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122814r 081714m 121214u Chemistry: The letter J does not appear anywhere on the periodic table of the elements. Explore key information about the chemical elements through this periodic table; Single molecule, one million times smaller than a grain of sand, pictured for first time, 8/28/9; New Microscope Images Atoms, 12/8/9; Chemistry Explained; Scientists Discover New Superheavy Element 117, 6/25/10; Atomic weights of 10 elements on periodic table about to make an historic change, 12/15/10; Three New Elements Added To The Periodic Table, 11/4/11; Three new elements approved, 11/4/11; Elementary, dear Copernicus! Three new members join the Periodic Table, 11/5/11; Element 115; 10-Year-Old Accidentally Creates New Molecule in Science Class, 2/3/12; 10-year-old girl creates new molecule, 2/6/12; Livermorium and Flerovium join the periodic table of elements, 5/31/12; Chematica combines seven million chemicals into a complete network of reactions, 8/23/12; Observation Deck: The Beautiful Science of Weaponry, 9/10/12; Japanese Team Claims Discovery of Elusive Element 113 and may get to Name It, 9/26/12; Watch These Liquid Metal 'Marbles' Go Splat And Un-Splat, 1/15/13; A Library Of Every Drug That Could Ever Exist, 4/24/13; Making New Elements, 5/13/13; Smile, hydrogen atom, you're on quantum camera, 5/30/13; Simplest Periodic Table We've Ever Seen, 8/1/13; Official Atomic Weights Change For 19 Elements, 9/24/13; Periodic Table puts on weight, 9/26/13; Scientists turn table salt into forbidden compounds that violate textbook rules, 1/20/14; A Clever New Chemistry Kit Your Kid Will Actually Want to Use, 4/8/14; New Super-Heavy Element 117 Confirmed by Scientists, 5/1/14; New element is 40 percent heavier than lead, 5/2/14; Weird Crystal Can Absorb All The Oxygen In A Room - And Then Release It Later, 10/1/14; Oxygen absorbing material may allow us to breathe underwater, 10/4/14; Breathtaking: New crystal steals oxygen from air, paves way for long, long plunge, 10/8/14; Chemists Find A New Chemical Bond, 10/27/14; Chinese Scientists Prove Chemistry Can Be Beautiful, 3/2/15

elements-table Elsevier's Dictionary of Chemoetymology^; Dictionary of Contact Allergens^; Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics & Physical Chemistry^; Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology^; Gale Encyclopedia of Chemical Compounds^; John McMurry: Organic Chemistry 5th ed, 2000^; McMurry & Fay: Chemistry 4th ed^; Linda Williams: Chemistry Demystified, 2003^

Buckyballs: Buckyballs in Space; Magic molecule, 8/1/91; Molecule of the Year, 12/20/91; An Excruciatingly Researched Report

081213-18 010615v file_2501058 092914v 020314b3 092414m 010815s 010115u 122914d

122814s49 113014l49 071313-34 Water: Encyclopedia of Water Science^; Water, Quartz & Mind; Water has Memory, 2/3/11; Water Drop at 2000 Frames per Second; Chemists Discover Freezing Point of Supercooled Water, 7/11/11; When Water Becomes Glass, 10/5/11; Weird world of water gets a little weirder, 11/11/11; 'Brinicle' ice finger of death, 11/22/11; Scientists offer £1,000 prize for answer to the question: Why does hot water freeze faster than cold?, 6/26/12; Water - The Great Mystery, 8/3/12; 'Water computing' breakthrough? Tiny water droplets harnessed to perform computational logic, 9/29/12; Why Does Salt Water Make Hurricane Damage So Much Worse?, 11/1/12; Neuro - Acoustically speaking... When A Water Droplet Is Exposed to Sound Frequencies - Gregg Braden, 11/13/12; Your Emotions on Water or Your World, It's All Vibratory, 12/30/12; Scientists confirm tetrahedral model of the molecular structure of water, 2/15/13; Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2, 3/15/13; Oldest Water on Earth Found Deep Underground, 5/15/13; Why can't we manufacture water?, 6/4/13; Fourth Phase of Water – What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should, 8/23/13; Water: The Great Mystery, Pt.1, 10/18/13; Water: The Great Mystery, Pt.2, 10/18/13; Water on Earth is older than the Sun, 9/28/14; Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDx, 10/1/14; Primary Water EXPLAINED - Why We DO NOT Have a Water Shortage, 12/6/14; Amazing Flash Freezing Water Trick, 1/24/15; Consciousness of Water And Plants, 3/10/15

