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Our Right to Use Sacred Substances

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Spiritual Use

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032015b58 041215j56 ShamansFlight 042915a52 101013j 081414y37 Shamanism: Manifesting The Mind : Documentary On Psychedelics & Shamanism; Manifesting the Mind: Footprints of the Shaman, 9/26/11; Peru shaman murders investigated, 10/6/11; What the people of the Amazon know that you don't, 10/31/14

070413_26 Carlos Castaneda: quotes; Works^; Active Side of Infinity^; Art of Dreaming^; words;Don Juan's Teachings (compilations); Fire From Within^; Journey to Ixtlan^; Magical Passes^; Power Of Silence^; Second Ring of Power^; Tales of Power; Teachings of Don Juan^; Prof. Jay Fikes Interview - "MK-ULTRA Continued... The Carlos Castaneda Deception" - #189 , 1/19/14; Letter About Castaneda From C. Scott Littleton to Laura Knight-Jadczyk; Path, 8/2/14

Michael Harner:Way of the Shaman^; Phil Hine:1 Walking Between the Worlds^; Hine: 2 Two Worlds & In Between^; Hine: 3 Touched by Fire^; Native American: Wisdom

Sacred Substances

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042115p 041815d 101014h 041415x 050915q 040415z42 040415k31 010613z-23 Sacred Substances: Erowid Psychoactive Vaults; entactogene; Persephone's Quest - Entheogens & the Origins of Religion^; Recreational Drug Manufacture^; Antero Alli: Angel Tech a Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection^; Lindsey M. Banco: Psychedelic Trips^; Robert Brent: Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments^; Brown & Novick: Mavericks of the Mind^; Krystle Cole: Trip Guide^; Jim DeKorne: Psychedelic Shamanism^; Ira Einhorn: Sociology of the Now^; Peter Furst: Hallucinogens & Culture^; Grinspoon & Bakalar: Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered^; Psychedelic Reflections^; Jon Hanna: Psychedelic Resource List^; J.A. Hobson: Dream Drugstore^; Michael S. Hoffman: Entheogen Theory of Religion & Ego Death^; Margaret Hyde: Mind Drugs^; Masters & Houston: Varieties of Psychedelic Experience^; Terence McKenna: Food of the Gods^; True Hallucinations^; Tryptamin Hallucinogens and Consciousness^; Richard Alan Miller:Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs^; Richard Lawrence Miller: Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs^; William Moxley: Center of the Universe^; J.Ott: Pharmcotheon^; Dale Pendell: Plant Powers^; Richard Evans Schultes: Golden Guide Hallucinogenic Plants^; Plants of the Gods; Shulgin: Laboratory Notebook^; PIHKAL - A Chemical Love Story^; TIHKAL: A Continuation^; Dirty Pictures; Getting the Most from Psychedelics, 4/1/8; Robert Silverberg: Drug Themes in Science Fiction^; Michael Valentine Smith: Psychedelic Chemistry^; Peter Stafford: Psychedelics Encyclopedia^; Richard Stratton: Altered States of America^; D.M. Turner: Essential Psychedelic Guide^

25I-NBOMe: Life Versus Entropy: Tripping on Fractals, God, and the Mystery of Existence, 4/21/14

PINK-DRAGON-2442362 2C-I 'Smiles': Latest Designer Drug Called 'Smiles' Linked to Teen Deaths, 9/21/12

080913-04 020215d 040714w-73 051214a 010315j ravenferret-2147464 Absinthe: wikipedia; Aleister Crowley: Green Goddess


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Pablo Amaringo:Ayahuasca Visions^; Jim DeKorne:Ayahuasca Analogues^; Dennis McKenna: Ayahuasca^


