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010613d 052815h 062715u 012914t-26 Privacy: Surveillance Technology; Privacy World; Cryptome; Eternal Value of Privacy, 5/18/6; Privacy Equation, 12/22/10; Vanishing In a Digital Age, 12/31/10; Keep Your Home Address To Yourself, 1/18/11; My Privacy Library, 3/2/11; How much should we give up for "safety"?; How to protect your mobile phone and computer from illegal police searches, 7/13/11; Patient Privacy Rights and Private Hospitals, 10/5/11; Protester Privacy, 10/7/11; Fun With a Decoy Drive, 1/28/12; Bill Rounds: 7 Effective Privacy Techniques for Reducing Risk of Identity Theft, 3/20/12; Personal privacy under constant assault by governments, corporations, 3/20/12; Privacy as a Positive Good, 8/8/12; It Won’t Be Easy, But Here’s How You Can Keep All Your Conversations Private, 6/6/13; Your Privacy Is Yours, 6/11/13; When You Need To Disappear, 6/19/13; Low Tech: 3 Ways to Beat the NSA, 6/29/13; Want to Defend Your Privacy?, 7/5/13; There Is No Right to Privacy, 7/13/13; Liberty Slipping: 10 Things You Could Do in 1975 That You Can't Do Now, 7/22/13; How To Make A DIY Anti-Surveillance Spray, 8/2/13; Government agencies at all levels selling personal data to marketers, 9/1/13; Alessandro Acquisti: Why privacy matters, 10/18/13; Total Privacy = Total Destruction Of The State, 1/6/14; Privacy vs. Security: A False Dichotomy, 2/15/14; United Nations declares U.S. government spying on its own citizens is a crime against Human Rights, 7/30/14; Why privacy matters, 10/13/14; New Website Reveals Personal Information Even Google Can't Find, 7/24/15; How to disappear without trace, 9/18/15; 5 Shocking Facts About You That Anyone Can Find Online, 1/16/16

Snitch Society

superbowl-xlv Snitch Society: Walmart Public Service Announcement, 12/6/10; Homeland Security Recruiting Neighborhood Busybodies as Informants, 12/6/10; Szandor Blestman: I See Something and I'm Saying Something, 12/7/10; Please report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart to the Department of Homeland Security, 12/7/10; Big Sis Set To Expand Spy Program To Sports Stadiums, 12/9/10; iPhone snitch network launched, 12/13/10; Complaint About DHS/Wal-Mart Partnership Leads to Wiretap, 12/16/10; US government ‘creating vast domestic snooping machine’, 12/20/10; Walmart's Federal Spying Campaign, 1/1/11; Oklahoma: “Sniffin’ Dirt”…Snitching on your neighbor will keep us all safe!, 1/18/11; Become a multi-millionaire… as a tax snitch, 4/13/11; See Something Say Something Act Seeks To Turn USA Into East Germany, 4/30/11; Government recruits doctors to become thought police, pinpoint potential terrorists among their patients, 6/8/11; Aunt Sam Wants You to be a citizen-spy for the regime, 6/9/11; FBI Wants Surplus Stores To Spy on Customers, 8/10/11; If You See Something, Say Something, 8/20/11; Big Sis Tags Coffee Cups With Big Brother Eye, 9/20/11; DHS takes counterterrorism to the NHL, 12/29/11; Introducing the government’s newest unpaid spy: YOU, 2/8/12; Innovative Apps: Rat Out Your Neighbor Anonymously, 2/12/12; Infraguard - a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector, 9/9/12; DHS Enlists Citizen Spies Via New Smartphone App, 9/20/12; Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York, 12/24/12; Amerikan Gestapo Wants You (To Snitch), 4/23/14; Obama Regime Wants Parents to be Snitches, Terrorism Recruiters, and Target-Spotters, 4/23/14; Snitch or Suffer, 7/31/14; Turning Americans into Snitches for the Police State: ‘See Something, Say Something’ and Community Policing, 9/24/14; ‘See Something, Say Something’ Promotional Items Handed Out at NFL Games, 11/11/14; Is Your Child a Terrorist? U.S. Government Questionnaire Rates Families at Risk for Extremism, 2/9/15; Full Document; Motel 6 Sending Guests' Personal Info to Police Every Night, 4/27/15; Motels Sharing “Daily Guest List with Police” and Aiding Warrant Checks on Every Guest, 5/7/15; Ancestry.com colludes with police to share your genetic information in violation of privacy rights, 5/14/15; Spy on Your Customers… or Else, 9/15/15; Poisonous paranoia of ‘see something, say something’, 9/18/15; Police state government is spying on you through your local garbage collection trucks, 11/2/15; Facing Growing Encryption, Law Enforcement Recommends More Informants, 11/3/15; How the Govt Used the NY Bombing to Convert Millions of Citizens into Spies -- Literally Overnight, 9/20/16; Illinois turns hair stylists into snitches; tells them to spy on their customers, 1/10/17

