. Though you have a gentle, even soft, appearance, you are enormously strong-willed and stubborn. You go at your own pace and refuse to be rushed or pushed into anything before you feel sure about it. You can be coaxed and persuaded by charm, beauty, love, or affection - but never forced. You won't fight either, but simply stubbornly resist any attempt to coerce you to do something you do not want to do.

When you have a purpose, you are extremely fixed, immovable, and bull-headed about it. Your obstinacy is often infuriating to others, especially since it takes much provocation to make you flare up or respond to their anger. You appear calm, unruffled, and non-emotional most of the time, but behind your easygoing and peaceable appearance there lies great strength. When it comes to a contest of wills, you often win simply due to your relentless persistence, your ability to outlast just about anyone. Another reason for your slowness to make changes is your very strong need for security. You are most comfortable in stable, relatively unchanging conditions and you also have a strong desire for tangible security - a home of your own, money in the bank, job-security, etc. The other side of your steadiness is that you easily get caught in a rut and will stay in a familiar situation (be it job, marriage, or whatever) long after it has lost its vitality and interest.

You have a keen appreciation of the natural world and get much happiness from simple creature comforts and the physical world, with all of its myriad delights. You are quite sensual in a very natural, wholesome way and you know how to enjoy yourself. You are appealing to the opposite sex in an earthy way. You are also a great lover of beauty and your tastes are basically conventional or classic - not modern.

Taurus Rising: Your soul function is to patiently nurture into fruition your own and others' talents, ideas, gifts, and creative impulses, to bring them to earth and give them a "body" or a tangible form. You are practical, a stabilizer, a grounding force, deliberate, methodical and steady. You prefer to be thorough rather than fast. When out of balance, you are immovable, and may feel heavy or stuck. Ruled by Venus, you work through the principles of pleasure and attraction. You do what you enjoy and want to enjoy what you do. You like to please your senses, to take your sweet time, to appreciate what you have. You may struggle with issues of appetites and consumption, or a lazy side of your nature. Unless other factors in your chart indicate otherwise, you do not go after what you want very aggressively. Rather, you attract what you need or wait for it to come to you at the right time, and this is a key to fulfilling your destiny, as long as you do not degenerate into lazy inertia. An attunement to nature and the earth is part of your soul function also.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Aries: Your Venus is in Aries, so contrary to what was implied above, you need quite a bit of action to feel fully alive. You are attracted to creative, driven, somewhat volatile people, to relationships full of drama and heat, to bold aesthetics. Conflicts in relationships due to selfishness (yours or theirs) are also part of the picture, through which you are intended to learn about love and your essential values.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Aries:

Taurus Rising and Venus in Taurus: Your Venus is in Taurus as well. You respond strongly to physical charm and beauty, and are meant to bring it forth and express it in some way, perhaps through the arts or working with the beauty of the natural world (plants, flowers, gems). Unless there are some very strong, dynamic counterbalancing forces in your birth chart, you are peaceable and rather placid, slow to unfold or to respond. You move at your own unhurried pace, love the simple pleasures of life, and bring a quality of loving kindness into the world.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Taurus: Brian Wilson

Taurus Rising and Venus in Gemini: Your Venus is in the light, airy, sociable and playful sign of Gemini. You are meant to circulate, meet and talk to people, promote communication and affection between people. Teaching children, raising children, or counseling children and parents is an important part of fulfilling your destiny.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Gemini: Milton William Cooper, William Randolph Hearst, OmNi

Taurus Rising and Venus in Cancer: Your Venus is in the nurturing, devoted sign of Cancer giving you a great deal of motherly feeling or family feeling towards the people in your environment. Home comfort and sweet domesticity are important to you. You need to have a sense of permanence and continuity with the past to fulfill your destiny, so owning a home or a special piece of land may also be important. Whatever you do is done with a lot of tender loving care.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Cancer: Nikola Tesla

Taurus Rising and Venus in Leo: Your Venus is in the warm-hearted and self-dramatizing sign of Leo, so you are not content to simply be, or to passively enjoy what life brings. You are meant to radiate and actively express your love, creativity, sense of beauty and generosity. Wealth and largesse are also part of your life pattern. You must guard against self-indulgence, over attachment to luxury and confusing personal worth with material success. Too much pampering will spoil you.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Leo:

Taurus Rising and Venus in Virgo: Your Venus is in the refined, meticulous, humble sign of Virgo. You do your work with quiet devotion and careful attention to those small details that make the difference between fine quality and mediocrity. You strive for perfection. What you do may not be very glamorous or even very visible, for you are meant to provide some sort of very practical, necessary, down-to-earth sort of service. Satisfaction in a job well done is a sign that you are truly fulfilling your function.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Virgo: Wilt Chamberlain

Taurus Rising and Venus in Libra: Your Venus is in the gracious and harmony-loving sign of Libra. Everything you do or are involved in must please your sense of aesthetics as well as conform to your ideals of cooperation, balance, harmony, and good form. You also have a gift for diplomacy, which is part of your soul function.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Libra: DavMcC, Fergus

Taurus Rising and Venus in Scorpio: Your Venus is in Scorpio, a sign associated both with fate and karmic attraction in matters of the heart, and with the purification of your emotional nature. Compulsive desires, appetites, jealousy, possessive emotions and sexual or emotional manipulation of others for selfish ends are all part of the picture. Through the pain you feel you may learn to turn toward a more truly loving, refined way of being. Your emotional intensity can then be directed toward healing and deep empathy for others' suffering.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Scorpio: Charles Manson, Ju

Taurus Rising and Venus in Sagittarius: Your Venus is in the spirited and adventuresome sign of Sagittarius, so the above mentioned steadiness and immovability are much less so. This indicates a love of luxury and the finer things in life (which you attract rather easily) as well as a possible aversion for real work. Traveling for pleasure as well as for practical purposes is also part of your life pattern. You have a gift for entrepreneurship.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Sagittarius: Suzanne Somers, Shakura, Silas

Taurus Rising and Venus in Capricorn: Your Venus is in the controlled, dignified, subtle sign of Capricorn. You value simple elegance, true quality, and things that endure. The urge to conserve and build up security and assets colors all that you do. You are not apt to act upon impulse where love or money is concerned. The love of pleasure mentioned above is moderated in your case by your sense of responsibility and industriousness.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Capricorn: Michael Jordan

Taurus Rising and Venus in Aquarius: Your Venus is in the idealistic, non-possessive, socially conscious sign of Aquarius, so while you do come across as a stable, reliable, substantial person, there is a definite streak of rebelliousness or unconventionality in you as well. You are very community minded and should function as an active participant and cohesive force in your community or group. Conveying and encouraging a spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood is part of your soul function. Beware of becoming extreme or fixed in dogma.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Aquarius: Carlos Castaneda, Maharaj Ji

Taurus Rising and Venus in Pisces: Your Venus is in the romantic, imaginative, mystical sign of Pisces, so while you are practical, you are also a dreamer. Kind and tenderhearted, love rules you. It takes a great deal for you to turn against anyone. You are meant to bring the spirit of patient love, tolerance, and compassion into the world. When out of balance you become passive and slothful.

Taurus Rising and Venus in Pisces: Martin Luther King, Jr., LucSr, ScottS

Taurus Rising Woman: You're an Earth Mother, no doubt about it. You don’t go rushing into things you don’t understand. First you take a good, long look at the lay of the land. Then you think about it in your innards, slowly and cautiously. You even like waiting! No problem. When you take your time, which you always do, you keep yourself and those around you from going off the deep end. Stay calm is always your advice. You can always figure a sensible way out of any situation that you have to deal with. Sensible, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, that’s you. You’ve got a lot of energy because you don’t waste it on frivolous nonsense and dashing about for no reason. You’ve always got something in reserve, in your pocketbook and in your body. You seldom exhaust yourself, for you like to conserve your personal energies just as much as you like to conserve your financial resources.

You like things to be solid, especially bank accounts. As “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” - your possessions are investments. Your clothes are of the best cut and fabric your budget will allow. You buy the best because you expect it to last for years. You enjoy giving gifts, spending time and thought on them. The things you give are a piece of you.

You're not just materialistic. You're sensuous, and you like the opposite sex - so much so that you prefer male pets! Your animals love you to stroke them. So do your friends and lovers. You give great touch. Your voice is one of your best assets, and you use it both to soothe and to flirt. Your skin is another one of your best features, smooth and fine. And very sensitive.

Men respond to your femininity but you don’t feel like the weaker sex. You are a grounding force for your family and friends. It comes with the Earth Mother territory. You like a complex, charismatic man with strong feelings and strong arms. You're a traditionalist in love and romance.

Taurus Rising Man: "What's the hurry?" is the question you're always asking. You don't like to rush or be rushed into things, especially when you've just encountered them. You like to take your time and size up the situation before you make your move, whether it's at a business conference or when you meet a new woman. Mr. Slow-and-Easy, that's you. You play the waiting game because you like to keep things calm. And all this rushing around that most people do doesn't get them anywhere. They'd be better advised to cool their jets and see what the situation merits before taking any definite action. When you do make your move, you like it to produce some form of concrete results. People call you materialistic, and you suppose you are, but what else is there? You can't eat talk or air! If food on the table and a roof over your head is materialistic, then you're materialistic.

You're into making money because you like to shore up against the proverbial rainy day. Proverbs can tell you a lot- even though so-called sophisticated people think them clichés. But "a penny saved" really is "a penny earned," and if that penny is well invested it may earn two pennies. You proceed with caution and circumspection. Nobody can accuse you of rushing in where angels fear to tread. Your energy is constant, like a well banked fire, and you don't waste it needlessly on emotional displays or unnecessary actions. Conservation is your middle name. You've always got something in reserve, in the bank and in your body.

You don't change your mind readily, so you're considered stubborn. But you're the man they call when they need a shoulder and broad chest to lean on. People rely on your strength and calm.

You like to be the man and have your woman lean on you. You want her to be traditional, for you're conventional in love and romance. You appreciate the beautiful and the sensual. You like comfort and things good to the touch. You're a hugger and a lover. reliable and steady. Under your tough mask you're a very sensual, very tender guy.

See also: Taurus Rising; Taurus Rising

Taurus Rising: Carlos Castaneda, Wilt Chamberlain, Milton William Cooper, Melanie Griffith, William Randolph Hearst, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King, Jr,. Maharaj Ji, Charles Manson, OmNi, Suzanne Somers, Nikola Tesla, Brian Wilson, DavMcC, Fergus, Ju, LucSr, ScottS, Shakura, Silas

Gemini Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to talk and network. When first introduced to someone, this person is talkative; quickly initiating conversation; displaying curiosity, intelligence and wit.

Gemini Rising: Those born with Gemini rising see the world as a place to learn. They are curious about the people around them. Sounds similar to Sagittarius rising? Well it is, but there are some important differences. While Sagittarius seeks to expand their mental and physical horizons in a broad sense, Gemini is mostly interested in moving about in their social circles. These are people who love to ask questions, to move around freely, and to mingle. Definitely restless and often quick in physical expression, natives of the Gemini Ascendant exude an air of impatience even if they don't mean it. In fact, there is a cleverness to Gemini Ascendants that can intimidate some, especially sensitive folk. Their facility with words can be a wonderful asset, although sometimes Gemini rising individuals identify too much with their mental agility and forget, in their personal interactions and communications, to nurture the people around them. A certain lack of warmth in presentation can be the result, and although this style is generally a facade, it is not immediately apparent to most. People with, for example, predominant Water signs may feel a little ill at ease with Gemini rising people (that is, before they get to know them more personally), while strong Air types more fully appreciate the fun and cleverness of these individuals.

I have found two styles of presentation most common with Gemini rising people. One style is bubbly, changeable, talkative, and a little quirky. These natives are interesting and fun. They constantly explain things, whether it's their own behavior and opinion or those of the world around them. Another distinct "style" is a rather cool and intellectual demeanor. These natives are often quite witty and clever, but they present themselves in a less cheerful and changeable way than the first group. Their observations are sharp and the overall manner is a tad brusque. No matter the style, Gemini rising natives are given to analysis and making sense of their world. Their powers of observation are well-developed, they are mentally active (more often than not, their minds are racing!), and they almost always have something bright or witty to say. It is easy for individuals with this position to get sidetracked, as their curiosity is large, their minds are quick, and their attention spans rather short!

As children, natives born with a Gemini Ascendant are often labeled as the intellectual, inquisitive, and perhaps odd child. Many feel their upbringing lacked some warmth.

In one-to-one relationships, Gemini rising people often seek a certain amount of personal freedom and space. They enjoy intellectual debates and exchanging ideas. Although they often demand a fair amount of freedom, they are often just as willing to give their partners room to breathe.

Those born with Gemini rising see the world as a place to learn. They are curious about the people around them. Sounds similar to Sagittarius rising? Well it is, but there are some important differences. While Sagittarius seeks to expand their mental and physical horizons in a broad sense, Gemini is mostly interested in moving about in their social circles.

These are people who love to ask questions, to move around freely, and to mingle. Definitely restless and often quick in physical expression, natives of the Gemini Ascendant exude an air of impatience even if they don't mean it. In fact, there is a cleverness to Gemini Ascendants that can intimidate some, especially sensitive folk. Their facility with words can be a wonderful asset, although sometimes Gemini rising individuals identify too much with their mental agility and forget, in their personal interactions and communications, to nurture the people around them. A certain lack of warmth in presentation can be the result, and although this style is generally a facade, it is not immediately apparent to most. People with, for example, predominant Water signs may feel a little ill at ease with Gemini rising people (that is, before they get to know them more personally), while strong Air types more fully appreciate the fun and cleverness of these individuals.

I have found two styles of presentation most common with Gemini rising people. One style is bubbly, changeable, talkative, and a little quirky. These natives are interesting and fun. They constantly explain things, whether it's their own behavior and opinion or those of the world around them. Another distinct "style" is a rather cool and intellectual demeanor. These natives are often quite witty and clever, but they present themselves in a less cheerful and changeable way than the first group. Their observations are sharp and the overall manner is a tad brusque. No matter the style, Gemini rising natives are given to analysis and making sense of their world. Their powers of observation are well-developed, they are mentally active (more often than not, their minds are racing!), and they almost always have something bright or witty to say. It is easy for individuals with this position to get sidetracked, as their curiosity is large, their minds are quick, and their attention spans rather short!

As children, natives born with a Gemini Ascendant are often labeled as the intellectual, inquisitive, and perhaps odd child. Many feel their upbringing lacked some warmth.

In one-to-one relationships, Gemini rising people often seek a certain amount of personal freedom and space. They enjoy intellectual debates and exchanging ideas. Although they often demand a fair amount of freedom, they are often just as willing to give their partners room to breathe.

Gemini Rising: You are always questioning and learning, and you seem young and alive no matter what your chronological age, for your mind is always alert, curious, flexible and open to new experiences. You have a childlike enthusiasm for anything new and you learn easily, but you also get bored rather quickly. You can be something of a scatterbrain, for you tend to have so many ideas and irons in the fire that it is hard to keep track of them all. You need and crave variety, change, mental stimulation, and an active social life.

Articulate, clever, often funny and witty, you are always a refreshing and interesting conversationalist. You enjoy meeting and interacting with a variety of different people. You are friendly, flirtatious, and charming in a light, playful way, and no matter how badly you may be feeling, you never appear heavy or somber. You may seem frivolous to other, more serious souls. You have a sense of humor and a sense of perspective that prevents you from taking yourself or life too seriously. In fact, you may seem flippant or unconcerned about matters that others consider very important.

In general, you respond to life mentally and objectively rather than emotionally, and you may not empathize with people very much. You do not like to be weighed down with too much responsibility or with others' emotional burdens. Furthermore, if you cannot UNDERSTAND something reasonably and logically, then very often you would prefer to ignore it, including your own and other people's irrational feelings, desires, and needs.

Consistency and reliability are not great virtues of yours and your life is apt to be full of changes and movement due to your restlessness. You become nervous and fidgety if things are not moving quickly enough. You are interested in what is current and up-to-date, the newest trends in thought or style.

Your gifts are a quick mind, verbal facility, a flair for language, social sophistication and polish, the ability to communicate, converse, and build bridges between people and between ideas. You tend to become an incessant chatterbox or gossip if you do not have work or other involvements that utilize your mental, verbal, and social skills.

Gemini Rising: Friendly, bright, curious, quick, restless, and highly verbal, you are a communicator. Your function is to be a MESSENGER, a link or bridge between people and between ideas, whether through teaching or speaking, selling or simply circulating socially. You make connections.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Aries: Your ruling planet Mercury is in Aries. Vigorous debate and repartee are your forte and you have a gift for intellectual leadership. Your first thoughts and impressions are the best and you have a fine grasp of essentials.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Aries: Donovan Leitch

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Taurus: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the steady and patient sign of Taurus. Your mind is retentive and you are slow to form an opinion but stubborn once your mind is made up. You are meant to bring abstract concepts and ideas down to earth for practical application.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Taurus: Flickinger, Orson Welles, Jude

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury is also in Gemini. Improvisation and invention are your forte. You are polarized in your mind and may have little emotional connection to the ideas you convey, almost as if you were simply a mouthpiece or conduit for information. In fact, once you have said something you may not remember it at all. When over stimulated you may suffer from nervous tension and you will need to learn to slow down, relax and quiet your internal chatter.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Gemini: Henry Kissinger, DJenkins, TonyC

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Cancer: Your Ruling planet Mercury is in the sympathetic feeling sign of Cancer. Your thinking is not strictly logical or rational, but colored by emotion, imagination, innuendo, nuance, and a sense of past and history. You learn as much by absorbing an atmosphere as by focusing on factual data. You understand people and the intimate, personal side of life, and have a feeling for art and literature. Compassionate communication is your gift. When out of balance, you are reluctant to see others' points of view and become overly concerned with security and self-protection.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Cancer: Aldous Huxley, Michael

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Leo: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the colorful, dramatic and rather narcissistic sign of Leo. You are a storyteller. Your mind is creative and you love to entertain, to paint wonderful pictures with your words. You may exaggerate or slant your story to make it seem larger than life (or to make yourself the central character in the piece). You are at your best with an audience and have an affinity for acting, the entertainment industry, or presenting ideas publicly. In your communications, you tend to focus on the humorous, or the positive.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Leo: Mick Jagger, Jesse Ventura, Dipesh, Jyothi

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the precise, analytical, perfectionist sign of Virgo. You excel in areas requiring specialized skills, technical abilities, meticulous attention to detail, efficiency and logic. You learn very quickly, and remember the fine points. Nothing gets past you when it comes to details, technique, or grammar. To bring out your best, avoid being nit-picky and critical. Develop tolerance and more breadth in your thinking.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Virgo: Evelyn Robert de Rothschild

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Libra: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the aesthetic, diplomatic and judicial sign of Libra. In your communications you are concerned with good taste and good form, fairness and impartiality and facilitating harmony and understanding between people. You are a mediator. You understand and weigh all points of view. Your reluctance to take a decisive stand or to state your own mind regardless of outside opinions may earn you the reputation of being rather two-faced. However, you love words and ideas for their own sake; they do not have to be especially practical or "good" for anything. You are also very social and humane and must work with or around people in order to fulfill your function.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Libra: Bruce Springsteen

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Scorpio: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the probing and shrewd sign of Scorpio. Your wit has a dark edge to it and you are particularly fond of black humor. You can be caustic and witty with words, or mischievously point out the unspoken thing that everybody else is trying to skirt. Your function is like that of the child who pointed out that the emperor was not wearing any clothes. You like to play the spy, the detective. You search out hidden truth, talk about the forbidden topic and look past facades. Psychology, esoteric or occult knowledge or the deeper aspects of healing and medicine intrigue you.

To bring out your best, avoid using sarcasm, silence or secrecy to keep others from knowing you. When out of balance you tend to be a bit paranoid.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Scorpio: Jack Parsons

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Sagittarius: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the expansive, loving sign of Sagittarius. Travel, as well as learning from foreign cultures, long distance communications, or relationships will play an important part in your life. You are to be involved in teaching, educating, or "spreading the word" through propaganda or evangelism. You may influence many people with your ideas, or act as a spokesperson for many. When out of balance you become restless and garrulous. To bring out your best, learn to reflect, cultivate discernment and balance, avoid impulsive conclusions. Sometimes you are a bit naive or overly enthusiastic.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Sagittarius: George Patton

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Capricorn: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the rather serious sign of Capricorn. Your wit tends to be dry, sardonic, and subtle. You have a shrewd mind. You are not easily fooled. You also carry the qualities of detachment, objectivity, realism, mental clarity, and often profound judgment. You can speak with considerable authority because you will only say what you know. As advisor, judge, consultant or counselor, you combine practical understanding with wisdom.