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Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, 3/26/13; Cannabis and Graham Hancock, 3/28/13; Czech pharmacies begin selling medical marijuana, 4/2/13; Chemistry of Nitrous-Powered, Pot-Infused Liquor, 4/17/13; Meet Justin Hartfield, The Entrepreneur Who Wants To Be America's First Marijuana Industrialist, 4/20/13; Three Best Kinds Of Marijuana In The Country, 4/22/13; Other IRS Scandal: Outright War Against Marijuana Dispensaries, 5/18/13; Marijuana waste helps turn pot-eating pigs into tasty pork roast, 5/20/13; Billionaire And (Ex) Mexican President Announce Plans To Open Retail Marijuana Stores Around The World, 5/31/13; Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Now, 6/9/13; Obama Cracks Down On Hundreds Of Medical Marijuana Shops In California, 6/13/13; Is Weed Really Bad for You?, 6/20/13; Chronic Cannabis Use May Cause Brain Inflammation, 6/24/13; Kings of Cannabis, 8/8/13; Cannabis-laced 'Nugtella' hits the market, 8/22/13; 10 Reasons Cannabis Is Far Safer Than Alcohol For The Consumer and Community, 8/26/13; 29 Tips for Growing the Best Marijuana in America, 8/27/13; More Americans are using marijuana, 9/5/13; In Jamaica, a Twist on Wine Tours for Pot Lovers, 9/9/13; Miley Cyrus smokes a joint at MTV EMAs, 11/10/13; Pot vaporizer boom leads to secret stoners, 11/14/13; Researchers Solve Longtime Mystery Of How Marijuana Causes Memory Loss, 11/22/13; Brave North Carolinian gets arrested as act of defiance to end cannabis prohibition, 12/27/13; What Marijuana Does To Your Body And Brain, 4/20/14; Make Your Own Pure Cannabis Tincture, 4/21/14; Federal Government Just Ordered A Thousand Pounds Of Marijuana, 5/5/14; Deconstructing 6 major marijuana myths, 5/16/14; Science Debunks 10 Biggest Pot Myths, 5/18/14; 7 Successful, Famous, Cannabis-Smoking Geniuses, 6/19/14; Changing pot regulations force police to rethink policy on seizing plants, 6/25/14; America's Marijuana Revolution: Ganjapreneurs Hit the Jackpot, 6/28/14; Texas Rancher Finds $2M Worth of Weed on His Land, Does the Predictable Thing, 7/4/14; Evolution of the Marijuana Marketplace, 7/12/14; 9 Marijuana Policies From Around the World That Are Way Ahead of the U.S., 7/23/14; Couples Who Smoke Marijuana Less Likely to Experience Domestic Violence, 8/28/14; Cannabis Dispensary Chaos, 9/6/14; History Of Marijuana…In Just 4:20!, 9/9/14; Where Americans Smoke and Grow Marijuana, 11/5/14; Marijuana's Long Term Effects, 11/20/14; Would Your Granny Act Like This On Weed?, 11/21/14; Marijuana: safer than peanuts!, 12/13/14; Pot-based sex spray for women hitting Colorado shelves, 1/14/15; Watch a Weirdly Creepy Timelapse of Cannabis Growing, 3/18/15; Same creators of "Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time" have released another epic video, this time featuring three cops, 4/22/15

Joint Rolling Handbook^; George Andrews: Book of Grass^; Chris Eudaley: How To Be A Pot Star Like Me^; Adam Gottlieb: Art & Science Of Cooking With Cannabis^; Greg Green: Cannabis Grow Bible, 4th ed^; Jack Herer: Emperor Wears No Clothes^; Todd McCormick:How to Grow Medicinal Marijuana^; Ed Rosenthal:Marijuana Grower's Handbook; Michael Starks: Marijuana Chemistry^

011315e 052014r55 111114j52 Coca: Coca leaves (40 gr); Peru suspends US-funded coca eradication programme, 8/18/11; Cocaine use linked to rapid growth of new brain structures in mice, 8/27/13; Snorting cocaine increases risk of stroke by six to seven times, 3/1/14; Bolivian president gives U.N. chief coca birthday cake, 6/13/14