Public Predation

Public Predation: Random Pat-Downs Turn PATCO Into Police State, 9/9/10; TSA-Style Pat Downs Hit The Streets, 12/6/10; D.C. Metro anti-terrorism teams to begin random bag inspections to avert attacks, 12/16/10; Metro to start random bag searches, 12/16/10; US to step up security at hotels and malls, 12/26/10; Forget Super Bowl Pat Downs, Big Sis Wants Interrogations And Behavioral Tests, 2/7/11; Ontario Woman Sues Over Strip-Search At Ambassador Bridge, 2/10/11; Capital Controls now being enforced at the airport, 2/16/11; Cavity Search: Do It For The Prisoners, 4/7/11; Grope Down Checkpoints Coming To Malls, 5/4/11; Bin Laden kill conveniently paves way for security checkpoints everywhere -- shopping malls, sports stadiums, grocery stores, churches, 5/7/11; Items seized in 2 a.m. drug search, 7/26/11; TSA-style full body pat-downs coming to an NFL stadium near you, 9/17/11; Metal detectors at hospitals?, 11/10/11; Indy Super Bowl: National Security State Protects Sports Fans from Prostitutes, 1/30/12; Super Bowl Security, 2/4/12; Supreme Court: Strip searches in jail OK even for minor offenses, 4/2/12; Supreme Court says police can strip search citizens for any offense, 4/11/12; Big Sis Launches Undercover TSA Spies To Ride Houston Buses, 4/17/12; Larken Rose: Spineless Texas??, 4/24/12; Arizona police given green light to check immigrants papers, 9/19/12; Hitler's Hotel, 9/25/12; Police allowed to install cameras on private property without warrant, 10/30/12; Baltimore announces city-wide surveillance roll out that records passenger conversations on city buses, 11/5/12; Super Bowl Fans to Face Mandatory TSA Pat Downs, 1/31/13; 2-Police dog 'sniff' passes U.S. Supreme Court smell test, 2/19/13; Court: Drug dog sniff is unconstitutional search, 3/26/13; MLB Prepares New DHS Screening Measures at All Ballparks, 1/25/14; Homeland Security to X-ray all food and drinks at Super Bowl, 1/28/14; All Major League Sports Facilities Are the New FEMA Camps, 1/30/14; SUPER BOWL 2014 PREPARATIONS & CRAZY ILLUMINATI CONNECTION, 1/30/14; Security Won't Let People Leave MetLife Stadium Because NJ Transit Is So Behind, 2/2/14; Super Bowl chaos: Officials plead with 28,000 train-bound fans to stay inside MetLife Stadium after Super Bowl despite having hours to react after pre-game transit disaster, 2/3/14; Boston Transit Police Conducts Warrantless Searches on All Bus, Subway Riders, 4/8/14; Seattle’s Nanny State is “Deputizing Trashmen as Secret Police” to Snoop Through Wastebins, 7/23/15; NFL says it will increase security at stadiums after Paris terror attacks, 11/14/15


