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122814r 020417i 072217y 081714m 121615x 121214u 100516w 011216e67 Chemistry: The letter J does not appear anywhere on the periodic table of the elements. Explore key information about the chemical elements through this periodic table; Single molecule, one million times smaller than a grain of sand, pictured for first time, 8/28/9; New Microscope Images Atoms, 12/8/9; Chemistry Explained; Scientists Discover New Superheavy Element 117, 6/25/10; Atomic weights of 10 elements on periodic table about to make an historic change, 12/15/10; Three New Elements Added To The Periodic Table, 11/4/11; Three new elements approved, 11/4/11; Elementary, dear Copernicus! Three new members join the Periodic Table, 11/5/11; Element 115; 10-Year-Old Accidentally Creates New Molecule in Science Class, 2/3/12; 10-year-old girl creates new molecule, 2/6/12; Livermorium and Flerovium join the periodic table of elements, 5/31/12; Chematica combines seven million chemicals into a complete network of reactions, 8/23/12; Observation Deck: The Beautiful Science of Weaponry, 9/10/12; Japanese Team Claims Discovery of Elusive Element 113 and may get to Name It, 9/26/12; Watch These Liquid Metal 'Marbles' Go Splat And Un-Splat, 1/15/13; A Library Of Every Drug That Could Ever Exist, 4/24/13; Making New Elements, 5/13/13; Smile, hydrogen atom, you're on quantum camera, 5/30/13; Simplest Periodic Table We've Ever Seen, 8/1/13; Official Atomic Weights Change For 19 Elements, 9/24/13; Periodic Table puts on weight, 9/26/13; Scientists turn table salt into forbidden compounds that violate textbook rules, 1/20/14; A Clever New Chemistry Kit Your Kid Will Actually Want to Use, 4/8/14; New Super-Heavy Element 117 Confirmed by Scientists, 5/1/14; New element is 40 percent heavier than lead, 5/2/14; Weird Crystal Can Absorb All The Oxygen In A Room - And Then Release It Later, 10/1/14; Oxygen absorbing material may allow us to breathe underwater, 10/4/14; Breathtaking: New crystal steals oxygen from air, paves way for long, long plunge, 10/8/14; Chemists Find A New Chemical Bond, 10/27/14; Chinese Scientists Prove Chemistry Can Be Beautiful, 3/2/15; Power of Pee: If You Don't Know How Important Pee Was In The History Of Science, Urine For A Surprise, 10/7/15; Four new elements confirmed, 1/4/16; Chemists just named 4 new elements on the periodic table, 6/9/16; Now you can HEAR chemistry: Health Ranger translates molecules into music in stunning video demonstration, 1/4/17; Illustrated Periodic Table Shows How We Regularly Interact With Each Element, 7/13/17; Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Periodic Table, 5/21/18

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Metallic Hydrogen: Did Harvard really create the "holy grail" of solid metallic hydrogen?, 1/27/17; Metallic Hydrogen update, 1/30/17

Oxygen: Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing, 5/23/17

Carbon Dioxide: Carbon Dioxide revealed as the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for re-greening the planet, 5/9/17

Buckyballs: C60; Buckyballs in Space; Magic molecule, 8/1/91; Molecule of the Year, 12/20/91; An Excruciatingly Researched Report; Buckyball: Magic Molecule, 5/2/16

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121816r 122814s49 113014l49 081116k49 071313-34 Water: Encyclopedia of Water Science^; Water, Quartz & Mind; Water has Memory, 2/3/11; Water Drop at 2000 Frames per Second; Chemists Discover Freezing Point of Supercooled Water, 7/11/11; When Water Becomes Glass, 10/5/11; Weird world of water gets a little weirder, 11/11/11; 'Brinicle' ice finger of death, 11/22/11; Scientists offer £1,000 prize for answer to the question: Why does hot water freeze faster than cold?, 6/26/12; Water - The Great Mystery, 8/3/12; 'Water computing' breakthrough? Tiny water droplets harnessed to perform computational logic, 9/29/12; Why Does Salt Water Make Hurricane Damage So Much Worse?, 11/1/12; Neuro - Acoustically speaking... When A Water Droplet Is Exposed to Sound Frequencies - Gregg Braden, 11/13/12; Your Emotions on Water or Your World, It's All Vibratory, 12/30/12; Scientists confirm tetrahedral model of the molecular structure of water, 2/15/13; Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2, 3/15/13; Oldest Water on Earth Found Deep Underground, 5/15/13; Why can't we manufacture water?, 6/4/13; Fourth Phase of Water – What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should, 8/23/13; Water: The Great Mystery, Pt.1, 10/18/13; Water: The Great Mystery, Pt.2, 10/18/13; Water on Earth is older than the Sun, 9/28/14; Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDx, 10/1/14; Primary Water EXPLAINED - Why We DO NOT Have a Water Shortage, 12/6/14; Amazing Flash Freezing Water Trick, 1/24/15; Consciousness of Water And Plants, 3/10/15; Masaru Emoto Believed that Water is ‘Something Not of This Earth’, 10/14/15; Water Memory (Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier), 1/28/16; Helen E. Williams – Thoughts Create Reality — Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Scientific Experiments, 2/4/16; Physicists Squeeze Water Molecules Into an Entirely New State, 4/23/16; Physicists just discovered a second state of liquid water, 11/14/16; Charged Water, 4/8/17

Gold: Gold on Earth formed in collision of exotic stars, 7/17/13

Olof Alexandersson: Living Water^; Callum Coats: Living Energies: Viktor Schauberger's Work; Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water^; Viktor Schauberger: Nature as Teacher^; Water Wizard^


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010613q-49 012016r46 040815l32 Alchemy: Alchemical Catechism^; Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy^; Inner Alchemy^; Alchemists; Redgrove: Alchemy, Ancient & Modern; Symbols; Roger Bacon: Mirror of Alchemy; Science of Enlightenment; WMT; Secrets1; New Pearl of Great Price^; Physical Alchemy 16th C and Earlier^; Spiritual Alchemy, 17th C^; Treatise on Gold^; Dan Winter; Gold ash powder - Myanmarese shaman and healer offers his secret concoction to the world, 11/19/11; 10 Alchemists Who Created Strange Modern Legacies, 6/7/15; Paracelsus: the Father of Toxicology and the Enemy of Physicians, 9/24/15; Power of Pee: If You Don't Know How Important Pee Was In The History Of Science, Urine For A Surprise, 10/7/15; Russian Scientists announce Historic Discovery rendering entire System Obsolete, 7/14/16; Russian Team “Actinides” Announces Discovery of Industrial Biochemical Method of Elemental Transmutation, 8/3/16
emerald_tablet_new_trans 042716w mdt4im2uNW1rj9sw 120214s 121816s49 080316m47 Emerald Tablet: Emerald Tablet^; Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean; Emerald Tablet wikipedia

ORMUS: Modern Day Alchemy; Ormus & Pyramids; Sources; White Powder of Gold, 8/29/11; ORMUS journey!! Update ~ New method of producing ormus!, 3/26/13; How to Make the Best ORMUS: AAA Method; Cheap, Simple, and Highly Effective, 7/12/13; Don Nance teaches ORMUS Wet Method harvesting at Enota, 2/7/14

Spagyric Essences: wikipedia; What is Spagyric Medicine?; Organic Unity; Alchemy of Fusion - article series- from Dan Winter & Friends; What’s the Difference Between Spagyric Extracts and Herbal Tinctures?, 10/2/15

Astro-Herbalism: Evolutionary Herbalism; Bridging Astrology and Herbalism; Plants, Planets and People