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Quantum Tantra - DMT Extraction^; Shpongle; James Oroc: Tryptamine Palace; Rick Strassman: Contact Through the Veil^; DMT the Spirit Molecule^

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate): Is GHB really dangerous?; homemade; GHB Alternatives

Iboga: Iboga spiritual centre in The Netherlands; Iboga, the Matrix, and Pineal Gland Decalcification, 1/24/14; A Cure for All Addictions, 2/5/14; Lotsof & Wachtel: Ibogaine Treatment Manual^

Kava Kava: Potent and Natural Painkillers That Are Still Legal, 12/10/14

092713-03 James-Sebor-miamwe Ketamine: INTERVIEW WITH A KETAMINE CHEMIST, 2/11; Club drug ketamine cures depression instantly: How?, 1/31/12

Karl Jansen: Ketamine, Dreams & Realites^; Moore and Alltounian: Journeys Into the Bright World^; Seth (Jane Roberts): Journeys to the bright side

Kratom: Is medicinal herb kratom a safe and effective alternative for treating pain, anxiety and depression?, 4/6/12; Plant That Gets You High and Reduces Opiate Addiction Is Taking Off in the US—And It's Legal, 10/14/14; Have You Heard About the Euphoric Healing Plant That is Still Legal in the US?, 10/16/14; Potent and Natural Painkillers That Are Still Legal, 12/10/14; A New Drug Is Sweeping The Internet, But No One Can Figure Out Exactly What It Does, 12/29/14


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120714d 020215o 051315u 073114d 073114c73 100213g 111514e50 030715w49 090113r LSD: Microdosing: The Revolutionary Way of Using Psychedelics; Timeline of Secret Government Projects - LSD, Esalen, HAARP and the Cosmic Cointelpro or When You Dance With the Devil, 10/6/5; ALD-52, 5/17/7; Psychedelic Experience (original 1965 short film), 2/2/9; Dock Ellis & LSD No-No, 11/11/9; French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment, 3/11/10; Harvard Psychedelic Club: 1956 Footage Of Housewife's Acid Trip, 1/16/11; again; Psychedelic icon Owsley Stanley dies in Australia, 3/13/11; LSD 'helps alcoholics to give up drinking', 3/9/12; Why Doctors Can't Give You LSD (But Maybe They Should), 4/16/13; St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution, 12/19/13; First Study in 40 Years Legitimizes LSD for Psychotherapeutic Use, 3/4/14; 1950’s LSD Experiments Conclude With Fascinating Results, 12/22/14; On the Anniversary of the First Acid Trip, What Do We Now Know About LSD?, 4/19/15

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Julie Holland: Ecstasy: The Complete Guide^; A

Although the Chinese had used opium as a medicine, there was no widespread addiction before the British arrived.”  – Robert Trout

Opium: Thomas de Quincey: Confessions of an English Opium Eater; What our Children are Dying for in Afghanistan; UN: Afghanistan’s opium cultivation to surge in 2013, 4/15/13; Opium Cultivation in Afghanistan Soars to Record, 11/13/13; After 12 Yrs of U.S. Occupation, Afghanistan Sets Record for Growing Opium, 12/2/13; After 13 Years of U.S. Occupation, Afghanistan Opium Production Is at an All-Time High, 10/21/14; History of Opium and the History of How the Pharmaceutical Industry Intentionally Created Drug Addictions, 1/5/15; Afghanistan Sets Record for Growing Opium in 2014, 1/6/15
Morphine: A Way to Brew Morphine Raises Concerns Over Regulation, 5/18/15; 'Home-brewed morphine' made possible, 5/19/15
Heroin: Heroin is the brand name of morphine once marketed by 'Bayer'. Russell Brand's Beautifully-Written Blog Post About What It's Like To Do Heroin, 3/5/13; Everything You Need To Know About Heroin, 2/12/14; Vermont quits hypocritical, failed War on Drugs; plans to treat heroin addiction epidemic as health issue, 9/3/14; Legalize Heroin, 9/16/14; Heroin overdoses possibly linked to other causes, 10/22/14