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From 17,500 Feet In The Air, 1/28/13; Guerrilla surveillance camera destruction hits the U.S., 2/15/13; Supreme Court Shields Warrantless Eavesdropping Law from Constitutional Challenge, 2/27/13; CIA Chief Tech Officer: Big Data Is The Future And We Own It, 3/21/13; Great surveillance boom, 4/26/13; Why Your Grocery Store Is Installing Military Cameras, 5/2/13; Round the Clock Surveillance: Is This the Price of Living in a ‘Free, Safe’ Society?, 5/14/13; Electronic Concentration Camp: Video from The Rutherford Institute, 5/31/13; Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance, 6/13/13; Surveillance vs. Infrastructure: When a Country Falls Apart, 6/27/13; ABCs of the Surveillance State: Six Gun Toting Alcohol Agents Pounce On College Kid Buying Bottled Water, 7/1/13; Empire of Secrets - Who is watching the watchers?, 7/1/13; Government Spying Has Always Focused On Crushing Dissent … Not On Keeping Us Safe, 7/7/13; Shocking study on how much the government pays to spy on you, 7/11/13; "Excuse me, Are You a Robot in The Surveillance State?", 7/12/13; Making of the U.S. Surveillance State, 1898-2020, 7/15/13; Blind Men's Bluff: Why the Surveillance State Is Doomed, 7/26/13; American Surveillance State Is Here. Can It Be Evaded?, 8/2/13; Surveillance questions snowball: 5 stories you may have missed, 8/6/13; New Era of Surveillance is Here, 8/20/13; Government surveillance — this is just the beginning, 8/13; Privacy Fears Grow as Cities Increase Surveillance, 10/13/13; Feds Deploy National Spy System of Microphones Capable of Recording Conversations, 11/11/13; Wi-Fi Spy Network Installed In Los Angeles?, 11/15/13; New Mesh Network Documents Confirm Police Vehicle’s Real-Time Access To DHS Spy Cameras, 11/16/13; Federal Judge Rules Against Mass Surveillance, 12/19/13; White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts, 12/21/13; Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Many Ways That You’re Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled, 1/7/14; Big Brother: A Neighborhood Demands Answers, 2/3/14; To Shut Down the Surveillance State, We Must End the IRS, 3/7/14; Navy database tracks civilians' parking tickets, fender-benders, raising fears of domestic spying, 3/21/14; ‘Just Salute and Follow Orders’: When Secrecy and Surveillance Trump the Rule of Law, 4/2/14; Creepy autonomous AI CCTV surveillance network watches all of Boston, 4/17/14; Spying Is Meant to Crush Citizens’ Dissent, Not Catch Terrorists, 5/15/14; Unblinking Eyes Track Employees, 6/21/14; City lampposts to collect data from citizens as they pass by, 6/27/14; Police Urge Residents to Outfit Homes With Police-run Surveillance Cameras, 9/29/14; Hundreds Of Bluetooth Beacons Secretly Track New York City Passersby, 10/6/14; How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11, 11/13/14; Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance -Here's What Matters Instead, 11/19/14; Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch over Maryland, 12/17/14; D.C.-Area Schools Track Students with 30,000 Surveillance Cameras, 1/2/15; Virtual Deputy' Surveillance Cameras To Be Deployed In Southern Florida, 3/28/15; CCTV Selfies: I Turned City Surveillance into my Personal Photographer, 4/7/15; spying-on-us Police state government to start surveilling your poop in real time for illicit drug use… RFID tag readers in toilets will upload urine composition to the feds, 5/22/15; Eye in the Sky, 6/18/15; Orwell's Triumph: How Novels Tell the Truth of Surveillance, 6/28/15; Man Spies on a Suburban Town With Its Own Security Camera, 6/30/15; UK City Installs ‘Giant Eyes’ To Spy On Citizens; Public Thinks It’s A Great Idea, 9/3/15; Obama Set To Put In New Law That Can Put Everyone In Jail, 4/13/16; Saint or Sinner, Government Eyes Are Watching Every Move You Make, 4/19/16; Federal Agents Caught “Masquerading As Utility Workers” While Installing Mysterious Spy Box, 4/22/16; New Surveillance System From Purdue May Let Cops Use All Of The Cameras, Everywhere, 5/23/16; Array of Things Allow Chicago To Spy On Entire City: “Wake Up And Realize We’re Just Servants”, 8/30/16; Three New Scandals Show How Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance Is in the West, Vindicating Snowden, 11/4/16; How Bureaucrats and Spies Turned Canada Into a Surveillance State, 11/4/16

Project Echelon: Project Echelon; Echelon Watch; "GLOBAL SPYING". WASHINGTON'S "WEAPONIZED DATA" SYSTEM, 4/23/12; ECHELON: Exposing the Global Surveillance System, 4/26/12