When out of balance, you can be cold, calculating, and unable to factor in the personal and human side of things in your decisions.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Capricorn: Osho, Gina, Roberto

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Aquarius: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the idealistic, humane and future-oriented sign of Aquarius. You are interested in sciences, progressive or utopian ideas, reforming society, advances in the fields of education or communication, and/or group process. Your ideas may be considered odd, extreme, radical, or ahead of their time - and that is what they are supposed to be. Introducing new or "revolutionary" concepts is a key part of your function.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Aquarius: Merrill, Q

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Pisces: Your ruling planet Mercury is in the fluid and imaginative sign of Pisces. Your mind is attuned to the mystical, mysterious, intangible side of life. You communicate through art, image, poetry, nuance, or subtle touch. You do not think in rigid, either-or categories and can accept ambiguity and contradictions, and layers of meaning, which can lead to a complex, multidimensional understanding or simply indecision and confusion. You see and know more than you can say. Gaining confidence in your own perceptions and ideas is a key for you to realizing the creativity you can bring forth. You are a sensitive listener and communicator as well.

Gemini Rising and Mercury in Pisces: Lady Gaga, Alex Jones, Mitt Romney

Gemini Rising Woman: You’ll never guess your age! You're one of the youngest-looking women one will ever meet. Certain men adore that because they appreciate a young-looking woman, no matter what her actual age. You're fascinating because you know a lot and you love to talk about it all. In fact, talk is your major way of relating to people, even people you’ve just met. You're a regular broadcaster. If you want to get the news out, it’s telephone, telegraph, and tell you. There’s hardly a waking moment you won’t find you in discussion about something - anything. You don’t care what; you name it, you’ll talk about it. You analyze everything from every different angle just for the fun of playing with the information and the ideas. You love gossip and you’d make a wonderful gossip columnist.

Frivolous? Of course! That’s what makes it so much fun. It’s vital information about people, but who can take it seriously? Not you. Here today and gone tomorrow. In an hour they’ll forget all about it. You forget about it the moment it’s said and go on to the next tidbit. It's all grist for the mill and no harm meant. Light is meant to be light and playful, butterflies of the mind. The more the merrier. You can juggle a dozen ideas at a time and will add any others that seem interesting. Just so long as it’s not boring. Boredom is the pits - a slow, agonizing death. You may seem cool and distant to some, but you pride myself on your objectivity. Others may think you not involved, but that’s because it’s the information that turns you on. You just love to bat the words around, like Ping-Pong balls. It’s a game.

You may appear to be the social butterfly - nothing more than a slick talker - but you do have a deeper side. You're looking for something to believe in. You have collected and analyzed so much information that it’s hard for you to believe in anything, even love. After all, there’s always another point of view. And so you shoot the breeze. Who else could move fast enough to shoot the breeze? Mentally, that is.

Your ideal man is smart and funny. He gives you room to move and keeps up with your multitudinous ideas. He likes to talk as much as you do and he enjoys verbal sparring. But, guess what? When you fall in love words desert you. Then you understand faith, pure and simple.

Gemini Rising Man: Come fly with you! If you seem youthful, and you do, it’s because you're a flyer at heart. Your mind is your vehicle, your own personal star ship. In it, you take off and investigate the outer limits. Then you come back to earth and tell everyone who will listen what you’ve discovered. There are those who accusingly call you a Peter Pan, who say that you don’t want to grow up. Maybe they aren’t wrong, after all. Who really wants to grow up? It’s so dull being grown-up. And boring. Boring is the worst and you’ll do anything to get away from it. Mostly, how you do this is to go out and gather information, of all kinds, from any source. You're an information monger. You get it and you give it out. You could be a terrific journalist, or a talk-show host. As long as there’s talking involved, you’d be good at it: public relations, hype, talking to people and getting them listening, then getting them talking to get another story to pass on. It’s all people information. Call it gossip. Who could take it seriously? Not you. You're already gone, on to the next bit of vital statistics, and yesterday is an old story. So is an hour ago. You live in the now.

Life is quicksilver. It runs and sparkles all over the place. You don’t try to pin it down and you hate being pinned down. You can work a room like no one you ever saw, because it’s natural for you to mix it up with people and situations. Your cleverness is a good tool but you don’t like to stay in one place for long. You need to circulate. It keeps you young. In spite of your light-footed ways, you're a skeptic.

You might be too busy reading about all sorts of relationships to actually be in one, but you have the ability to handle several at once because you value versatility and change. The lady who will win your heart permanently will have to be able to match wits with you, keep your mind stimulated, and talk to you as much as you talk to her. You can get caught by a love that lets you soar heavenward while still keeping you connected. Then you can be a believer.

See also: Gemini Rising; Gemini Rising

Gemini Rising: Lady Gaga, Aldous Huxley, Mick Jagger, Alex Jones, Henry Kissinger, Donovan Leitch, Osho, Jack Parsons, George Patton, Mitt Romney, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Bruce Springsteen, Jesse Ventura, Orson Welles, Dipesh, DJenkins, Flickinger, Gina, Jude, Jyothi, Merrill, Michael, Q, Roberto, TonyC

Cancer Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to nurture and take care, protect him or herself; remaining secure. When first introduced to someone, this person is shy, but receptive to the other person’s feelings; and, displays sensitivity, humor and caring. The social mask this character wears is sensitive, imaginative, moody, indirect, security conscious and tenacious.

Cancer Rising: These people come across as gentle creatures. There's something familiar about them — they're the guy or gal next door. When they enter a room, they don't walk in with a splash. Instead, they move to the sides and weave their way inwards. These people have a familiar feel to them. Because they are rather sensitive to their environment, they can get flustered easily, especially in public.

Their first instinct, when threatened or on unfamiliar ground, is to protect themselves. When new situations present themselves, they can immediately withdraw or act shy. Generally, these people come across as caring people. They seem quite sweet — even innocent. Usually, these people appear unassuming enough to be quite approachable. Some Cancer Ascendants, however, have retreated into themselves so much as to be quite the opposite.

Since Capricorn is on the Descendant, Cancer Ascendant people are looking for structure and security in their partner and their relationship. These people function best when their partner displays strength, financial and emotional stability, and know-how. In fact, many Cancer Ascendants prefer it when their relationship has well-defined rules. Security is the basic need, and they are generally more than willing to give up some personal freedom in order to get it. In some cases, Cancer Ascendant people can surprise their partners. Why? Because they come across as rather unassuming, family-oriented people. When it comes to marriage, they have a rather matter-of-fact, practical approach.

Cancer Rising: You appear gentle and soft, and you act rather reserved with others until you know them well and feel it is safe to be open with them. You have a strong need for emotional security and a sense of belonging, and are deeply attached to the past: your heritage, roots, family, cherished friends, familiar places, etc. Making radical changes or moves away from what is known and safe can be very painful and difficult for you. You tend to cling and hold on to people, memories, possessions of personal or sentimental significance. Having a home, a safe haven, is very important to you.

You approach life emotionally and subjectively and are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere, the subtle undercurrents of feeling in and around you. Instinctive and non-rational, you are often unable to give a clear, simple explanation for your actions. Something FEELS right, or it doesn't.

Your emotions and personal loyalties tend to color your thoughts and opinions. You view life from a very personal perspective and often cannot mentally detach yourself from your own personal bias and prejudices. You are apt to be concerned primarily with how something affects you and those dear and close to you, rather than with the principle or the broader social implications. For instance, you may be very patriotic and feel that whatever "my country" does is right without really knowing much about the other nations' policies or point of view. Put simply: if it is good for me and mine, it is good. If it is not good for me and mine, it is no good.

You are tenaciously loyal, protective, and supportive of those you care about, and have a very strong nurturing, motherly nature (regardless of your gender). You empathize with others and intuitively sense the feelings and needs of other people. Compassionate and sympathetic, you are easily moved by others' pain, and you are often the one others seek out when they need comfort, reassurance, or help.

Your moods fluctuate and change frequently and you are sometimes open, sometimes withdrawn emotionally. You communicate nonverbally and appreciate a person who can pick up subtle cues and hints, rather than having to make everything explicit.

You never forget either kindness or unkindness shown to you.

Cancer Rising: Whether you are male or female, you carry the qualities of and in some way embody the archetype of the mother. You will find that you attract people who need care, understanding and encouragement. Devotion and maintaining emotional soul-connections to life is the heart of your approach to living. You are very sympathetic in both the sense that you feel for others and also in the sense of "sympathetic resonance". Your own feelings and moods will often reflect the dominant feeling tone in your environment. You absorb the atmosphere around you and thrive in surroundings that are home-like, personal, supportive, and cooperative.

When out of balance you are hypersensitive to hurts and slights, are prone to extreme moodiness, worry, and self-pity, and/or feel like an insatiable needy child yourself. Self-nurturing and self-responsibility are thus extremely important for you to develop in order to bring out your best.

Your ruling planet is the Moon. You probably felt a strong identification with the description of your Moon's placement as you read the first section. This is because in your case the Moon not only reflects something about your past and inherited tendencies, but also colors your entire way of relating to the world now. It describes an important aspect of your soul's function.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Aries: Your Aries Moon suggests that you are self-reliant and/or that you are really not all that comfortable taking care of others. You may be somewhat split between your devotion to family, home, or dependents versus your allegiance to your own life. There may be a slight reluctance in your defense of home, family, or "your own". At best, you blend sensitivity and loving devotion with action and strength. You could be a strong advocate for children, women, the family or the feminine.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Aries: Salvadore Dali, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, LouG

Cancer Rising and Moon in Taurus: Your Moon in Taurus suggests that you are very comfortable providing solace and support to others, because you have a solid inner foundation. You draw your strength from flowing with the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth. When out of balance and out of contact with the land and natural forces, you become overly attached to security in the form of money or trying to ensure that nothing ever changes in your small part of the world. Being peaceful is an important aspect of your contribution to life.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Taurus: Cathy O’Brien, TonyO

Cancer Rising and Moon in Gemini: Your Gemini Moon suggests that you operate both from your feelings and instincts and your mind. At times you may use your wit to cover your vulnerability and softness, or be over influenced emotionally by others' words and ideas. Learning to articulate your own inner experience, and helping others to do the same, would be important. You could be a writing teacher, a devoted correspondent or diarist, or a counselor or consultant. Any of these would be an expression of your natural soul function.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Gemini: LaurieSw, SFor

Cancer Rising and Moon in Cancer: Your Moon is in Cancer as well, suggesting that deep sentiment, soulfulness, and the honoring of ancient roots and traditions is an important part of your contribution to life. Water and music play important roles in your life also. Because of your strong pull toward the past, you need to find ways for the past to nurture, strengthen, and add to your present life, rather than simply being nostalgic, becoming addicted to familiar or old ways, or trying to find a way back to the security of the womb. Dependency and/or co-dependency is a MAJOR issue for you.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Cancer: William Blake, U.G. Krishnamurti, Will Rogers, Babe Ruth, JerryP

Cancer Rising and Moon in Leo: Your Moon in Leo suggests that your sympathetic and nurturing qualities are infused with warmth, generous feeling and a strong sense of personal pride in the ones in your care.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Leo: Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Prabhuta, Sugeet

Cancer Rising and Moon in Virgo: Your Moon in Virgo suggests that your caring is channeled into practical service, nursing, attending to the immediate practical or physical needs of people. You are sensitive and devoted, but perhaps not very demonstrative in ways that others recognize as tenderness or love. Serving families, mothers, or children in some way is an important way for you to fulfill your soul function.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Virgo: Victoria, Yarrow

Cancer Rising and Moon in Libra: Your Moon in Libra suggests that you were "born to be mild" and a peacemaker. You also carry a deep feeling for beauty and part of your function in the world is to bring graciousness, sweetness and beauty into it. The tendency to avert or avoid conflict can be a strength or a deficit.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Libra: Helena Blavatsky, BarryKl, Phylissa

Cancer Rising and Moon in Scorpio: Your Moon in Scorpio suggests that, though you may appear mild and motherly or soft, you can be truly ferocious in your defense of anyone or anything you care about, especially those who depend upon you. You are the Mother Tiger, when threatened. Deep sentiment and compassion for the suffering color everything for you. Words may be difficult or not at all important to you. What matters is soul, mystery and allegiances of the heart.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Scorpio: Robert Hand

Cancer Rising and Moon in Sagittarius: Your Moon in Sagittarius suggests that your psychic and intuitional senses are very open and active. (Also, you have much more sensitivity to others' troubles than the average Moon in Sagittarius person. You are not as relentlessly upbeat and jolly, not such a party animal, and not as outgoing). Your need for freedom may conflict with your desire for security or your devotion to your children and family's needs.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Sagittarius: Albert Einstein, Judy Garland, Vincent van Gogh

Cancer Rising and Moon in Capricorn: Your Moon in Capricorn suggests that an emotional toughness and realism underlie your gentle exterior. The need to protect, to conserve, to uphold the family and to secure a solid base for your life colors much of what you do. Order and respect for tradition and heritage are an important aspect of your way of nurturing.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Capricorn: Lucille Ball, Cher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Suzanne

Cancer Rising and Moon in Aquarius: Your Aquarius Moon suggests your devotional energies and protective care are not only for your own immediate family, but also for a wider community.

Your gift is to envision creative alternatives and to be an instrument of change regarding how we nurture one another. You could be politically or socially active in changing the school system, health care or other arenas where nurture and care is administered. The rising of the feminine in our times is an important theme in your life.

Your challenge is to somehow integrate this into your life in a balanced way. At times you may be confused as to where your true allegiance lies: with your family circle or with the broader world. People outside your family may see you as full of empathy and sensitive to their concerns, while your own family may feel from you a peculiar iciness and detachment at times, as if you wanted nothing to do with them or their needs. It is probably true that you do not want to care for them solely and that is where creative solutions and alternatives come in! Have some compassion for yourself. It is quite a challenge to answer your deep need to be free, to live life on your own terms, and to make a significant contribution to the human race or the planet, while at the same time nurturing family and lasting intimacy in your life.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Aquarius: Ursula Andress, Arine, Eva, JerryGr

Cancer Rising and Moon in Pisces: Your Moon in Pisces expands your empathy and devotion to include not just your own immediate family, but all of life. You are a spiritual "mother" to many.

Cancer Rising and Moon in Pisces: Robert De Niro, Joni Mitchell, Judi, Maureen

Cancer Rising Woman: You're not the easiest person to deal with because your emotions tend to flare up unexpectedly. You're very romantic about everything, and your feelings are always on the surface. You like to take care of others in any situation that arises, but sometimes you get flustered, especially if you feel insecure or your family is involved. Self-preservation is a big issue with you, and the impact of the immediate environment on you always affects you personally, even if it isn’t meant to. If it rains on your parade, you feel that the heavens have a grudge against you. Perhaps this is why you're always sympathetic in your approach to any situation. You know how hurtful things can be, and your feelings act as a powerful antenna to guide you through anything. You literally “feel” your way, especially in an unfamiliar or threatening situation. You do get very emotional and subjective, and this affects your attitude and how you respond.

You always want to protect myself and remain secure, no matter what, and this sometimes makes you seem selfish, but you also nurture and take care of others, once you yourself feel comfortable. In fact, you can be very creative and enterprising when you don’t feel threatened and your emotions aren’t being stirred up. You get others into their feelings in a good way, and you can be extremely persistent and even tenacious, which makes you strong in a quiet way. important to you: what you're feeling, what others are feeling. You express your emotions freely, and in any social situation you initiate the feeling tone for the entire group.

Your ideal man has his life together, is good father material, and can give you the security you crave. You're a sentimental fool, a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. You like the old-fashioned way, with engagement rings, family traditions, and church weddings. You have a strong nesting instinct, and people feel wonderful in your environment.

Cancer Rising Man: You find direction by indirection. You are probably one of the most indirect people around. You rarely go head on into a new situation. You like to feel your way first. Your emotions are usually right there on the surface and you get upset easily, especially when you feel threatened or misunderstood. That's why you'd rather be in a position of authority than not. Then you can use your feeling nature to make the right decisions. You like to nurture people, and when you feel sure in your position, you can do it well. But first you always have to protect yourself. This can result in a subjective attitude that's not always good. Your feelings, when agitated or aroused, can get in the way of your judgment. But if you've got a home base, then it's OK.

You are very good at communications and you can be quite precise in your formulation of just the right phrase. You like to plan your business and vacation trips with care and watch for the details. That way you insure your sense of security and you don't run into too many unfamiliar situations, which tend to upset you emotionally. You love your family, but sometimes they get under your skin and then you can be very critical of them.

Your home is important to you and you want it to be beautiful and comfortable, because nurturing yourself helps you to keep calm emotionally. And makes you feel secure.

When you are left to your own devices and people don't come around upsetting you, you're imaginative and creative. You are tenacious and stick with a project in spite of your moodiness. Your energy comes through feelings, and you often set the feeling tone of a whole group. It's easy for you to sense what others are feeling, because you're such a feeling person yourself.

You're a romantic and when you fall in love you're quick to sense her feelings and respond to them. The woman for you is psychic, motherly, loves children and the home. But she has a strong identity also. You need a woman who is organized and together with herself. You want to look dreamily into her eyes, and you are both so sensitive you can communicate without words.

See also: Cancer Rising; Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising: Ursula Andress, Lucille Ball, William Blake, Helena Blavatsky, Cher, Salvadore Dali, Robert De Niro, Albert Einstein, Judy Garland, Bill Gates, Robert Hand, Angelina Jolie, U.G. Krishnamurti, Joni Mitchell, Cathy O’Brien, Will Rogers, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Babe Ruth, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vincent van Gogh, Arine, BarryKl, Eva, JerryGr, JerryP, Judi, LaurieSw, LouG, Maureen, Phylissa, Prabhuta, SFor, Sugeet, Suzanne, TonyO, Victoria, Yarrow

Leo Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to lead, rule and take center stage. When first introduced to someone, this person is warm and engaging; talking freely, usually about him or herself; displaying generosity, taste and style. The social mask this character wears is grand, magnanimous, loyal, theatrical, generous, creative, powerful, self-centered and grandstanding.

Leo Rising: Leo rising people cannot help but be noticed. They radiate a special energy and magnetism that gets others' attention. Sometimes it's because they are loud people who pay a lot of attention to their personal appearance (especially their hair!); other times it's due to a regal manner that simply demands interest from others.

Leo Ascendant people are very self-aware and body-conscious. They are acutely aware of others, and how they come across. In fact, these people are especially aware of their personal "backdrop"—they consider what the people they're with, and the environments they are in, do to their own image. Often, Leo rising natives feel as if they are on stage, even in the privacy of their own homes!

They are given to rash decisions, temper tantrums, and excesses. However, they have plenty of staying power, drive, and their idealism keeps them from getting into too much trouble. The desire to oversee the goings-on in their circle can sometimes amount to bossiness. If this desire doesn't go too far, however, it can just mean a person who wants to make sure the people they love are all right. Many Leo rising people are managers, either by profession or character.

The tendency to overestimate things, and themselves, is generally present. This is due to a natural enthusiasm and optimism about any new undertaking. Sometimes, they are walking commercials. In fact, Leo rising people make excellent promoters.

Leo rising people are generally demonstrative, and given to grand gestures. Drama comes naturally to these natives. In fact, some are so caught up in fiction, they're a little blind to fact. They have an unusual need to be admired.

Leo Ascendants often have a strong physical constitution. They pay special attention to their personal appearance and mannerisms. Usually, they choose clothing and hairstyles that are youthful. Their manner is authoritarian and strong.

No matter their age in real-world terms, Leo rising people are kids at heart. They are fun-loving and warm; generous and spirited.

Just how magnanimous and outgoing a Leo rising individual is will be modified by the placement of the Sun by sign and house. This is because the ruling planet of a Leo Ascendant is the Sun. For example, a Leo rising person with Sun in Virgo may not come across as strongly as a Leo rising person with Sun in Aries. No matter the placement of the Sun, however, Leo rising natives are quite self-aware and optimistic. They have a natural flair for presentation, an eye for quality, and a hard-to-resist warmth of style. They want to make things happen, and create a stir.

The characteristics of Leo Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Leo Ascendant with its ruling planet, the Sun, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Leo Ascendant, but whose Sun is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Leo Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will "behave" differently than someone with a Leo Ascendant who does not have that aspect in their natal charts.

Leo Rising: Everything you do is done with pride, creativity and a sense of your own uniqueness. The desires to be a shining star and to stand out as an individual color all of your interactions with the world. At best, this motivates you to excel, to achieve at the highest level possible for you and to be a bighearted, generous, magnanimous, and honorable person. Others' successes and talents inspire you. You applaud and appreciate individuality, creativity and the spirit and joy of life wherever you see it being expressed. Warmth and benevolence flow from you and others are attracted to your heart, your radiance, your strength. You carry the qualities of the archetypal ruler. You are King or Queen of your realm.