031014c 010615s 080313d 101014c 032915s mjbenfG4pu1r2miu mhlsb30HoB1

120713-42 111713u Peyote: Gottlieb: Psychoactive Cacti; Texas' Peyote Hunters Struggle to Find a Vanishing, Holy Crop, 2/14/8

Psilocybin Mushrooms

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032015p 081014e 022715a 112614g 071313-20 030115o56 021614o-43 102914r37 Psilocybin: Mountain Mushroom Farm; Mushroom Cultivator^; 'Magic mushrooms' create positive mental and physical health benefits that can last a year, 7/9/11; Psychedelic compounds in 'magic mushrooms' can permanently alter personality, 10/10/11; Magic mushrooms may aid cancer patients, 2/4/13; Magic mushrooms' psychedelic ingredient could help treat people with severe depression, 4/6/13; Governments block research on using magic mushrooms to treat depression, 4/10/13; Magic mushrooms repair brain damage caused by extreme trauma, 7/29/13; Psychedelic mushrooms can help spur production of new brain cells, 12/12/13; Magic Mushrooms Repair Brain Damage From Extreme Trauma, 12/15/13; Johns Hopkins: 'Magic Mushrooms' Help Longtime Addicts Quit Smoking, 9/11/14; How Magic Mushrooms Rearrange Your Brain, 10/30/14

Jochen Gartz: Magic Mushrooms Around the World^; F.C. Ghouled: Field Guide to the Psilocybin Mushroom^; Richard Alan Miller: Magickal Mushroom Handbook^; Oss & Oeric:Magic Mushroom Growers Guide^; Andrija Puharich: Sacred Mushroom Key to the Door of Eternity^; Shpongle:Around the World in a Tea Daze Tokyo Live; Paul Stamets:Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World^

Rapamycin: Easter Island drug improves learning and memory in mice of all ages, 7/12/12

082714f 020314f7-63 Salvia Divinorum: Salvia Divinorum Research and Information Center^; Sacred weeds: Salvia divinorum, 4/20/7; All about Salvia Divinorum, 2/6/9; David Aardvark: Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A^; Terence McKenna: Lecture, 6/19/8; D.M. Turner: Salvinorin the Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum^