Big Brother

BigBrotherObama 072714n Big Brother: DHS Updates Rules on Border Laptop Searches, 8/27/9; Cameras make Chicago most closely watched US city, 4/6/10; In Restive Chinese Area, Cameras Keep Watch, 8/2/10; Smile! Aerial images being used to enforce laws, 8/14/10; It isn’t God who is keeping track of our sins…..it is a Homeland Security satellite, 8/25/10; U.S. government using Pre-Crime technology to monitor citizens, 8/25/10; NC Sheriffs want database of prescription drug users, 9/14/10; Authorities Plan To Trawl Phone Calls And E Mails For Signs Of “Resentment Toward Government”, 9/30/10; Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database, 11/4/10; Smile, if you're in downtown Houston - Homeland Security picking up tab for 250-300 surveillance cameras, 11/24/10; Are they spying on you?, 12/15/10; Plan to Turn Post Office Trucks Into Stasi Data Collection Nodes, 12/21/10; White House’s ‘insider threat’ program targets federal employees for surveillance, 1/5/11; pdf; Daley Defends City’s Camera Network, 2/8/11; Obama Administration Says It Can Spy On Americans, But Can't Tell You What Law Allows It, 2/14/11; Sac Police To Tap Into Business Security Cameras To Deter Crime, 3/4/11; Surveillance, San Francisco-Style, 4/6/11; McCain's Privacy 'bill of rights' exempts government agencies, 4/12/11; DHS Funds Real-time Spy Cams on SF Buses, 8/9/11; nsa-spies Are you ready for Big Brother 2.0?, 8/19/11; WikiLeaks Releases Documents on Government Surveillance Tactics, 12/1/11; Red Spotlights to Mark 'Precrime' Suspects, 1/23/12; Jesse Ventura: Big Brother Conspiracy, 3/31/12; 13 Ways Government Tracks Us, 4/9/12; Big Brother Takes over from Uncle Sam: A Single Intelligence Network for a New World Order, 1/29/13; Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size as GPs are forced to hand over confidential records, 2/2/13; AG Holder grants secret powers to collect files on innocent Americans, 4/1/13; Rest Of The World Is Absolutely Disgusted With Our Big Brother Spying Methods, 6/11/13; 50 More Reasons To Advance The Total Surveillance State?, 6/19/13; 10 Ways That The Iron Grip Of The Big Brother Prison Grid Is Tightening On All Of Our Lives, 7/17/13; big-brother-watching Obama: 'We Don’t Have a Domestic Spying Program', 8/6/13; Tennis Fans Complain About Long Security Lines On Day 1 Of US Open, 8/26/13; Neighborhood Big Brother, 1/28/14; 10 Examples Of How “Big Brother” Is Steadily Creeping Into Our Daily Lives, 10/6/14; Creepy, Calculating and Controlling: All the Ways Big Brother Is Watching You, 2/17/15

In School: Turning children into Orwellian eco-spies, 12/15/9; Webcam Spying School District Cleared of Criminal Charges, 8/17/10; New Canaan Considers Tracking Devices for Students, 8/23/10; U.S. schools: grooming students for a surveillance state, 8/28/10; H.R. 6109:New Bill Requires Asking Children to Declare their Sexual Orientation, 10/7/10; Brave New World: Dept. of Education Wants Your Kid’s Blood Type?, 3/12/11; School Wants To Allow Bus Drivers To Search Students, 5/19/11; School District Offering Drug Testing Kits To Parents, 8/17/11; Prison-Yard America, 10/12/11; Officials Use Ruse At Wolcott High To Clear Halls For Drug Search, 10/22/11; Big Brother on campus, 3/22/12; High school to force students to undergo hair analysis to reveal alcohol consumption, 8/8/13; School’s New Spy System Places Children Under Complete Surveillance, 11/13/13; Gates Foundation Launches Giant Database on School Children 'inBloom', 2/24/14; Data mining your children, 5/15/14

Sex Offender Registry: Number of Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S. Nears Three-quarters of a Million, 1/23/12

Targeting Preppers: Feds Demand Customer Lists from Storable Food Facility, 12/9/11; Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food, 12/10/11; Confiscate Your Guns? How About Confiscating Your Food?, 12/10/11; Door-to-door questioning of food supplies in Tennessee, 12/11/11