Gold: Gold on Earth formed in collision of exotic stars, 7/17/13

Olof Alexandersson: Living Water^; Callum Coats: Living Energies: Viktor Schauberger's Work; Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water^; Viktor Schauberger: Nature as Teacher^; Water Wizard^


111413m zhitkov Physics: Emergent Mind Physics Archive; How Everythings Works; Reciprocal System of physical theory; Physics Behind Four Amazing Demonstrations; Nassim Haramein's Resonance Project Foundation; Strange Physical Theory Proved After Nearly 40 Years, 12/16/9; Laws of physics may change across the universe, 9/8/10; 1st extinction event: Leaked CERN documents state LHC has 70% chances to produce ‘ice-9' strangelets on 11/9/10, 9/11/10; Graphene Could Help Physicists Probe the Higgs Boson's Secrets, 2/7/11; Fermi Lab may have found 'new force of nature', 4/7/11; Trillion-Frame-Per-Second Camera Captures Individual Photons Moving Through Space, 12/13/11; Physicists Propose Building a Crystal of Space-Time, 7/13/12; Have three little photons broken theoretical physics?, 8/31/12; Right Again, Einstein! New Study Supports 'Cosmological Constant', 1/16/13; Scientists Discover Evidence of Dark Lightning, 4/9/13; Atoms' Quantum Spin Controlled in Odd Chilled Gas, 6/6/13; This Mesmerizing Video Will Convince You That Physics Can Be Fun, 6/28/13; New groundbreaking research may expose new aspects of the universe, 9/9/13; Scientists figure out how to turn light into matter, 5/20/14; Physicists Prove Surprising Rule of Threes, 5/28/14; Pendulum Wave Of Bowling Balls, 9/8/14; 11 Mind-Blowing Physics Discoveries Made In 2014, 1/4/15

Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life, 1/5/15

Sound: Sacred Sound; Shepard Scales; 528 Hz, the frequency for transformation and DNA repair, 5/28/8; Five Worst Sounds On Earth, 10/10/12; Acoustic levitation: how sound can get physical, 1/2/14; Fighting Fires with Sound Frequencies, 3/23/15; George Mason Students Invent Device To Douse Fires With Sound Waves, 3/25/15

050214y64 102314k42 Energy: Soldiers do not march in step when going across bridges because they could set up a vibration which could be sufficient to knock the bridge down. Elsevier Science Encyclopedia of Energy^; Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy^; Japanese Scientists Successfully Transmit Electricity Through The Air, 3/17/15

Fusion: 3 WAYS TO MAKE A STAR ON EARTH , 3/31/15

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Réaumur, and Rankine Temperature Conversion Formulas; Atoms Reach Record Temperature, Colder than Absolute Zero, 1/3/13; Quantum Gas Temperature Drops Below Absolute Zero, 1/4/13; What's The Hottest Temperature Possible?, 11/14/14


011515d d_8232-01 040415u69 101714e53 071713p 012515h46 Light: Ultimate Mystery - What is Light?; Mysterious Objects at the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, 3/20/12; Scientists stop light completely for a record-breaking MINUTE by trapping it inside a crystal, 7/27/13; Light Forms Crystal-Like Structure On Computer Chip, 9/17/14; Light Photographed As A Wave And A Particle For The First Time, 3/2/15
Infrared: BEST EVER 2015 "LIGHT ORB" Video! What are they?, 1/23/15

Sean Johnston: A History of Light & Colour Measurement^; K.K. Sharma: Optics Principles & Applications^

062914p 011514y-29 Color: Color; No one could see the color blue until modern times, 2/27/15