If you express the lower side of this energy, however, the picture is much less lovely. You are terribly narcissistic, self-centered, excessively concerned with being impressive, respected and admired. You cannot share the glory and usurp the credit for others' contributions. You want to "out-do" everybody else. You do not admit your mistakes, you are domineering and cannot let people get too close to you lest they discover you are not as great as you would like them to believe. You are either overly self-conscious or you have to put yourself forward and be seen and heard on all occasions. Your very presence dominates the scene in ways that more subtle, quiet individuals find intrusive. However, if other factors in your birth chart give you a sense of proportion, humility, and a genuine awareness of other people, these negative tendencies are much less pronounced. Your soul-function does involve leadership, or being "out there" on the stage of life in a significant way. You can be even more effective and fulfilled in this if you stay focused on giving from your heart instead of your ego.

Leo Rising: Ferociously proud and somewhat vain, you like to be impressive and to be seen as Somebody Special. You are not timid, meek, or self-effacing, and are rarely content being in the background or in the subordinate position. You are a natural leader, and do not take orders from others very well. You must have something of your own, something creative - be it a business, a project, a home or whatever - that you can develop and manage according to your own will and vision. Whatever you do, you do it in a unique, dramatic, individual way. You like to put your own personal stamp on it.

You also have a very strong sense of dignity, self-respect, and personal honor and are deeply offended if someone treats you in a humiliating or dishonorable way. You will rarely confront the offender - you are too proud to do so - but you will lose your affection and respect for them. You dislike pettiness and hate to be snubbed or ignored.

You admire others who are strong individuals like yourself. When you befriend someone, you are tremendously loyal, sincere, and willing to go to extraordinary lengths to make that person happy. You are very giving and generous, but your gifts are never anonymous - you expect recognition and appreciation for them. You also expect the intense loyalty that you offer to your dear ones to be reciprocated. However, you often have trouble working with people who are as strong as yourself, for you do not really cooperate or share the leading role very easily. If you are not in the leading role, you aspire to be and will compete with the person who is.

You have great heart and courage, and people often look to you for strength, encouragement, and affirmation. You always have your best face forward and rarely allow others to see you hurting, disheartened, or vulnerable. You also have a very strong need for love, admiration, appreciation, and praise, although you don't like others to realize just how important it is to you.

Your outlook on life tends to be very personal and rather self-centered. Your own self-expression, self-actualization and self-realization interests you more than anything else. You feel that if you do your best where you are, the rest of the world will take care of itself.

Leo Rising and Sun in Aries: This is a position that helps to stimulate and vitalise the outlook upon life and enhances the capacity for activity and leadership. The pioneering spirit is especially marked and you can be tireless and resourceful in your efforts to bring about changes and reforms. There will be a charm of manner and expression that will make their appeal to other people and thus aid the forming of friendships and associations. In many respects there will be a degree of popularity with the opposite sex.

Yet in a somewhat contrary manner background difficulties can occur regarding the developing of affectional matters and the very persons towards whom you are strongly attracted will not respond to your advances in the manner you anticipate and hope for.

The adventurous side of life will make its appeal, and any attractions towards exploration and the following of ‘unbeaten tracts’ as it were will always be a marked feature of your individuality even though this can bring a kind of conflict at times between this side of your nature and the other side that can cause you to seek for a degree of security.

This solar position gives a strong indication of long distance and overseas travel. In a feminine horoscope it will signify the possibility of marriage to someone of foreign birth or met with as a result of long distance travel or overseas residence. It is a reasonably good position for matters of a legal nature, to do with religion and with publishing and also exercises an influence associated with the relatives of the marriage or business partner.

Leo Rising and Sun in Aries: Robert Downey, Jr., Jason, Joy, LucJr

Leo Rising and Sun in Taurus: The Taurean influence gives a basis of practicality with a tremendous working ability and staying power. You have a kind of instinctive knowledge of what to do in an emergency but will never let others rush you or force you into decisions before you have had time for proper thought and reflection. You have considerable practical creative ability and this can operate in connection with material as well as with artistic affairs.

You can achieve a very good equilibrium by curbing any undue tendency towards obstinacy on the one hand or giving way to a sudden impulse on the other, as the latter would be motivated by an inclination to force issues as a rebound from refusing to make changes or be adaptable to suggestions from others with which you are in disagreement.

There is a peculiar blending of materialism with idealism, but sometimes a kind of mental emotional clash can occur within yourself and environmental conditions can also go awry in a way that can interfere with the factor of happiness especially when circumstances seem to impede activities associated with any prevailing ideal.

This is a very helpful position for vocational or business activity and for material position but more especially during the first half or two thirds of life after which the power will seem to lessen. It shows capacity for being at the head of affairs or in a senior position, naturally after initial training and experience, but it gives the opening through which training and experience is obtained. Prestige, reputation and honour are signified and can be retained so long as false pride or the lust for power is restrained.

Leo Rising and Sun in Taurus: George Carlin, Willie Nelson, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Cate, Doug, Patrice, Tammy, VinG

Leo Rising and Sun in Gemini: This is a position that will give you considerable ingenuity of thought and action. Good planning and good organisation can be developed providing your natural restlessness can be kept within bounds. You have a keen sense of responsibility but can at times experience a kind of inner conflict when you will be torn between desires for justice and yet an inclination towards mercy, especially when other people do things that react unfairly upon your own interests, or cause you temporary trouble and anxiety.

An innate sense of limitation will sometimes be apparent and will then compel you to fight hard to overcome restrictions as it will be against your natural independence to exercise adaptability to conditions that are uncongenial. You will however always need to keep a sense of proportion both in speech and action and should never give way to any inclination to exaggerate on some of the minor difficulties that occur as this could disturb your relationships with those in your immediate surroundings.

Intellectual pursuits will appeal and considerable knowledge can be acquired through both study and observation. If this is used constructively then progress in many directions will be possible, particularly if the desire to take part in social and public life should be strong. Many of the hopes and wishes will be brought to realisation, partly through individual effort but partly through the making of powerful friends who can exercise influence if desired or necessary. It also has rule over the income gained from the vocation, professional or business activity that is followed.

Leo Rising and Sun in Gemini: Johnny Depp, John Dillinger, Marilyn Monroe, Donald Trump, Molly

Leo Rising and Sun in Cancer: It is a position causing you to be resourceful, active and creative and will give you a gift of intuitive understanding and of real human sympathy. In your personal relationships with others you will invariably be warm-hearted, affectionate and tolerant even though you can be tenacious where your convictions and principles of conduct are concerned.

On occasions you may wish to take things easily and you will certainly appreciate the creature comforts of life but at the back of these inclinations there is a vital driving force which on occasions will compel you to do things even when in so doing you have to temporarily sacrifice the ease and comfort which means so much to you.

Some of the key factors of the Cancer vibration are sensibility, a quick mind and intensity but on occasions there can be a conflict between rational judgement and emotional intensity. Hence you should always endeavour to restrain impulse and to give yourself proper time for thought and consideration before reaching any decision of importance. Home and family ties will always be of importance and by creating your own home environment irrespective of whether you marry or not you will go a long way towards obtaining some of the comfort and happiness you desire.

If badly aspected the Sun will bring enmity, loss of honour, sometimes a danger of restriction or imprisonment, but if reasonably well aspected the courage and the ability to overcome initial difficulties and to make very good progress but in a quiet and not an ostentatious manner. It is a very good position for Writers and Detectives, sometimes for Doctors, Healers and stunt people, those who take risks and apparently have no nerves. It also favours all matters of a mystical, occult and psychic nature.

Leo Rising and Sun in Cancer: G.W. Bush, Carl Lewis, O.J. Simpson, Meryl Streep, Clark, Kyle, Mikael

Leo Rising and Sun in Leo: This is a position that gives an instinctive sense of power, self-confidence and optimism but also signifies a need for exercising tolerance and for maintaining patience with others when they seem to dither, falter or fail to take into account the seeming importance of taking personal action instead of waiting for others to show them the way. You have a strong will much idealism and considerable dignity' but will need to display a capacity to give and take with others and sometimes to keep a sense of proportion.

Should egotism or pride get out of hand, situations can be created from which it will be difficult to extricate yourself, but when warm-heartedness and affection are expressed and the sense of responsibility to those you love take precedence over the desire to exercise authority, you will find that the outcome of affairs will be productive of much greater happiness and satisfaction than anticipated.

In external activities considerable progress can be made in social and public life, should this appeal to you, and there is also shown to be a capacity for the understanding of children and young people and for showing a degree of leadership that can be productive of many beneficial conditions for all concerned. When in this House the Sun strengthens the vitality. Hence progress will be made more easily and the results obtained will be more substantial. Respect from others will be forthcoming and prestige will be enhanced.

Leo Rising and Sun in Leo: Sri Aurobindo, John Dee, Alfred Hitchcock, Johanna, Sky

Leo Rising and Sun in Virgo: Dependability, integrity and a quick mind are the keynotes of this influence. Your general approach to the everyday affairs of life will be of a practical and objective character and your natural desire will be for order, security and material well being. Sometimes, however, external circumstances combined with the undesired actions of others can develop a degree of tension and when this occurs you can become irritable, captious and faultfinding. Instead of improving personal relationships however, you will find that they will seem to deteriorate and should this occur with affectional or mental interests the relationship could seem to be of an unrewarding character.

Sometimes however the control of the natural emotions and their direction into channels of a constructive nature does become a problem and then there can be a kind of conflict between impulse and careful, cautious planning. Human relationships between yourself and others can prove to be one of the baffling factors of your life and the best course will always be not to set the emotions loose but always to maintain mental control over any situation that arises. By doing so, your outstanding mental abilities can be set free to complete activities without emotional turmoil.

From a general standpoint the financial interests of life will be assisted. The inspiration regarding the handling of money matters will be constructive (unless the solar aspects are very bad), and there will be gain through the influence and support of people placed in authoritative and influential positions of life will also bring a good reaction on income and the credit will be good.

Leo Rising and Sun in Virgo: Ingrid Bergman, Collon

Leo Rising and Sun in Libra: The intuitive factor is shown to be very strong and when relied and acted upon will aid you in the handling of affairs and people and enable you to resolve some of the difficulties of life a degree more easily than anticipated. Sometimes however there can be a kind of internal conflict between impulsive decision and logical forethought and planning and when this occurs there will be a degree of emotional and mental restlessness and a temporary difficulty in making relevant decisions. You can start to do one thing, then get discouraged by apparent lack of progress and support and then lose faith in your ability to bring about a satisfactory completion.

On occasions an over sensitiveness to criticism will be apparent and you can find yourself becoming too easily or too quickly hurt by what others say and do. In this respect it will be necessary for you to harden yourself to what seem to be rebuffs and as far as possible to 'laugh them off' and thus to maintain a reasonable balance of outlook. A very good position for taking part in municipal and local affairs, showing the holding of high offices. It increases prospects of travel, is favourable for matters to do with education, studies, literary and kindred interests.

From a normal standpoint association with relatives and neighbours will be congenial and satisfactory and some of these can also hold influential and high positions. The mental outlook will be constructive, enterprising and stimulating and if ideas are acted upon they will bring good results.

Leo Rising and Sun in Libra: Aleister Crowley, Sting, JerGar

Leo Rising and Sun in Scorpio: It is a position that gives quite a forcefulness and energy and yet at the same time there can be a degree of aloofness and reserve. You can drive yourself in the furthering of certain specific interests and lose patience with others who do not put forth what to you are requisite efforts for the obtaining of results. Hence overwork or over effort can occur and when you drive others too hard they can put up resistance and then rows and arguments will occur.

Some degree of discrimination is therefore necessary in the hand¬ling of everyday affairs of life and the people connected with them for otherwise reactions of an unsatisfactory nature will occur and normal progress can be stemmed. Within yourself too, there can be an element of conflict between the desire for adventure and a certain love of pleasure that is marked despite the urge to get more material things moving in a desired manner.

This will intensify all interests of a domestic nature and where general family interests are involved. It assists matters to do with property showing that benefit can be derived through property deals and a degree of security built up for the fourth house rules the trend of affairs during the latter part of life.

Leo Rising and Sun in Scorpio: Prince Charles, Art Garfunkel, Pablo Picasso

Leo Rising and Sun in Sagittarius: It shows that you have a vitality and warmth of nature that will go a long way towards carrying you successfully through the many and varied circumstances that you encounter. Some of the key¬notes of your character are vitality, intuition and personal charm but there is also an element of conflict between the desire for adven¬ture and that for achievement.

Sometimes you can become suddenly and unreasonably obstinate and will want to go your own way irrespective of the wishes of others that play a more or less important part in your life. When this occurs the factors of discrimination and the taking into account of consequences will temporarily be decried. You can become self-indulgent and will follow what seem to be hunches without analysing their practicality or wisdom and in so doing can invite disappointments and setbacks.

The less favouring trends will occur when irresponsibility is permitted or when you give way to any form of self-indulgence, become intemperate or permit an undue degree of irritability. Should you permit anything of this nature you will not only make yourself unhappy but will cause others to feel miserable and unhappy and this will lead to a disturbing of personal relationships.

Matters to do with children, young people, education, art, speculation and investment will be intensified. Artistic interests can be furthered and artistic ability expressed. It gives shrewdness in matters to do with investment and speculation so long as the Sun is not badly aspected.

Leo Rising and Sun in Sagittarius: Leigh, Marybeth, PapayaJ

Leo Rising and Sun in Capricorn: With this solar position considerable integrity, tenacity and a logical consideration of life's purposes are signified. There is a, realistic viewing of affairs.

Worldly ambition is likely to be strongly in evidence with a capacity to work hard, to maintain continuity of effort and to take advantage of any opportunity for advancement or achievement. Good executive and organising ability are signified. During earlier life the seriousness of thought and action will be very marked but whilst this will still be maintained during later life a mellowness of thought and action will develop.

Sometimes the first half of life can be exceptionally hard and difficult; the nature of the difficulties being in accord with the parental position and family environment, but these difficulties will invariably be surmounted and will give invaluable knowledge and understanding.

Although this is normally termed the House of sickness the presence of the Sun therein does not necessarily denote sickness, or that the vitality is weakened and the susceptibility to indisposition enhanced. This can occur only under bad solar aspects but otherwise the solar influence will again assist in the maintaining of reasonable health. It aids the carrying out of daily work and denotes the holding of a responsible position and the carrying out of authority, particularly where industrial and economic interests are involved.

Leo Rising and Sun in Capricorn: Muhammad Ali, JBLight, JudyPl

Leo Rising and Sun in Aquarius: Intuition, independence and creative versatility are the hallmarks of this solar influence. Yet in some respects the creative versatility can be both a gift and yet a responsibility. You will seem to know intuitively what other people desire and your own active imagination will give you the capacity to tell them how to acquire what they want. It will be in the telling that your sense of responsibility will assert itself and in certain instances you can refuse to tell people what to do should you consider that the knowledge, if given, could cause them to act in a selfish manner and to do things that whilst benefiting themselves would in any way be harmful or hurtful to others.

The capacity to 'think' therefore is shown to be of In this respect there can be an element of internal conflict between the desire to achieve certain ends and the desire to make changes should you wish to do so, especially where ties and personal relationships are involved. When this conflict threatens you should always let the more analytical side of your nature operate as by so doing you will obtain a clear picture of both the good and the bad possibilities which could manifest as a result of the actual decisions you make.

The Sun therein emphasises matters to do with the affections, marriage and partnership especially in a feminine horoscope, as the Sun is one of the rulers of marriage in such a horoscope. The partner is likely to be proud, can be in a higher social position but the Sun in this House helps the native to a higher social position than the one into which he or she is born.

Leo Rising and Sun in Aquarius: Ayn Rand, Leen

Leo Rising and Sun in Pisces: It signifies that you have an inner quality of quiet persistent strength. Despite an emotional sensitiveness to things said and done by others you can generally maintain an emotional balance and try to be tolerant of the weaknesses of others. Sometimes however, if you permit yourself to view things from too serious or introspective a standpoint you can give way temporarily to feelings of worry and pessimism and when this occurs there will be a partial loss of confidence.

The practical assess¬ment of affairs should be allowed to take precedence over emotional unrest or desire. You have an inner intensity of purpose and also a marked appreciation of the good things of life and there is also a strong sense of justice. If you develop your capacity to plan things ahead and to feel pleasure both in planning and in carrying plans into action you will find yourself making a great deal more progress than anticipated. Others will be more likely to co operate with you in a practical manner instead of expecting you to make sacrifices for them.

Firmness will naturally be required when you do find others asking you to do things that could put an unfair burden or obligation on you and the factor of self preservation should always be allowed for. The Sun here generally indicates that benefits can be derived through the death of other people whether of a family nature or otherwise. It governs matters to do with inheritance, family trusts and shows bequests and legacies, or sometimes the denial of them if the Sun is badly aspected. It will also exercise an influence over domestic monies and over money held by the person on behalf of others, as well as over money matters to do with the partner.

Leo Rising and Sun in Pisces: Bobby Fischer, TomW

Leo Rising Woman: You are a born queen and you know it. There is nothing shy or retiring about you. You fuss with yourself a lot, take good care of your health, exercise, watch your vitamins and minerals. It's not that you expect to live forever, you just want to. You like things to be dramatic and larger than life, and you'll expend a lot of effort to make them so. You're a powerful woman, with a big ego and a big heart. A grand dame. You'd be a wonderful opera diva if you could sing! The stage is your favorite fantasy, with you right at the center of it, but anywhere will do as long as you can be creative and dramatic and put on a show, even if it's only in your own home. You like to dress well and with style, and you admit you like having the money to do it with. Money means a lot to you, not because you're materialistic, but because you want to be able to indulge your tastes in a high standard of living.

Even though you tend to be flamboyant, you never lose your dignity. You're like the cat that accidentally falls off the table and hits the floor looking as if she'd planned just that effect, yawning and then delicately licking a paw, but watching closely to see if anyone interpreted her fall as a loss of dignity. Your home is your castle, and you don't let anything bother you when you're there. It's your refuge. You're vulnerable to rejection and rebuff, but you almost never show it. You just go home and lick your wounds in privacy.

Since you are creative, you are attracted to whatever gives you the opportunity to express yourself. You enjoy pooling your talents with intelligent and ingenious friends.

Your ideal man is a unique individual who doesn't kowtow to others. He isn't threatened by you and appreciates that you stand out in a crowd. You may appear to be immune to criticism, but you're actually very tender and you can get moody and upset. He understands and knows that praise and admiration soothe you. He tells you you're wonderful. And you do the same for him. It takes two to tango.

Leo Rising Man: You have to admit that your first response to any situation is to dominate it if you can. And you usually can! It's natural for you to rule, or to want to rule. You've got a lot of energy, more than most, and you can come on like Gang Busters when you want to, which is more often than not. This earns you the epithet of "overbearing" at times, but you don't mind. You've got to express yourself and you do it the best way you see fit. You don't always wait to be invited, either, before you commandeer center stage. You like to be noticed. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? Of course not. It's just the way you are. You put out good energy, full of fire, and it makes people feel good to be around you. So why shouldn't you ham it up a little if you feel like it?

No one should make the mistake of thinking that you're selfish. you like teamwork and you even cue your friends in on any good financial deals you get wind of. You don't fool around with your money. You take good care of it. But you're willing to share with those you care about, give them good advice. That's why you prefer mutual funds. It's a group thing. your feeling is that we're all people, and we're all in this thing called life together, and everybody's a super person in your book until proven otherwise. You think you're the most terrific, and you think that they are the most terrific, and if you can all get together you can be even more terrific together. Makes sense, doesn't it?

You give off great energy and you pamper those you love. You're romantic and generous and your parties are the best! You'll spend your last cent to do it up so everyone will remember forever, because a spectacular evening is your idea of an intimate gathering! Bu don't think you're not a serious person. Work is important to you. You play hard, but you work equally hard, and you know your business well. You aim to be a big success, in love as well as your career.

Your ideal woman has style, class, and presence. She's a real standout in a crowd and she doesn't take any guff from you or anyone else. She's herself all the time- elegant and real.