Fusion Centers: Locally owned & operated intelligence machines, 3/2/10; On the Government’s Growing Obsession With Hollywood-Style Command Centers, 8/17/10; DHS ‘fusion centers’ portrayed as pools of ineptitude, civil liberties intrusions, 10/2/12; Doggone, They Lied to Us AGAIN, 10/4/12; Fusion Centers Are Designed to Spy On the American People, 10/11/12; Here's What It Looks Like When You're Entered Into A Department Of Homeland Security Data Fusion Center, 11/5/12


nsa_1984 dd44-59 021515r37 NSA: Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting), 1/1/10; NSA creating spy system to monitor domestic infrastructure, 7/7/10; Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Challenging NSA Surveillance of Americans, 3/21/11; U.S. Spy Agencies Want Software That Can Figure Out Where Any Photo Was Taken, 8/2/11; Appeals Court to Weigh NSA Dragnet Surveillance, 8/29/11; Court Revives NSA Dragnet Surveillance Case, 12/29/11; NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center, 3/15/12; NSA’s Spy Program 'Stellar Wind' Exposed, 3/19/12; NSA building massive spy 'data center,' tracking all private communication, 3/29/12; Obama's NSA: Close to knowing all about us, 4/4/12; NSA Whistleblower says NSA Is Lying: U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails, 4/20/12; NSA Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance, 4/20/12; NSA whistle blowers allege data being collected on every American, 7/23/12; Secret Ruling Against NSA for Spying on Americans, 8/31/12; Revealing Our Spying Methods Would Cause 'Grave Damage To National Security', 9/18/12; NSA: We Will Illegally Spy on Citizens Only When Absolutely Necessary, 10/25/12; NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others, 6/6/13; Congressional leaders: NSA data gathering is routine, 6/6/13; NSA taps in to user data of Facebook, Google and others, secret files reveal, 6/7/13; Is This Mysterious Silicon Valley Company Helping The NSA Spy On Americans?, 6/7/13; GUIDE to protect yourself from the NSA and the Government, 6/9/13; Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA, 6/9/13; Guardian reporter: We have list of NSA targets, 6/10/13; NSA Spying on Americans Now Explained and Justified (Well almost), 6/11/13; Did NSA already use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare?, 6/11/13; NSA Snooping on Americans Is Unconstitutional and Outrageous, 6/12/13; 22 Nauseating Quotes From Hypocritical Establishment Politicians About The NSA Spying Scandal, 6/12/13; Meet the Spy Chief leading us into cyberwar, 6/12/13; Director Of The NSA Wants The Internet Under His Control, 6/13/13; NSA Spying Is About Intimidating the Media, American Citizens, 6/13/13; NSA Spying, Rep. Jeff Duncan Tours DHS - Sees IRS agents Training with AR-15's, 6/13/13; National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying Program, 6/14/13; Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam, 6/14/13; Secrecy’s Tangled Web of Deceit, 6/14/13; NSA: No Such Agency, 6/15/13; Fantastic NSA Public Service Announcement, 6/15/13; What the NSA Revelations Tell Us about America's Police State, 6/15/13; NSA Scandal Response "I'm innocent..who cares?" - Doug Wead Sums it up Best, 6/16/13; Just as IBM powered the German holocaust, the NSA will power the coming American holocaust as millions are exterminated, 6/16/13; NSA employees use data mining systems to spy on wives, ex-spouses?, 6/17/13; Top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant, 6/20/13; NSA uses 'terrorism' to justify mass surveillance that started long before 9/11 and the Patriot Act, 6/20/13; Trust us: A brief history of government spying, 6/20/13; NSA chief claims secret surveillance program stopped 'a bajillion' terror plots, 6/23/13; Personal Side of Taking on the NSA: Emerging Smears, 6/27/13; Proof comes out: NSA needs no warrant to gather spy data on Americans, 6/28/13; NSA reportedly has secret data collection agreement with several European countries, 6/29/13; Misinformation on classified NSA programs includes statements by senior U.S. officials, 6/30/13; NSA Is A Billion Times More Expansive Than the Stasi, 7/5/13; Privacy Group to Supreme Court: Tell NSA to Stop Spying on Americans, 7/10/13; NSA spying never catches Israelis - Why not?, 7/11/13; America’s “Intelligence-industrial Complex”, 7/15/13; Snowden Has 'Blueprints' to NSA, 7/15/13; Crux of The NSA Story in One Phrase: 'Collect It All', 7/16/13; How the NSA Works; As the NSA Follows You, We Follow the Money, 7/16/13; NSA is More Than Just a Spy Network, it’s Global Fascism, 7/18/13; NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails, 