021214d San Pedro Cactus: Cactus Drug, 3/10/8

Smart Drugs: Piracetam - is it the smartest of the smart drugs?, 3/20/12

Decriminalization/ Legalization

091613-02 072513e 042215b43 Decriminalization/ Legalization: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: Why Legalize Drugs; Mexicans, U.S. question drug-legalization proposal, 8/9/10; Maine bill would fully legalize marijuana, 1/19/11; Coca-chewing Bolivians press for end to UN ban, 1/26/11; Border guard fired, ‘interrogated’ for saying pot should be legalized, 1/26/11; When All Drugs Were Legal, 1/27/11; Why can’t the US legalize drugs? There’s ‘too much money in it,’ Clinton says, 2/7/11; Seattle Times Calls For Legalization Of Marijuana!, 2/18/11; DEA to legalize marijuana only for ‘Big Pharma,’ NORML claims, 2/23/11; DEA to legalize marijuana chemical for Big Pharma but keep it a crime for everyone else, 2/24/11; Marijuana IPOs Provide Investors With Gateway to Cannabis Boom, 3/9/11; Dem Rep. Jared Polis calls on Congress to end marijuana prohibition, 3/30/11; Decriminalise possession of drugs, celebrities urge government, 6/2/11; World leaders denounce failed war on drugs; call for global decriminalization, 6/16/11; Four decades of drug war tyranny may come to an end with Ron Paul's new effort to legalize marijuana, 6/23/11; Ron Paul Bill Attacks Federal Marijuana War, 6/24/11; Portugal drug law show results ten years on, 7/1/11; Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal, 7/5/11; Why legalizing marijuana would be a very good thing, 7/6/11; Legalizing marijuana would hinder the multi-billion dollar empire of Mexican drug cartels, 8/1/11; Legalize heroin, 9/29/11; California’s largest doctor group calls for marijuana legalization, 10/16/11; Chicago may decriminalize marijuana, 10/27/11; Switzerland Legalizes Growing Cannabis At Home, 11/18/11; Want to end Mexican drug gang violence? Legalize drugs and the cartels will collapse, 12/14/11; Legalization a controversial weapon in Mexico’s drug war, 12/28/11; Colorado asks DEA to recognize marijuana’s medical value, 12/29/11; Singer Tony Bennett calls for legalizing drugs, 2/12/12; Obama: ‘I don’t mind debate’ but no to legalizing drugs, 4/14/12; Hundreds of economists agree marijuana legalization could save US taxpayers $13.7 billion per year, 4/23/12; Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Marijuana Legalization At White House Correspondents' Dinner 2012, 4/28/12; Global report: Decriminalization does not increase rates of drug use, 7/7/12; Uruguayan Govt Proposes Becoming 1st Country to Nationalize Production and Sale of Marijuana, 9/23/12; 8 Reasons To End Prohibition of All Drugs Immediately, 9/26/12; NJWeedman found not guilty in pot distribution case, 10/19/12; Washington could soon become first state to (sort of) legalize retail sale of marijuana, 10/23/12; Jury Nullification Keeps NJ Weedman Out of Jail; DEA Comes Calling, 10/24/12; Amsterdam’s pot shops saved after new Dutch government scraps ‘weed pass’, 10/30/12; Legalizing Marijuana Would Cut Cartel Income by 30%, 10/31/12; Ron Paul Debates Obama on Marijuana Legalization, 11/13/12; Legislators in Rhode Island and Maine To Introduce Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bills Tomorrow, 11/14/12; Reps. Ron Paul & Barney Frank to Obama: Leave pot smokers alone, 11/14/12; A Simple Constitutional Argument For Letting States Legalize Marijuana, 11/16/12; Marijuana Prohibition Will Die of 1,000 Cuts, 11/16/12; Cannabis Freedom State by State, a Nullification Domino Effect, 11/20/12; Marijuana's Top Lobbyist Told Us Why There Will Be Several Viable Legalization Bills Next Year In Congress, 11/23/12; NH's New Governor Open to Legalizing Medical Marijuana, 11/25/12; Indiana State Police chief advises lawmakers to legalize and tax pot, 11/28/12; Majority of Americans to Feds: Let the Weed Smokers Be, 12/7/12; Washington DC’s first medical marijuana grow