See also: Leo Rising; Leo Rising

Leo Rising: Muhammad Ali, Sri Aurobindo, Ingrid Bergman, G.W. Bush, George Carlin, Prince Charles, Aleister Crowley, John Dee, Johnny Depp, John Dillinger, Robert Downey, Jr., Bobby Fischer, Art Garfunkel, Alfred Hitchcock, Carl Lewis, Marilyn Monroe, Willie Nelson, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Pablo Picasso, Ayn Rand, O.J. Simpson, Sting, Meryl Streep, Donald Trump, Cate, Clark, Collon, Doug, Jason, JBLight, JerGar, Johanna, Joy, JudyPl, Kyle, Leen, Leigh, LucJr, Marybeth, Mikael, Molly, PapayaJ, Patrice, Sky, Tammy, TomW, VinG

Virgo Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to analyze, identify problems and devise solutions. When first introduced to someone, this person is restrained; displaying practicality, intelligence and seriousness. The social mask this character wears is modest, attentive, helpful, kind, clean, organized, perfectionistic, nitpicky and fussy.

Virgo Rising: Modest, unobtrusive, and often rather quiet or shy, you are a person who is content to be in the background or to serve as an assistant, in the supporting role rather than in the lead. You are quite humble in your own assessment of yourself and you have a very strong perfectionistic attitude, with a tendency to be overly self-critical. No matter how well you do something, you always see the flaws in it and how it could be improved. Often you will simply refuse to attempt something because you feel you cannot meet your own high standards.

You have an eye for detail and get upset when something is not done just so, usually something others consider rather inconsequential or trivial. You are hard to please and your relationships with others may suffer because of this. You also have refined sensitivities and are very discriminating and particular in your choice of foods, clothes, friends, artwork, etc. Order in your environment is very important to you.

You step into situations rather cautiously, and not without realistically assessing all of the risks and potential advantages involved. Unless something is a safe bet, you are unlikely to dive into it. You tend to underestimate your own capacities and to lack confidence and trust in life, which inhibits your spontaneity. Worrying is a bad habit of yours. On the other hand, you rarely fall flat on your face and what you do, you do very well.

Others see you as a self-sufficient and rather self-contained person. You have a strong sense of propriety. Politeness, good manners, and correct behavior are important to you. Your clear, cool, objective and non-emotional attitude is apparent to others first, and though you are really quite helpful and caring, you do not radiate much sympathy so that others may not see the helpful side as readily. You may seem more businesslike and factual, and also more conservative, than you really are at heart. You are the person others might go to for technical advice or an unbiased opinion, but not for emotional support.

You are keenly observant, intelligent, and have a great desire for learning and for self-improvement, but you are not especially ambitious and are often satisfied in a rather simple, unglamorous position in life.

Virgo Rising: People with Virgo rising are often a little understated in their personal mannerisms and appearance, although a lot depends on the position of Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) in the chart. Generally, there is an intelligent and reserved aura about Virgo rising individuals that is unmistakable. These are actually somewhat shy people who need time to analyze things around them before they warm up to both situations and people. This quality can be received exactly as that, or it can be received as a rather stand-offish, cool, and even critical manner (depending on the audience).

One of the biggest personality traits of this position is body-awareness. People with Virgo ascendants are sensitive to any discomfort or other signals their body gives them. Many are especially interested and concerned with physical health, and some are attracted to mind-body awareness exercises such as yoga. Virgo rising people are often rather particular about food. Although some have good appetites, there can be an unmistakable pickiness about what they put in and on their bodies.

Virgo ascendant natives have a tendency to worry a lot, especially when confronted with new situations. They notice the tiniest details that others overlook.

Many people with this position have a tendency to attract (or be attracted to) people who need help. Their relationships may be confusing as a result. Despite the Virgo rising tendency to appear rather collected and professional, relationships can sometimes be messy simply because these natives don't always see their partners and partnerships clearly.

There's a quiet charm to many Virgo rising people. Once they have the chance to warm up to new people and situations, you'll find they have a lot to offer. They'll help you out of a jam, go out on a limb for you, and surprise you with a natural modesty under a somewhat critical and standoffish manner.

The characteristics of Virgo Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Virgo Ascendant with its ruling planet, Mercury, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Virgo Ascendant, but whose Mercury is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Virgo Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will "behave" differently than someone with a Virgo Ascendant who does not have that aspect in their natal charts.

Virgo Rising: You do everything skillfully with a fine sense of craftsmanship and precision, perfectionism, care and attention to detail. You are keenly observant and have an acute sensitivity to each and every thing in your environment; therefore, you attend to small things that others do not readily notice, the subtleties, the fine points. You fulfill your soul function through service, assisting and helping others, perhaps in a rather humble, understated, unglamorous way, and doing a job for its own sake rather than for personal recognition or glory. Your simple desire to be useful and to be of service, your willingness to engage in ongoing practice in order to improve, and your willingness to change or adjust yourself according to the light you have at any given moment, enables you to fulfill your function. When out of balance, you criticize, worry, obsess about yourself and/or your health or body, and tend to magnify problems.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Aries: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Aries, indicating a sharp intellect with an intuitive grasp of essentials, and the capacity to think for yourself. You have a creative mind and generate original ideas and plans. You tend to be impatient in conversation with slower or duller wits, can be too forceful or certain you are right, and also too argumentative. You often dominate conversations, lacking receptivity and the ability to listen (unless other factors in your birth chart suggest some sensitivity to others ideas). Others will seek you out as an authority in your specialty or area of expertise.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Aries: Warren Beatty, Hugh Hefner, Shirley McLaine, Mark Zuckerberg, Abbe, Robert

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Taurus: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the very down-to-earth and sensible sign of Taurus indicating that the service you provide is a very practical one. You are organized and efficient and think in very logical, pragmatic, and realistic terms. You enjoy math and/or solving problems that have clear, definite answers, rather than open-ended, ambiguous, intangible ones. You are oriented toward what's simple, obvious, common-sense, and workable, rather than complex and abstract. You have the patience to manage tedious, mundane, or repetitive tasks; you are a nuts-and-bolts sort of person in many ways. If other factors in your chart suggest creativity or imagination, you still will not neglect the earthly or business side of things. If artistically inclined you are likely to produce functional, utilitarian art work. Concrete facts, data, and information are your forte.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Taurus: George Bush, Sr.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury is in the quick, lively, alert sign of Gemini, indicating that you are an extremely intellectual, mentally active person. You are interested in everything; you grasp new ideas quickly; you respond rapidly to changing needs and circumstances. Organizing ideas and information and/or facilitating efficient communications is your forte, an important aspect of your work/service. You could be a writer, editor, librarian, work with computers, manage a fast-paced office. Too much mental activity, however, creates nervous stress. It would be well for you to learn ways and make time to really slow down and relax your nervous system, as your metabolism is fast and nervous system tends to be rather high-strung.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Gemini: George Orwell, George

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Cancer: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the sympathetic and subjective sign of Cancer, indicating an interest in children, women's health and/or the healing professions in general, food and nutrition, psychology, and teaching. You are a worrier, and need to learn to let go of excessive anxiety, especially over people you care about. (You tend to criticize or fuss about little things when you are afraid for their well-being). The domestic arts are your forte, as well, and an important part of your contribution to life.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Cancer: AndyF, Elijah, Nicole

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Leo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the creative, self-expressive sign of Leo, indicating that the use of your creative intelligence and your capacity to communicate warmly, colorfully, and/or dramatically is an important aspect of your soul function also. Beware of editing and censoring the enthusiastic, child-like, or artistic aspect of yourself, and of hiding your light.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Leo: Ernest Hemingway, Peter Sellers

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Virgo as well, indicating a fine mind with a penchant for clear logical analysis, categorizing and classifying, and developing specialized skills, techniques, and expertise in some practical area. However, unless other factors in your birth chart suggest a breadth of vision and understanding, you are apt not only to forget the forest for the trees, but to forget the tree for the particular kind of bark. You can get lost in minutia, data, and facts, and be unable to perceive the overall direction or meaning.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Virgo: Madonna Ciccone, Maitreyi

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Libra: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the judicious, fair-minded sign of Libra indicating a gift for diplomacy and for communicating your observations, critiques, and analysis tactfully. Your impartiality and humility, as well as your ability to see and to weigh both sides, makes you a good mediator or arbitrator. Science appeals to your rational, logical, orderly mind. However, a refined sense of aesthetics, of form and beauty, colors all that you do.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Libra: Benjamin Netanyahu, Seligma, Shiloh

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Scorpio: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Scorpio indicating sharp and penetrating perceptions and a keen capacity for detection, probing analysis, and research. You have a discreet and secretive side, and can keep your own counsel. Your sharp wit, if misdirected, can become a habit of sarcasm, negative criticism, and dark or bitter humor.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Scorpio: Walt Disney, John Malkovich, Paul Simon, Carolyn, Leif, Ricardo, VinCal

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Sagittarius: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the idealistic sign of Sagittarius: you have definite convictions, beliefs, philosophical ideas and opinions that are important to you and which color your entire approach to life. You may believe that you know the truth for everybody, and nitpick over minor behaviors (minor to others, not to you). You also tend to hold yourself to unrealistically high standards as you try to sincerely apply your beliefs and ideals.

You have a highly-strung, sensitive nervous system, and you need to cultivate calming, regular habits in order to be your best.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Sagittarius: Woody Allen, Howard Hughes

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Capricorn: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Capricorn, indicating that your capacity for objectivity, detachment, clarity, discrimination, even-mindedness and a dispassionate view of things enables you to fulfill your purpose. You are rarely taken in by flattery or a flamboyant demonstration. Your quiet realism and discernment are your gifts. Your love of order, structure, and simplicity also color everything that you do.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Capricorn: Dolly Parton, Tiger Woods

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Aquarius: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the inventive and innovative sign of Aquarius, indicating that your service and helpfulness towards others may involve bringing in new concepts and ideas, or unconventional methods. Non-traditional means of healing or health care, or new, cooperative methods of teaching would be examples.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Aquarius: Dick Cheney, Steve Jobs, James Taylor, Swami Vivekananda

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Pisces: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in the receptive and sensitive sign of Pisces indicating that it is through your ability to truly and deeply listen, to empathize, and to compassionately communicate that you fulfill your purpose.

Your meticulous attention to detail and technique is balanced by your openness to inspiration and your poetic imagination; you are an artist as well as a technician.

Virgo Rising and Mercury in Pisces:

Virgo Rising Woman: You are the one who invented the white glove test. It's not that you're critical- you just can't help seeing all the little details and minor imperfections. If there's a loose thread or a run-to-be snag, you'll see it and comment about it. Only trying to be helpful of course. You're very mental and analytical, a real systems analyst no matter the topic. No detail escapes your notice. Your success comes from your care for the fine points so often overlooked by sloppier people.

You're naturally frugal, but you sometimes overspend on fine, beautiful things. You like beauty in your life as long as it has a practical application. Sometimes you swing back and forth between penny-pinching and extravagance. You're resourceful, creative, and analytical in your mental processes. You don't waste words and you choose yours with precision. A well-turned phrase is music to your ears. In your home, everything has a place and everything stays in its place. You can't stand disorder of any kind. And though you're frugal, you're generous. You provide for your loved ones and teach them about the higher virtues.

Your first response to any situation is to analyze it, breaking everything down and examining it minutely. If there's a problem, you find the solution. But you rarely put yourself forward, even when you know you're right. You practice the simple virtues of cleanliness and attention and try to be helpful and kind.

You're attracted to the idealistic type of man with a tender, dreamy nature who can sweep you away by tapping the pure romantic inside your modest exterior. He is sensitive enough to recognize that it takes only one small detail- like forgetting to buy the candles for the birthday cake- to ruin a big event. He recognizes the specialness of the moment and is savvy enough to know it's your attention to all the fine details that made it happen.

Virgo Rising Man: Some people think you're a fuss-budget, but that’s okay by you. You know what you're doing and you know that what you do is important in its own light, even if others think that the “details” don’t matter. They do, and no one knows this better than you. In fact, it’s your precise attention to details that has made you a success. Perfection is your goal, and no fine point escapes your notice. There aren’t any flaws in your work, not because you're better than the other guys but because you pay close attention to all those little details. And you enjoy doing it. A job done well is a job you can be proud of putting your name to. In your book, quality is top, and quantity comes afterward.

Maybe you're too serious for some tastes, but you have an earthy side too and you can tell a dirty joke as well as the next man. You just don’t advertise yourself. You're modest and retiring. Your goal is to be helpful and ready to get the job done, not to hog the limelight and blow your own horn. There are plenty enough hornblowers out there. You pride yourself on quiet efficiency, on being organized, on your perfectionism. Look, what’s the point in doing something wrong when you can do it right with a little care? If it’s done wrong, it only has to be done over again. Your mental processes never stop, even though you don’t make a great display. You're always analyzing everything.

This tendency of yours to analyze can become overanalyzing, and this you know. Because of your analytical nature and your love of cleanliness, you can seem to be prudish about sex and the functions of the body, but in reality you're a highly sexed guy. It’s just that you're as serious about your pleasures as you're serious about everything you do, and you want it to be as perfect as possible. You work hard at everything, even sex. Your partner is important to you, though you frequently get involved with women who aren’t very well organized and then you can help them to get organized. You enjoy that.

See also: Virgo Rising; Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising: Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, George Bush, Sr., Dick Cheney, Madonna Ciccone, Walt Disney, Hugh Hefner, Ernest Hemingway, Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs, John Malkovich, Shirley McLaine, Benjamin Netanyahu, George Orwell, Dolly Parton, Peter Sellers, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Swami Vivekananda, Tiger Woods, Mark Zuckerberg, Abbe, AndyF, Carolyn, Elijah, George, Leif, Maitreyi, Nicole, Ricardo, Robert, Seligma, Shiloh, VinCal

Libra Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to harmonize. When first introduced to someone, this person dazzles with a smile; encouraging the other person to talk about him or herself; displaying niceness, intellect and good manners. The social mask this character wears is gentle, diplomatic, sociable, artistic, graceful, fair, indecisive, inconsistent and judging.

Libra Rising: Everybody seems to like Libra Ascendant natives. They just come across as nice, pleasant, and fair. Look a little closer at their lives, and these nice people may have had quite a few problems in their relationships. Some of them have had a string of relationships, and it can be hard to imagine why! These natives attract others to them effortlessly. Besides, they simply don't know what to do with themselves without a significant other.

Libra rising generally appear to be smoothing everything over. They have charming smiles, a gentle approach with others, and an easygoing image. Even if they were not endowed with good looks, they are attractive. Most pay a lot of attention to their personal appearance -- the colors they wear, their hair, the way they walk.

Libra rising people can be enormously persuasive, although they will almost always use a "soft sell" approach when they want to win others over, which is all of the time! A tendency to pass the buck and keep up that "nice guy/gal" image are their worst qualities. However, they can make excellent mediators and will generally be the first to accommodate you.

Libra rising natives are usually attracted to competent, active partners. Their relationships are often characterized by bickering or competitiveness until they learn to drop their sweet image once in a while and to stop blaming their partners for everything that goes wrong.

Libra Rising: You are a natural diplomat, reasonable, tolerant, fair, always willing to listen to varying viewpoints, and ready to see the other side of an issue. Even if you strongly disagree with someone, you will try to find points of similarity and agreement rather than emphasizing the differences. You often avoid taking an extreme or one-sided stance on anything. You have a strong desire for harmonious and pleasant relationships, and express a spirit of cooperation, compromise, friendship, and fairness. You very much want to be liked and because of your need for approval and acceptance, you are easily influenced by others' opinions, especially when young. You so much want to please that often you will suppress your own intense or unpleasant feelings in order not to offend others. Sometimes your politeness is interpreted as phoniness or wishy-washiness.

Your need to create harmony extends to your physical environment and personal appearance as well. You appreciate beauty and have a natural sense of balance, symmetry, and proportion. You do everything in good taste, with a sense of style and art. From your home furnishings to your choice of clothing, everything must be aesthetically appealing, not simply functional or utilitarian.

You also feel that relationships are an art, one that especially interests you and one that you are usually quite skilled at, for you possess tact and acute awareness of other people. Marriage is very significant to you and finding the right person to share your life with is extremely important. Being part of a close couple seems natural to you - you are not an independent loner. Having a partner increases your self-confidence. You do have a tendency, however, to become overly dependent on your partner and perhaps not to develop a clearly defined identity outside of the relationship. Finding the balance between being yourself and blending and uniting with another is a challenge for you.

Others see you as an agreeable, smooth, harmonious, and "nice" person. Though there may be much more to you, this is the sort of face you show to the world. You possess personal charm and an understated, noncombative manner. Your motto could be "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" for you usually take a friendly, cooperative approach rather than a strong, forceful, I'm-going-to-conquer-the-world attitude.

Libra Rising: Your soul function involves establishing balance, and harmony in your world, and an awareness of beauty, of relationship, of style, and how things fit or blend together. Reconciling opposites and finding "the middle way" is your path, and the fine arts of compromise, negotiations and cooperation are key elements. You are the dove, the diplomat, the peacemaker, the friend; partnership and personal relations are your forte.

Libra Rising and Venus in Aries: However, your ruling planet, Venus, is in the fiery and self-assertive sign of Aries, suggesting that direct confrontation and even conflict (when necessary) is how you seek to create harmony and relationship. While appearing to oblige or give in, you nevertheless aim to fulfill your own intentions. You are learning about the true nature of love, of giving and receiving, and about personal integrity and honesty in the context of intimate relationships.

Libra Rising and Venus in Aries: Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Ellen

Libra Rising and Venus in Taurus: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the pleasure-loving sign of Taurus, which suggests that you magnetically attract whatever you want and need into your life, and that you influence the world through your considerable physical beauty, personal magnetism, or charm. You are truly a lover of beauty, harmony, comfort, and peace, and you can not flourish in an atmosphere of intense pressure or interpersonal conflict. Laziness, a disinclination to exert yourself, an avoiding conflict even when it is necessary and fruitful are potential pitfalls for you.

Libra Rising and Venus in Taurus: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Ratzinger

Libra Rising and Venus in Gemini: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the friendly and very sociable sign of Gemini: social relations and facilitating communication and understanding between people is truly your forte. Your innate curiosity about and interest in others, and your ability to speak their language, are gifts that enable you to fulfill your soul purpose as a messenger, mediator, or teacher. Words, language, or music is your forum.

Libra Rising and Venus in Gemini: John F. Kennedy, JulieD

Libra Rising and Venus in Cancer: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the nurturing, devoted, sympathetic sign of Cancer, suggesting that you have a gentleness and sensitivity towards others that is remarkable. You have a feeling for children or the childlike, vulnerable side of people, and this tender feeling and care is your particular gift to life. At times you may be too "other-oriented", neglecting yourself for others' sake or allowing more assertive, dominant or needy individuals to take too much from you. Finding "the middle way" regarding marriage partners and children is essential to your unfoldment.

Libra Rising and Venus in Cancer: BenSt, Lina

Libra Rising and Venus in Leo: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving sign of Leo. You are a big romantic that loves to celebrate love, life, and beauty. You have a gift for performing, dramatic self-expression, creative arts, entertaining, putting on a show. Like Oscar Wilde, you too believe that "In all important things, style is number one. In all unimportant things, style is number one." You need a stage, an audience, in order to fulfill your soul function, for although you are tactful and concerned about others, you are also in some way a star. Leadership and/or personal achievement and recognition are a part of your path.

Libra Rising and Venus in Leo: Arnold Palmer, Fisher, Komala, VinCar

Libra Rising and Venus in Virgo: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the modest, devoted sign of Virgo, suggesting that your humility and your genuine desire to help and serve others are among your most endearing qualities as well as important aspects of your soul function. You may serve as an assistant, the support person, right-hand man, or faithful helper to another as a significant aspect of your life. No matter how far you go, service to others will be your strength.

Libra Rising and Venus in Virgo: Beth, Miriam

Libra Rising and Venus in Libra: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in Libra as well suggesting that you influence the world through your considerable personal charm, beauty, finesse, and refinement. You are agreeable, disarming ingratiating obliging - and may avoid direct confrontation, direct and passionate involvement, or "getting your hands dirty". For you, as for Oscar Wilde "In all important matters, style is number one". Your sense of beauty; proportion, elegance, composition, harmony, aesthetic vows, and taste are instinctual aspects of your soul-function.

Libra Rising and Venus in Libra: Bill Clinton, Dheeraj, Pete

Libra Rising and Venus in Scorpio: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the willful and passionate sign of Scorpio, however, suggesting an emotional intensity, a depth of desire and of feeling which is belied by your surface equanimity: you appear mild and conciliatory but possess surprising drive and tenacity, especially regarding your loves. Intimate relationships are not only a tremendously impatient means of fulfillment and self-expression, they are also, for you, a crucible. You have a very exotic and creative force which can be used for love, healing, and creative purposes, or which can turn destructive and negative, bringing you (and others with you) down. Beware of allowing yourself to be ruled by those to whom you have a passionate attachment, and/or of wielding your own attractive powers to manipulate others through their desire for you.