7/23/13; Low-Level NSA Analysts Have ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tool, 7/28/13; Lawmakers Protecting NSA Surveillance Are Awash In Defense Contractor Cash, 7/29/13; Wyden says NSA spying violations ‘more serious’ than admitted, 7/30/13; Security Consultant Heckles NSA Head: Shouts “Freedom!”; “Read The Constitution!”, 8/1/13; Decoding the NSA: How the Agency Manipulates Language to Mislead the Public, 8/1/13; NEW Spying Scandal - Is This One the Last Straw?, 8/6/13; What It Means to Be an NSA 'Target', 8/9/13; NSA: ‘The Abyss from Which There Is No Return’, 8/20/13; NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies, 8/22/13; NSA spying: Nothing to Hide...Still Better Worry!, 8/25/13; Scariest Thing About NSA Analysts Spying On Their Lovers Is How They Were Caught, 8/27/13; Nothing Better to Do – The NSA Goes After Parody T-Shirts, 8/29/13; NSA and Its “Compliance Problems”, 8/30/13; Ten Things We've Learned About The NSA From A Summer Of Snowden Leaks, 9/9/13; NSA Shares Raw Intelligence Including Americans' Data with Israel, 9/11/13; NSA and Israeli intelligence: memorandum of understanding – full document, 9/11/13; NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, 9/12/13; NSA Conspires with Israel Against Americans, 9/14/13; Obama secretly reversed NSA surveillance restrictions in 2011, 9/22/13; New NSA Revelations Are Breaking Every Day, 9/24/13; 12 True Tales of Creepy NSA Cyberstalking, 9/26/13; New NSA revelations - Assassinations Program, 9/28/13; Government ‘Shut Down’ Doesn’t Prevent Opening of $2 Billion NSA Spy Center, 10/1/13; NSA's Huge New Data Center Keeps Having Meltdowns And No One Knows Why, 10/8/13; NSA’s Vast New Utah Data Hub Suffering from ‘Meltdowns’, 10/9/13; Documents reveal NSA’s extensive involvement in targeted killing program, 10/17/13; NSA Revelations Monkeywrench Police Surveillance State Schemes, 10/21/13; NSA Website Attacked, Knocked Offline, 10/25/13; NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say, 10/30/13; NSA Transparency Hurts Americans’ Privacy, Feds Say With Straight Face, 11/13/13; Sex and the NSA, 11/29/13; NSA seeks a few brave interns: Spy agency recruiting students as young as 15, 12/9/13; White House to preserve controversial policy on NSA, Cyber Command leadership, 12/13/13; NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption, 1/2/13; NSA Propoganda Memo for families of NSA workers, 1/2/14; NSA Admits to Spying On Congress, 1/4/14; My Doctor Can Disclose My Medical Records to the NSA Without My Authorization (and so can yours), 1/16/14; Obama’s NSA Speech: What Reform?, 1/20/14; Obama NSA Nominee Defends Mass Surveillance Of Americans, 3/11/14; Why Does the NSA Want to Keep Its Water Usage a Secret?, 3/19/14; NSA monitors WiFi on US planes ‘in violation’ of privacy laws, 4/10/14; A Treasure Trove of Blackmail, 4/27/14; Whistleblower Explains ‘Massive Blackmail’ Potential from NSA Spying on Politicians, 4/28/14; NSA Claims It Is "Too Big to Comply" With A Court Order, 6/11/14; New Senate Bill Gives NSA More Power, 6/30/14; 9 in 10 Messages NSA Spies On Not From Targets, 7/6/14; What Your "Startlingly Intimate, Voyeristic" NSA File Looks Like, 7/6/14; Snowden: NSA employees routinely pass around intercepted nude photos, 7/17/14; High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance, 7/21/14; NSA Nation Moves to the Next Level, 7/29/14; Secret programs to stay secret: Court sides with NSA in surveillance lawsuit, 8/12/14; Edward Snowden Reveals NSA's MonsterMind Program, 8/13/14; NSA and Me, 10/2/14; NSA to start recruiting teenagers from 13 years old, 10/14/14; 522-1025170042 NSA Is Letting Its Chief Technical Officer Work 20 Hours a Week for a Private Company, 10/21/14; It’s Not Just Spying – How the NSA Has Turned Into a Giant Profit Center for Corrupt Insiders, 10/21/14; Obama Extends NSA Spying Powers Yet Again, 12/8/14; Anyone Who Think NSA is OK Because They Have Nothing To Hide – Well You are Just Nuts, 1/9/15; NSA Destroying American Technology, 2/27/15; NSA mass phone surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden ruled illegal, 5/7/15; Free Speech, Facebook and the NSA: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 6/2/15; Obama Goes Full Stalin: Tells Secret Court To Ignore Law He Signed 4 Hours Earlier, Extend Illegal NSA Surveillance, 6/9/15; Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying, 6/9/15; Details and images on almost 300 patents filed by the National Security Agency, 8/10/15; Obama Expanded NSA Powers Days Before Leaving Office, Now They’re Being Used to Sabotage Trump, 2/16/17