sites win approval, 12/26/12; Ariz. ruling orders return of medical marijuana, 1/10/13; Hawaii Could Be The Next State To Legalize Pot, 1/11/13; What Legalizing Pot In Uruguay Means For the World, 8/2/13; Oregon readies to legalize retail medicinal marijuana following passage of House bill, 8/3/13; Latin America on Its Way to Legalizing Drugs, 8/8/13; Marijuana legalization in California on the horizon?, 8/22/13; U.S. allows states to legalize recreational marijuana within limits, 8/29/13; These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Pot Next, 8/31/13; Feds Support Nullification of Cannabis Laws, 9/1/13; Real Reason The Federal Government Is Coming Around On Marijuana Legalization, 9/11/13; Feds Might Remove A Huge Impediment To The Legal Marijuana Business, 9/11/13; Mexico City moves to decriminalize marijuana, 10/17/13; Portland, Maine, legalizes marijuana possession, 11/12/13; Map reveals multi-billion dollar economic growth potential for states that legalize marijuana, hemp, 12/6/13; Uruguay Just Became The First Country To Legalize The Marijuana Trade, 12/10/13; Milton Friedman on the Legalization of Drugs: A Study in Deception and Compromise, 12/13/13; Thanks to sweeping legalization measures, marijuana is fastest growing industry in US, 12/18/13; 2014 a big year for marijuana as advocates push to eradicate prohibition nationwide, 12/20/13; N.H. House Votes to Legalize Pot, 1/15/14; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell open to the idea of players using medical marijuana in states where the drug is legal, 1/17/14; Illinois proposes 'legalizing' medical marijuana as long as patients surrender Second Amendment rights, 1/25/14; 3 imminent victories for humanity: the fall of marijuana prohibition, mandatory GMO labeling and mercury-free vaccines, 2/1/14; Overdose death of Hoffman underscores urgent need to decriminalize and regulate recreational drugs, 2/3/14; Federal government to set new regulations allowing banks to serve marijuana sellers, 2/4/14; Marijuana legalization leads to fewer suicides, 2/14/14; US issues guidelines to banks on marijuana firms, 2/14/14; More American states on fast track to decriminalize or legalize marijuana, 2/18/14; Marijuana: The Game Is Afoot and Smart Players Will Win, 2/20/14; Bill allowing hemp use for seizure treatment clears first hurdle, 2/21/14; Alabama Approves Medical Marijuana, 3/21/14; How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in on cannabis, 4/14; Lawmakers Tell Feds to End Medical Marijuana Arrests, 5/9/14; 9 Marijuana Policies From Around the World That Are Way Ahead of the U.S., 7/23/14; Gray Lady Lights Up The Legalization Movement: New York Times To Come Out For Legal Pot, 7/26/14; New York Times comes out and calls for marijuana decriminalization, 7/27/14; Medical marijuana advancements: New York legalizes as California and Arizona expand, 8/2/14; Vermont quits hypocritical, failed War on Drugs; plans to treat heroin addiction epidemic as health issue, 9/3/14; Medical marijuana legalization reduces painkiller overdose deaths, 9/3/14; Marijuana profits up in smoke under IRS rules, 11/4/14; Marijuana legalization movement declares Election Day victory, 11/5/14; Real Election Winner: Weed, 11/5/14; Don’t Forget Why Marijuana Legalization Is Winning, 11/11/14; Legal marijuana shops targeted by IRS, often forced to give 70 percent or more of their profits to the federal government, 11/20/14; Tribes Can Legalize Pot, Justice Department Decides, 12/11/14; New Spending Bill Just Ended the Federal War On Legalized Weed, 12/15/14; Are the Feds Finally About to Allow Medical Marijuana?, 12/18/14; Boldest Move Against the Drug War to Date Just Came Out of Texas,3/4/15; Will Medical Marijuana Soon be Legalized Nationwide?, 3/15/15; Tax Day is source of unhappiness for marijuana industry, 4/14/15; Politics of Cannabis - What the Marijuana Industry May Be Scared Of, 5/3/15