Libra Rising and Venus in Scorpio: Ramana Maharshi, Keith

Libra Rising and Venus in Sagittarius: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic and optimistic sign of Sagittarius, indicating that generosity, playful spontaneity, and a love of adventure infuse your relationships and your approach to life. You will touch many. Part of your soul function is to spread good will, tolerance, and acceptance for many different kinds of people. Traveling or at least moving around quite a bit in order to make connections is a part of this. At your best you bring people together in an atmosphere of openness, friendship, and possibly learning. Beware of your tendency to be somewhat irresponsible towards others or of promising anything because it seems good at the moment (and you want to be agreeable) but which you can not or will not follow through on. Your restlessness and love of freedom may cause you to renege on commitments or to avoid depth and "the hard stuff" in your relationships.

Libra Rising and Venus in Sagittarius: Sally Field, Bill Hicks, Albert Schweitzer, Donny, Virginia

Libra Rising and Venus in Capricorn: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the objective and unemotional sign of Capricorn, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place. A concern for social justice and social betterment are woven into your very fabric. You have an "us" (rather than "I") approach to life. Active involvement in your community, especially in conflict resolution and facilitating or coordinating groups of people to cooperate and help one another, is essential to fulfilling your soul function. The arts or entertainment may well be a key part of this, also.

Libra Rising and Venus in Capricorn: Frank Sinatra

Libra Rising and Venus in Aquarius: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the idealistic, free-thinking, and unconventional sign of Aquarius, suggesting that you seek new solutions and alternatives in order to create harmony and make the world a better place. A concern for social justice and social betterment are woven into your very fabric. You have an "us" (rather than "I") approached to life. Active involvement in your community, especially in conflict resolution and facilitating or coordinating groups of people to cooperate and help one another, is essential to fulfilling your soul function. The arts or entertainment may well be a key part of this, also.

Libra Rising and Venus in Aquarius: Georges Gurdjieff, Tenzin Gyatso, Jeff

Libra Rising and Venus in Pisces: Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the sensitive, sympathetic, compassionate sign of Pisces: you are kind hearted, tolerant, giving and forgiving, with an impulse to save, rescue, heal your loved ones - anyone, actually, who is broken or in need. You are a "bleeding heart", and angel, a care giver in the deepest sense of the word, and this is undeniably an essential aspect of your soul function. When out of balance, however, you tend to be too yielding, too malleable, easily influenced, or have very weak or distorted personal boundaries: everything's okay, all behavior is acceptable. Take care not to fall into the "co-dependent" or "enabler" role. At best you are a champion of the weak and an instrument for grace to flow into the lives of those around you.

Libra Rising and Venus in Pisces: George Harrison

Libra Rising Woman: You want to know whoever you're relating to. That’s your initial response to any social situation. The ladylike response. You're a lady first and foremost, even if that’s not in style. Being sweet isn’t a crime, and because you have a good mind you can also be very analytical. This helps you maintain a balance that you need because you are so sensitive to issues of fairness. You go out of your way to be fair and nice. In fact, you approach your entire life with the ideas of grace, charm, refinement, and harmony in mind. You dress well and have a good sense of color. Your natural good taste makes you classy, and you can choose just the right accessories for any outfit, no matter how limited your budget. It’s your artistic response. Sometimes you're indecisive, but that’s only because you are so concerned with finding the perfect solution to anything, whether it’s accessories for a dress or the answer to a political problem involving injustice. It’s hard for you to deal with any kind of strife, and you have a built-in barometer that measures all sides of a social situation and warns you if discord is in the making. Then you mediate, if you can, to restore the balance. You seek harmony and peace in all things, and that makes you diplomatic. Any kind of negativity is stressful to you and you can’t bear ugliness, physically or emotionally. You avoid these at all costs, even if the cost is a compromise that negates your own needs.

Partnerships are crucial to you, whether romantic or not, and you suffer greatly when any of your relationships aren’t going well. If not romantically involved, you're always seeking the perfect partner or the ideal marriage. You vacillate between a liking for a strong man who’s on the macho side and the sensitive, artistic type. You can’t bear to be alone. You’ll go the whole nine yards to avoid it despite your refined sensibilities. You are always willing to discuss problems and work out reasonable, fair solutions. Unless someone becomes abusive, you take the gentle, graceful, considerate way.

Libra Rising Man: You're the perfect gentleman and this doesn’t embarrass you in the slightest. Your first response in social situations is a concern with propriety. You do what is proper and you're always gracious. As a person of refinement, you’ll always want to know what the other person thinks. It’s only good manners to do so and good manners come from being sensitive and responsive to others’ needs and wants. A gentleman can anticipate this and act on it. These qualities make you diplomatic and fair. That’s why you take care to dress well and in good taste - nothing loud or boisterous, including after-shave. Quiet refinement is what you favor.

You're like the kid standing in the middle of the seesaw, trying to get it to balance perfectly. First you swing one way, then the other, seeing both sides of the question. It’s hard to get in the perfect middle with nothing swaying in either direction, but you try hard to remain objective and rational. Disharmony makes you miserable, whether it is physical or emotional. When your instincts tell you strife is brewing, you step in to mediate and set things right again. Compromise is your middle name, and you don’t like to deliberately provoke anyone, ever. You're a regular “good guy,” which is a mixed blessing. Sometimes you go so far out of the way to avoid a scene that you end up creating one by avoiding issues that need to be resolved. Your desire for “peace at any price” has its drawbacks.

Relationships are extremely important to you and you're at your best in partnerships. You suffer terribly when any relationship is in trouble and you work hard to fix it. Even if you are not in a relationship, you always have the ideal one in view and you go searching for your perfect complement. You feel incomplete without someone with whom to share your life. Romantic courtship is your style and you like to do it in the loveliest possible surroundings.

See also: Libra Rising; Libra Rising

Libra Rising: Bill Clinton, Sally Field, Georges Gurdjieff, Tenzin Gyatso, George Harrison, Bill Hicks, Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy, Arnold Palmer, Ramana Maharshi, Joseph Ratzinger, Frank Sinatra, Albert Schweitzer, Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, BenSt, Beth, Dheeraj, Donny, Ellen, Fisher, Jeff, JulieD, Keith, Komala, Lina, Miriam, Pete, VinCar, Virginia

Scorpio Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to keep control, test the waters and find out if it is safe to relax. When first introduced to someone, this person first makes strong eye contact, then takes control of the interaction; displaying perception, mystery and magnetism. The social mask this character wears is sexual, perceptive, compelling, intriguing, mysterious, watchful, secretive, vindictive and destructive.

Scorpio Rising: Scorpio Ascendant people have a lot of presence. There is something about them that tells the world that they are not to be pushed around. Their manner commands respect, and in some cases, fear. Scorpio rising people can be quiet or loud, but they always seem powerful and determined.

You either love or hate Scorpio rising people— they are rarely people who go through life unnoticed. In fact, some of them are confused when faced with the fact that they get such strong reactions from others. They seem to look right through people, seeing through superficiality. This can be quite intimidating to some, and intriguing to others. Scorpio rising people, in their dealings with others, look for answers by reading between the lines. Surface details are discarded when they are getting a feel for people and situations around them.

Scorpio rising people value their privacy so much, it can border on paranoia. They have a strong need to control their environment and are experts at strategy. Rarely people who will blow their chances with impatience, they plan out their moves carefully and deliberately, relying on their awesome ability to feel out others and situations.

Scorpio rising natives are drawn to down-to-earth, natural partners. Reliability in their partner is very important. They generally look for complete commitment and have little patience with flighty partners.

Scorpio Rising: You are very strong-willed and proud, but intensely private and not easy to know well. Behind your quiet exterior lies a great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and also fierce determination. When you want something you go after it rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly - and you usually get it.

You are not a person who lives lightly or superficially. You want to live passionately and intensely and are not averse to challenge, danger, or to facing the darker side of life - human pain and struggle. You function well in crisis situations and often seek them out, for you enjoy the feeling of living at full capacity.

You are very intuitive about other people and especially about their unspoken feelings and hidden motives. You usually have strong, immediate gut reactions, either positive or negative, which prove to be correct. You approach life very instinctively and are not always fully conscious of why you feel or act as you do. You also have a very strong affinity with animals - an acute sensitivity and a nonverbal kind of rapport with them.

In relation to others, you are rather cautious, sometimes even suspicious, until you get to know and trust them - and trust doesn't come easily to you. When you commit yourself emotionally to someone, be it friend or lover, you are intensely loyal and devoted to them and you also expect the same kind of unwavering, undying loyalty in return. If you are ever betrayed by someone you care deeply for, you are capable of hating and retaliating with as much fervor as you once loved. Nothing is done halfway. In fact, you are intensely involved and often jealously attached to whatever you care about, be it person, idea, or cause. There is definitely a streak of emotional fanaticism in you.

Because of your natural reserve, others may see you as something of an enigma. You are quite self-protective and often defensive. You are also very magnetic, especially to members of the opposite sex.

Scorpio Rising: You have keen animal instincts, a deeply instinctual and passionate nature, and access to forces that can be used for healing and regeneration - of yourself, other individuals, or society. Strong-willed and powerful in a quiet understated sort of way, you are always a force with which to be reckoned. You know intuitively where another's pain or weakness lies, and can thus be a natural healer - or a terrible enemy, if your energies are directed toward conflict. Learning to trust and follow your instincts, and to focus your will upon positive intents, are keys to fulfilling your highest destiny. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Aries: Your Mars is in the courageous, independent and self-motivated sign of Aries. Your function is to be a leader and a pioneer, bringing forth something unprecedented and original. Boldness, valor, and originality are your keynotes. You are a fierce competitor or warrior, and have a "killer instinct" which, even when used in defense of good principles, needs to be tempered with kindness. The shadow side of this is that you can be ruthless, selfish, and you tend to overuse force.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Aries: Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicklaus, Gloria Steinem, Paramahansa Yogananda, Zoë

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Taurus: Your Mars is in the highly sensual, productive and fertile sign of Taurus. Appetites, desires and craving for sensual life tend to rule you. Tasting and taking great pleasure in the feast of life, without being dominated by your cravings or habitually overindulging, is a key to happiness for you. You also have a determined and steady will force and great stamina to bring your goals and dreams to fruition. You are highly fertile on every level. Obstinacy and not knowing when to let go or change course can create problems for you, however.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Taurus: Charlie Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Bette Davis, Bertrand Russell, Paulo

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Gemini: Your Mars is in the clever, dexterous, skillful sign of Gemini, indicating that the use of your hands, your quick reflexes, and/or your facility with language plays an important role in your life and fate. On the shadowy side of this energy, you can be very crafty, scheming, shrewd and self-serving. Used positively, the gift and power of words can be used as a healing force.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Gemini: Ludwig van Beethoven, Cheri, Kay

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Cancer: Your Mars is in the soulful and emotional sign of Cancer: you have deep sensitivity and protective feelings toward children, animals, and for all life. Your capacity to commune or merge emotionally with your surroundings gives your great empathy. You are strongly sensuous and passionate. You may have difficulty articulating, understanding, or communicating your feelings in a rational or intellectual way. Music is a good language for you.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Cancer: Robin Williams, JerryH

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Leo: Your Mars is in the proud, confident, radiant sign of Leo. You have a strong will-to-power, and are intended to be a leader and/or to influence many people through your magnetism. Combining your strong vital force with your ability to hold a steady, constant focus, you can accomplish a great deal. Great responsibility attaches itself to the use of personal power, of course, and the shadow side of this energy could turn you into a dominating tyrant.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Leo: Fred Astaire, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Helen Keller, ChrisC, Supr

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Virgo: Your Mars is in Virgo, suggesting service through specialized skills, knowledge, or technical expertise; also an interest in biology, chemistry, the medical or health sciences. You have keen powers of observation and analysis, and you work thoroughly and efficiently (some might say obsessively). When out of balance you can worry excessively and be a bitter critic of the world and/or yourself.

You often function as the power behind the throne or as a shrewd advisor to others.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Virgo: Ammachi, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Al, BPoe, JonathanG

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Libra: Your Mars is in Libra, suggesting that your urge to relate, to gain with, and to form cooperative alliances with others is an important part of your function and your fate. You are to work in tandem, as part of a team or close partnership, balancing your needs and your will with those of your partner. Your desire for harmony, beauty, and connection underlies your actions. Beware, however, of submerging your own desires and ability to act decisively on your own behalf, which can lead to concealed anger, corrosive conflict, and "hidden enemies" (in the world or in your own inner life). Be aboveboard and honest in all your dealings, also. Trying to achieve your aims covertly or through the efforts of other people is apt to backfire. Instead use your energy to bring people together, to mediate, negotiate, or create fairness in your world.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Libra: Sigmund Freud, Nicole Kidman, Karl Renz, Gore Vidal, Arrow, ChrisTr, Jen, Suji

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Scorpio: Your Mars is in Scorpio as well emphasizing your attunement to deep primal forces in nature, and your need to stay connected with the forces of life in a wild, raw, uncivilized state. You express the energies of both birth and death, creativity and destructiveness, and understand the need for both. You have tremendous physical presence, vitality, and passion to use for good or ill intents. Power will always be an issue in your life - you must learn to acknowledge your power and the ramifications of using it. The power of nature is a source of your own strength and healing. Intensity of experience is more important than permanence.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Scorpio: Mahatma Gandhi, Cynthia, Jean, Zeno

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Sagittarius: Your Mars is in the spirited, expansive, adventurous sign of Sagittarius: you are drawn to risky, future-oriented, ventures and challenging, even dangerous, pursuits. Idealistic and philosophical, your instincts are guided (and perhaps held in check) by your sense of fair play and your convictions. Zeal and passion are your keynotes. When out of balance you can be excessively zealous, self-righteous, and reckless in your enthusiasm. At best, though, you function as an explorer and as an inspiring example to others. The joy of adventure and exploration is what you are meant to express.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Sagittarius: Terence McKenna, Vaslav Nijinsky, Mark Twain, Ivy, JJ, River

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Capricorn: Your Mars is in the earthy, practical, ambitious and serious sign of Capricorn, suggesting that tangible material accomplishments and goals are important to you. You know how the world operates and are meant to take a well-planned, calculated, ordered route to your destination. Work and self-discipline -not to mention considerable self-sacrifice- are keys. Work may become an addiction; professional ambition certainly is paramount. You are to function as an authority in some manner.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Capricorn: Jim Carrey, Thomas Edison, Uri Geller, Groucho Marx

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Aquarius: Your Mars in the unconventional, collective-oriented, free-thinking sign of Aquarius, suggesting that the regeneration of society is a major interest and focus of your attention. Your perceptiveness regarding its underlying, core problems, along with your ability to invent or co-create unusual and innovative solutions, is the key to fulfilling your destiny. Your function is that of a reformer, dissident, or group leader.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Aquarius: Dewitt

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Pisces: Your Mars is in the imaginative, dreamy, visionary, spiritually-open sign of Pisces, suggesting your ability to access altered states of consciousness or dream-time quite readily. The use of images through visualization or art, for instance, is a primary source of healing for you. Water, baptism, birth, cleansing rituals are key elements. Intoxicants of any kind (especially alcohol) can be your downfall, leading to a feeling of confusion and aimlessness or powerlessness. You have pronounced psychic sensitivities which can be developed and used to evolve your own life as well as others.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Pisces:

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Aries: Your Pluto in Aries reveals a passion for freedom, daring, heroic individualism. Bold action and/or arrogant confidence which can lead to your downfall, are indicated and play a key role in your destiny.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Aries: Thomas Edison, Mark Twain

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Taurus: Your Pluto in Taurus reveals a deeply willful, stubborn, and inflexible nature which needs to become more yielding. Money, wealth, economics could be your obsession, and in any case play a key role in your life and destiny.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Taurus: Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, Bertrand Russell

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Gemini: Your Pluto in Gemini reveals a compelling need to understand. You prize intellect and education and have a drive to use your mind. These are important keys to fulfilling your destiny.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Gemini: Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis, Groucho Marx, Vaslav Nijinsky, Paramahansa Yogananda

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Cancer: Your Pluto in Cancer reveals a need to release old conditioning, familiar patterns, and the security and/or burdens of the "old world" in order to regenerate yourself and access your powers.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Cancer: Clint Eastwood, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Gloria Steinem, Gore Vidal, Supr

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Leo: Your Pluto in Leo reveals a need to release your tendency to worship power or powerful charismatic personalities. Excessive self-will, self-glorification, or an obsessive focus on your personal self and desires are shadowy aspects of your being, and will need to be confronted on your path to fulfilling your soul purpose.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Leo: Al, Ammachi, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Terence McKenna, Jack Nicklaus, Karl Renz, Robin Williams, Arrow, BPoe, ChrisC, JJ, Uri Geller, Cynthia, Ivy, Jean, JerryH, JonathanG, Kay, Paulo, River, Suji, Zeno

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Virgo: Your Pluto in Virgo reveals a drive for perfection or self-purification that can become compulsive. Guilt over real or imagined wrongs needs to be shed. Also, you have a capacity for in-depth analysis, technical expertise or perfection, and exacting precision in your work.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Virgo: Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Cheri, ChrisTr, Dewitt

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Libra: Your Pluto in Libra reveals a drive for justice, fairness, equality, and bringing the scales back into balance. You tend to see the injustices and corruption, and part of your function is indeed to bring wrongs to light. The balance of power in personal relationships is also a key concern of yours.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Libra: Jen

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Scorpio: Your Pluto is in Scorpio as well, revealing a capacity for entering into the darkest places in order to bring consciousness, light, and healing. If you are drawn to use your powers and abilities selfishly, you will often feel isolated and will be your own worst enemy. You are attuned to depth, rapture, and what some would consider horrible or taboo. You could be a profound healer, Shaman, or medicine man/woman if your motives are clear.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Scorpio:

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Sagittarius: Your Pluto is in Sagittarius, revealing a need to cleanse, revise, and expand your beliefs about the nature of life. Dogmatism and zealous, one-sided convictions need to be shed in order for you to fulfill your highest purpose.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Sagittarius: Zoë

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Capricorn: Your Pluto in Capricorn reveals a destiny of both destroying and reforming societal structures and forms - government, established business or financial practices, or other conventions. Corruption, hypocrisy, and greed are to be cleansed and released, and you are one of many intended for this work. You also have a strong will-to-power which needs to be tempered with humility and care.

Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Capricorn: Ludwig van Beethoven

Scorpio Rising Woman: You are aware of the fact that you have a very strong energy around you - although it's sometimes more negative than you would like. People just seem to react to you so strongly, even if you didn't mean to put anything out. In fact, they either love you or hate you on sight. There's no in between. Maybe they pick up on the fact that very little escapes your notice. You can't help seeing the underside of things, the little nuances of interaction, the subtleties, the veiled glances. You know things.

Your first response is to hold back. You watch and wait, checking things out. You're opinionated and you have strong feelings. When you do express yourself, it's often too much for most people. So you've learned to control yourself.

Life is a mystery to be unraveled and you're good at the unraveling. But you want to be appreciated as a mystery, also. This is probably why people always think you're sexy even when you're not in the least coming on to anyone. Often you don't say much at first, but you like to be seen as charismatic, fascinating, a depth to be plunged into. You definitely don't like being obvious about it though. You like to let your magnetism happen.

You're aware of power in the world and you respect it. You're even a little in awe of it because it makes you feel your own power. And you need a man who has equal power. If he's less than you are, he'll be intimidated. You hate being intimidating, but it's hard for you to avoid. Most men are afraid of you.

A man needs to challenge you. You've got to feel you've met your match- otherwise, you'll make mincemeat of him even if you don't mean or want to. It just happens. Admiration turns you on- but you have to know it's real. You can spot a phony a mile off. Because of all this, you're wary when you first meet people. You wish you could be easy and relaxed, but you can't. Not until you realize that they're fascinated by you.

Scorpio Rising Man: You're not an easy guy to understand or to get a handle on. That’s because you're naturally secretive and hidden inside yourself. You don’t go around slopping out your innards on all and sundry. You keep yourself to yourself. That’s because you're always on the alert - for danger, for sexual opportunities. You can intimidate a roomful of people without even trying, just by your intense attitude and air of mystery. You're the “tall, dark, handsome stranger” even if you're a 5-foot, 5-inch blonde. It’s your aura. Comes with the territory. Your eyes are the fix. You can stare down anyone without a flicker of a blink. It’s evident to anyone with whom you come in contact that you're out to accomplish your goals, whatever they are. You don’t fool around. Your objectives are fixed, and you put all your energy behind getting them achieved. You have within you hidden sources of strength and power that you can draw on at will. Most people don’t know about these things, and that gives you a considerable edge. But you keep quiet about it most of the time.