Motion: Patterns of Motion

Light Speed: OPERA confirms earlier claims of faster-than-light neutrinos, 11/18/11; Faster than light particles found, claim scientists, 9/22/11; Speed-of-light results under scrutiny at Cern, 9/23/11; Physicists Wary of Junking Light Speed Limit Yet, 9/23/11; Increased Light Speed Explanation, 9/29/11; Speedy neutrino mystery likely solved, relativity safe after all, 10/14/11; Second experiment confirms faster-than-light particles, 11/17/11; Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos: OPERA Confirms and Submits Results, But Unease Remains, 11/17/11; How Many Neutrinos Does It Take to Screw Up Einstein?, 11/18/11; Scientists did not break speed of light - it was a faulty wire, 2/22/12; Scientists Back Off, Neutrinos Were Not Clocked At Speeds Faster Than Light, 6/11/12; It May Be Possible to Travel Faster than the Speed of Light, 10/10/12; Light accelerated to near infinite speed in physics lab, 1/14/13; Warp Speed: What Hyperspace Would Really Look Like, 1/15/13

Elementary Particles

021614e Elementary Particles: God Particle wikipedia; Fermilab Experiment Hints At Existence of Brand-New Elementary Particle, 11/4/10; Particle Discovery Has Physicists Abuzz, 4/6/11; Coolest Little Particles in Nature, 4/6/11; Japanese Neutrino Finding Could Explain Why There Is Matter in the Universe, 6/15/11; Space Station May Test 'Spooky' Entanglement Over Largest Distance Yet, 4/9/13; Mysteriously Shrinking Proton Continues to Puzzle Physicists, 4/13/13; Mysterious Subatomic Particle May Represent Exotic New Form of Matter, 6/17/13; First Known Four-Quark Particle Pops Up In Japanese Collider, 6/18/13; IceCube Telescope Finds High-Energy Neutrinos, Opens Up New Era in Astronomy, 11/21/13; Could a Super Collider or Similar Machine Destroy the World?, 2/19/14; 'Indisputable' Proof Of A New Four-Quark Particle, 4/10/14; Sub-atomic particle observed as both matter & antimatter, 10/5/14; Particle Weirdness Shows Physics Is Right About Being Wrong, 6/17/15; Massless particle discovery could radically accelerate electronics, 7/20/15; Yes, There Are Neutrinos Zipping Through The Cosmos, 8/20/15

Higgs Boson particle: New Particle Discovered at CERN, 4/27/12; New Particle Discovered with 'Higgs Boson' Machine, 4/28/12; Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery, 6/20/12; Evidence of 'God particle' found, 7/2/12; Higgs-like particle found in ‘milestone’ for mankind, 7/4/12; Scientists’ search for Higgs boson yields new subatomic particle, 7/4/12; Newly Discovered Particle Appears to Be Long-Awaited Higgs Boson, 7/4/12; What If the New Particle Isn't the Higgs Boson?, 7/5/12; Who Deserves a Higgs Boson Nobel? One Scientist, or Many, 7/6/12; A Simple Explanation Of The Higgs Boson For Anyone Who Is Still Confused, 7/9/12; Was the discovery of Higgs boson actually the world's most successful experiment in the power of conscious intention?, 7/10/12; Higgs Boson Discovery Has Been Confirmed, 9/12/12; 'Higgs' boson may not be 'God particle', 11/15/12; Will Higgs Boson bring the end of the universe?, 2/22/13; WE'VE FOUND THE GOD PARTICLE, 3/14/13