Keith Alexander: Inside the mind of NSA chief Gen Keith Alexander, 9/15/13; NSA chief admits counterterrorism successes were vastly exaggerated to sell 'benefits' of spying on Americans, 10/17/13; NSA Chief: Reporters Must Be Stopped, 10/24/13; As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media, 10/25/13; NSA Chief Pushes Legislation To Stifle The First Amendment, 3/5/14; Former NSA Head LIES In Interview With Comedian, 4/28/14; $1 Million A Month - What Ex-NSA Chief Alexander Charges Wall Street For "Advice", 6/21/14; Former NSA Director Sold Classified Info For $1M Per Month, 8/5/14

Richard Ledgett: NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED Talk, 3/24/14

NSA Blackmail: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers, 6/20/13; NSA has been blackmailing Supreme Court judges, members of Congress and more, 6/23/13; Snowden, NSA, blackmail, and the boys in the back room, 6/28/13; Is the NSA actually Blackmail Inc. for the military industrial complex?, 6/29/13; 72 percent of Americans believe NSA is blackmailing judges and members of Congress, 7/7/13

GCHQ: British spy agency sharing worldwide phone, Internet records with NSA, 6/21/13

Organized Stalking: Hidden Evil; Targeted Individuals; Lawson: FAQ; Freedom From Covert Harrassment

National I.D. Card

nat-id-card National I.D.: Call for National ID card, 4/30/10; Immigration proposal creates national ID card, ‘fingerprints every worker’, 4/30/10; DHS Conducts Nationwide ID Authentication Test For Emergency Preparedness; National Tamper-proof ID Card Scam—Watch Out!, 11/28/10; National electronic ID cards planned for Afghanistan, 12/12/10; A Nation of Cringing Wretches, 2/18/11; How the U.S. Government Forged a Surveillance Society; American Citizens, Get Ready – The Real ID Act Goes Into Effect On May 11, 3/1/11; House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID, 3/3/11; Real ID Act 2005: The reality versus the myth and why you should care, 3/5/11; Smart Card Alliance Conference Focuses on U.S. Roadmaps to EMV and Secure ID, 3/14/11; My Real ID Reckoning, 6/28/11; Real ID Act blocks some Americans from driver's licenses, 11/20/11; 5 Signs You Are Dealing with Real ID in 2012, 5/7/12; Smart Card Alliance (Endorsers of Obama) Outlines U.S. Move to Chip-based Payments, Real ID Iowa, 10/5/12; National Digital ID, Courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service?, 1/11/13; Heritage Foundation Discusses Future of Real ID, 1/28/13; McCain and Schumer Move to Force Americans to Use Biometric ID for Employment, 2/1/13; Immigration law mandate: Biometric ID cards to become mandatory, 6/16/13; Immigration reform hiding a plan requiring biometric national ID card for all US workers, 7/1/13; Department of Homeland Security Extends REAL ID Deadline to 2016, 12/24/13; REAL ID Strikes Back, 2/21/14; A Flood of Teenage Immigrants? The DHS's Solution: ID Card Compliance, 8/6/14; Americans will soon be barred from boarding airplanes unless they surrender to federal 'Real ID' card, 9/4/14; National ID card being covertly rolled out under 'enhanced' driver's license programs, 9/14/14; TSA to Require Secured Identification to Board Flights in 2016, 1/29/15; Back Door For “Real” ID, 3/6/15; REAL ID to Go Live in 2016, Drivers’ Licenses from 11 States May Be Rejected By TSA, 12/29/15; Biometrics As National IDs: It’s A Hacked World, After All, 1/4/16

Global I.D.: Globalist Mouthpiece Calls For The Entire Planet To Adopt The ‘National Identification System’ One European Country Has Established, 7/17/14