Money isn’t a problem for you, because you understand intuitively how these things work. Money multiplies in your hands, and it’s rarely an issue. This may be because you're circumspect. You don’t mouth off about your affairs and when you have to put something in writing, you're careful of what it is and who sees it. You’ve a well-deserved reputation for secrecy.

Sex is a major influence on you, and it is never very far from your thoughts. In spite of your sexual orientation, you can be sentimental when you're in love, even selfless. You give of yourself, and you're very deep. This deepness makes you a hard worker. You're an original thinker and a self-starter. You get a lot done in a short time because you're efficient and you take charge. You’ll help the other guy out, but you then expect him to learn and carry on, on his own. Wealthy women find you attractive, and all women are fascinated by your interests in mystery and supernatural events, séances in particular. As Shakespeare said, “There are more things in heaven and earth ... than are dreamed of...".

See also: Scorpio Rising; Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising: Ammachi, Fred Astaire, Jim Carrey, Charlie Chaplin, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tom Cruise, Bette Davis, Clint Eastwood, Thomas Edison, Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi, Uri Geller, Helen Keller, Nicole Kidman, Groucho Marx, Terence McKenna, Jack Nicklaus, Vaslav Nijinsky, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Karl Renz, Bertrand Russell, Gloria Steinem, Mark Twain, Ludwig van Beethoven, Gore Vidal, Robin Williams, Paramahansa Yogananda, Al, Arrow, BPoe, Cheri, ChrisC, ChrisTr, Cynthia, Dewitt, Ivy, Jean, Jen, JerryH, JJ, JonathanG, Kay, Paulo, River, Supr, Suji, Zeno, Zoë

Sagittarius Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to enjoy the situation, while seeing the big picture. When first introduced to someone, this person will first get the person laughing; then pique his or her interest; displaying high spirits, wisdom and playfulness. The social mask this character wears is free-spirited, adventurous, playful, optimistic, philosophical, exaggerating and opinionated.

Sagittarius Rising: The world is filled with adventure, new things to experience, and, most of all, hope, with this Ascendant. There is an unmistakable faith and enthusiasm with Sagittarius rising people. Grand schemes, big promises, and a willingness to explore and experiment are themes, although follow-through is not a strong characteristic of Sagittarius.

These individuals are somewhat restless and often active people. They always seem to be looking for something that is just out of grasp -- and many do this their entire lives. They can be quite direct at times, yet they are likable enough to forgive for their faux-pas. Most have a lot to say and offer. Their insights and opinions are usually interesting and exciting, although sometimes lacking in details.

Sagittarius rising people have opinions about everything, and they just love telling others exactly what they are. Not all people with this position are outgoing folk, but they all have a way of moving about that at least exudes a certain level of confidence. Some might even call them naive or overly optimistic. Even the quiet ones don't shrink from life and from experience. One of the most obvious and endearing traits of Sagittarius rising is their willingness to keep up a sense of humor. Even when they're feeling low, they manage to find humor in life and have fun with whatever they do have. The placement of Sagittarius' ruling planet, Jupiter, will give more clues to how they go about expressing themselves. Jupiter in Capricorn, for example, might give a more sarcastic approach, but underneath there lies an unmistakable hope and spirit for living.

Sagittarius Rising: High-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant, you love adventure, change, exploring new territory, and are not happy confined to the same safe, familiar, secure little world all the time. You have a strong restlessness and yearning for something greater than anything you've yet experienced, and you often live in your dreams and visions for the future. You tend to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else and you like to keep moving, either literally or figuratively. Idealistic and optimistic, you always expect something better ahead. You love to have a goal, something to aim for, but once you achieve it you are on to something else. You are ever on the lookout for new opportunities and you are a gambler, willing to take risks and to break new ground. The possibility of discovering something new is what makes life interesting for you. You have great faith in life and bounce back quickly from disappointment and failure.

Freedom-loving and independent, you cannot tolerate being caged for very long, and friends and loved ones must respect your need for freedom of movement. Binding commitments and responsibilities often weigh heavily upon you and you may resist "growing up" and taking on the limitations of adult life.

You are friendly and outgoing and have a great sense of fun and playfulness. You are also philosophically minded and often quite outspoken about your convictions and beliefs. Sometimes you get carried away with your enthusiasm of the moment and you tend to exaggerate. You are often a big talker, full of big promises, and you are usually pretty convincing. You do everything in a big way, a generous way. You like to have the best, and you heartily dislike stinginess, littleness, or pettiness. Your vision is always large. You are able to perceive the big picture, general patterns and principles, and are well suited to politics, business, higher education or religion.

Other people see you as a good sport and a good friend, but one who is not always consistent and dependable. You may also be seen as a wise person since you do not get bogged down in pettiness and trivialities, and are able to communicate a larger way of looking at situations, one that opens up new potentials. You are a person who believes in miracles, grace, or just plain good luck, someone who never gives up on life, and you inspire and encourage others to keep looking forward.

Sagittarius Rising: Faith, belief and the ability to foresee and envision the future or "what could be" are essential elements of your soul function. You may well be ahead of your time or at the fore front of coming trends and movements in the collective. You are a seeker, one who searches for the overview, the larger pattern, or a broad, over-arching philosophy of life - and also a teacher who conveys that vision or broadcasts it in some way. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Aries: Your Jupiter in Aries suggests that leadership, spearheading new enterprises, and adventurously exploring new territory are part of your soul function. Positivity and action are key qualities. However, overblown enthusiasm, not knowing limits, and a lack of humility or of follow through on your inspired plans can create non-fulfillment of your greatest potential.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Aries: Shirley Temple Black, Brad Pitt, Bobbie, JRosh (cusp)

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Taurus: Your Jupiter in Taurus suggests that in addition to vision and optimism, you have the practicality and stability to bring your dreams into concrete manifestation. You are gifted along material and financial lines, and are generous with your gifts. Business is a natural avenue of expression for you. Using the fruits of the earth wisely is a key to your fulfillment.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Taurus: Bob Dylan, Bruce Lee

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Gemini: Your Jupiter in Gemini suggests that your role is to be a messenger, which will involve educating, spreading ideas or information, communicating, or facilitating communications between others.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Gemini: Oprah Winfrey, Joze

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Cancer: Your Jupiter is in Cancer, which suggests that building a sense of community, of family, of support and nourishment for everyone is an important aspect of your soul function. Your compassion and empathy expresses itself as generosity. Though broad in your thinking and concerns, home and loyalty to your origins is very important to you.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Cancer: Warren Buffett, Jimi Hendrix, Jamie

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Leo: Your Jupiter is in Leo, which suggests the great warmth, enthusiasm, heart, and generosity of spirit that infuses your expression. You love the color, drama, and celebration of life, and are gifted with a contagious confidence. Extravagance could be a temptation, for you cannot conceive of doing anything on a modest scale. Large plans and organizing major productions are your forte.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Leo: Mickey Mantle

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Virgo: Your Jupiter in Virgo suggests that in addition to your vision and your ability to see the big picture, you have highly developed critical and intellectual faculties. You believe very strongly in education and lifelong learning. You are meant to translate your philosophical beliefs into concrete, practical service, and are particularly suited to education, medicine, law - or somehow combining these together. (Teaching about health and "natural laws", for instance).

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Virgo: Timothy Leary, Bob Marley, Lori, Nirvesh

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Libra: Your Jupiter in Libra suggests that your role is to promote your ideals of harmony, peacemaking, cooperation, true friendship, and understanding between people. You may do this formally (through, say interpersonal mediation or international good will programs) or simply in your one-to-one interactions as you go through your daily life.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Libra: Mother Teresa

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Scorpio: Your Jupiter in Scorpio suggests you have a remarkable understanding of life's inner workings and you can access deep transformative energies for healing yourself and others. An unusually thorough investigator, it is your ability to probe into the darkest places and to see what others can not or do not wish to see, that holds the key to fulfilling your fate.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Scorpio: Ty Cobb, L.Ron Hubbard, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Patti Smith, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Prabhukar, Tyler

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius: Your Jupiter is in Sagittarius as well, signifying that you are a generalist with intuitive perception of whole patterns and systems, and a far-reaching, expansive, wide-open view of reality. Like William Blake you spend much time in "the heavens". Philosophy and the religious dimension of life are key elements in your life and fate.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius: Marlon Brando, Robert Plant

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Capricorn: Your Jupiter is in the earthy, ambitious sign of Capricorn, suggesting that you apply your ability to see whole patterns and systems in a practical context, perhaps, in business enterprises, or administration.

You blend vision with realism, hope and optimism with pragmatic strategy, heaven and earth - and this is the key to your fate and your function.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Capricorn: Lorraine

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Aquarius: Your Jupiter is in humanitarian, idealistic Aquarius, suggesting that global issues, understanding whole patterns and systems, and spreading a message across the world is an important part of your fate and function. The uniting of humanity or of spiritual brethren for an evolutionary purpose is a part of this.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Aquarius: Princess Diana, Ted Turner, BenT, Tom

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Pisces: Your Jupiter is in the imaginative, all-embracing and compassionate sign of Pisces, suggesting that altruism and unselfish giving are innate and natural for you. Your love of the ocean and/or foreign travel play an important role in your fate.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Pisces: Friedrich Nietzche, Gabriela, Geoff, JRosh (barely), Raga, Travis

Sagittarius Rising Woman: You are a friendly sort of person who's always got a smile on her face, even if it's raining. You like to get a handle on the big picture. You like to develop a theory to fall back on. You enjoy philosophizing and talking about ideas. You are always interested in what others have to say, as long as it is intelligent and humorous. You like to have a good time with everything you do, even work. Unusual people especially attract you- maybe they are artistic or from a foreign country. Friends are important and you have a lot of them you've known a long time.

Your eyes are always on the stars. You like to contemplate what's at a distance, what's higher up so to speak. Though you think ideas need a practical application, you want to let your mind roam free, for that's the best way to encourage your creativity to come out and play. At home, you take it easy, and you like your solitude and privacy. That's because you work hard and play hard, and then you need a retreat.

Beauty and artistry are important to you, but you want to get paid well for what you do. Money makes the world go round, and it is also the means to go around the world. You love to travel, the farther the better. You learn and experience that way and deepen your philosophical outlook. Meeting new and different people excites you.

You are the original cockeyed optimist, for you know there's always sunshine after the rain. Often there's a rainbow to boot! You can always see the good in any situation, no matter how bad it seems. You're flexible and friendly, keeping your options open, especially in the romance department. Talk to you and turn you on to new things but don't fence you in. You want a man who expands your horizons. You can be downright aggressive when you're attracted, and you don't hesitate to initiate sex, which is a form of play, and you love to play! Life is a great adventure and you want to be in whatever is free spirited and adventurous.

Sagittarius Rising Man: You’re a friendly person, and you consider yourself an optimist. You like to look at the big picture and enjoy yourself in so doing. Your goals are all large in scale - the smaller things don’t interest you. Although you’re usually in a good mood, you confess that you’re rather preoccupied with your own thoughts and projects. Usually you can convince others of your way of thinking, and that’s always to your advantage. It’s not that you’re devious, for you’re open and aboveboard, but you do have the ability to inspire others with your “infectious optimism”. And, when inspired, they just naturally do things your way.

Despite your capacity to see the big picture, you don’t miss the financial details. Actually, you’re practical about money and how it’s spent, as well as ambitious to accumulate it. You like durable goods and things that have lasting value. You have a practical nature, and although most of your many ideas come to you in flashes of intuition, you can almost always find a practical application for them. You pride yourself on being progressive, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Those ideas that have stood the test of time are welcome in your scheme. Maybe you’re such a practical guy because your family’s the other way around. Your siblings are downright peculiar - if and when you see them. Which is why you keep your home as peaceful and quiet as possible. You need your privacy.

You can be an original thinker, and you’re good at conceptualizing. Though you’re basically a free spirit, you like to have a theoretical base from which to take off. At heart, you’re a philosopher no matter what you do for a living. You’re careful about your public image, and though you’re independent in your ways, you don’t let that interfere with your professional standing.

You’re not much of a romantic, but you’ve got a roving eye. You can be downright aggressive when you see someone you like, and if she agrees you are very passionate and demanding. You can enjoy some vigorous sexual play together. But you need versatility in your love affairs. So you’re really a loner.

See also: Sagittarius Rising; Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Rising: Shirley Temple Black, Marlon Brando, Warren Buffett, Ty Cobb, Princess Diana, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, L.Ron Hubbard, Elton John, Timothy Leary, Bruce Lee, Mickey Mantle, Bob Marley, Friedrich Nietzche, Brad Pitt, Robert Plant, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Patti Smith, Mother Teresa, Ted Turner, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, BenT, Bobbie, Gabriela, Geoff, Jamie, Joze, JRosh, Lori, Lorraine, Nirvesh, Prabhukar, Raga, Tom, Travis, Tyler

Capricorn Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to be realistic, manage and check the bottom line. When first introduced to someone, this person is matter-of-fact and reticent while discovering the other person’s status; displaying ambition, integrity and capability. The social mask this character wears is ambitious, dedicated, hardworking, serious, status-conscious, organized, stiff and restricting.

Capricorn Rising: There's a seriousness to Capricorn rising people that is unmistakable. Even when they're joking around, it's of the deadpan variety. In fact, plenty of very humorous people have Capricorn Ascendants. It's all in the timing...and the fact that they don't giggle before the joke is over.

Capricorn Ascendant people project competence. They simply ooze it. They're generally very image-conscious people--the clothes they wear and their manner are a big deal to them. They want to appear successful, and they generally succeed!

Often the Ascendant persona is the one that was forced upon us by family conditioning. For example, parents may label their Libra Ascendant child the "nice" one; their Aries Ascendant child the "independent" one; and their Pisces Ascendant child is generally the space cadet of the family. We adopt these roles as familiar ones, and often carry them with us as our defense mechanisms, in some way or another, for the rest of our lives. In the case of Capricorn Ascendants, these were the children who were considered the responsible ones. Sometimes, it was they themselves who looked around them and felt the need to be the structured, dependable, and responsible members of the family. So, often, Capricorn rising people adopted a strong sense of tradition, family, and responsibility at a very young age.

Capricorn rising people are generally big on family, and forever worry about security--for themselves and their dependents. They come across to others as hard-working, competent, and dependable people. What others may not see under that cool, even suave, exterior, is an inner struggle: they often ask themselves, "Am I doing enough?", "Do I deserve all of this?", "How can I make things better?" They worry a lot about the future.

If success seemed to have come easy to these folks, it hasn't. They just made it look that way with a patient, hard-working, driven personality. Some Capricorn rising people practice some form of self-denial. They know how to do away with the frivolous. Still, they'll spend money on the clothes they really want (the ones with the right labels, that is), and other status symbols. Although they're rarely showy, their quiet air of success is often a result of conscious effort.

More often than not, Capricorn rising individuals are success stories. Their childhoods may have been difficult, but they slowly but surely turn their lives around. Saturn rules this Ascendant, and this generally means a kind of backwards way of living--as children, they are serious and bear a lot of responsibility; and as they grow up, they age beautifully, learning how to loosen up.

Capricorn Rising: Hardheaded realism, earthly pragmatism and a concern for outward form or reputation colors your entire life expression. You are ruled by Saturn, planet of time, old age, and maturity, as well as of pruning, discipline, and restriction, the archetype of the Crone or the Seney, the old man. Thus, you possess the impersonal detachment and worldly understanding of an elder, even in youth. You will have to cultivate flexibility and moisture (in your body as well as in your thinking) in order to offset your natural tendency toward dryness and/or rigidity and stiffness. (Since you are Saturn-ruled, the section on this planet later in the report is especially relevant to you).

Capricorn Rising: Cautious, prudent, and rather self-contained, you are a person who approaches life realistically and who is not inclined to take foolish chances or get carried away by the overly optimistic or idealistic schemes of starry-eyed dreamers. In fact, you frequently have a jaundiced view of such things. You are rather worldly-wise at a fairly young age, even something of a cynic. Often the world doesn't seem like a safe, friendly place to you, and you tend to approach life in a guarded, conservative manner. You are generally calculating and careful, and are rarely spontaneous, fluid, open, and childlike.

You are pragmatic, shrewd, and an excellent strategist, carefully planning your moves for maximum effectiveness and advantage. You are willing to work long and persistently for what you want and you often do things the hard way. You do not expect others to take care of you and sometimes refuse or simply don't seek any outside help. You are often very ambitious, but quietly so. There is nothing flamboyant or flashy about your approach. You are very responsible, conscientious, and very concerned with your duties to others and how you appear in society, your "rank" so to speak.

To others you seem mature, serious, quiet, reflective, and emotionally detached. You dislike sloppy sentimentality and won't openly display your feelings, especially the softer ones. You like to always appear poised and in control and hate to show any weakness, vulnerability, or chinks in the armor.

You respect tradition and the time-honored way of doing things, and you feel there is much to be gained from studying history and also by learning from older, more experienced people. A wise mentor or father is often your guide in life, and you in turn develop a great deal of hard-earned wisdom which you like to impart to younger people.

You have a stern, authoritarian, no-nonsense aspect to your personality. You expect much from yourself and may not give yourself enough room to experiment and make mistakes.

You also tend to be rather close-fisted, to save and conserve your money and resources rather than spending, enjoying, or splurging with them. You spend money on things of quality and of lasting value, things which are good investments, but not frivolous, temporary pleasures. There is a bit of the ascetic in you. You have great self-discipline and self-control and can "do without" very well. Your tastes are generally understated and simple.

Though you may have other, more colorful and imaginative sides, the face you show the world is modest and rather conservative.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Aries: Since Capricorn is an Earthy Sign and Aries a Fiery Sign and both are Cardinal or Active Signs, there will always be a liability towards experiencing conflicting conditions and, even, antagonism from others connected with both the private and the business sides of life. Earth and Fire do not harmonise very well and hence there will be a discord in the nature particularly when the practical side conflicts with the ambitious side. On the other hand the factor of optimism can be used constructively to combat tendencies towards depression.

Although in many respects this Planet is termed the Planet of Fate and, from this point of view will bring worrying and anxious periods, it will aid the power of endurance and fortitude, and help in working through many of the difficulties encountered. The Planet Saturn is in the Sign Aries at birth and this gives rather contrary characteristics. Thus, whilst there will be the courage of personal convictions to say and do the things which are felt to be correct, there will also be impatience and an inclination towards the taking of risks and, at times, a tendency to act too quickly and thus precipitate some of the conditions which are least desired. There is an idealistic attribute and when this is blended constructively with the natural ambition, alterations and reforms beneficial to the native and to others can be brought about. However, should the desire for power and authority be allowed to assert itself in an unwise manner, changes not anticipated will be experienced, together with difficulties resulting from the resistance of others to such attempted authority.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Aries: Dustin Hoffman

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Taurus: There will be more constructive thought and action and less natural obstinacy when Saturn is in Taurus, as ruler of Capricorn. Both Capricorn and Taurus are Earthy Signs and, hence, there is Saturn in the twelve Signs f35 more natural harmony. The practical side of the nature will be enhanced; there will be a stronger social quality in the nature (due to the desire for companionship denoted by Venus as ruler of Taurus). Thus there will be closer contact with the social, public and artistic sides of life than anticipated.

Troubles, worries, delays and frustrations are likely as a result of the Saturn vibration, but there will be compensating qualities of endurance, persistence and concentration. Saturn was in the Sign Taurus at birth and this is a more favoured position, which will strengthen the capacity to plan out ahead and to bring about a consolidating of interests as plans develop. It gives a stronger degree of patience where long term plans are concerned.

Financial matters will become prominent from time to time, and though worrying and anxious periods will occur when delays, obstructions and difficulties are encountered, the practicality of thought and judgment will enable a way through the difficulties to he found. On occasions a degree of obstinacy can be exhibited but this, generally, will only manifest itself, when other people try to force the native to do things or to agree to conditions which are entirely against the desires and when, in order to preserve independence the native has to put up a rather stiff resistance.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Taurus:

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Gemini: The Earth-Air combination-Capricorn and Gemini-is only partly harmonious; it may easily denote great brain power applied to lower or practical ends rather than to higher things. Success is, often, much hampered by over caution and suspicion. The power of mental concentration is usually, intensified, but only if aspect between Saturn and Mercury are good or, at least, not bad, will this takes the most favourable form. If the reverse, it may express itself in dishonesty, anti-social scheming, excessive acquisitiveness and greed.

Troubles, worries, delays and frustration’s are likely as a result of the Saturn influence-and they may be especially adverse in early life, childhood, schooldays and youth. On the other hand, compensating faculties of endurance, persistence and concentration are intensified. At birth Saturn was in the Sign Gemini. With Capricorn on the Ascendant, this gives the power of concentration in intellectual studies and pursuits with a thoroughly practical and utilitarian aim. If it is chosen to cultivate such powers, there will be good prospects of success later in life after difficult beginnings.