Tetraquark: Newly Discovered ‘Tetraquark’ Fuels Quantum Feud, 9/9/14

CERN: wikipedia; CERN - the key to the Abyss - September 2015, 3/3/15; Playing With Fire?, 3/13/15; CERN September 2015 - The Veil is Removed and the Abyss is Opened, 4/23/15; SEPTEMBER 23 2015 -MANY THINGS WILL BE HAPPENING THAT MONTH, 5/5/15; September 23 & September 24, 2015 – Opening the IXXI Door & Planned Crossing Over, 5/12/15; Beware September 2015! A Great Deception is Brewing! I Know What is Going to Happen and it is Not What You Think!, 5/14/15; CERN AND THE HALLS OF HELL, 5/14/15; 22-28 September 2015 marks the start of something major for civilization, 6/2/15; Fake Alien Invasion: CERN September 2015 The Veil Is Removed And The Abyss Is Opened, 8/4/15; CERN, SEPTEMBER 2015 & THE YEAR OF LIGHT, 8/10/15; Will The Large Hadron Collider Open Up A Portal To Another Dimension?, 8/12/15; Is September Chaos Tied To CERN And Does This Cancelled TV Series From 2013 Tell Us What The Govt And Mainstream Media Won't?, 8/14/15; Unaired TV Show Cancelled For Showing Truth About September 2015 and CERN?, 8/15/15; How CERN Will Affect Your Soul, 8/17/15

Matter: Meet the Newest State of Matter, 5/9/15; Scientists just discovered a new state of matter that could revolutionize how we use energy, 5/13/15

Antimatter: Exotic Antimatter Created on Earth, 3/5/10; Scientist Say Thunderstorms Create Antimatter, 1/13/11; Heaviest Bit of Antimatter Discovered, 4/25/11; CERN Physicists Trap Antimatter for a Record-Breaking Quarter Hour, Observe It, 5/3/11; Ephemeral Antimatter Trapped for Amazingly Long 16 Minutes, 6/5/11; Is the New Physics Here? Atom Smashers Get an Antimatter Surprise, 11/17/11; New twist in antimatter mystery, 2/29/12; Scientific first: Successful manipulation of antimatter, 3/13/12; Does antimatter fall up? Experiment could provide the answer, 4/30/13; Antimatter haze found in thundercloud, and the laws of physics can’t explain it, 5/13/15

Cold Fusion: Heavy Watergate: The War on Cold Fusion, 11/12/9; Cold Fusion Breakthrough Announced, 1/18/11; Cold fusion reactor independently verified, has 10,000 times the energy density of gas, 5/21/13

Superconductivity: Triplet Superconductivity Proven For First Time, 12/2/10; Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In Quantum Levitation , 10/16/11; Quantum Levitation, 10/16/11; Boaz Almog “levitates” a superconductor, 7/9/12; New theory may revolutionize superconductors, 12/5/13

Cosmic Rays: Scientists Are Closer Than Ever To Solving A 100-Year-Old Mystery About Cosmic Rays, 11/21/13

053015t 102914e 052615c65 060414q49 Gravity: Astronauts can't belch - there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs. NIST Posts Adjusted Values of the Physical Constants, Tweaking Gravity to Make Science More Precise, 7/21/11; I bet you $1 this video will blow your mind!, 11/6/12; Robin-Klein-physics Chinese scientists find evidence for speed of gravity, 12/28/12; Sex in Space Could Be Out of this World ... Or Not, 4/18/13; Bohemian Gravity, 9/16/13; A New Theory of Gravity, 1/14/14; Gravitational Waves: Einstein Was Right, Again, Maybe, 3/14/14; How To See Spacetime Stretch - LIGO | Video; Quantum Gravity, 11/11/14

Anti-Gravity: Secret of the Universe; GRAVITY HILL- SYLMAR, CA, 3/22/11; Levitation Is Now A Reality Thanks To Quantum Mechanics, 12/2/14
David Hatcher Childress: Anti Gravity & the World Grid^; Nick Cook: Hunt for Zero Point^

Magnetism: Physicists Finally Made The One-Poled Magnet They've Been Missing For 80 Years, 1/30/14; Scientists just made the crazy discovery that magnets can control heat and sound, 3/26/15