Identity Theft: Banking bad: One man’s ID-theft nightmare, 2/1/14

E-Verify: Ron Paul's Dire New Warning, 2/7/13; E-Verify's 'Hang Everyone' Approach, 2/8/13; Ron Paul: If You Like The Surveillance State, You’ll Love E-Verify, 7/1/13

Photo ID: New Law Requires Photo ID To Buy Some Drain Cleaners, 1/5/12; Obamacare Bill: Healthcare Reform as a Backdoor National ID, 1/6/10; Mexico: Biometric Clampdown: Tijuana debut for Mexican I.D. card program, 1/25/11

Shopping: Stores Requiring ID, Tracking To Prevent Repeated Returns, 11/20/12; Cameras Inside Mannequins Spying on Shoppers, 11/21/12; Local supermarkets use NSA-style spying on their own customers, 10/1/13


howjesuswasborn Census: Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census; 2010 Census Form; Ron Paul: None of Your Business!, 7/13/4; American Community Survey; Tempus Fugit; Census2010; Are You Required by law To fill out Census survey?, 5/26/8; Census GPS-tagging your home's front door, 5/5/9; Government Gone Mad, 7/6/9; Robert Greenslade: Civil Disobedience and the Census, 7/27/9; Obama passing new law to allow PC & media device searches, 8/5/9; US Census And GPS Mapping ~ Big Brother at Your Door, 11/4/9; Jesus posters promoting Census raise ire, 12/15/9; 2010 Census: what you need to know, 1/20/10; Beware the State’s Assault on Privacy!, 1/28/10; Census Anyone?; PSA: send the Census packing, 3/3/10; Getting Personal; Ron Paul: ‘No’ on Census Support, 3/8/10; Christopher Walken: How to complete a census; Census Data Not So Confidential After All, 3/8/10; Ron Paul on the Census 2010, 3/8/10; Jim Kirwan: Owning The 'United States®', 3/16/10; Trademark of the Beast, 3/16/10; Devvy: Stop The Census - Nothing But Fraud, 3/17/10; Walter E Williams on the Census; Don't answer the census!!!; Fun With The 2010 Census!; Census blamed for roundup and internment of Japanese Americans, 3/23/10; U.S. Code § 221. Refusal or neglect to answer questions; false answers; Census Bureau mindful of dangers to its workers in 2010 count after 6 die in traffic accidents, 5/3/10; TheAntiTerrorist on the US Census 2010; Census Man Cometh, 5/17/10; Is the Current Census Constitutional?, 5/21/10; Census® vs Enumeration; Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence, 5/26/10; Cops Murder Elderly Woman Who Refused To Answer Census; More Census Worker Horror Stories, 6/1/10; When Census Workers Attack, 8/25/10; Census worker won't take no for answer, 4/1/11; U.S. Census Bureau helped racially target thousands of American citizens for armed government kidnappings, camp internments, 8/23/12

Mailing/ Shipping

Mailing/ Shipping: Napolitano Halts Shipment of Packages from Japan as Prelude to Civilian 'Shipper' ID Lockdown, 11/27/10; Sealed With a Kiss, 11/30/10; To Stop Junk Mail, Stop Receiving Mail, 3/8/11; Address Lookup Versus Your Private Address, 3/25/11; Careful With a Return Address, 4/18/11; Now Obama targets your FedEx, UPS packages, 3/18/13; Inside the Postal Startup That Wants to Stick It to the (Mail) Man, 8/29/13; NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware, 12/29/13; NSA Actually Intercepted Packages to Put Backdoors in Electronics, 12/29/13; Shipping companies largely silent on NSA intercepting packages, 12/31/13

U.S. Postal Service/ Post Office: U.S. Postal Service Is Monitoring Your Snail Mail, 7/4/13; US Postal Service is spying on your snail mail, 7/19/13; Microwave Love: How The Post Office and NSA Track Your Every Move, 12/31/13; USPS Explores Attaching Electronic Sensors to Your Mail, 6/20/14; Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S., 10/27/14; So You Think Your Snail Mail Is Private?, 11/23/14; U.S. Postal Service ‘Mail Imaging’ Program Used For Law Enforcement, Surveillance, 12/2/14; Going postal: Reporter sues government for spying from USPS network, 1/6/15; Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices, 3/12/15



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