Oregon: Oregon rolls out legal-pot plan far different from Washington’s, 10/9/14

marijuana_votes 120214o CO & Wa, 11/6/12: Colorado, Washington approve recreational marijuana use, 11/6/12; Colorado, Washington Legalize Marijuana!, 11/7/12; Marijuana decriminalized in Washington and Colorado as voters reject police state 'War on Drugs', 11/7/12; What You Need To Know About Getting High In Colorado And Washington, 11/7/12; 'I'm moving to Colorado': Stoner star Seth Rogen takes to Twitter after marijuana legalized in two states, 11/7/12; Colorado, Washington Legalize Marijuana!, 11/7/12; Colorado And Washington Are The First Places In The World Where Weed Is Truly Legal, 11/8/12; Hundreds of marijuana possession cases already dismissed in Washington, 11/15/12; United Nations Official Calls on U.S. Government to Challenge Legal Pot in Colorado and Washington, 11/20/12; UN to Obama Administration: Punish Washington and Colorado for Undermining Global Drug War, 11/20/12; United Nations Moves to Impose International Treaties On States Legalizing Marijuana, 11/21/12; United Nations threatens Colorado, Washington state over marijuana decriminalization laws, 11/29/12; Legalized it! Washington pot possession ballot kicks in, 12/5/12; Fox News busted reporting drivers on Cannabis, 12/6/12; Feds remain AWOL as public pot smoking begins, 12/9/12; Governor signs Amendment 64, marijuana officially legal in Colorado, 12/10/12; Bar Owner Tells Pot Smokers to Light Up, 12/10/12; Marijuana legalization low-key by design in Co, 12/11/12; Warning to all pot smokers in Colorado and Washington: You are about to experience a costly lesson in federal tyranny and Obama betrayal, 12/11/12; Recreational marijuana officially legalized in Colorado following governor's signature, 12/13/12; Crowds gather in downtown Seattle to celebrate historic marijuana legalization in Washington state, 12/14/12; Colorado county bans commercial marijuana operations, 12/24/12; Colorado task force considers anti-marijuana tourism regulations, 1/4/13; U.S. Marijuana Laws Ricochet Through Latin America, 1/7/13; Bill To Set Limit For Driving While Stoned Has A Bad Chance, 1/22/13; Pot tourism in Colo.? Marijuana regulators OK idea, 2/19/13; Washington state bill would forgive all minor marijuana convictions, 2/21/13; UN: Colo., Wash. legal pot violates drug treaties, 3/5/13; United Nations agency demands U.S. government sue states over marijuana decriminalization laws, 3/5/13; Court Says Pot Smokers Can Be Fired, Even in CO, 4/25/13; Marijuana legalisation creates new hurdle for drivers, 6/4/13; New wave of business opportunities involving medicinal, nutritional marijuana sweep Colorado, 6/24/13; Cops dealing Doritos at post-legalization Hempfest, 8/15/13; DEA raids Washington medical marijuana clinics; After legalizing marijuana, Washington and Colorado are starting to regulate it, 10/9/13; Seattle Bar: Lawyers Can Ethically Smoke Pot, 10/18/13; Colorado voters approve 25 percent taxes on recreational marijuana, 11/6/13; 500-toker pot party gets OK’d outdoors at Seattle Center, 11/22/13; Coloradans Able to Smoke Recreational Marijuana Starting from January 1st, 12/23/13; Cannabis re-legalized in Colorado, 1/5/14; What Colorado's cannabis experiment will teach us, 1/8/14; The two states that legalized pot are getting together for a "Super Bowl", 1/20/14; Colorado’s New Cannabis Economy, 2/21/14; More People Claiming They’ve Been Targeted For Their Colorado Plates, 4/1/14; Bumpy road ahead for legal pot in Washington , 6/30/14; Colorado Now Has More Cash And Less Crime Thanks to Legalized Marijuana, 6/30/14; Colorado's Governor Sees the Light on Marijuana Legalization, 7/14/14; One Cop In Seattle Has Issued 80% Of The Citations For Marijuana, 7/31/14; Despite Legalization, Colorado Teenagers Stubbornly Refuse to Smoke More Pot, 8/8/14; No Jokela: Seattle Tosses All Pot Tickets After Single Officer Opposing Legalization Goes On A Citation Spree, 9/23/14; This Is What Legalizing Marijuana Did to the Black Market in Colorado, 10/30/14; Seattle Politicians Want Pot Delivery Services To Stop Operations, 12/13/14; Sky Is Not Falling: Legal Pot Turns One in Colorado, 1/14/15; A Marijuana First: Pot Vending Machines in Seattle, 2/3/15

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP): LEAP: Legalizing drugs may benefit the country, 10/25/11; We Have Lost Faith in This Officer To Enforce Our Failed Policy, 12/3/11; Active duty cop: 'The war on drugs is a war on people', 1/27/12; Cops across America tell federal government to end marijuana prohibition, 11/28/12; Every War On Drugs Myth Thoroughly Destroyed By A Retired Police Captain, 8/2/13

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