Quantum Mechanics

012915c 020914o-71 Quantum Mechanics: Quantum Mechanics Flummoxes Physicists Again, 8/4/10; Scientists build world's first quantum machine; For the First Time, Humans See Quantum Entanglement With the Naked Eye, 4/29/11; Making sense of a visible quantum object, 6/2/11; Near-Perfect Particle Measurement Achieved, 7/13/11; Scientists Build First Working Quantum Network, 4/12/12; Chinese Physicists Teleport Photons Over 100 Kilometers, 5/11/12; Particles Walk Through Walls While Physicists Watch, 5/17/12; European Physicists Smash Chinese Teleportation Record, 5/21/12; Atom Split Into Two And Then Put Back Together Using Quantum Mechanics, 6/5/12; World record for the entanglement of twisted light quanta, 11/5/12; Researchers Achieve Quantum Teleportation Between Two Macroscopic Objects, 11/19/12; Poll Reveals Quantum Physicists’ Disagreement About the Nature of Reality, 1/9/13; Quantum Invisibility Cloak Hides Objects from Reality, 6/12/13; Harnessing Quantum Entanglement Is Humanity’s Secret Weapon, 7/9/13; A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics, 9/17/13; Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics, 12/11/13; Experiment That Forever Changed How We Think About Reality, 1/14/14; New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time, 4/25/14; Experiment suggests that reality doesn't exist until it is measured, 6/3/15

Relativity: Floating Gyroscopes Vindicate Einstein, 5/4/11; Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space, 8/8/11; Experience Relativity Firsthand in MIT Video Game that Slows the Speed of Light, 11/7/12

Remote Viewing

102513f Remote Viewing & Influencing: wikipedia; Montauk; Remote Viewing Test; What is Remote Viewing?; Bill Wood: ABOVE & BEYOND PROJECT LOOKING GLASS, 1/17/12; Most Important Announcement Ever Made: Farsight Planet 2014 and The Great Pyramid of Giza; Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza, 3/14/14; Coast to Coast AM: Remote Viewing/ Egypt Discovery, 6/7/15
CIA Remote Viewing Manual^; Farsight Protocols^
L.R. Bremseth: Unconventional Human Intelligence Support - Transcendent and Asymmetric Warfare Implications^
Ed Dames: Controlled Remote Viewing Manual^; Remote Viewing Predictions, 10/9/8
Higgins & La Tourrette: Silva UltraMind's Remote Viewing & Influencing^
Gerald O'Donnell: RI Secrets Revealed^


081814l 061514a 081714r 081714q molbsqdw6V1rci timetravel 090814j 020915k
100214y 120114h 042815w 051415a 111914q 042215z

011413-87-66 122114p62 122413m-56 Time: 1,000 seconds is 16 minutes. 1,000,000 seconds is 11 days. 1,000,000,000 seconds is 32 years. 1,000,000,000,000 seconds is 32,000 years. Speed of Life: Why Time Seems to Speed Up and How to Slow it Down, 9/1/17; free Sun Clock; Study: Daylight saving time a waste of energy, 3/16/10; Quantum Time Machine Lets You Travel to the Past Without Fear of Grandfather Paradox, 7/20/10; New Type Of Entanglement Allows 'Teleportation in Time,' Say Physicists, 1/17/11; Darpa Searches for Life’s Master Clock, 7/18/11; Man & Time - Papers from Eranos Yearbooks^; 10 Things You Need To Know About Time, 10/6/12; ‘Time Crystals’ Could Upend Physicists’ Theory of Time, 4/30/13; Laser Time Cloak Hides The Fact That An Event Ever Happened, 6/6/13; time-tied Optical lattice clock could ‘redefine the second', 7/11/13; Illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together, 8/28/13; Are YOU living out of sync with the sun? Amazing map reveals how far out you are from solar time, 3/4/14; New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time, 4/25/14; Illusion of Time, 9/14/14; 10 Mind-Blowing Attempts At Explaining Time, 1/7/15; Can the past be changed by the FUTURE? Bizarre quantum experiment suggests time can run backwards, 2/10/15

071313-01 083013h 072714a 111113-44 102913a Daylight Savings: Who Started Daylight Saving Time?, 11/5/10; Why End Daylight Saving Time, 11/6/10; Daylight Saving Time - Government Redistribution of Time, 3/13/11; Update Your Gadgets For Daylight Saving Time, 11/4/11; Study Shows Daylight Savings Time Change Increases Your Risk for Heart Attack, 3/8/13; Daylight Losing Time, 11/1/13; ‘Daylight Savings’ Time is a lie, 3/5/15

mkv8leMIGM Future: The Futurist; Venus Project; Future Living Technology, 5/9/10; Do Humans Have the Ability to Sense the Future? This Survey of Experiments So Far Says....Yes!, 4/14/14; Is your future already decided? New theory of time suggests that the past, present AND future co-exist in the universe, 1/30/15