Care should be taken to avoid irritability, malice and un- characteristics of thought, covetousness and unduly suspicious, over-cautious outlooks. Scientific interests, especially in research directions would be worth cultivating. Special efforts should be made to increase depth of thought and strength of character, because the Capricorn-Gemini blend in the horoscope is one which may, according to the individual's mode of cooperating with these vibrations, make either a great philosopher and scientist or a public enemy and criminal. Acting through Gemini, Saturn gives much ingenuity of mind, which can be well or ill applied.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Gemini: Bram, David, Farmer

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Cancer: Whatever handicap a Planetary position gives a person at birth, the necessary power to cope adequately is always given at the same time; that is why our 'Stars' show the conditions to be contended with and do not fatally destine us to fail in any contest. Saturn-Moon and Capricorn-Cancer personalities have much to contend against. It is possible for them to develop a strong sense of duty, with much intuitive sensitiveness and understanding of others, and great mystical attainment’s. Aspects play an important part and make a great difference.

Known as the Planet of 'Fate' it tends to cause frustration’s in life and brings with it worrying and delaying conditions. It does give, however, the possibility of developing intellectual powers or concentration, fortitude to cope with trouble and a gift for scientific research. Placed, as it is, in Cancer at birth it is likely to have a hampering effect on material things and any sort of career. It win provide something to fight against which will develop a really fine character if successfully contended with, which can be done if desired. There is a need to be on guard against the tendency to inactivity, to peevish discontent and to a too self-centred outlook.

Personal business interests should not be allowed to suffer through home cares. A public-spirited consideration for the interest of others will not come without effort to a native with this planetary position, but every endeavour should be made to cultivate such a spirit. On the whole much better work will be done where steady routine is what matters than in seeking any position of great responsibility. Medium ship, occult or psychic powers may very well be easily developed.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Cancer:

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Leo: Earth, represented by Capricorn, is an element resistant to fire so that the combination here is not a very harmonious one. It may be worth noticing which part of the Sign Leo Saturn is in, and which part of the Sign Capricorn is on the Ascendant. If one of the last few degrees of Capricorn rises while Saturn is on one of the first few degrees of Leo, conflict may be intensified by the fact that Saturn is almost in 'Opposition' to the Ascendant which it rules.

At birth it was situated in the Sign Leo and, thus, life is bound to show the effects so characteristic of Saturn-troubles, worries, delays, hindrance and frustration. On the other hand it gives an intensified capacity for endurance, persistency and concentration of mind to cope with such things. The life will be further helped by the vital strength of Leo, giving a fitness for responsibility, authority and strength of character, and making the native an outstanding figure in whatever circles in which life is placed and giving the ability to become something of a leader. It win usually be found that superiors and those in any higher position are helpful in their influence on affairs.

There is a capacity for great strength of feeling; troubles may come through love-affairs or through giving way to anger, unless in both directions the great control which Saturn makes possible is exercised with the practical down-to-earth common sense favoured by Capricorn. Great business abilities are denoted and the capacity to be successful if in control of large undertakings. Indeed, control and a position of command rather than a subordinate situation is the natural sphere. It is possible that health troubles may develop affecting the circulation and heart, but with care, the strong Leo vitality is a good protection.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Leo:

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Virgo: The Planet Saturn is ruler of the Sign Capricorn and so becomes the ruling Planet. It brings troubles, difficulties, delays, hindrances and disappointments, but with it goes an equipment of intensified power of endurance, persistency and concentration helping to cope with these handicaps. Situated at birth in the Sign Virgo, it gives great mental powers with the faculty of applying them in constructive and practical directions, and much critical discrimination of outlook on people and things. There is a liability to be gloomy and pessimistic, subject to fits of depression and, at times, too sharply critical of other people, traits that it will be necessary to contend against.

This is possible, for there is a strong will-power, much firmness of character and the native is not easily swayed once the mind is made up. A fondness for reading and study and ability for conscientiously painstaking work with much attention to detail, are coupled with a tendency to concentrate too much on that which gives a gloomy view of life. The person is tidy by nature and orderly in the logical and mental processes and tastes. In intellectual directions there is some power of originality, though this may not show itself in early life.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Virgo: Ashira, Dunja, Jane

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Libra: A very active person, with much initiative, is likely to result from the blend of two Cardinal Signs, Capricorn and Libra, while the blend of Earth and Air, or of practicality and intellect, should make for a sound mental attitude to concrete things. Libra is the Sign of Saturn's Exaltation; moreover, when Capricorn is on the Ascendant, Libra will, usually, be not far from the Mid heaven, and so public career, profession and reputation may be largely affected by the favourable.

The 'Planet of Fate', as Saturn is called, will inevitably confront the person through life with worries, difficulties, disappointments, delays and hindrances as part of training. It does give, how ever, persistence, endurance, and concentration as added powers with which to react to such handicaps. There is a strong love of justice, and an equally strong sense of duty. The person is a 'stickler' at anything undertaken and will not shirk even dry routine and hard work, although there is quite an appreciation of beauty, ease and comfort. Many people with this position in their horoscope find that marriage is delayed or hampered by obstacles or difficulties, or involves some discrepancy of age or class. It is good for success in business if in partnership with other people, being favourably helped by partnerships of all kinds, especially with those senior in age.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Libra: J.Paul Getty, Meher Baba, DonW, MFor

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Scorpio: It will help the student more to get the 'feel' of different Signs and Planets than to memorise ready made readings mechanically. Consider the blend in this case. Cardinal Earth, ruled by a cold, delaying Planet, which is situated in Fixed Water, disposed of by a fiery aggressive Planet (Scorpio) whose 'host' is Mars. The Earthy, practical material nature, with a strong emotional, receptive side (Earth plus Water); the restless activity of the Cardinal Signs, and the unyielding resistance to interference of the Fixed Signs, in the same personality, liable to the frustrations Saturn brings, whenever Aspects are adverse.

Although in many instances this Planet is known as the Planet of 'Fate' and, from this standpoint, will bring various troubles, difficulties, obstructions and limitations into the life, it also gives the power of endurance, fortitude, concentration and organisation thus enabling the person to work through such difficulties, showing that life will be rather eventful. There will be many ups and downs, an experiencing, on occasions, of bitter and unpleasant incidents causing a deal of resentment and even unhappiness, but with a deriving of invaluable knowledge and understanding which will aid in the handling of affairs and in the ultimate overcoming of obstacles.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Scorpio: Queen Elizabeth II, Paul Newman, Malcolm X, Steve

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Sagittarius: Although Saturn is a delaying Planet, the blend of Capricorn, a Cardinal Sign, with Sagittarius, a Mutable Sign, will make for more activity and less tendency to remain immobile,. At the same time, there will always be a tendency for such activity to be influenced overmuch by other people or things, a Mutable Sign influence. In another way, Saturn as ruler of Capricorn is less well placed in Sagittarius than Saturn, as ruler of Aquarius, for Earth (Capricorn) is more resistant to Fire (Sagittarius) than is Air (Aquarius). On the other hand, the 'jovial', i.e. Jupiter, influence of Sagittarius will go far to improve the nature.

Although it brings periods when an apparently fatalistic trend of affairs will seem to operate, and when anxieties, worries and troubles will be experienced through no direct personal fault, it also strengthens the powers of concentration and forethought.

At the same time it assists the practical side of the nature and will assist the person in taking the long view of affairs and in planning out things ahead so that, at psychological moments there is the ability to carry plans into operation and ultimately reap the benefit of previous work and effort.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Sagittarius: Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Capricorn: Character, temperament, disposition and general lines of destiny are, largely, a matter of the rising Sign, the Signs in which the ruling Planet is situated, the rising Planet itself and the Sign in which it is placed.

When the ruling Planet is also the rising Planet, as is the case here, and the rising Sign is also the Sign in which that Planet is placed then, instead of a balanced blend of influences of different kinds, there is an exaggeratedly emphatic strength of one kind of influence, almost unmodified by others, except for any Aspects there may be.

It tends to increase the natural reserve making other people probably regard the person as rather 'cold', possibly, indifferent in temperament, especially as a flow of light conversation does not come readily to the type. There is a capacity for being extremely diplomatic and to do well in political work. Much ambition is denoted, a practical sense of the concrete, persistence and a very strong and independent personality and character. Much help would be derived if an endeavour could be made to cultivate more cheerfulness, both within and outwardly, as this quality is rather lacking by nature.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Capricorn: Sean Connery, Robert Anton Wilson, Joanne Woodward, Lance

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Aquarius: Air and Earth are a blend of concrete common sense in practical matters with higher intellectual faculties which, if properly developed and exploited, many achieve very great things. Although, in many respects this Planet is known as the Planet of 'Fate' and, consequently, will bring periods of trouble, restriction, worry and difficulty into the life, it also gives strength of purpose which enables the difficulties to be overcome and bringing about a realising of earlier desires and wishes.

Nevertheless, it helps the person to take a realistic view of affairs and strengthens honesty of thought and purpose. The altruistic side of the nature is drawn out and there will be an interest in the educational, reformative, social and public sides of life. Positions of trust and responsibility can be held in connection with these various interests, and efforts should be made to advance affairs in these directions and to let the natural ambition have as full expression as possible.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Aquarius: AbbieJ, Pankaj

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Pisces: Aspects which Jupiter makes to Saturn are especially important in determining to what extent mysticism, religion, psychic faculties, or dissipation, vice, perversions, drugs or drink are likely to result from the Earthy nature of Capricorn blended with the often rather abnormal emotional vibrations of Pisces. It is more than possible that Neptune is a co ruler of Pisces, though this is not universally agreed upon, thus Aspects to Neptune made by Saturn may be worth special attention.

It will bring disappointments, many worries and hindrances in life. It is also a Planet of steadfastness, endurance and depth of thought and, if its vibrations are responded to as well as it is possible to do so, will provide compensating gifts of endurance persistency, a serious outlook and intellectual concentration.

This makes for a rather subtle character, which may not be easily understood by those around. There is a liability to suffer as a result of slander or scandal, either through the person’s own fault or otherwise, and from the unsympathetic attitude of those in authority as well as from unreliable or, even, disloyal friends and secret enemies. It would be fatally easy to allow this to develop traits of deceitfulness or hypocrisy, the avoidance of which is specially creditable in people born with this Planet and the Sign ruling, since it is, for such persons, an easier descent than for others.

Capricorn Rising and Saturn in Pisces: Jane Fonda

Capricorn Rising Woman: You like things to be well-organized and neat, whether it's your home or your office. Discipline is important to you, because that's how you get things done. You're not afraid of hard work, you welcome it. Everything you do is geared to achieve a specific result, whether you're baking a cake for the PTA bake sale or organizing a press conference for the introduction of a new product line. You don't do things in a hurry. You're a firm believer that "haste makes waste," and you don't waste anything- neither your time nor your energy. You take life seriously, and you take yourself seriously. You're ambitious and out to accomplish firm goals even though you work well financially in group endeavors. You're very innovative at everything you do, and you can turn your hand to making money off your unusual ideas.

You're a good manager and you can handle several jobs at once, whether it's icing a cake and cooking a casserole or getting out a report while planning for a conference. You don't shirk for anything. You can depend on you to get the job done, no matter how long it takes. You have staying power. And you're efficient. You get on well with your fellow workers because you are considerate of their needs and abilities. It's not your feminine wiles but your constructive attitude that makes you a good supervisor. People respect you.

You may appear austere and aloof at times, but you have strong emotions and when you get emotionally attached to a man, you're very tenacious. The problem is that with your strength you tend to attract men who are emotionally dependent. You're just your standard issue Earth Mother, you guess. You can't help it. You have lots of friends who are powerful and influential because you like to surround yourself with success. Weak individuals, except sometimes lovers, don't appeal to you. You're told your aspirations are too high, but what you don't reach for you can't get, right? As the poet said, "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp,/ Or what's a heaven for?"

Capricorn Rising Man: You take life seriously, work hard, and expect to get ahead. Everything you do has purpose, and you go about things in a systematic and organized way. You're not in a hurry. There's plenty of time to get everything done, especially if one has self-discipline, which you do. Whatever you do has a practical end in mind, otherwise what's the point? You're not the most cheerful of men, you admit that, but then the serious-minded rarely are comedians. They see reality and reality isn't funny. It's damned hard work.

Being serious doesn't mean being mentally stodgy. Not at all. Actually, you're quite a creative thinker and you make money in original ways, usually through group endeavors. You're a company man as a rule, maybe an inventor, and you can achieve financial success through innovative ideas. Sometimes these ideas come from flashes of intuition. Even though you're essentially practically minded, you don't downplay intuition, because you've seen it work for you. That's why you like to work alone. It gives more room for these things to happen. You like to plan and plan well, to organize your thoughts and ideas before you tell them to others. That way you don't get distracted. Consistency is important to you, and even if you're not a lawyer you have a legal mind. You're a good researcher, and you like to see your work realized in a structured way that is socially appropriate.

You can be quite romantic, but you tend to be a bit aggressive at home and sometimes there are emotional upsets and arguments. But your love and affection are constant, even if you fight on occasion. Whatever my status in life, you want your children to rise higher and enjoy the good things. You like to have well-appointed surroundings for yourself and you appreciate fine dining, art, music, and a cultivated environment.

Your emotions are strong, and when you get attached, you stay attached. Because you're a strong person, you do tend to attract the emotionally dependent, and this can cause you problems. But you can handle them.

See also: Capricorn Rising; Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Rising: Sean Connery, Queen Elizabeth II, Jane Fonda, J.Paul Getty, Dustin Hoffman, Carl Jung, Meher Baba, Paul Newman, Wilhelm Reich, Robert Anton Wilson, Joanne Woodward, Malcolm X, AbbieJ, Ashira, Bram, David, DonW, Dunja, Farmer, Jane, Lance, MFor, Pankaj, Steve

Aquarius Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to socialize, being different yet friendly. When first introduced to someone, this person is interesting and open; seeming fascinated with the other person; displaying display intelligence, eccentricity and humanitarianism. The social mask this character wears is unique, friendly, social, analytic, idealistic, New Age, detached, know-it-all and perverse.

Aquarius Rising: How unique and original Aquarius rising natives come across! These individuals are just that -- individuals, and they won't let you forget that fact. Often turned to for advice, these natives possess intellectual poise and savvy. They often are curious, and quite learned, in both science and metaphysics--anything that involves advancement of the human race holds much appeal.

It's hard to shock an Aquarius rising. They've seen it all, or at least want you to think they have. In fact, they often enjoy shocking others. Not that they are flamboyant by nature, but they do like to, albeit quietly, get a rise out of others. Some natives born with Aquarius on their Ascendant can be quietly provocative and irreverent.

Most people with this Ascendant are quite friendly and likable. Their personality quirks generally go over quite well with others. They generally give others quite a bit of freedom--accepting, as a rule, people from all walks of life as equals. And, their somewhat cool and detached curiosity about all that goes on around them appeals to most.

Curiously, Aquarius rising people can be a little standoffish while also coming across as humanitarian and kind.

Often labeled as independent and original children, Aquarius rising natives often feel a little "different" or "special" throughout life. They often feel like they are on the outside looking in, and their ability to observe and deduce is often uncanny. They're also adept at getting things to work, even when the parts that make up the whole seem like a puzzle with unusual pieces--especially when it comes to groups of people. This sets them apart as managers and team leaders. The Ascendant often reveals physical mannerisms and even choice of dress, as it shows how people present themselves to the world. With Aquarius here, natives sometimes have a quirkiness to their manner, and some dress in a slightly offbeat manner - not enough to make them stand out like a sore thumb, but just enough to express their original temperament.

Because these people seem so open to new ideas, it may be surprising when you encounter their decidedly stubborn streak. Aquarius is a fixed sign, after all. The ascendant sign shows how individuals react to new situations, and with Aquarius rising, there can be a resistance to change that seems to belie the native's generally progressive nature. There's a distinct inflexibility with Aquarian rising people, and, sometimes, a tendency to want to force their opinions on others. With their eye to the future of mankind as a whole, some people born with an Aquarius Ascendant overlook the more personal needs of the people closest to them. They are often attracted to partners who possess self-confidence and ardor.

Aquarius Rising: The characteristics of an Aquarius Ascendant are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Aquarius Ascendant with its ruling planet, Uranus, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Aquarius Ascendant, but whose Uranus is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Aquarius Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will "behave" differently than someone with a Aquarius Ascendant who does not have that aspect in their natal charts.

Aquarius Rising: You pursue your spiritual path along three distinct lines:
1. Self-serving personal aggrandizement that shifts into the service of humanity.
2. Selfish attention to material superficiality that transforms into spiritual activity to serve a divine purpose.
3. Self-conscious activity on the interpersonal level that changes to broader humanitarian awareness.

Each of these three tendencies is expressed in alternating activities, and it may be difficult to sort out what your lower and higher motivations are at any given time.

You have the capacity to think through situations. You can work with your physical desire motivations, your emotional attachments, and your mental processes to discern your typical behaviors and their motivations. As you do this, you encounter situations where your spiritual motivation is paired with a self-serving method. When this happens, you have the opportunity to change your tactics.

It is the movement that is important, not the precise content or direction. Your rising sign governs the circulation of blood through your body. Allow the metaphor of circulation to pervade your interactions with others and your communion with yourself. Permit the possibility in all your activities that your perceived goal is not the end of a process, but simply a milestone along the larger path.

Aquarius Rising: Forward-looking and progressive, you are a person who supports change, innovation, and human advancement, and you are often strongly committed to a humanitarian cause or social improvement. You are extremely aware of the interconnection and interdependence of all people, and are always relating personal issues to some larger framework. You see the political or social ramifications of personal actions, and you wish to contribute something of value to the world, or at least to your community or group.

The ideals of equality, fairness, human rights, brotherhood, social justice, etc. color your whole outlook and approach to life. You are truly interested in the good of the whole and not only your own personal well-being.

Sometimes you may overlook or ignore your own and others' personal needs, desires, and feelings, especially if they do not conform to your ideals of how one SHOULD feel or act. Though you have little patience for conservative narrow-mindedness, you yourself are sometimes dogmatic about your beliefs and ideologies.

You are attracted to the avant-garde, the latest advances in human thought and development, and you are eclectic and cosmopolitan in your tastes. You may consider yourself a "global citizen" rather than claiming a narrow, limited identification based on nationality, race, familial heritage, etc. You are strongly influenced by your peer group and the flavor of the times in which you grew up, more so than by parental or family influences. You are involved and active in groups, community efforts, cultural and progressive movements.

On a personal level, you are friendly and express a kind of impersonal good will towards others. You probably have many acquaintances but few really close friends, and much of your closeness with others is based on a sharing of common ideals and principles, rather than on emotional ties. Others see you as a good friend and comrade, who is objective, fair, and rather detached emotionally. You do not often show your emotions, and may be unsure how to respond to others' emotional expression, for you tend to be very rational.

You are also very independent and refuse to be possessed by any individual. You are not comfortable with traditional sexual roles and are inclined to have "liberated" views about marriage, relationships, sharing of child rearing responsibilities, etc. You need to have a life outside of the personal, domestic sphere and to be involved with people on a broader scale. The nurturing of family ties, and close, deep, personal sharing may take a back seat to your work or outside social involvements.

Aquarius Rising: Your personal destiny and soul function is ultimately related to the impulses toward progressive change, experimentation and innovative, creative thinking which reside in the collective psyche of your generation. You are a conduit for change, for awakening new thought. As such, you will always be seen as a bit avant-garde, offbeat, or different. Spiritual unity and weaving individuals into harmonious cooperative groups are the ideals that you are intended to embody. You focus is on the power of the group which transcends the individual. An innate and genuine humanitarianism and altruism are the high side of this; and uncompromising dogmatic social ideology is the other extreme. Ruled by both Saturn, the planet of form, and by Uranus, the planet of pure mind, you must bring your ideas and ideals into a real, practicable, livable form.

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Aries: Your Uranus is in Aries: You are iconoclastic, independent, daring, and prone to radical experiments and solutions. Leadership and/or a rejection of all external authority is part of your life pattern and your contribution to life.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Aries: Alan Arkin

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Taurus: Your Uranus is in Taurus: Experimenting with and implementing innovative ideas about economics, finances, and using the Earth's resources are a part of your generation's task. You may be ambivalent about personal ownership, and invent new ways of "sharing the wealth".