012714b Prediction: Astrology; Iranian ‘time machine’ can ‘predict’ oil prices and wars, 4/12/13; Iranian Scientist Says He Has A Future-Predicting Machine, 4/11/13

mdbfthg9L71rjdn 111113-74 Synchronicity: Here

122813-11 111113-63 Time Travel: Man Meets Future Self; John Titor, Time Traveler; Man Predicts Future in 1906. Time Travel? Inventor/Visionary invents cellphone over 100 years ago, 11/1/10; Time Traveler Caught On Charlie Chaplin 1928 Film 'The Circus'; Time Traveler Caught in 1940 Museum Photo?; iPhone in 1948 Film!, 1/9/11; Hong Kong scientists 'show time travel is impossible', 7/24/11; Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveller, 9/20/11; U.S. Scientist Patents Time Machine, 10/11/11; Whistleblowers on US Govt Time Travel & Teleportation, 7/12/12; UFO Secret - Contacts with Time Travelers, 9/18/12; "Looper" and the Real Science of Time Travel, 9/27/12; TIME TRAVEL THE TRUTH, 2/6/13; Time Travel & Time Machines - A Rare Interview From 1964, 6/3/13; Illusion of Time, 10/12/13; Time Travel & Stargate Portals, 11/19/13; Possibility of Cloning Quantum Information from the Past, 12/8/13; Time Travel Teleportation, Real Sacrifices, Supernatural Plants, 2/19/14; Time travel & Stargate portals are Real and Exist on Earth Today!, 4/16/14; Skinny wormholes could allow us to communicate across time, 5/22/14; Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox”, 9/2/14; Time Travel Is Possible: How to Send a Message to the Past, 10/24/14; Here's the real science behind time travel, 2/6/15; Rudolph Fentz: Mystery of the Time Travelling Man, 2/8/15; Paradox of Popping Back in Time, 2/16/15; Insight into CERN's Time Machine, 3/28/15; George Van Tassel 1964 - Rare UFO-Research Classic OVNI, 5/10/15
Sean Casteel & Commander X: Mysterious Disappearances: They Never Came Back
Committee of Twelve, ed. Commander X: Fire From the Sky: Battle of Harvest Moon & Tesla the Electric Magician
Elias Gewurz: Eternal Light and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth: Mystery of Alchemy and the Qabalah in Relation to the Mysteries of Time & Space
Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch: So You Created a Wormhole - Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel
Patricia C. Ress: Plans for Time Machines that Really Work
Commander X & Tim Swartz: Time Travel - Fact Not Fiction

111414l56 Teleportation: Teleportation Tutorial: Tesla's Magnetic Wall, 7/26/7; ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China?, 9/18/12; More Evidence !! Teleportation Girl Possibly REAL!, 7/17/13; Scientists teleport quantum information across the room, 6/3/14; Researchers achieve long-distance light to matter quantum teleportation, 9/22/14; Quantum Teleportation Reaches Farthest Distance Yet, 12/8/14

Invisibility: Time cloak used to hide messages in laser light, 11/28/14; Invisibility cloak for TIME: Experts create a cloaking device capable of hiding entire events in ‘bubbles’, 12/4/14

Andrew Basiago: Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars, 11/23/11; Time Traveler, Andrew Basiago at Gettysburg 1863 and 9/11, 3/20/12; ANDREW D. BASIAGO - THE MARS FINDINGS, 6/14/12; Andrew Basiago - 2016: Police State, 8/13/13; Time Travel and Teleportation - Andy Basiago's disclosure, 12/3/13; Andrew Basiago - Pegasus: Obama on Mars Time Travel, 2/2/14; My Dinner with Time Traveler Andrew Basiago , 9/17/14; Life on Mars, Project Pegasus, Time Travel and the Secret Space Program, 11/18/14; MAN TIME TRAVELS TO THE FUTURE AND BRINGS BACK EVIDENCE! *REAL FOOTAGE*, 1/15/15