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Taurus: Ken Kesey, RoyO

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Gemini: Your Uranus is in Gemini: New technologies, new languages, new ideas, and methods of communicating are an important part of your generation's contribution to the world at large.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Gemini: Medwick

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Cancer: Your Uranus is in Cancer: Changes and advancement in the status of women, of families, or children is an important part of your contribution to the world at large. Different kinds of families or homes, and more flexible work or lifestyles may be a part of this. Also, you will investigate, invent, or support new ideas in the field of health and healing.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Cancer: Kim Basinger, H.G. Wells, AlexP, Duane, Marcy

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Leo: Your Uranus is in Leo: The rejection of all external authority or tyranny is a theme in your generation, and FREEDOM of self-expression is your deepest impulse. You have a gift for organizing group endeavors and leading efforts for individual's rights.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Leo: Barack Obama, Edouard de Rothschild, Erin

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Virgo: Your Uranus is in Virgo: You are to support change and awakening by reforming "the system" from within. Part of your task involves doing the clean-up work for previous generation's excesses and indiscriminate use of natural resources. Recycling, reusing, learning to use "waste" may be part of this.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Virgo: Erika

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Libra: Breaking down the walls of prejudice and other habits that keep people separate is an important part of your life pattern. You may reject previous "norms" of social behavior or styles -crossing over, blending, and combining in new ways.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Libra: Andrea, Sarik

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Scorpio: Your Uranus is in Scorpio: You are forceful, daring, and inclined to radical, even dangerous, endeavors. Passion about your causes can lead you to be reckless. A thrill-seeker, you enjoy living close to the edge. Changing society's ideas about sexuality, about the right to life for all, or the right to die may all be keys.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Scorpio: J. Krishnamurti, Andrew

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Sagittarius: Your Uranus is in Sagittarius: You rebel against all conservative, life-inhibiting beliefs and philosophies, religious or otherwise, and you have a streak of self-righteous fanaticism. Changing people's world-view or are least challenging it - is part of your life pattern.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Sagittarius: Karl Marx, Michelle

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Capricorn: Your Uranus is in Capricorn: You are a practical idealist, one who can implement changes from within the system rather than attacking it from without. You may hide your deepest, most innovative and free-spirited ideas, and work behind the scenes for change and reform.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Capricorn:

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Aquarius: Your Uranus is also in Aquarius, so you are a true citizen of the universe. Your personal life, your personal allegiances or background, will all take a back-seat to your humanitarian or global concerns. "Fitting in" is not really an option for you, but you must find some like-minded people with whom you can pursue your ideals and dreams.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Aquarius:

Aquarius Rising, Uranus in Pisces: Your Uranus is in Pisces: You may have mystical or spiritual adventures that make traditional views about religion and the nature of the Universe obsolete (for you). You thus reject outside spiritual authority or life-inhibiting philosophies. Materialism is an anathema to you, and you may have very unconventional ideas about money and ownership.

Aquarius Rising and Uranus in Pisces: Ramakrishna

Aquarius Rising Woman: You work and function best as part of a group, whether it’s a civic or community group or a task force. You have a real talent for group activities, and you can be original and creative within them. You want to make a major - but unique contribution to the common good. At the same time, you're out to have a good time. You're a fun-lover, a “people person,” and you're always friendly and social. When you find yourself in a new or strange situation, you always fall back on your natural friendliness and sociability to get you through. You're the one who will see that everyone is introduced to everyone else. But you do it in an impersonal way. Sometimes, you're accused of being cold, but it’s only your natural modesty and reserve. You don’t like to be in the spotlight. You're more interested in the group and being a part of that. Even if you want to be unique in your contribution, you don’t want more than your share of the applause. You have a circle of close friends with whom you share a philosophical detachment. You do things together, usually for some cause or other.

You're not too careful with money, but you always seem to manage. You love beautiful things but you rarely go overboard. Your home is important to you, and you do enjoy creating an elegant personal environment. You like music and art, and at home you can feel very grounded in your own surroundings.

You're not the most passionate woman in the world, because you get really involved with your intellectual pursuits and you like intelligent companionship above all else. Sometimes your lovers turn into friends and then you have a sort of brother-sister relationship, which is generally fine with you. The more extreme emotional patterns repel you, and you prefer not to get involved with all that emoting all over the place. You’d rather keep it cool and intellectual, for you Like to analyze. Also, you're often surrounded by people - so it’s hard to get too intimate. Which you avoid anyway.

Aquarius Rising Man: You function best in a group situation. Your first response is always to be friendly and social, even though you're also different and unusual. A humanitarian at heart, you're always looking for ways to contribute to the common good, and usually you feel the best way to do that is through group endeavors. You're a “people person,” and though you really like people and working for the common good, you do it in a rather impersonal way. It’s the masses that you love, not specific individuals. You enjoy being admired for your personality and your unusualness, and you want to be loved - by the group. If it gets too personal and emotions get involved, then you go the other way. “Keep it cool” is your motto.

Whatever’s New Age interests you. The more far out the better. You're usually lucky with money, though you're not particularly careful with it. In fact, you're sometimes not too practical with your funds, but it never seems to matter. The universe provides. What goes around comes around. Go with the flow. You do tend to defend your pet theories and you can get quite argumentative if they are questioned. But what’s generated in the heat of combat is new ideas and new avenues of application. So it’s all for the good of everybody, which is what you continually strive for.

You don’t hog the limelight, because you’d just as soon be one of the gang. You like a close circle of friends with like minds, idealistic and analytical. Detached. If it stays friendly, You stay. If it gets emotional, you split.

Romance is not a big deal to you, but you tend to get involved with ladies who are romantically inclined. As long as they give you your space, it’s okay. But if they start trying to dominate you (and, as you said. you're an easy guy), then there’s trouble back at the ranch. You like having a lot of people around you, because you get involved in community and civic affairs, and if your lady resents this she’s liable to get left out in the cold. She has to be able to participate in group activities and enjoy them without getting too emotional about it. And she must be intelligent.

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Aquarius Rising: Alan Arkin, Kim Basinger, Ken Kesey, J. Krishnamurti, Karl Marx, Barack Obama, Ramakrishna, Edouard de Rothschild, H.G. Wells, AlexP, Andrea, Andrew, Duane, Erika, Erin, Marcy, Medwick, Michelle, RoyO, Sarik

Pisces Rising

The individual with this Ascendant’s natural initial response to new people and situations is to flow with what is being presented; being empathic; feeling the currents. When first introduced to someone, this person tunes in to the other person, to the extent of mirroring his or her movements; displaying compassion and sensitivity. The social mask this character wears is sensitive, creative, imaginative, spiritual, romantic, idealistic, impractical and escapist.

Pisces Rising: “Go with the flow" seems to be a Pisces rising motto. They move about the world in a vaguely directionless, gentle manner. They come across as artists and lovers of peace; but their open minds and hearts can give them a chameleon-like persona. Others are not always sure who they'll meet from one day to the next with a Pisces rising person. Although often quiet and shy, another day may find them talkative and passionate. They are hugely impressionable, have a dreamy disposition, and project a soft-hearted personality. Pisces rising sees the world the way they want to see it at any given time, so objectivity is not necessarily a strong point. Neither is decision-making!

People with Pisces rising resist any kind of labeling--their characters are changeable, and they don't want to be pinned down or pegged in any way. Theirs is a restless, searching nature that cannot be happy with any one way of living or being. Pisces rising avoids cold, hard facts and harsh realities like the plague. They don't have a decisive plan for tomorrow or even today, preferring to keep things open. Since they change their minds frequently enough, and like to "feel" their way through life, too much organization or structure can be seen as very limiting. Pisces rising people walk around with their heads in the clouds, and even when you do have their attention, their dreaminess is almost always apparent.

These people look for a stable partnership--one that is reliable. Pisces rising people gravitate to partners who keep them on their toes, and they often will pass off the little details and reality checks to their significant other. They seem to need a practical, realistic partner.

Pisces Ascendants often have a sensitivity to drugs, and sometimes are prone to allergies that come and go. Their physical constitutions seem to be less resistant than most.

Pisces rising people often possess an irresistible charm that comes on in a quiet way, with a soft aura about them. Both their appearance and mannerisms are usually quite intriguing to others.

Pisces Rising: You are a gentle, sensitive person with a deep understanding of people and a very tolerant, accepting, nonjudgmental approach towards life. In a noisy, competitive atmosphere you are often receding and withdrawn for you are not an aggressive, forceful person, and you intensely dislike conflict. In fact you tend to be somewhat passive, to wait, watch, observe, feel and know much - but to act little. Letting things resolve or work themselves out in their own way, rather than directing or forcing your will upon them, is often your way of dealing with problems.

You may have a deeply religious or spiritual feeling about life, not in the orthodox sense necessarily, but an intuitive sense of the immensity and underlying oneness of all life, which makes so many human aspirations and striving seem rather unimportant. You need peaceful surroundings in order to flourish, and periods of quiet solitude are essential for your emotional balance and well-being.

You are also very compassionate and cannot tolerate seeing any fellow creature suffer - be it human, animal, or even plant! As a child you probably cried very easily and became quite upset whenever others were hurt, physically or emotionally. The world of your imagination and fantasy was also very real to you, a place to escape to when the outer world became too harsh, demanding, or simply uninteresting.

Because you are very giving and forgiving, people in need gravitate to you, sensing your sympathetic nature. Often you will continue to give to a person even when you realize they are taking advantage of you or becoming overly dependent upon you. You overlook and make excuses for other peoples' weaknesses, and for your own as well. Discrimination and self-discipline are not your strong points.

Though you may be as intelligent as anyone, you do not really have a rational, logical approach toward life, and trying to reach you through logical arguments is often futile. Your feelings, intuition, and heart, not your head, lead you, which may infuriate or bewilder your more rational friends. You certainly recognize that there is much more to life than can be explained intellectually and categorized into neat little boxes, and you have an open, receptive attitude toward such areas as psychic phenomena, telepathy, parapsychology, etc. You are not as structured and rigid in your attitudes as many people are, which enables you to see many different points of view and to accept all of them as valid. This can lead to vagueness, uncertainty, and confusion on your part - or to a very flexible and holistic way of approaching any issue.

Pisces Rising: Your sensitive feelings, openness, gentleness, and deep empathy are the keys to fulfilling your soul function. You are to minister to others, whether as a healer or spiritual counselor or simply as a compassionate listener and nonjudgmental friend. Others will seek you out when troubled or in need. By nature you are unselfish and giving, and must learn your limits and when to say no.

You have pronounced intuitive or psychic abilities which can be a dependable source of guidance for you if you learn to pay attention and give credence to them. Your ruling planets are Jupiter, planet of religion and, Neptune, planet of mysticism and imagination.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aries: Your Jupiter in the fiery sign of Aries infuses you with vital creative energy and a gift for luck in speculative ventures, initiating new enterprises, and original endeavors of all kinds. Your leadership capabilities are also well-developed.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aries:

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Taurus: Your Jupiter in the earthy sign of Taurus gives you an instinctive appreciation for the deep human need for pleasure, security, and the simple, basic "good things" of the earth. You are a builder, and have a gift for stone, wood, natural fibers, clay, food, or the earth itself - and also with money. Wealth and generosity are part of your life pattern, but you must avoid excessive indulgence or laziness.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Taurus:

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Gemini: Bestows a gift for language, stories and story telling, writing, teaching. Learn to maintain your focus and commitment, as you are drawn to many possibilities and tend to scatter your attention. Self education will be an important part of your life, and you will share the information you gather.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Gemini: Olof, Samp

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Cancer: Your Jupiter in the soulful sign of Cancer increases your sensitivities to the feminine side of life, and gives you a feeling for nurturing, protecting, helping and encouraging children and families, as well as for the soulful, vulnerable, childlike aspect of all people. Explore your leanings toward music and the arts, as this is a key to fulfilling your true nature.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Cancer:

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Leo: Your Jupiter is in the warm, generous, heroic sign of Leo, bestowing a sense of romance and of the dramatic, as well as increasing your tendencies toward display, extravagance, and excess. Acting, entertaining, promoting the arts, and/or helping people bring out their joy, creative artistry, and star-like qualities are among the ways you could fulfill your soul-function.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Leo: Johnny Cash

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Virgo: Your Jupiter in the humble, faithful sign of Virgo bestows a spontaneous helpfulness and desire to assist others in a quiet, non-glamorous, non-ambitious sort of way. Your life is truly about service, and your willingness to provide service to others while remaining modest and open to a Higher Power draws blessings and grace into your life.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Virgo: Judin

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Libra: Your Jupiter in the gracious, peace-loving role as a mediator, diplomat, or counselor for couples or groups with diverse views. A certain passivity or malleability may undermine you. Seek to find a balance between clear, decisive action and the fluid, "open-to-whatever" attitude (which is more natural for you).

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Libra: Michael Jackson, PaulS

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Scorpio: Your Jupiter in Scorpio reveals your belief in the transformative and healing power of experiencing deep emotions and of sexuality. You have a longing for depth and mystery. Your psychic or spiritual perceptiveness will be an important part of your life.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Scorpio: Al Capone, Deepak Chopra

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius: Your Jupiter in Sagittarius suggests that you are restless and have a deep affinity for faraway places. You will search for truth or fulfillment by traveling and/or living for far from your native soil, studying philosophy, or being a missionary (in the informal if not the formal sense).

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius: Robert Redford, Flossie, Mark

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Capricorn: Your Jupiter in the earthy sign of Capricorn suggests hardheaded realism, a life for mundane affairs, and organizational talent. This balances your gentle heartedness and empathy. The world of work and business is an arena in which you can fulfill your soul function.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Capricorn: Ray?, Tara

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aquarius: Your Jupiter is in Aquarius, sign of innovation, invention, and humanitarian idealism. You are an advanced thinker and may well be ahead of your time. Promoting social change or betterment of life conditions worldwide is part of your soul function. Innovative and more spiritually sound ways of using money may well be a key.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aquarius: George Clooney, Antonio, GaryCl, JT, Marie

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Pisces: Your Jupiter is in Pisces as well, indicating that you are a mystic as well as a philanthropist. Your faith, devotion, and trust in a Higher Order sustains you, and you draw protection from the unseen realms. Part of your soul function has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer, meditation, or working with subtle forces.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Pisces: David Rockefeller

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Aries: Your Neptune is in Aries: Ideals of heroic courage and dreams of a powerful leader underlie your generation. In some way you personify and must express the spirit of a warrior to fulfill your soul function.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Aries:

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Taurus: Your Neptune is in Taurus: Images and ideals of the Perfect Woman, or the Goddess, are the dreams of your generation. You have a deep affinity for the Earth and the feminine aspect of creation. In some way you must personify or express this feminine spirit in order to fulfill your soul function. If not positively directed, greed or worship of material advantages are the bane of your generation.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Taurus:

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Gemini: Your Neptune is in Gemini: Fantasy, imagination, images and dreams expressed through the written or spoken word is suggested here. You are poetic but also illusory or confused about the nature of your perceptions. To fulfill your purpose in life you must come to understand the Trickster, an underlying archetype of your generation.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Gemini: Al Capone

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Cancer: Ideals of devotion, loving kindness, and the Divine Mother are the spiritual longings of your generation. You must personify or personally embody this spiritual nurturing in order to fulfill your life's purpose.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Cancer: David Rockefeller

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Leo: Your feeling for beauty, the arts, and the spirit of creativity runs deep and is a key aspect of your life purpose. You must in some way embody this creative spirit, which is not to be confused with the ego's need to dazzle and to be thought special. Superficial glamour or self-worship can cloud your true spark.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Leo:

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Virgo: The art and science of healing is a key part of your soul purpose. The spiritual dimensions of health, the effects of prayer or imagery upon the body, blending body with soul and spirit, angelic healing, art as medicine - these are each ways you could express your true function.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Virgo: Johnny Cash, Robert Redford, Flossie

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Libra: Your Neptune is in Libra: Ideals of sisterhood and brotherhood, social equality, and idyllic relationships are the dreams of your generation which in some way you personally embody or express. However, illusions about "the perfect relationship" or being a chameleon in order to please other people are tendencies that you should beware of.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Libra: Deepak Chopra, GaryCl, Olof, PaulS, Samp

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Scorpio: Your Neptune is in Scorpio: An urge for a deep understanding of the mysteries of life, death, afterlife, or the sudden forces of the psyche is an underlying theme of your generation. You are a deep sea diver. Avoid the murky waters of mind-altering drugs or distorted imagery in art or music, in order to fulfill your highest destiny.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Scorpio: George Clooney, Michael Jackson, Antonio, JT, Judin, Marie, Mark, Tara

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Sagittarius: You are a fantastic dreamer, a minstrel, a soul traveler, a muse. Bringing inspirational dreams to others is a part of your function. Try to overcome a tendency toward lack of self discipline, restlessness, and living in the clouds. Learn to ground your dreams in everyday life.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Sagittarius:

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Capricorn: Longing for, dreaming about, or confusion over fathers and/or paternal heritage is an underlying theme in your generation. The need for Divine Order - for spiritual order, structure, and discipline - is a part of your life pattern.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Capricorn:

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Aquarius: Dreams of a perfect society (a Utopia or Shangri-Lai) shape your generation, and in some way you are to embody or express these ideals. New communal sharing, a new spirit of all-of-us-together is the key.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Aquarius:

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Pisces: Your Neptune is in Pisces as well: There is a deeply spiritual or religious impulse in your generation, which in some way you embody or personify. Whether or not you think of yourself as "religious", your affinity with the intangible, unseen, subtle aspects of reality makes you a muse or channel of inspiration for others. There is also a calling for self sacrifice or self martyrdom.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Pisces:

Pisces Rising Woman: This means you like to draw and paint and write poetry, even if only in your head. Sometimes you fantasize about being a famous poet, but it doesn't matter really. What matters is just thinking about it and dreaming about it. And you love music of all kinds, but the music of strings especially appeals to you. So romantic! You love romance, with a man or just by yourself. You enjoy the romantic in all things, be it a novel or an idea. You need to be inspired to be at your best, and you seek inspiration wherever you go and from whatever you do. You like to travel for inspiration, and you sometimes find it in religious or philosophical causes. Once you take up a cause, you can be full of zeal and your shy nature vanishes. You'll even go on protest marches for what you believe in and support and risk confrontation.

Though you're sensitive and creative, spiritual and kind, you can be bossy with your co-workers because your self-sacrificing ways give you a feeling of superiority over them. You usually are attracted to a job or profession that requires some kind of personal sacrifice, like working long or odd hours or doing menial or unpleasant tasks. You're service-oriented, and have to watch that you don't exhaust yourself in taking care of others' needs, even if it's your job. You could be a victim of burnout. That's because you get so personally involved, and your empathetic nature almost turns you into the suffering person so that you can feel the pain yourself.

To escape from your own sensitivity and to recover from sensing the pains of others, you like to get drunk or high. Then you can float in your own peaceful world where there is no ugliness, no pain, no frustration- where everything is lovely and dreamy. You need a man who can understand this about you, but who will also be more practical than you are and see to it that the demands of everyday life- like food in the fridge and clean towels- are taken care of. You tend to forget them. But the world needs you dreamers, too. Wouldn't it be dreary if no one ever dreamed?

Pisces Rising Man: You're a dreamer. You always go with the flow, whatever it is. And you feel out where the flow is going. Your first response to any situation is to find out where the currents are leading, and then go with that. Your antennae are very sensitive, and you can almost read other people’s thoughts. You pick up on the subtleties around you in the environment and act on that, sometimes without even knowing why. You just do it. Sunsets, moonlight on water, the evening coming on, the night sky with stars winking—these things can put you into a trance. Especially if you're having a few drinks. Then you can just stare out at the apparent nothingness and see in it a whole other world. You're poetically and artistically inclined, and you love music whether you make it yourself or just listen to it. You can really get carried away with music.

You’ve an impractical nature, but you're good at starting money-making projects. you're always looking for new ways to make money, because you spend impulsively (to excess, you admit) and you're not too good at dealing with reality. But you can always begin again. Easy come, easy go, as they say. You like the idea of making money out of your artistic endeavors, and you think a lot about that. It takes you a while to get onto something you think will work, but when you do make up your mind, then you stay with that decision. What you change often is where you live. Or you’ll live in more than one place and travel between them. Travel, especially over water, inspires you.

Your love life is very special to you, and when you find a lady you treat her like a princess. She is always someone very special, unique, deserving to be put on the highest pedestal You can find. you get emotional and sentimental about her, and you like to share tidbits of wonderful food with her, and you don’t mind if she has a maternal streak in her. Usually, because you're not too well organized, you manage to find women who are better at it than You are, and they take over that part of your life. You don't mind. It makes it easier for you to write poetry, or give you more time to watch the sunset.

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Pisces Rising: Al Capone, Johnny Cash, Deepak Chopra, George Clooney, Michael Jackson, Robert Redford, David Rockefeller, Antonio, Flossie, GaryCl, JT, Judin, Marie, Mark, Olof, PaulS, Ray?, Samp, Tara