Al Bielek: Time Traveler Who Spent 2 Years in The Future 2749 Tells All, 12/20/14

James Gleick: Faster^
Tony Jones: Splitting the Second, Story of Atomic Time^

Montauk: Fringe Knowledge for Beginners^; Camp Hero Investigation; Pero, Andy - Project Superman. A Victim of the Illuminati´s Super-Race Projects speaks out; PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT TIME TRAVELER EDWARD CAMERON, 3/3/8; Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment; Helga Morrow: PROJECT MONTAUK REVISITED
Alexandra Bruce: Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity
Wade Gordon: Brookhaven Connection
Joseph Matheny (with Peter Moon): Ong's Hat: Beginning
Peter Moon: Florin Moneanu and Peter Moon Move Beyond Time, 8/19/8; Transylvanian Sunrise & The Romanian Sphinx, 12/1/11; Synchronicity & the Seventh Seal; Montauk Book of the Dead; Montauk Book of the Living; Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection; Spandau Mystery; White Bat - Alchemy of Writing; Stardust - An Initiation into Time
Peter Moon (with Radu Cinamar): Transylvanian Sunrise; Transylvanian Moonrise - A Secret Initiation in the Mysterious Land of the Gods; Mystery of Egypt - First Tunnel; Secret Parchment - Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques
Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon: Montauk Project - Experiments in Time; again; Music of Time^; again Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity; Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness; Encounter in the Pleides: An Inside Look at UFOs
Stewart Swerdlow: Montauk: Alien Connection; Healer's Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace; Montauk Project: One Man's Story, 5/9/9; Actress Mary Sean Young talks about Stewart Swerdlow on Red Ice Radio 5/6/12; Stewart Swerdlow on Project Bluebeam, Alien Invasion Conspiracy and the One World Government Agenda, 6/2/15

Heinz Pagels: Perfect Symmetry - Search for the Beginning of Time^

Alfred Lambremont Webre: Time Travel and Political Control, 12/4/11; Secret DARPA time travel program may hold key to understanding the deep politics of 9/11, 2/16/12; Four U.S. exotic black ops used in 9/11: Tesla time travel, antigravity UFO, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes, 2/16/12; Preview: "Time Travel, Teleportation, and the Future", 5/30/12; Time Travel and Political Control of the Human Population, 12/5/14; Positive timeline: Positive 2016 US President, contrary to Matrix time travel pre-identification?, 12/21/14


092713-30 051215l49 J. S. Bell: Speakable And Unspeakable 1987)^; Jeremy Bernstein: Secrets of the Old One 1905^; Cristopher Jon Bjerknes: Saint Einstein^; Colin Bruce: Schrodinger's Rabbits _ Many Worlds of Quantum^; William Cropper: Great Physicists^; Benjamin Crowell: Electricity & Magnetism^; Marie Curie: Why her papers are still radioactive, 11/7/11; J.S.Dugdale: Entropy & its physical meaning^

mga3y6ADrP1rkmi 120513-13 morjae7lOI1 mo90okAqtw 090113m 091613-06 mfyqplqk3n1qdhzg 011514g 112913c
022414f 022714a 062514m mmwhgapCg 073114c73 112414o 110514b 010215g  

012415y 020215w 043015q 082714l70 122314g68 102513i 120513a 072614w44 042915b42 022815h38 Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined. quotes; Meaning of Relativity^; Relativity - Special & General Theory^; World As I See It^; Plagiarist and Fraud, 8/25/10; Einstein_TIME Collected Quotes; Einstein, the Electric Universe & Expatriation, 9/26/11; Completing Einstein's Agenda, 3/7/13; Einstein - Birth Of God's Equation ( e=mc2 ), 10/23/15; Einstein's Lost Theory Uncovered, 2/25/14; Albert Einstein "Does God Exist?", 8/5/14; 25 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein, 12/5/14

Einstein & Oppenheimer: Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies, 6/47^

Eliezer & Eliezer: 4th State of Matter^
Richard Feynman: Feynman Lectures on Physics^; Meaning Of It All; Surely You Are Joking^; What Do You Care What Other People Think?; James Gleick: Genius^
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